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Researcher/Tester/Tapping Script Writer

One of the exciting things about our new APP is the data that it allows us to collect to improve not only specific scripts, but also research the Tapping process itself. Right now, the app collects 0-10 data on every session, meaning we can tell what changes people had in their self-reported experience, and what scripts worked best, if some are missing the mark for some reason, and so forth. Down the road, we can expand to collect even more data for those that want to share their experiences, and make decisions based on that.

We’ve started with over 100 tapping scripts, but have demand for so many more topics and could easily build this to 2-3-400 in the coming year, covering all sorts of topics, specific populations, and so forth.

The perfect person for this job has a deep knowledge of Tapping already, has worked with clients, is intensely curious about determining how to provide people the best experience and is a great writer.

Here’s an example of what this person might do on a daily basis, and the questions and kind of thinking that is needed. These are just different random, made up scenarios:

Scenario 1: We’ve been getting lots of requests to make a meditation to help people quit smoking. How do we best help? Do we start with a simple cravings meditations? What’s the right length for the meditation? Too long and people don’t use it, too short and it doesn’t work? Does this need to be a longer series? Is it 5 different meditations that cover different aspects? Once a path is chosen, and the meditation is recorded, then we start looking at the data that comes back and make decisions based off of that. We might also take that meditation and have ten people that we connect with directly test it out to share their experiences beyond just the rating scale. We might want to find ten smokers who don’t know about tapping and see if they connect with the language and it helps them.

Scenario 2: There are different Tapping points that are not used in the basic recipe, but we might consider including for some or all meditations. In the past, decisions or thinking about which points were most important were anecdotal more than anything; individual practitioner experiences. Now we can test it in the app, and get data to support conclusions about what REALLY works best. How do we test this? With what issues/challenges might we see the biggest change with extra/different points?

Scenario 3: A human tragedy has just occurred, such as the recent fires in California. People have reached out saying they want to introduce tapping/want specific meditations, etc. We need to connect with people on the ground to try to understand what’s needed, write something quickly, and get it launched and distributed in the app in order to help people immediately.

Scenario 4: We run across research showing that trauma can be passed genetically through different generations. How do we explore/help with this issue? What can we create that supports people in healing challenges they don’t even know they had? How do we incorporate strengths from other modalities, NLP/CBT/visualization into a process that helps? What unique, new approaches can we try and how can we test if they work?

Scenario 5: We run across data within the app that shows us that one of our categories is less effective on lowering people’s ratings than the others. How do we approach this issue in a way that will improve this category? What can we create that monitors the feedback on an ongoing basis? How do we test meditations to prevent this from happening again in the future?

I could go on, but that should be enough to give you a rough idea of what we’re exploring. If you feel like you’re a fit for this position, please respond to research-testing@thetappingsolution.com by commenting on everything I’ve listed above in as much detail as possible.

A resume is great and any other supporting material and you can send it along, but I really want to see that you get what I’m talking about above and we see eye to eye.

Let me see your vision, your attention to detail, your knowledge of the topic, and your excitement and passion to change lives! Full or part time is available depending on the fit!

Stay Inspired. Stay Connected.

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