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Organic Social Media Manager

The Tapping Solution currently has a robust social media following, particularly on Facebook where the cumulative following is 1.5 million fans, less so on Instagram where we are just getting started (but want to do a lot more). We also have an incredible breadth and depth of Tapping content, literally a decade of information on a huge variety of topics, all designed to help people tap, heal, be inspired, learn and grow.

And in fact, that is one of our greatest challenges, that we have so much content but have to find strategic ways to share it, to meet people where they are, to give them what they need, to support their journey and be a positive presence in their lives.

The right person has experience in organic social media, is creative, can take content and cut it down, chunk it together, massage it, re-frame it, re-imagine it for the right platform at the right time. Being passionate and knowledgeable about Tapping and dedicated to helping people heal is preferred, but not required.

The right person has a huge vision and moves fast, ready to make a huge impact and quickly. The right person is detail oriented and organized; it’s the only way to handle all the content we have and make the most of it.

Here’s an example of what this person might do on a daily basis, and the questions and kind of thinking that is needed. These are just different random, made up scenarios:

Scenario 1: We run across a huge series of video interviews we conducted for The Tapping Solution film. 20+ hours of incredible content. How do we share this and where? What are the editorial decisions made in terms of cutting the content down for the right platforms? What do people need to hear and how can we best serve them? After they watch this content, what’s the next step for them to continue the journey? How do we get them to comment/share/engage more with the content?

Scenario 2: We’re just getting started on Instagram and have to build the following to match what we have on Facebook and connect with the millions using and engaged with Tapping. What’s the best strategy to do so? What’s the 3-6-9 month plan to build this up?

Scenario 3: Tapping is currently most popular with one particular demographic, how do we engage with other demographics? How do we expand our reach to those places that aren’t currently engaging with traditional “self-help”

Scenario 4: We have literally thousands of testimonials from people having groundbreaking experiences with Tapping on a huge variety of topics. How do we organize, expand and share these results? How do we message what incredible things are happening for people to convince those “on the fence” to try it, or to convince those who have used it before to use it more often?

Scenario 5: Celebrities and influencers around the world use Tapping, some publicly, some not. But the demand is obviously there for better solutions for stress, anxiety and overwhelm. How do we support influencers and share with them this important message? How do we get them to try tapping or the APP? How do we engage their fans and followers?

I could go on, but that should be enough to give you a rough idea of what we’re exploring. If you feel like you’re a fit for this position, please respond to by commenting on everything I’ve listed above in as much detail as possible.

Take a look at our current social media strategies, and tell me what you think and see. What are we doing well? Where do you see room for improvement? What direction would you take us in? A resume is great and any other supporting material and you can send it along, but I really want to see that you get what I’m talking about above and we see eye to eye.

It is important to note that we are not looking to simply maintain our current social media presence, we are looking for a top-notch social media professional; someone who stays up on the latest social media trends and can interpret/apply them to our business and take us to the next level on social media!

Let me see your vision, your attention to detail, your knowledge of the topic, and your excitement and passion to change lives! Full or part time is available depending on the fit!

Duties and Responsibilities

– Craft attention-grabbing, moving, relevant, on-brand content to share with our 1mm+ fans to keep them engaged. Find new ways to deliver existing content and also generate ideas for new content.

– Deliver large scale growth to our social media communities in terms of followers.

– Increase revenue attributed to social media (not through paid ads).

– Bring new, big ideas to the table in terms of how we can share our message and product offerings via social media. Be able to pivot easily when ideas do not work or are not accepted.

– Monitor, respond to and moderate social media conversations. (We also have a community manager on staff to handle our groups.)

– Create/keep up to date shareable social media metrics analysis reports for other teams and executive staff.

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One of the fastest ways to start Tapping and get our most up to date resources is by signing up for our FREE email newsletter, where you’ll get Tapping tips, meditations, videos and much more!

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