You’d never say this to a child, would you?

Written by: Nick Ortner

You’d never tell a child they are ugly, would you?

I didn’t think so… but….

You might just be doing that and not realizing it. Watch this powerful short video to see why:

After you watch, let me know what you thought of it by commenting below

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  1. Tina says:

    Powerful and overwhelming – made me cry – realizing that’s how I treat and treated myself! Also realizing that I can change my ways, and I most definately have to because I love my inner child❤️👧🏼👩🏼 Thank you for the tapping solution🙏🏽🤗😘

  2. Janet Fice says:

    was very moved and saddened as know how much we (especially women) beat ourselves up about our image and are constantly comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves lacking! Time for us to be kinder to ourselves and others. Most of us are doing the best we can, sometimes against
    horrendous odds. My father’s abuse made me feel ugly and worthless, I have to fight my demons, but I am getting there. Love each other and be compassionate for we do not know what goes on behind the facade, we all wear a mask that we show to the world. Smile and mean it..xx

  3. Sue says:

    This film is so powerful….it makes me choke to hear that young girl – she is myself. As a woman who has always had issues with her ‘looks’, it is hard to watch this. Women (a bit more than men, I think, though it’s getting worse for men…) are so critical about every tiny spot, every inch of their faces and bodies. The energy, time and money we spend ‘fixing’ ourselves, our supposed flaws, is such a waste. And so destructive to ourselves and our self worth. I hope this film goes crazy-viral…..we need to stop the insane importance of our looks and instead celebrate our characters our souls, our minds.

  4. Summer OnTV says:

    This is also a reminder that we should actually see what message they are saying and use those to our advantage. I was told I talked too much, I’d to go around and meet everyone in the room (disruptive) before I could settle down and study.
    Those are the very attributes that make me a good Tv interviewer and radio Dj.
    I also got put down for always smiling at everyone not just those that could help me. I can’t tell you how many wonderful people that is lead me to by acknowledging everyone in the room not just those at the ‘top’.
    I thank those who made me fight to prove them wrong.
    Keep the little voice at bay with more of your own voice that says ” I was given my faults for a reason, let me seek the reason and who I am to inspire with my ‘problems’.

  5. SummerOnTV says:

    I think it is a powerful, well done video. I hope people will appreciate the power of squishing those little messages inside to change our lives.

  6. phillip says:

    When I was at school I had one teacher who kept telling me that I was stupid and thick, plus my father also used to tell me that I was stupid and thick when it came to arithmetic. when I Left the army I went and worked as a diver in the north sea, at I became a Saturation technician mixing gas for divers and never lost a diver. I knew I was rubbish at arithmetic and maths so I bought myself a scientific calculator and taught myself how to program it. I used to work on fishing boats during my spare time trying to get my sea time in to qualify for my tickets to become a ships captain. One of the skippers that I used to work with, could not understand how I kept failing my first class navigation. so he wrote to the maritime board and explained that I was an excellent navigator. and he trusted my navigation skills.
    So there must be something wrong somewhere. To cut a long story short. He convinced me to apply to take the examination again and this time write my working out on a separate piece paper. and lo and behold I passed the my first class Navigation and discovered that I suffer from Dyscalculia. I went on to become a master mariner and deputy fleet captain. Later I attended the 50 year anniversary at the school where the teacher kept telling me that I was thick and stupid.
    When he asked me what did I make of my self It gave me great satisfaction to tell him that I was a master mariner and that I wasn’t thick or stupid, I suffer with Dyscalculia. I still have Dyscalculia but I have the intelligence, to know and now find ways of working around my disability. Don’t believe everything you are told. believe in yourself and trust yourself.

  7. Karen says:

    I don’t remember ever thinking about how I looked as a child. But now, I can be very self critical.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Barbara Steinbrenner says:

    so beautiful thank you, just starting at 80 to listen and deal with my inner critic…..

  9. Paula says:

    So deep and true

  10. Sue Vincent says:

    I couldn’t write a comment until I dried my tears. That is so true. And not only do we do it to ourselves but we teach our daughters to do it to themselves by saying ugly things to them. I don’t remember hearing those things but I sure do know how to use them on myself. Thank you for reminding me to be loving and loved.

  11. Tarla Curran says:


    That’s an excellent short video on a critically important subject: self-love or the lack of it. Could be useful in any psychotherapy session dealing with this issue.

    Tarla Curran, psychotherapist

  12. nancy says:

    Thank you! It was a powerful video; made me cry, and remember all the times kids and adults said those things to me. I ate my lunch alone, and often still do. Rising above it has been a work in progress.

    Nancy, age 70, and beautiful

  13. Lucy Zambrano says:

    Pamela, Thank you for sharing this Video, with you doing this brought LOTS of Memories back, and its so sad that we have to grow feeling this way, I understand you! Glad its over now and We have move on now <3

  14. Irene says:


    It is very easy to remember and a powerful message to send to oneself whenever we self criticize.

  15. Connie says:

    When you’re not perfect the world around you lets you know. It’s tough to get past criticism and see the positive. Loving yourself first is the only way to successfully love others. I have not yet found a way….but now that I’m learning about EFT I can maybe turn my thoughts around. This will be shown to my grandchildren and I have already demonstrated to them this technique. Thank you for sharing.

  16. drPVPrabhakar ra0 says:

    That is right .We have to accept our selves

  17. HELENA says:

    We have to change the chain that was given to us ,
    We have to create a new one in this perfect moment.
    Shift the old learning paint a new one .
    FEEL IT, LEAVE WITH IT, mean it .
    Have a happy day
    Helena Fillweber

  18. Carolyn says:

    My dream to share this video to every human being! The impact of others on a person can make you or break you! Very powerful!

  19. Noelle Weyeneth says:

    Very moving short video so true !
    I will remember it…..

  20. Margaret says:

    We put too much emphasis on what others think, or might even think. If 2 people have whatever(bushy eyebrows for instance) commented on and they go about their business but we are still hanging onto it. So what? One good thing about getting older is that one let’s go of a lot of this. I was in this trap big time. Each of us is unique which is wonderful and I think tapping is a wonderful thing to help in these areas. I loaned out your DVD and can’t remember who to and they never returned it. Keep up the good work!

  21. Karin says:


  22. Isabella says:

    It was all powerful, it made me cry because this is exactly what I do to myself every day and I’m 59!
    I wasn’t even aware of the damage I was doing until I watched this.

    Thank you, Nick. I will try and be more aware.


  23. Anne Dewitte says:

    Lovely, so true and absolutely moving !
    Thank you !

  24. Steph says:

    It’s very difficult to love your ‘older’ body when you are cribbled with arthritus when your hands and feet are deformed !!

  25. You’d never say this to a child, would you? – The Tapping Solution Blog says:

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