What a Year…Thank You…

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’ve included a FREE holiday tap-along script at the bottom of this page – enjoy!)


From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for joining us this past year in this amazing journey of growth, healing, and human evolution. The results I’ve personally witnessed in the past year have been nothing short of  ASTOUNDING.

It is a joy to be able to, EVERY DAY, read one email after another from people who have had amazing breakthroughs, healing old traumas, busting through limiting beliefs, releasing pain, and much more.

It is your commitment to change, to live the life of your dreams that makes what I do possible and I’m very grateful for that.

This past year has been quite a ride, starting with the Tapping World Summit that over 100,000 people attended!  If you missed it, don’t’ worry, the next one is right around the corner (details coming soon!)

After the summit, many of you continued to get amazing results with tapping by joining us in the Tapping Insiders Club, or at our live Tapping Experience event.

And your financial support for tapping has enabled us to do so massive social good this year. Just in the past year, together, we’ve been able to support these amazing organizations:

-$8,000 for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

-$6, 000 for The Move the Mountain Foundation to Help End Homelessness

-$15,000 for Deborah Miller and her kids with Cancer Tapping Project in Mexico

-$25,000 to fund EFT research on veterans with PTSD and gene expression.

And just in the past couple of weeks (and still going on!) $50,000 to educate children in Africa through the Unstoppable Foundation. (by the way, on that project, I’ve committed to fly to Kenya in July to see the work that is being  done AND I’ll be teaching the children there how to tap!)

That’s a total of $104,000 donated to charity thanks to your support!

How cool is that?

Oh, and I almost forgot, we continue to donate copies of “The Tapping Solution” to veteran’s hospitals, prisons, schools, and more and we’re seeing it have a profound impact. (over 10,000 copies donated to date)

It’s hard to express through an email my gratitude for this work and for every one of you out there reading this, tapping, healing, and growing with us…

So all I can say is thank you. Keep tapping. It works, it works miracles, it works wonders…

But you have to do it.  During this busy holiday season, chose a different possibility for your life.  Choose to let go of old hurts and patterns and
fill that space with love, hope, and healing.

I’ve included a short tapping script below that might help with this!

Until next time… Happy Holidays…

And Keep Tapping!


P.S.  If you’ve had success with tapping this year, if something we’ve shared with you has helped you,  moved you, or if you just want to say hello, please share your thoughts below.  We read everything and it makes all of our hard work in putting this information together worth it!

Holiday Tapping Script

(if you’re not familiar with the process you can learn it HERE)

Karate Chop: Even though I’m overwhelmed with everything
that is going on this holiday season, I deeply
and completely accept myself…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m stressed out because I have
way too much to do, and not enough time, I deeply
and completely accept myself…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m frustrated with the craziness
of the holidays, I chose to relax now.

Eyebrow: Way too stressed out…
Side of the Eye: Too much to do…
Under Eye: I’ve got way too much to do…
Under Nose: And not enough time…
Under Mouth: There’s just not enough time…
Collarbone: And it’s stressing me out….
Under Arm:  Too many presents to buy…
Top of the Head: Too many people to see….

(continuing though the points again)

Eyebrow: Why do the holidays have to be so crazy?
Side of the Eye: It’s nuts!
Under Eye: But I can chose to relax now…
Under Nose: I can chose to relax anytime….
Under Mouth: I can chose to let go….
Collarbone: I chose to enjoy this holiday season….
Under Arm:  I chose to notice the love, joy and peace
around me….
Top of the Head: I chose to create love, joy and peace
around me…

Take a deep breath….

And let it go….

What came up? If there’s something specific that’s bothering you, tap on that.  Remember, the more specific you can get on your issue the better, the above is just to get you started.

Spend another 5 minutes (I know you don’t think you have the time, but you do, make YOURSELF a priority) and continue to tap down any stress, anxiety, or worry you might be feeling.

I’ve just come up with a new rule for myself around tapping, that you might enjoy…

“Never stop tapping unless the issue is at a “3” of  intensity or less…”

So keep going until you bring at least one primary challenge down significantly.  You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Did you have a good experience with this tapping?  Share your thoughts below

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  1. Margaret Cundy says:

    Thank you so much for the information you have sent to me… I wish you well with what you are doing. Many thanks.

  2. sherry Sheldon says:

    I do thank you for sharing your tap along. I am ninety-five years old and it has been a delight to me to discover the world of taping. Needless to say, I am less than proficient in this area, and I do welcome these examples of possible scripts. Thanks so much from one of the “elders”.

  3. wendy says:

    Long story short: my Mom passed, in my arms, on Dec. 15-2009. I only allowed myself to cry a couple of times until November of this year when I realized that my business and finances were in the garbage pail and I’d basically checked-out of my life. It was then that I FINALLY decided to heed Carol Look’s advice (she kindly wrote back to me, just after Mom passed, when I told her that I felt like I was drowning in pain and couldn’t navigate the water…AT ALL). She wisely advised me to feel whatever I could and Tap on that. I started to Tap on the only thing that I was able to express, “I miss my Mom.”, and for 20 minutes to an hour at a go that was all I could say. Of course, the flood-gates were opened a bit and I was able to key into other frozen emotions. It is only now, Dec. 26-2010 that I am able to feel myself surfacing a bit. I have no doubt that my business will thrive again, as I am Tapping on that as well. I love you Carol Look, more than I can ever express. I love you Nick and Jessica Ortner with all of my heart.
    Most Sincerely,
    Wendy Branchfield

  4. Julie says:

    What an amazing job you are doing bringing tapping to so many people and donating to so many great causes. Thank you and well done! Blessings & love

  5. Erika says:

    I have learned that tapping balances me in all situations and helps also using it for others. It is the most wonderful tool for spiritual development too and I am grateful to all the good people like you, teaching EFT.

  6. Marian says:

    Hi Nick,
    Many thanks for your emails and reminders to keep on tapping. Have just tapped my way through this last one from you, and feel great now about a family invasion tomorrow!! Big thanks to you and to Jessica for all the work you do and all the help you give to so many of us.
    All good wishes to you both for 2011 and beyond.
    Marian (UK)

  7. catherine federman says:

    Hi, i work as an addiction counsellor with alcoholics and drug addicts and i have found that using EFT in conjunction with their counselling really helps them reduce their anxiety level around abstinence and helps them focus on other issues.

    I have also been using EFT only recently on the children of recovering people and its been amazin how much its helped them in a fun way release stuff they dont talk about, EFT is awesome..

    Im so lucky to have been trained in this, be able to use this for myself & others. It is by far the most spiritual tool i have.

  8. Serge Brassard says:

    Hello Nick!
    I can’t say how much the tapping is working, but sure it does. I can remember in the past not beeing able to stop eating my nails for stress or whatever and I was introduced to tapping via Kevin Trudeau (your wish is your command). He was talking about the tapping.
    So, I give it a try, and guess what, it works and I no longer eat my nails. I even reduce
    a lot of stress and continue to tap with all the issues that bothering me in my life.
    Thank you and all your staff, I’m even teaching the tapping to my friends.

  9. Poppy says:

    Hi , I just wanted to say I have been Tapping now for just a few months and have felt massive shifts in in a number of areas I’ve been struggling with – words can’t describe the changes in my attitude and in managing the “overhwhelm” that I have often experienced – I could go on and on…suffice to say, this Holiday Season has been the most enjoyable, stress free time I have had in many years – things just flowed, crowds didn’t bother me, green lights all the way…I’m still smiling from the lovely few days I have spent with family…this was not always the case. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Tapping has brought a sense of calm and balance in my life and I thank you for sharing this extraordinary and simple technique that has had such a positive impact on my life. I am so looking forward to what 2011 brings!

  10. Sea says:

    Scientist often say that if an experience is not repeatable, it can’t be validated….. I began tapping about 6 months ago & my energy level went through the roof! All my life I’ve been trying to figure out what was wrong with me – everything was sooo difficult & stressful because I had so little energy. Tapping make me alive! I knew it wasn’t a “fluke” because my initial attempts lasted for 3 months & everyone noticed the dramatic change in me. But, I took it for granted & did a slow slide downward…..
    So I refreshed my reserve by reading again about tapping but with this Holiday season – I discovered that I was burdened by GUILT & stress! Guilt & stress about not just having to buy gifts for people but about all the poor in the world, the homeless, the people living in war zones, etc., etc.! I felt that I was supposed to be doing something about it ALL…. I was reminded to tap with FEELING – it’s not JUST a script…. Then during tapping, (in which I do feel connected to divine wisdom) it came to me like a voice that said- “You are not personally responsible for solving ALL the world’s woes. Countries have to learn, people have to learn & sometimes suffering is the only way. Guilt is a negative emotion – a wall – that sucks all the energy out – that does NO good for anyone! Listen, know that you are loved & you are made with the talents, abilities that you need to help others in the best way that you can & you will know what to do.”
    I was able to realize that I was created with love & thus I was deserving of having energy. How else would I be able to fulfill my purpose in this life? It was a “duh” moment and I felt FREE! And once again the energy FLOWS!

  11. John says:

    After trying this for 6-8 years (with many breaks) I think at least once, I felt a little something. I’m not sure why I don’t feel anything as I have taught it to others, and they seem to feel a difference. A bit strange, but it’s most likely me.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  12. Candace Green says:

    Hi Nick.
    Merry Christmas!
    I loved reading the list of how The Tapping Solution is helping so many.
    I am writing to let you know that your donation of DVDs is continuing on. You have generously donated DVD (the tapping solution) to me for 3 Retreats now, and I happened to have a few left over. Just last week I held a meeting with the participants of the most recent Retreat. We were all thrilled to see each other again. My most important message for these Retreats is KEEP TAPPING.
    Let me tell you HOW INCREDIBLE the follow up meeting was last week. Every person stated (in great detail) how much they have changed. We watched The Tapping Solution (which really coached them into continuing their journey with tapping.
    It was great. I was able to send each couple home with a copy so they can use tapping on lots of things now that their PTSD issues have been addressed and relieved.
    Here are comments from the participants on the last day of the Retreat. (see below)
    Thank you for your continued support! I plan to do another Retreat in March if the monies come through! Exciting work, as you know.
    Respectfully yours,

    Candace Green, Cardinal Retreats

    Mariah Williams
    Candace has done her own inner work. Her clarity and authenticity allow her to hold a safe place for our own expressions of anger and fear. She is an unusually gifted therapist and teacher.
    Ian Collins
    My fear-based anger, and my reactions to it, has hurt many, many people I love. I’ve left a long trail of former lovers, partners, wives, kids, nieces and nephews that I’ve lashed out at in anger. I didn’t know why I let little things grab me so – it felt like I was helplessly watching some stranger ruin my life and hurt my family.
    Gradually and with great difficulty, I learned to hold the monster in – I was hurting but, damn it, I wasn’t going to hurt anyone else. This is the shape I was in when I arrived on Monday – freaked out, scared and in pain – but nobody was ever going to get hurt. My pain was my ‘cross to bear’ and I was going to do it. I was going to suck it up, hang on and ride it out.
    The subject hasn’t come up here, I haven’t talked about it and yet, somehow, with the help of my new-found brothers and the phenomenal staff here at this retreat, I’ve found release – FREEDOM! EMOTIONSL FREEDOM in a technique! I’m home and safe at last! The anger and resentment have gone. I’m no longer a victim. I am, for the first time since the army, truly relaxed and I’ve let go of all the old stories that I held onto. I don’t need them anymore.
    Thank you.
    John Bouchard
    For the past 7 years since I have been looking for a solution for my PTSD, this is the first time I have experienced peace, hope, healing and friendship.
    I highly recommend this retreat.
    Bea Bouchard
    To me, this was like a fantasy. Unbelievable! Words can’t express it. I feel closer to John and a lot better now. And I have more understanding. It will make a difference when we go home.

    I’m not too sure what my intentions/goals were that I brought to the retreat. I think my original thought was that I was coming just to support my spouse in his treatment of PTSD. What I didn’t realize was how much the experience was going to affect me and start me on the path to understanding and healing all my “stuff”.
    The way I feel now is that this is only the very beginning of the process for me…For the first time I feel hopeful that my relationship(s) can grow and improve, based only on what I can do – not dependent on waiting for other people to change or to participate. I think about not only my spouse but my parents, my children, my friends, my co-workers and my interactions with anyone I encounter. All of what I have learned this week applies to all my relationships. I don’t feel so stuck – but hopeful that I can make things so much better for myself in my relationships.
    Pretty overwhelming overall to find so much resolved, yet I feel like I’m at the tip of the iceberg. The greatest gift is not the fear or realization that I did not find all my answers, but that I found many more questions. The gift of the tools to approach these questions without fear and with great heart is still echoing through my body. Peace is an achievable option. Tears are a gift. Joy is part of even the worst adventure!
    I am committed to not contaminating myself or my world any longer.
    My commitment is to do no harm to myself or others.
    Everything was beyond words.
    Gratitude! Reverence! LOVE

    PEAK EXPERIENCES (Video Transcription)
    Dan Page
    My peak experience was at the closing ceremony and I was looking at John standing in front of me. And I thought, “My God, what a beautiful man!” He just looked so beautiful standing there and then it progressed to the point of where all of that was being released. I knew what was going on. I knew that he had been carrying all that … (inaudible) and it was draining into the ground through you (Sapokniona). It hit me so hard that I kind of had to go away, I slept through it. I don’t know if I slept through it. I wasn’t there. It was pretty profound and it awoke a number of things that I hadn’t dealt with. Not dealt with. That I hadn’t been using for quite a while. There’s a lot of that same connection around you Sapokniona. I need to delve into it more. That was my peak experience.

    Peter Green
    I guess 2 things.
    After the whole experience up to this morning, I guess it hit me last night in thinking back through this adventure (that’s what I’ve seen it as), that probably for the first time in forty odd years, I feel welcome. And it wasn’t the parade, it wasn’t this, it wasn’t that, it’s a combination of all of this, the closeness of the group, it’s a brotherhood, it’s a sisterhood, it’s all of us. I never thought that just this little group together could cause that kind of feeling where I could, all of a sudden, say, “Holy Shucks!” but that overwhelmed me.
    And then Candace, you blow my doors open! I can’t even pretend to tell you the experience you took me through…and it’s yours and mine and Gail’s but my heart will always be yours because you are amazing. Thank You!

    Carl Stoddard
    I’ll speak because I’m about to explode. There’s a lot of energy flowing around in me right now. The peak experiences for me were everywhere but, in particular, they were Grandmother’s face. Grandmother’s face will always be there. Always.
    The experience with this young lady (pointing to Colleen) has also been extremely powerful for me. I feel like I’ve grown 27 years or so in a week and the courage I see… you’re the goddess, you portrayed for me so much. And that seems like a mountain of emotion, experience and growth in itself, the interactions we’ve had and that’s like the tip of the iceberg, this experience.
    And I come back to Rob. We have the choice and the power to stay with this, to keep going deep and get a hold of all of that core which seems to persist because the outside elements are very powerful. I’m very excited, extremely excited… and awestruck. I still have a bit of fear but then again we have the choice together to walk through this and select love and trust over fear and doubt. And it’s a balance of those two extremes, and those two extremes being part of the continuum. The continuum to me is a circle. Thanks.

    Tina Lee
    For me, one of the most important parts of the whole experience has been getting to know other wives, getting to know each one of you and finding out the things that our husbands have in common that they may not know they have in common but that we recognize. And the fact that we are recognized with our, you know, gifts and in that, with this little new community of wives of veterans with PTSD, learning how that affects us, knowing that our husbands have found out how it affects us.
    And that we were always given enough time, even if it threw the schedule off a little and made us a little bit late for an important event, we were always given enough time to express what needed to be said before we moved on. And that’s not something that can happen if you’re doing something an hour a week; it’s something that can only happen when couples are thrown together like this with intense times together and then this wonderful opportunity for privacy, that we could each go to our own place as a couple in our cabin to debrief ourselves.
    So for me, that’s key. That we had the whole week and a chance to be completely away from everything, giving us the time that it took for us to begin to open up and share with each other things that we would never be able to share if we only met for short times. Sometimes we’d spend a whole hour just working on one little thing. So that’s been for me…we have a new family here. And Bea and I don’t have to wear make-up if we don’t want to (smile) next time, right?

    Mariah Williams
    I guess for me one of the major peak experiences happened at the very beginning of the week, when I became really angry and upset and judgmental and frustrated by what seemed to me to be an element of what was going on, it was antithetical to the purpose here. I had serious concerns and at the same time, I usually (you may not believe this) but in most circumstances I wouldn’t have spoken out, that was something that just leapt out of me at that point. I had no control of that, it just jumped out. Typically, I would have just swallowed it and said to hell with this, but I was really shocked at myself and the intensity of the feeling. And I was also absolutely…I felt held in that place. And Candace was so comfortable in who she is that she was able to receive that in such a way, totally open-hearted, totally welcoming of that whole fire in me and not get burned. And I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. That helped me then to know that this was a safe place to deal with whatever it was, and it helped me to begin to look more inward, to sort out what was that about for me. What is that, why is that, not only that issue, but why am I so reactive, and the last day, this morning, during the brief exercise we just did, I got an image that was pretty amazing to me and that is an image of a little girl. She’s shrinking in the corner, very fearful, and nothing in my imagery would allow her to step forward, she was just over in that corner. She doesn’t want to interact, she doesn’t want anything, “leave me alone!” And here’s this other aspect of myself that’s out there in the world trying to make it right, and safe, and beautiful and all the ways the world should be, focused totally outward, but forgetting that that’s not where it is, the wound is inside. This child doesn’t need that. So it was…it was, okay (laugh.)

    Gail Green
    When I came here I didn’t even know what my goals and intentions really were, except “oh, this is for Peter.” It doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m OK, I’m here for him. And that first guided imagery, I have never had that happen, and I have done lots of counseling, and it was something that just surprised me so much and it was so freeing, I felt like wow, hopeful for the first time in many years. I just felt like I don’t ever even want to touch that pain because there’s nothing that can ever make it better . And I kept thinking, I don’t know if I can do this whole week but the second thing that happened, well lots of things happened, but for me, that night, that special night that you guys took such care of us as individuals and as couples, I allowed myself to be frou-frou, I allowed myself to have fun, and to feel OK about that and not feel self-conscious. I was worried about that actually. Will I be able to do this? Will I be able to dress up and dance in front of people? Boy, I’d never do that! And I let go of that, even if it was just for a little while. I just feel such hope. I know this is going to be hard, to get to the point, I’m scared to death to go back to where I was but I’m committed and I thank you so much. (And as long as I don’t have to see that you can use it 🙂

    Colleen Flanagan
    Sapokniona, I realize that I have given up my ceremonies years ago and I am glad that you have given them back – thank you. And, of course, the tools, Candace, that I will take out of here and into my daily practice. Carl, thank you for the opportunity. But I think my peak experience was with Rob, teaching me that if I have conscience, I have choice. That’s huge for me. Choosing fear, choosing love, in every moment. Thank you.

    Ian Collins
    For me, the weather was a metaphor. When we arrived here, it was stormy, rainy, I was stormy and rainy. I was prepared for really nasty weather, my clothes, everything, you know. And look at it, yesterday and today, just as calm and clear, beautiful as can be. I have gone through a lot of lifetimes in this month (laugh) week. It’s just been phenomenal.
    I don’t know what day it was, parade day. That morning, to be able to say to you folks that I wasn’t going to any fucking parade and the response I got from you all was so refreshing, it helped me to turn around and say, yes I will go watch that parade but then to find myself on that float, that was just unbelievable. I have studiously avoided parades and I have kept pretty close, tight within myself and I’ve hurt a lot of people, including myself, but that tightness and closeness and sporadic bursts of anger came from who knows where…. (inaudible) …after Vietnam, I couldn’t trust to let people in, not even close, but what’s happened here is that I can do that.
    And then there’s the totally unexpected. You know, the PTSD stuff, that’s why I’m here, but the unintended and most dramatic change for me is that since the day I left Vietnam, I’ve been running. And if I wasn’t running, I was prepared to run. I’ve had a backpack ready to go and I have done this on occasion. I have just picked up and gone for months on a half hour notice. And I’m on my third Volkswagon bus camper. It’s not a mere wagon to just go with the flow, it’s not been just a vehicle, it’s been my safety net. I’ve got a bed, sink, stove that came with it and I’ve rigged up a shower and a toilet, I’ve got food, clothes and water. I could go anywhere on a moment’s notice. Gone for the longest time. That was my safety net. If I was thrown out of the house or whatever, I had some place to go. That was home. And not that I’m going to back and sell it or get rid of it right away but I don’t need it as a safety net anymore. That’s amazing. Thank you. And thank you Mariah.

    John Bouchard
    Well, I’ve got to thank my platoon commander for inviting me here. It’s been an honor. It’s been 40 years since we’ve seen one another but it was a pleasure coming here. I’ve made new friendships, and I would recommend it to anyone to come to this retreat. We came as strangers and all of a sudden we’re family. I want to thank the staff. Words can’t express what’s in here.

    Tina Lee
    We weren’t given a technique to deal with PTSD this week, we were given numerous techniques and support, so that if one doesn’t happen to work, we have another one to use. And I think that’s good because not every person and situation is alike. So we’re going away with our pockets full of things that we can pull out when we have a situation that’s giving us some emotional issues.
    My biggest fear is how am I ever going to convince the other people in my life who I know would benefit from this, that this really will work for them, unless I can give them a whole week to experience it and to watch it work for other people. The one (technique) that I try and say well that doesn’t work, and I see that it’s really working for her ; to be able to see it working for other people is also really important. Something you can’t get in individual counseling. It’s only something you can get when you’re really in tune, when you’ve been together long enough that you get to know that Bea usually is like this but now she’s different, and taking that in. I want to be able to share it outside but without this experience, how can we, other than to show it in ourselves?

    John Bouchard
    I forgot a little detail about thanking my wife for coming and standing beside me. It wasn’t easy for her to come with me and thanks to you (Candace) for talking her into coming. Thank you.

    Tina Lee
    That’s important, the fact that not everybody came here because they said, “Oh, yes I want to do that!” Some said no way, and it didn’t matter. You didn’t have to come with the intent, it worked anyway. It didn’t take long I think for people who really thought , “Well, ok if you really want to, I’ll go.”

    John Bouchard
    As the song says, stand by your man.

    Dan Page
    If you have to! (laughter)

    Mariah Williams
    Yeh, I wasn’t really looking forward to this. It was like a beautiful invitation to have your scabs ripped off. (laughter)

    Gail Green
    And now, we don’t want to leave here. It’s hard. It’s hard to say goodbye to all this. I mean, not goodbye, goodbye but just I don’t remember ever feeling this cared for. And that’s what I’ll miss the most. I want to keep it in here if I can (touches chest).

    Dan Page
    This is our cocoon. We came in here as crawling little bugs and now we break out and fly away. Field butterflies.

    Gail Green
    A field butterfly landed on me during the closing ceremony. It was incredible. It was that incredible warm day. I was really noticing the nature around me. I watched this caterpillar during our vision quest and then it landed on me as a butterfly. It’s just so beautiful.

    Mariah Williams
    The bodywork was such an important part. Talk therapy has absolutely incredible value in many circumstances. My experience is that talk therapy by itself doesn’t get it all. And the energy healing techniques that we learned, EFT, elements of EMDR and various other kinds of things we were doing, tapping, that’s really important for working with the whole neurological system. And, when we have the bodywork that really integrates the whole thing. I’m so pleased to see that that awareness was present and that those options were available to us. I think it really enhanced the healing for us all.

    Gail Green
    You know, you were talking about removing scabs, especially the counseling sessions that were so wonderful, yet so hard, and then, “I can go to my Reiki.” I felt relaxed, comforted, healed. All in one, it was so perfect.

    Candace Green
    Well thank you again everyone. Happy journeys home. And you won’t be alone. We’ll all be thinking of each other. When you form a group body like this, unless you do something pretty big to cut that, it isn’t cut, it isn’t cut. It will always be here. You’ll all be in my thoughts and in my heart. Thank you.

    Sapokniona Whitefeather
    And I would like to say too that I really enjoyed meeting everybody. I really thought that the yoga in the morning was very beneficial to get the day started, feeling good and getting energy moving. It was a week I won’t ever forget. So, thank you.

    Rob Pfeiffer
    The peak experience for me was seeing all your faces arrive. I trusted we had something here. I didn’t know how it was going to work and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was trying like hell to control it all but I knew that I couldn’t on some level. But I trusted that we together would create something special. But I needed to see you come up the driveway to start my heart really pumping. The courage and commitment it took to come up the hill, that was my peak experience…(inaudible)… thank you.

    Tina Lee
    Thank you for having us.

    Mariah Williams
    And the mattresses were so good! (laughter)

    John Bouchard
    Sounds like everyone enjoyed those mattresses 😉


    Colleen Flanagan
    Nobody wants to leave now…

    Gary Chapin
    Butterfly kisses and sun showers…

    Denyse Robinson
    I wasn’t here the whole time but my peak experience was exemplified by something John said to me yesterday. “ If I’m going to come to something like this, I’m going to show up to everything. I’m going to show up to yoga. I may not like it but I’m going to go and I’m going to do everything. I’m part of the group and I’m going to do everything.” And really, from what I saw, everyone was doing that. It really touched my heart and has moved me to tears several times, while I am here and while I am away. But just the bravery that I saw from everyone was my peak experience. And I wasn’t even in the educational sessions, I just did the fun stuff. I really honor all of you. I am amazed. Thank you.

  13. Pat says:

    ‘Thank you’ is just not big enough! I started with the Tapping World Summit and have learned so much this past year that it is amazing. Thanks to you and your family many new ideas have taken root. I am now eating raw, enjoying better health and more energy. I am also doing something that I truly love – home schooling my grandson. The possibilities are truly endless!
    Happy Holidays to you and your whole family!

  14. Nicole says:

    Hi Nick,

    I’ve only just discovered ‘you’ a month or two ago after researching a bit more about EFT. First of all I am thrilled to find an easier way to tap, including the venting and imprinting postive statements as well (I loved the ‘Are you afraid to shine?’ audios last time!). Moreover, this technique has given me the faith again (it had fallen quite badly again due to challenges) to continue with my dreams and desires and that it IS possible to release emotional energy blockages for good in an easy, very easy and fast manner.
    I want to thank you and your team for being so incredibly generous with sharing this information. I will be continuing to tap!

    A heartfelt merry Xmas to you all!


  15. Joan Kamm says:

    Thank you. Just what I needed this morning, Christmas Eve. Have a beautiful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Much success to all of you in the Ortner family.

  16. Caroline Lawrence says:

    Thank you, Nick and Jessica for your dedication to Tapping. I have personally found it so helpful, first for myself , I have been full of energy and strength to to work longer hours than ever before . I have given the tapping script to most of my clients, some with cancer and all are impressed how it works for them. Recently a 15 year old boy, did the tapping to help with pain and a swelling above his eye, to his amazement , the swelling went down and it did not cost them a cent; the doctor had recommended him to see a specialist. He was impressed with this simple technique.I use it daily and keep sharing the information. I have shared with my 87 year old mother in Canada.
    May 2011 be the best year ever.
    Kind regards, Caroline

  17. Paul E. Cook says:

    Dear friends,
    I really started using tapping about a year ago when standing in the middle of Union Station in LA and had a major heart attack. over the next 6 days I used what I had learned from Gary Craig’s cds. I was able to get things together to the point I was able to go home, and two months later, after much deliberation and tapping, I consented to a quadruple bypass and aortic valve replacement. It has taken a full year to recuperate. I have had to fight severe depression and claustrophobia. I would not have come through this without the tapping everyday, several times a day. I have now restarted my life. Finding new hope and very possible new companionship. I have eliminated the need for about half of the medication I was on and have reentered a social and semi work life. I have found recently that I am capable of much more than I had believed in a long time. The world has become a beautiful place. Now all I need to do is increase the amount of cash inflow into my life and things will be even better. Ever forward and upword.

  18. Cathy says:

    I am new to tapping. I have done much energy work, from Theta, Reiki, Rapid Eye, Acupuncture, and the last 5 years Body talk sessions to release emotions. I have found that it has been very helpful and I feel much peace… but what I am feeling is emotionally flat.. I don’t have tapes playing in my head, and think very logically, there are events that move me to tears, but I find when I am in a relationship, that I might feel something very touching one day, but the next day the emotion is gone, like I can’t get in touch with the feeling.. would tapping help that? Can you walk me through a tapping script? Thanks for your help.

  19. Mike says:

    I appreciate your offering this, and it is something that I am constantly in Demand for. As one who practices Meridian Tapping for Female Bliss, I have witnessed the absolute Miracle that this facilitates.

    Having had reactions from mere crying followed by extreme joy, to one that had a complete and utterly incredible breaking down to tears with a release verbally of issues that She was Secretly Hoarding inside her. I feel very blessed to be able to provide such a wonderful tool in my Shiatsu Practice, and I employ many techniques in verbage that I find through your discoveries, and introspections.

    Happy Holidays, and Blessings From the Conciousness you find in your Heart and Soul.


  20. Thom says:

    Thank you. It’s great to get this kind of information from an organization. Please, keep on keeping on. I’ve not done much tapping for a while. Time to get back to it.

  21. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for everything you guys. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New year!

  22. vincent says:

    thank you so much for having the courage to set this ball rolling – your sister and you are doing a splendid job and have a great following of people eager to broaden their horizons due to your teachings — keep up the good work — and thanks again

  23. Anita says:

    You mentioned your donation to fund research on EFT for vets with PTSD …are there any reports, or do you have any info on studies & efficacy?

    I ask because I know someone who continues to suffer severe PTSD symptons despite treatment at the vet’s medical center where he gets treatments; this person has also endured 4 major back surgeries after spinal injuries.

    Any info is appreciated; thank you.

    Happy Holidays!!


  24. Diann says:

    Thank you for providing these scripts from time to time – they are so beneficial. I wasn’t noticing any stress, but as I read through the script, I felt calmness increase in my body and mind.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year and again, thank you.

  25. Fran Brunke says:

    Hello Nick
    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for bringing tapping to such a new level and to so many people. Love the holiday tapping script! Wishing you a peaceful, joyous holiday.

  26. Suzanne says:

    Thank you too…all that you give I receive and all that I give you receive…have a wonderful 2011!

  27. James Ochoa says:

    Have you ever tapped past zero? A dear client of mine discovered that if she kept tapping past zero the appreciation and gratitude of what she had learned or created as a result of the issue or challenge she tapped on would begin to show up. I did this and it worked fabulously. My motto now is to “Tap past zero to find the appreciation and gratitude” and when you take the negative of the issue into the negative realm of the number scale then two negatives always equal a positive. Have a fantastic and wonderful holiday season. Love, James

  28. Jeni Darling says:

    I was able to use EFT successfully in a recent accident situation. On a birdwatching trip, in foothills of the Andes, close to the Ecuador Peru border I slipped on a dry rocky trail and broke my ankle. I heard the snap and felt immediate pain. My companions helped me the few feet to a mountain stream and I sat by the water’s edge tapping, first for the pain, then for the feeling of helplessness and embarrassment. Then for the others in the party, that they would keep calm and there would a solution to all the problems this injury would create in relation to the holiday. The first problem solver was our local guide who hurried off and within less than a half an hour I was on the back of a borrowed hours moving down to our parked car and driver. An hour later I was at the local hospital being x-rayed. I was in great pain but an injection took care of that. They found no fracture so we went on our way, with instructions to rest, to keep it bound up and elevated and to ice it. There were no crutches to be had in town but kindly staff at our reserve pointed us to a carpenter who made me crutches. All the while I was tapping for my strong body to continue healing.
    I do not think it was a coincidence that the next day, over the border in Peru, that we arrived at a hotel were the kindly proprietor was able to lend me a wheel chair for the next five days. At that same place an ancient doctor of naturopathic medicine attended twice to my foot. He soaked it in herbs and massaged it strongly with oil, soothing the swelling and I believe, keeping the fractures in line. Yes, I had three fractures which were not diagnosed until we got back to Canada two weeks later. My ankle did not require the surgery that a similar fracture would have undergone had I been in North America. My healing has subsequently been fast and I have been discharged from the care of the orthopedic surgeon. I still tap for this remaining ache and thank-you rounds to my strong body for keeping me safe.
    Keep Tappiing.

  29. joke says:

    Have a very nice holiday and Christmastime.
    You are a blessing to many people, your enthousiasm and inspiration are welcome.
    Thank you so much.

  30. Cora says:

    Hello Nick,

    I too, will add my “Thank you” to you for your commitment to tapping. As I have experienced its benefits to many situations it is tool that I use daily.

    Wishing you the blessings of the season and a year joy filled miracles.

    Warmly, Cora

  31. Lorraine says:

    Thank you. I agree with much of what Caitlin is thankful for, too. I haven’t found anything with a really high # that I have been tapping on, but I have two memories from years and years ago that sometimes even with tapping come back. I tapped on one just now again. I pray for the person involved each time the memory comes back. Lorraine

  32. Gille/Gilberte C\ormier says:

    Hi there,
    Just a great thank-you for all the work you do and share…
    Happy Holidays from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année!

    Gilberte Cormier

  33. Caitlin says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do. You are a blessing and an inspiration. Thank you for the reminder to make myself a priority. It is one of the things we all tend to forget at this time of year.Thank you for being you.
    I have particularly enjoyed the What if tap along that Jessica put out. I haven’t done it for awhile now andthis haas jogged my memory. I ( along with many others ) still have issues around finances and tapping is the one thing that helps me calm down and realise that I have so much already so I can let go of the need for more.
    Thank you for all that you do. thank you for being you. Thank you for choosing the work that you do. Thank you for supporting all of us. thank you for your charitable donations. thank you. Merry Christmas.

  34. Linda says:

    Could I go to Kenya with you?

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Over 2 Million Tapping Meditations Played in Our App!
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