Time to Demystify Tapping…

Written by: Nick Ortner

To demystify Tapping, I sat down and recorded a video with my sister Jessica, the host of all of our annual Tapping World Summits, to get a clearer understanding of exactly why it works and why it’s so effective.

I’d like to share that video with you today, as I think it will help give you some real clarity on exactly what Tapping works on, what it actually does in the brain that makes it work, and how to do the Tapping.

And even if you’re not new to Tapping, I think you’ll get some powerful insights in this video.

Enjoy, and until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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143 Comments on this post

  1. Linda says:

    The book the tapping solution, I’d like to buy it in dutch

  2. Pat McGinnis says:

    Took the pain from a 10 to 3. It’s amazing!

  3. Sandy Evenson says:

    The email introducing me to you, Nick, and Tapping saved my life last year when my husband was hospitalized with a fatal diagnosis. I continue to be amazed at using this method for everything. And, i look forward to a bright future because of its help.

  4. joan says:


  5. Karin says:

    You guys are amazing. I’ve been tuning in for a couple of years now and always find that the tapping works so well and the information you share is so brilliant! I want to say Thank You. Thank you for your warm generosity to share so much with so many and so often for free! I am humbled and so very grateful to you Nick and Jessica. Thank you so very much.

  6. Chris says:

    I bought the book, but I am a visual learner and found this video excellent in helping me get started. Thanks to you both.

  7. Jayshree says:

    Hello Nick,

    i am really impressed with the Tapping Solution. I applied 9 steps and experienced a very good change. it is so simple and the impact is so effective.
    Now a days i am facing with challenges like the more an action is repeated, the stronger the connection between these “neurons” or brain cells.
    do you any CD set of your sessions, that can be learn at home. Thank you.

  8. leo says:

    waiting for the next session.

  9. lily says:

    Hello, dear nick
    thanks for all you have one. I try many things but tapping really works for me. and i listen to the video about your sister interview with the lady it makes me cry an sudden i felt some chain released around my leg and i felt free and that meditation was wonderful. i really want to learn tapping some how to help others. would you please help me cause i’m living in Iraq of course i’m Iranian and there is lot of limitation for me but i don’t want think about the way just i’m going to do this.

  10. mario says:

    Very effective tool to manage the emotional intelligentsia of my body.
    Thank you.

  11. chantel says:

    hello NICK,I starter tapping just three week s ago now got new job lost weight,on training EFT ,thank you chantel

  12. BettyAnn says:

    Thank you so much. Every time I hear you talk about tapping, I learn a little more.

  13. Belinda says:

    This email literally arrived within 20 minutes of me exclaiming that I always feel stuck. Talk about great timing! 🙂 I purchased your book last year but was slack about putting tapping into action. I’ve started tapping on asthma issues and other personal health issues and am noticing a difference already so you’re about to convert another person into a believer 🙂

  14. Barbara James says:

    Excellent interview. I have heard a number of people talk about Tapping but this talk has been explained much more convinceingly . I have bought the book and hope it will solve the problems.
    One ‘place’ I have difficulty with, because of my breast – is under my arm ?

  15. Amparo says:

    Iwanted to buy your book, but I couldn’t. I’m writting from Querétaro city in Mexico. In the form there was no space for the complete adress, like the name of the Street, number, etc.
    I’m very interested in you book can you please tell me how can I get it?

  16. Margaret Carey says:

    Thankyou to you and your sister for changing my life around for better, keep up the good work. Bless you all. X

  17. Dora says:

    I have been using tapping for the last 15 days ,to release a headach that i have been having for almost ayear.this is due to a neuralgia that has began after a herpes zoster on the head.
    I have not seen any sign for this getting better although i use tapping once a day.Did you have any good results for this kind of problem?
    Send anything that can help,i have tried everything up to now with no better results.only pills help .

  18. Ajamu A. Bey says:

    It is very exciting to find people doing and performing the ancient science of the Moors. Every 33 1/3 degree Freemason already knows that the tapping stems from Moorish Science.

    Tapping always proves successful and I encourage all to tap and “feel good now.”

  19. Beatrice says:

    This tapping thing is really shocking me.
    I didn’t expect these results in a 100 years. What is this?
    Is cleansing from toxins.

  20. cindy says:

    my new therapist and I will begin using tapping new week. I cant wait to get started

  21. David says:

    My statement will sound repetitive, but as always, useful system for a better life, and a little entertainment.

  22. goren says:

    Thanks for shearing

    why you tell yourself the negative stuff?

    can i say just the words of the way out of the hard situation?

  23. Beverly Kendrick says:

    I had the pleasure last night of hearing Dana Wilde speak. She talks about retraining your brain.

    it dawn on me that when I do the tapping, I become aware of items that are getting in my way and I’m not allowing myself to move forward. I have to take responsibility for this and I’m the only person who can do this.

    I RELEASE,CIRCULATE, MIGRATE, and PROLIFERATE extra adult stem cells from my own bone marrow every day to RENEW, RESTORE, AND REJUVENATE my body. i do this in my own apartment.

    This Sat., I’m going to participate in the 5K walk to help raise money for our Foo Pantry. I use a walker with a seat on it too. Thanks to the products, I know I can do this 5K. I want to review my thinking and gain a more positive attitude toward tapping and life.

    Thank you for the video today.

    Peace and Joy,
    Beverly Kendrick

  24. Batsheva says:

    Thank you

  25. Angel says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica,

    Thank you both for being so wonderful and spread this method with such joy and love for others that seek solutions to their problems in life.
    Im new to this method but have already felt small breakthroughs the few times I have done tapping on myself. Im as many here on comments, concerned about however I address the problem right and do the tapping right. I find it a little difficult to find the right statements for myself.

    I recently got Jessica´s wonderful Free audio, “Morning and Evening meditation ” and it is great!!
    I find her guiding very helpful to release stress morning and evening, but also wish I could make clear statements as good as she does but in a way that suits my specific issue for the moment.
    I have a lot of questions going on concerning however Im doing it right while Im doing it 😉

    I have struggled with an issue for almost 20 years by now, (panic attacks, fear and worry of having attacks). Ive talked to therapists and try numerous of alternative methods during the years, but with short lasting results or no results to count on in the long run, or worse, non at all..
    Im almost about to give up my hope to have a happy joyous life where I live the life I truly wish to have.

    But while tapping I recalled memory pictures of situations from the past I have forgotten, other layers of emotions from the past I haven´t been able to get in touch with before that I actually believe is connection to the problems I struggle with on everyday basis.
    That made me see a sparkle of light and hope again :-))
    I actually believe this method can work , even on a life long issue like mine and in a complete different way than other methods. So I´ll keep tapping awaiting your next helpful and supporting mail. Blessings and love to you both for your wonderful work!!

  26. Sue Cushman says:

    I was overcoming PTSD, anxiety, and major depression, not quite there, but better. My therapist was inappropriate sexually. Naturally, when I go to a new one, he has something to say about how I make up statements, whether I misheard them and asked for clarification, or he was saying something off the wall. I am having a hard time getting therapy and recovering from my abuse. I will be using Tapping, I think it will help.

  27. Divna says:

    I many years working as a self-taught therapist , led by my instincts and inner voice , I learned of many through books , the Internet and personal practice . I want to learn more , to work as a teacher and pass on their knowledge . It helped a lot . I believe I can do more . My problem is money . I live modestly and have no ability to buy books or to pay for education , the seminars can only dream and having fun and learning with you and people similar to you. I am grateful for this opportunity , but do not gain the ability to obtain certification and thus permit to work and earn .

  28. Kim Masse says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica,
    I have just started tapping about a month now and I have noticed a shift for sure. It helps with pain and my other problems. I really want to change my life and with tapping I think I can. I had many tragedies in my life, all out of my control, and life changing. I want to have feelings of happiness and my mental clarity back. Also energy, I use to have tons now I can barely lift my head off the pillow some days. I follow you all the time and really believe and trust you. I want to thank-you for making such a great mark in the world.
    You guys really care about people and thats all anyone wants is honesty and caring. My dream would be to someday meet you guys or go to a live show. Take care….

  29. Ken Kimbrough says:

    I enjoyed your book very much and continue to use it as a textbook. I have gotten very good results tapping for the ‘fatigue’ my body experiences from a couple of drugs I am taking for prostate cancer. I feel like I am getting my life back. A lot of ‘stuff’ has come up around the prostate cancer and I continue to tap on those issues. I know I may have to seek some professional help to get those issues cleared but I will ‘play’ with them a while on my own.

    I also enjoyed the video with Louise Hay. What a relief to hear her say something to the effect that you have to ‘clean the dirt out first’ before the positive affirmations will work. I have an ongoing debate with a lot of ‘new thoughters’ on this topic.

    Thank you for the work you are doing!


  30. JANET says:


  31. Maryellen JOnes says:

    Once you can convince people (I work with people with disabilities) that Tapping really works, they will try it.

    I have a daughter and brother with Autism who live with me and that is very stressful, but I am perfectly calm and joyful – most of the time – with no meds, just tapping and mediation.

  32. Penny says:

    I am so grateful to the 2 of you. How beautiful you look and everything is crystal clear. I love you both and I’ve never met you. Maybe one day I’ll get to a summit!!!
    Penny from the
    Tapping Sisterhood

  33. KM says:

    I look forward to the the EFT emails and interviews, with the guests and most of all where the love of brother and sister shine between you Nike and Jessica.
    I do use the tapping often. It has helped me in difficult times. Thank you for your visits (on my computer screen)and your smiles as well.

  34. Joyce Knake says:

    I need to do it at least twice a day but it is working for me.
    I’ve passed it on to other people. Thank you. I have RLS and this is really helping me.

  35. Duane Soper says:

    Great! instant relief from stiff neck WOW! Thank You

  36. Janet Aitken says:

    My life is so much improved thanks to tapping, I now love myself unconditionally and accept who I am, thank you for introducing me to E.F.T I recommend to be used to free those repressed emotional ties that hold people back from achieving what they would like to achieve. Thank you.

  37. JOAN says:

    well this really caught my eye. well i rtried it, for my pain. i have so much pain and tiredness it’s unbelievable. the doctors took blood and they say nothing wrong. they want to give me pain pills and happy pills which i refused to take. i don’t even take an aspiri i already had two completehip surguery’s, catarac,2and a half feet of intestines out
    histerectomy, and very painful carpel tunnel, and right away they want to operate
    i told my doctor no more operations. oh also my spinal stenosis my back and legs kill me. sometime i can hardly walk.but like i said i refuse to take pain pills and be a zombie, i saw what pain pills did to my girlfriend, i’m sure i don’t have to tell anything you could do to help me,I WILL LISTEN TO YOU. MY MIND WANTS TO DO THINGS BUT THE BODY WON’T LET IT.

  38. Vicky says:

    I have cancer(cll) and was wondering if tapping would help. I also have a very painful knee and feet. I would really be happy if I was pain free.

  39. Asha Maniar says:

    Dear Nick, Thank you very much. Pl. guide me, how many times per day one should do the Tapping? And for how many days Tapping should be done,if result is not there? Thank you again.

  40. Joyce knake says:

    Thank you so much for this. I have RLS and I’m willing to try anything! I hope I can make it work.

  41. fatima says:

    Hi thank you for your perfect mails If you can pleaze show me how i can reconnect my relationship with my man Im missing him I need statments tapping for this issue

  42. Sharon says:

    I have read and participated in many of your free material and keep working on my anxiety, depression and pain.
    I try to start each morning with the break through tape and end my evening with the night tapping tap.
    I no longer wake up chocking or trying to breath I live in Hamilton. Ontario Canada and do not know if it is practiced in the area I live. I would love to be a student for a practitioner in training, as finances are limited. I have been trying for several months to get some control but seem to fall off and things become critical and I have found myself back to my doctor and in need of prescription to help me move forward.
    I know EFT works and will continue to listen read and move forward as I want to be an active supportive part of my family.
    Thank you for what you are giving to those of us in need.
    I do have one small request and this maybe unusual for me here but I know you reach so many people that I thought it would be okay.
    A friend of my has a brain tumor and it has been hemorrhaging and she is in need of the Lords Healing strength, I am asking for prayers of healing and strength for her “Deane”. She has gone through so much since a car accident and we pray the doctors of the wisdom to help her and save her sight. I want to thank those who send their prayers and ask that the circle grow to give her strength and energy.
    Greatly appreciated.

  43. Hello Nick & Jessica thanks for this great video says:

    Hi Nick and Jessica, thanks for your great video. I’m gowing through a tough time at present. feeling more and more trapped by my current job and trying to find a solution on how to let it go and move forward without fear. The resaon for the fear is my age I’m now 60years old which is concidered to be around retirement age old here in South Africa. Even though I’m very good at what I do which is cold calling which intern brings in new client to the company.

    I’m trapped in this fear that I can’t move on to another company even though I’m desprate to make a move. I have been in my present company for 6years now. of which my finacial growth as not been as rewarding aas my cold calling has been for the company.

    I have to work to support my wonderful 15year old son. There is no maintance to assist with the expenses so I have to cover all everything for both of us.

    Strangly I do healing I’m known as the bone lady fixing peoples backs and all that goes with why there back is out, which comes from what we are carrying inside of us that is brining forward the stress which becomes a load on our backs. I fix people around the world without ever meeting them.

    Yet I can’t fix my mind and bring about releasing the fear of changing my job.

    I think my biggest problem is that I want to do my healing full time and leave the corprate world, but fear the loss of income. And don’t quite know how to go about building and spreading the word about my healing.Currently I get my clients through refereals from exsisting clients.

    So I’m going to start working on my problem with your tapping. I feel maybe it will be for me, like I’m for the people I heal.

    And will keep you posted as to my progress.

    Thanks again
    In Gauteng South Africa

  44. jannie ledard says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica.
    I keep receiving your emails and I want to thank you. I practice EFT but many times I doubt about the results (did I address the root problem… Did I tap long enough about the issue…) Anyway, I know that I am on the right track to perform better. What I want to say is my deep admiration and my deepest thanks for all what you do, for your dedication to help people, to share, to keep reminding us over and over again that IT WORKS!!! Deep blessings to both of you.

  45. mariana okam says:

    how long will one tap to get an issue
    solved for example pain

  46. Betty says:

    Hi, the video didn’t show up.

  47. Mohammed Shahjahan says:

    Awesome technique which is spiritually connected to your emotional state of your mind and ultimately heals your mind & body.

  48. Janet Aitken says:

    A week ago I could not walk without the aid of a stick since seeing your video and doing the tapping I am able to move freely without the aid of my stick I also feel taller within myself, plus am standing straighter and so much more easier to move freely. Thank you it has also helped me to move and freed repressed emotions. Thank you. Have recommended Tapping to others.

  49. Nancy Houseman says:

    This film was great, thank you.

  50. Brenda-Catherine says:

    Hello Mr. Ortner,

    I have read your book and enjoyed every word. Like you and many millions of people I want a good life but I feel soooooo stuck, I feel I try very hard and yet seem to remain stuck. After twenty years of conventional therapy I feel I need to kick myself in the butt and take over and control my own life but there it is again, I feel stuck: that is such a good word for how it feels, stuck. I own and have read many, many self-help books, Dr. Dyer, Ms. Hicks and of course you. I feel so ready to improve and have an awesome life, I truly believe that everyone is deserving of an awesome life. I also believe that my version of an awesome life is possible I just do not know what I am doing wrong, can you please enlighten me.
    Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.
    PS I can never view your videos included in your emails I can only view the You Tube offerings. Maybe there is a particular setting I need to view the emails.
    Thanks again. B-C

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