That Annoying Person…

Written by: Nick Ortner

Angry Man

As much as we all try to be loving, conscientious people, there’s no getting around a simple fact….sometimes people annoy us.  🙂

It could be someone at work, an intimate partner, someone on the news, etc.  Whoever it is,  it’s not their “fault” (though we  often like to think it is!)

It’s usually our thing, our reaction to a certain situation, behavior or action; but even when we accept  responsibility for the way we are feeling, it can be hard to consciously shift away from the feelings.

That’s where tapping comes in beautifully!  So here’s a super simple exercise:

Pick that ONE annoying person who has recently annoyed you, for whatever reason, and let’s do some tapping on it.

Before you start tapping, rate your annoyance on a  0-10  scale, 10 being most annoyed. (if you’re not familiar with  the tapping process, click here to see a demonstration)

Starting with the karate chop point:

“Even though this person is really annoying me…I deeply and completely accept myself…”

“Even though I’ve been feeling so much frustration towards this person, I deeply and completely accept myself…”

“Even though this person is driving me a little crazy, I choose to release these feelings now…”

Eyebrow: These feelings of annoyance…

Side of Eye: They’re driving me crazy…

Under Eye: Part of me can’t stand this person…

Under Nose: Or what they do…

Under Mouth: It’s so annoying…

Collarbone: And it even makes me a little mad…

Under Arm: I don’t want to feel these feelings…

Top of Head: But I can’t seem to let them go.

Back to the eyebrow…

Eyebrow: If I let go of these feelings…

Side of Eye: Then I’m tolerating this behavior…

Under Eye: And I don’t want to do that!

Under Nose: I want them to stop!

Under Mouth: I want them to stop annoying me…

Collarbone:  This annoying behavior…

Under Arm: These annoying feelings…

Back to the top of the head with some positive phrases…

Top of Head: I wonder if I can let them go…

Eyebrow: I wonder if I can forgive this person…

Side of Eye: And release these feelings…

Under Eye: It’s time to let all this go…

Under Nose: It really doesn’t matter…

Under Mouth: And I’m losing out by feeling annoyed…

Collarbone: Releasing these feelings from my body….

Underarm: Letting them go now…

Top of Head: Letting them go now…

Take a deep breath….

And tune in to the feeling of annoyance  again, on the 0-10 scale.  Where is it now?

What came up specifically for you as you tapped? Keep tapping, either using the same language or bringing in your own language, until you get the relief you desire.

It feels GOOD to let go of these feelings, to release the petty stuff that annoys us and sucks up our life energy.

Be aware of when you’re getting annoyed and do the tapping to release the feeling…

You’ll be glad you did.  🙂

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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101 Comments on this post

  1. Katrina Cooper says:

    It really works, it’s amazing, thank you!

  2. S. D. Lee 🌹 says:

    Thank you. With EFT, I find it to be a pleasure to see such good results of combining communication of positive thoughts with Acupressure – truly amazing!!!

    S. Deline Lee

  3. Helle-Sofia says:

    Hi there – this is really cool and since you made a transcript, I made my own recording of it and use the audio for tapping – as I am very auditive. It works very nicely and reduces a lot of stress. thanks to you all the the tapping solution 🙂 <3

  4. sue says:

    Thank you lots,I am amazed at how well timed your tapping came to me today as i had been stewing over my annoying problem with an aquintance for a couple of days when wa la your tapping advise for annoying person came to my facebook page, Yay. Again i thank you very much for your wonderfull healing eft and also i thank my altetnative holistic therapist Dr Lada Kenton-Dau here in Christchurch, NZ at Helios Integragated Medical Centre.I went to her 1 and ahalf yrs ago with feelings of great depression and anxietiesand told her i dont want conventional medicines and she did dome tappingd with me gave me a few flowers and herbs injections and told me yo get to library snd get out You Can Heal Yourself by Louise Hay and any or all of her books that i fancy and also Eshter and Jerry Hicks with Abraham re:Law of Attraction and she also gave me aprint out of your tapping technique.My life has so changed for the better, learning to love my self was the main ingredient and then all the tapping and affirmations is just marvelous.I have given up smoking after 40 yrs and giving up another addiction and am so gratefull for people like you who give us your much learned help.I am striving for much more greatness in my life and i know ,with all you in my life ,that will happen. Thank You Nick and our Wonderfull Universe.

  5. Joanna says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica,

    Before I spend the rest of this beautifully sunny and hot day reading the rest of our book (so beautifully written; I just love it), knowing how very caring and compassionate you guys are, I feel guided to do a bit of networking, on behalf of what I think you’ll agree is a very worthwhile cause I got to know about yesterday. I went to the nearby town to stock up on wholefood groceries at the wholefood cooperative I’m a member of. At the entrance they’d set up a table where a Touareg from Niger (one of the poorest countries in the world and recently war torn) was aiming to sell the beautifully crafted jewellery made by his village’s cooperative: a group of about 50 families (all very poor) have clubbed together with the aim of helping the whole village: with the money raised by selling the jewellery, they buy goats, which are donated to the poorest amongst the families to provide milk and cheese. The next year, this family will keep the goats, but donate the newborn kids to another poor family and so on. Well, when I had a chat with the Touareg, Sidi, after buying a ring from him, he admitted business had been very slow. I told him I would hold a vision of him selling all the jewellery and would pray for the prosperity of his people. Afterwards I thought, “How much more jewellery would he be able to sell, if either Nick and Jessica’s “The Tapping Solution” organisation, or for example Hay House’s Cruises adopted this community of talented crafts people, and agreed to sell this beautiful handmade jewellery at their live events. He was selling the rings at € 25 and wonderful necklaces at € 75. I felt a bit apprehensive about sharing this idea via Facebook. The inner message I got was “Dare to connect”. If we truly believe that we are all one, then this group of people living in one of the poorest nations in the world, are also part of us on a soul level, are they not? I asked Sidi for a contact address, saying I would do all I could to help his community thrive and prosper. Anyone keen to help, please let me know. Niger is a former French colony, so the official language is still French. Since I am bilingual, I’ll gladly act as an interpreter. If like me you believe that with enough Love, we truly can create miracles, get in touch.

  6. Danielle says:

    Thank you. You are truly an inspiration, patience that is truly what I need tap, tap, tap. I am still reading your book when I am finished I will be rereading it again. patience is a truly a virtue.

  7. Nancy Ascherl says:

    So…I just had a telephone conversation with a relative…came into this room to do some tapping on my obvious irritation…opened computer…read what you had to say today which led me to this…and this? exactly what I planned on working on before bedtime. since I’m still relatively new at tapping, the phrases don’t “flow”. These particular statements were exactly what I was “calling” for! Thanx!!! I will sleep well tonight.

  8. ro says:

    I badly needed this 🙂 thanks

  9. Carole Moritz says:

    I took time to do this just now, as I had forgotten that I received the e-mail with the specific script to use to tap so that I can stop feeling annoyed by certain people. I have to say, my feelings were pretty close to 10 (level of annoyance) before I did the tapping. The level of annoyance I feel now is about a 7. I feel though that if I continue this each day, I will improve and let go of these negative feelings.

    I do have a question though, can I just think these words as I do the tapping? I may have to do the tapping with that person in the room, so it wouldn’t be cool to say the words out loud.

  10. bulkandoscomao says:

    same as throwing dishes to your annoying office mates and breaking them hard. similar too to shooting the pricture of the enemy….and praying forgiveness from Creator to have mercy on the enemy’s soul…

  11. sai says:

    the one who annoyed ..not only annoying knowingly but have the power of spoiling ur career, already spoiled and no way for u other than to live that subject, then how to deal with that anoyance…

  12. Shelly Hutchinson says:

    Thank you. This came in my email when I needed it the most!

  13. loli says:

    I woke up because my teen daughter has been upsetting me. i remembered this post and grabbed my phone to scroll for it. Lucky you only need one hand to tap. It took two rounds and i went from a 10 to a 0. should have tapped last night before i argued with hsr. thanks for introducing me to tapping.

  14. Denise Trottier says:

    I think it’s great that you’re giving us all the formulas for different situations…sometimes when I want to tap I’m at a loss for the right words to say as I tap…thank you, Nick, for all the great wording and ideas, it’s much appreciated…
    Denise Trottier

  15. Grace Hosino says:

    Thank You, I really enjoy everything you send. “That annoying person” arrived on time. Thank You, Thank You

  16. Margaret Earing says:

    I just love it. Find it VERY helpful.

  17. Michele Grimes says:

    It is good to tap on feeling annoyed about others or a behavior about ourselves that we may not like.

  18. Aishel Bekman Daal says:

    Hi Nick,

    I want to thank you, for all your mails you send to me, I really enjoy them.
    and this one was just in time, I am now in a very difficult situation, thats why, I really enjoy your tapping programs.

    thank you, and blessings,


  19. Eloise says:

    That worked right on time! First try 2/10. Thank you! So glad I tapped in first thing this morning,
    I really needed that.

  20. Jane Todd says:

    This is exactly what I needed for the last few days. My office has 4 stations in it and there is this one person who is an A type person. Everything is in its perfect spot and it is like I’m living with the TV Series detective “Monk”. He’s been gone for a week and I literally had to stop my work and listen for 90 minutes (probably less than that) of his week with his sick friend John. After doing this tapping session twice I feel so relaxed I’d better get to bed before I fall asleep in my computer chair again! Thanks so much for the help. The office won’t bug me so much. I’m putting this e-mail in my ‘Keepers’ File.

  21. Juliann says:

    Someone at work definitely annoys me with their non communication skills. Ugg it gets under my skin. Thank you, this information helps to put things in perspective because I’m the only one upset, while the other person continues along, maybe not even realizing how their actions affect me. I am in control of how I react to these situation and will tap to let my feelings of frustration go. bye bye…

  22. deborah says:

    thank you nick,i have tried tapping from time 2 time w/some success but this was a god sent for me today ! as i was dealing w/some intense past anger triggers from someone who called 2 wish me happy birthday & left me w/ an unwished gift of smoldering anger & resentment…for even listening 2 them talk chapter after chapter and saying annoying things like stop,let me finish,wait ! & dominating a report on my family through her critical mean spirited/judgemental viewpoint & as i write i’m getting angery but much less than before… i will keep it up till i can truly release it ! so thank you 4 a real belated birthday gift of transformation,major blessings 2 you & all…… : )

  23. moira hughes says:

    Nick thank you so much for this brilliant tapping script – it really worked on someone I’ve been struggling with and it was so nice to see your link in amongst my other not so inspiring emails – I’m so pleased I signed up for your course, it is the best investment I have ever made and has way, way exceeded my expectations. You and your family are such kind and giving people and you deserve every success.

    Many Thanks

  24. Cait o Brien says:

    Thanks a lot for reminding me to Tap..I know I really shouldn’t need reminding,but I’m only Human.I just did The Tapping for (Annoying)people,one Person in perticular that drives me Crazzzzzy!!!And it worked straight away,went from a 6 to 2..Feel much better now&im gonna keep at it.So thanks again, Cait…Ireland!!

  25. Pauline says:

    Thank you ! I have a woman (I cannot call her a lady) for the past 3 years who has consumed my life. She is jealous of me and an extremely angry individual. She has called me names in public and generaly made my life and my husbands life hell and without going into any details has finally been one of the causes of my husband loosing his job. We are now in a very bad financial situation my husband being 70 and could possibly loose everything. However, I take full responsiblilty as I am aware that we create our own reality and in allowing her to consume my thoughts I have created all this. Tapping definatley takes the intense emotion out of a situation and this one was definatley for me. So thank you Nick!

  26. Leslie Tydings says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful Tapping Series. It has helped me tremendously. Your choice of words and guidance were paramount in guiding me inward to healing deep beliefs.

  27. Michelle says:

    What a great thought, Cathlyn White, where you said “An abusive person “living rent free” in one’s head is a terrible and destructive thing”. That’s going on my quote list.

  28. Michelle says:

    Hi Nick,
    This was perfect for me today. My husband is luckily coming out of a chronic illness. In the meantime, I am trying to unwind from 8 very intense yrs of many bad and scary emotions. I won’t go into the details bc what is important is that tapping has given me relief. My feedback for you is that my biggest struggle was even coming up with the sentences to say bc my desperate, fearful thoughts were so solidly ingrained. One day I wrote down, word for word, the words from a video your sister did on finances. I now adjust that dialogue to fit the situation. I know that my change has helped my husband get better. He told me the other day that I give him energy. That is certainly a change from the past. I am teaching my children tapping to also help them relieve their stress. I am optimistic our family will get back on track. Thank you so much for the work you do. When I do pull this horse out of the mire I will be contributing more financially to your cause, too. Thx again!!!

  29. Therese says:

    Hope it wasn’t me, that is ,that, annoying person

  30. Therese says:

    Just take a deep breath.
    It cures everything.

    when you can’t breath.
    Guess what?
    Your dead.

  31. Therese says:

    Glad you got the relief you needed.

    Don’t let them drive you mad.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annoying people go with the territory., (of living)

    You have to be dead, before people stop annoying you. So it is better, to be annoyed.

  32. rene says:

    love this stuff, great to get that shift, so powerful, just tap those blues away. thanks always

  33. shelley says:

    This helped me let go of my fustrations from a recent breakup. I have been so annoyed with everyone. This tapping phrase has taken this sting out of these annoy feelings for all involved. Thank you. I am calmer and at peace right now.

  34. Beryl says:

    Thank you! Are you a mind reader too? My boss drives me crazy – mostly because she doesn’t know what she is talking about! This came at exactly the right time because I was seriously thinking about finding another job. Now I shall just tap her away………….!

  35. Anne says:

    Thank you Nick. This was so helpful & have tried it with great and pleasing results.
    Once again, Thanks!

  36. Elizabeth Vitale says:


  37. Makeda Dako says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you very much for the tapping scripts, I find them very useful and have encorporated tapping onto my life and to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life with great resutls.

  38. Helen says:

    Hi Nick. Thankyou so much for this scrpit – it is so apt for me at the moment with a situation at work that is effecting everyone. It is so helpful to have the procedure, with the words to follow when an emotionally charged scenario seems just too difficult to tackle at times so is then not dealt with. A lovely gift from you to us. Thanks again!

  39. Romi says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks a lot for Tapping Guidance on “That annoying person”. Just what I needed. I tried out the tapping immediately with beautiful results. I am able to relate with that annoying person much better. Would like to apply each time I FEEL ANNOYED. I understand the work is required on me and not on “That annoying person”. A tremendous freedom is risen in me.

    Thank you Nick and all your team,
    Chennai – India

  40. Jamal says:

    What’s sup nick this is Trive thank you for that i needed that one
    Tapping really works …i felt the relief from earlier about that annoying person that just needs to pull his weight and stop annoying people close to him …dont worry i will forgive and pray that this person can just be a man and a grown man about his business…oh i say it was about a seven because something was said that i didn’t need to hear earlier today and i want to share tapping with a special friend that took part in raising me, she deserves a break from that annoying person 🙂 lol sigh…seriously fo real though 🙂

  41. Lori Drake says:

    Thanks Nick, You seem to have remarkable insights into those things that cause unnecessary angst for so many of us. A tapping session really does bring things back into perspective. And yes, this was very timely for me too.

  42. Pamyla Love says:

    Hello Nick Thank you very much for this script. It has proven very helpful to share with my clients who are teachers as they head back to school. It seems they all have at least one annoying person, either a colleague or student. lol

  43. Barbara says:

    I just wanted to let you know of my appreciation for your choice of this topic to tap on. Like so many of the other respondents, I often waste a lot of time in negative space ruminating over other people’s negative behavior and it doesn’t go away even after I acknowledge it, I ususally find myself repeating my complaint to myself (ironically, it is me who gets to put up with all my “bitc_ing,” not the offender.)

    Thanks for your guidance on technique and word suggestions, and in general, for this reminder to tap on these common disturbances.

  44. Yehuda says:

    This email REALY helped me Thanks. I love the tap alongs. , then I can change the words to personalize.

  45. Jeff PA says:

    Always appreciate the posts and info! New to tapping and finding out that there’s a ton more to explore!

  46. freddie says:

    This was definitely helpful. It can be easy to become annoyed sometimes and this is a quick solution. Thanks Nick for all your great contributions.


  47. Gail says:

    Boy, talk about synchronicity – I had just deleted the annoying person’s email message. How great!

  48. Celine says:

    Hello Nick. Thank you very much for this tapping script on this issue (and for other tapping scripts for other issues). Very much appreciated! I like to tap but I have a hard time finding the right words to use or putting sentences for each tapping point. I am grateful!

  49. Susan says:

    Hi Nick:
    Thank-you for this! The timing – as usual – was perfect.
    My husband & I were having one of those days when anything the other said/did annoyed the other, so when your e-mail arrived I asked him if he wanted to tap on the annoyance with me & he happily agreed. ( we were both at a level 10 ). We followed this exercise exactly as you suggested & the level for us both was reduced immediatedly to 0.
    So effective – will continue to do this as/if the need arises.
    With love and appreciation for you,

  50. Mary Jo says:

    Thank you, thank you. I was experiencing a situation in my own home when I read your email and used this tapping series to bring calm contentment to myself. This practice absolutely worked for me. I teach yoga and have begun introducing tapping to my students. Some of them are open to it. One woman said it helped reduce anxiety. Another woman said it helped bring relief to her sinuses. Namaste!

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