Thank You For Another Amazing Summit!

Written by: Nick Ortner

We rise by lifting others - Robert IngersollI gotta admit, I’m pretty beat!

But it’s the good kind of tired you feel after a long day of rewarding work.

Well, more like a long couple of months…

Because you see, even though the Summit itself only runs for 10 days, it takes months and months of planning and preparation not just from me, but from our incredible team of 15 that works tirelessly to make it all go smoothly.

(So I’m giving them a surprise couple of days off to recuperate! They’ve earned it!)

Anyway – I just want to say thank YOU for another amazing Summit!

We raised $75,000 for The Tapping Solution Foundation. We had over 784,000 UNIQUE visitors from nearly EVERY country around the world (including far off places like Samoa, Madagascar, Paraguay, Laos, Belarus, and Yemen… just to name a few) and the results people experienced were, as always, mind blowing!

Truly, a Tapping WORLD Summit indeed!

If you have a second, would you leave a comment below and let me know how the Summit was for you?

Long or short, I’d just love to hear what you thought, and I know my team would too.

I’ll be back soon with more great stuff. Until then, I hear someone calling me…

The building you see through the window is my writing/filming/working barn and it looks like my daughter June wants me to come inside…  🙂

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

I’d LOVE to hear from you! Please leave me your comments below and tell me about your Summit experience!

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you so very much for all of the guidance which you have so freely and generously given to us. I purchased The Tapping Solution months ago, and purchase the top program during the 10 Day Tapping program.
    For only $197.00.
    I am amazed at how to continuously offer free programs to the public, for which I am very grateful. Peace, Linda

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