Tapping World Summit 2020

Written by: Nick Ortner

2020 marks our 12th Annual Tapping World Summit!

It’s the start of a new decade, and it’s been 12 years since we at The Tapping Solution launched our first summit.

The light is within you. It's time to discover it! - Nick Ortner

Our goal from the beginning was to make each year better than the last. This year is no exception, and we’ve got some special presentations in store for you.

Do you know what makes our Tapping World Summits so popular?

It’s because for 10 days out of the year, we bring in some of the TOP MINDS in the fields of EFT and personal development to guide you towards improving nearly every area of your life!

And it’s all FREE!

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT or simply “Tapping,” has been scientifically proven to provide relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, fears & phobias, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and so many other conditions.

Tapping is also a very effective tool for attracting abundance, losing weight, manifesting your goals & desires, healing relationships, and attaining inner peace.

If you are asking yourself, “What is EFT Tapping?” or “How can one technique do so much?” then jump on over to our Tapping 101 page to learn some of the basics.


What Is the Tapping World Summit 2020?

February 24th, 2020 – March 4th, 2020

The Tapping World Summit 2020 is a Virtual Online Event presented by The Tapping Solution, produced by myself, Nick Ortner, and hosted by my sister Jessica Ortner.

This incredible online event is about providing you with a better understanding of Tapping, while expanding your consciousness to new levels in the areas of personal peace, physical health, abundance, overcoming mental barriers, and relief from the emotional effects of past traumas or events.

Over 2 million people have attended the previous eleven Tapping World Summits, with attendance growing each year, and reaching over 700,000 just last year alone!

The event itself will run for 10 consecutive days from Monday, February 24th through Wednesday, March 4th featuring two 100% content-only presentations each day, along with calming Tapping Meditations and insightful bonus audios.

These free sessions are available for a FULL 24 HOURS after their initial broadcast.

The reason I structure the event this way is because I want everyone to be able to access this information, regardless of time zone or financial ability.

It’s all available for FREE, with the option to purchase the recorded event sessions for you to listen to and tap along with as many times as you want.

Some of these sessions from our Tapping World Summits are SO powerful, that I listen to them over and over again! They really are that good!


How to Register for the 2020 Tapping World Summit


Join 20 of the world’s leading EFT Tapping Experts in this FREE Online 10-Day Event starting February 24th, 2020.

The Summit has ended for this year, but you can enter your first name and email address in the box below to get some free gifts!

Start Tapping Today - Free Gifts!

Read the first two chapters of the New York Times bestselling book "The Tapping Solution" and listen to the โ€œTapping for Stress Reliefโ€ CD for FREE!


Tapping World Summit 2020 Pre-launch Content

Every year, I like to release several free videos & audios leading up to the Tapping World Summit because it gives you a tiny glimpse into the transformational content that awaits you inside the full 10-day event.

Here is the schedule for this year’s Tapping World Summit pre-launch. Enjoy, and please share!


Video #1 with Nick Ortner: In this video, Nick will teach you how and why Tapping works, and guide you through a powerful Tapping process.



Video #2 with Dr. Mark Hyman: In this video, Dr. Hyman will discuss the 3 things that are critical for healing and how to reduce your daily stress.



3 Tapping Meditations with Jessica Ortner: Join Jessica to experience meditation like never before, as you use Tapping to release stress, anxiety, worry, and anger.


12th Annual Tapping World Summit 2020 Schedule

The Summit has ended, but it will soon be available in our store to purchase!

Monday – February 24th

DAY 1 – From Constant Anxiety to Deep Fulfillment: How to Use Tapping to Find Balance, Happiness, and Fulfillment in the Modern World

Jessica OrtnerJessica Ortner – The Dark Side of Social Media: How to Use Tapping to Overcome Comparison, Jealousy, and Anxiety in the Social Media World

Dr. Dawson ChurchDr. Dawson Church – Finding Your True Bliss: How to Use Tapping to Live in a State of Joy and Happiness

Tuesday – February 25th

DAY 2 – I’m Not Good Enough: Releasing One of the Most Common and Deeply Limiting Internal Beliefs

Nick OrtnerNick Ortner – From Self-Loathing to Self-Love: Clearing the Internal Belief That You’re Not Good Enough

Margaret Lynch RaniereMargaret Lynch Raniere – Ignite Your Deserving Energy: How to Tap into the Power of Your Heart Chakra to Allow Self-Forgiveness and True Feelings of Self-Worth

Wednesday – February 26th

DAY 3 – Why Am I This Way? – Using Tapping to Understand and Shift Our Core Beliefs

Abiola AbramsAbiola Abrams – Finding Your Voice: How to Feel Safe Speaking Up and Being Yourself By Healing Your Throat Chakra

Brad YatesBrad Yates – Rewriting the Rules: How to Release and Rewrite the Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Thursday – February 27th

DAY 4 – Unlocking Your Brain: How to Use Tapping to Release Brain Fog and Maximize Your Brain’s Potential

Dr. Kim D'EramoDr. Kim D’Eramo – Beyond Brain Fog: How to Use Tapping to Overcome Brain Fog and Chronic Fatigue

Jim KwikJim Kwik – Boost Your Brain Power – How to Improve Your Memory, Focus, and Ability to Learn Easily

Friday – February 28th

DAY 5 – Balancing Your Body: How to Use Tapping and Your Innate Intuition to Overcome Any Health Challenges

Christiane Northrup, MDChristiane Northrup, M.D. – Your Inner Healer: How to Use Tapping to Trigger the Beliefs, Emotions, and Body Hormones That Lead to Healing

Julie SchiffmanJulie Schiffman – Kickstarting the Healing Journey: How to Use Tapping to Overcome Even the Most Frustrating Health Challenges and Physical Pain

Saturday – February 29th

DAY 6 – Becoming Supercharged: How to Use Tapping to Overcome Procrastination, Burnout, and More

Carol TuttleCarol Tuttle – Overcoming Our Inner Rebel: How to Use Tapping to End Procrastination and Take Our Power Back

Kelsey PatelKelsey Patel – From Burnout to Burning Bright: How to Use Tapping to Feel Calm, Balanced, and in Control Regardless of Outside Circumstances

Sunday – March 1st

DAY 7 – Healing Deep Wounds: Using Tapping to Heal Anger, Resentment, and Trauma

Damon SilasDamon Silas – When the Past Hurts: Using Tapping to Understand, Overcome, and Heal Trauma From Our Past

Iyanla VanzantIyanla Vanzant – Releasing Anger: How to Use Tapping to Release Anger and Resentment Through Forgiveness and Peace

Monday – March 2nd

DAY 8 – The Keys to Consistency: Avoiding Common Mistakes and Building Consistency With Your Tapping for Deep Results

Carol LookCarol Look – Common Tapping Mistakes: How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Results From Your Tapping

Alex OrtnerAlex Ortner – Setting Yourself Up For Success: How to Build a Morning Tapping Routine That Transforms Your Energy, Focus, and Productivity

Tuesday – March 3rd

DAY 9 – Transforming Your Relationships: Using Tapping to Transform Your Relationship With Yourself and Others

Ryan HaddonRyan Haddon – The Trigger of Others: How to Use Tapping to Bring Peace to Strained Relationships

Cheryl RichardsonCheryl Richardson – Self-Care for the Sensitive Soul: How to Say No, Create Boundaries, and Reclaim Your Life

Wednesday – March 4th

DAY 10 – Becoming Aligned: Using Tapping and the Law of Attraction to Release Anxiety, Raise Your Vibration, and Create Your Best Life

Gabby BernsteinGabby Bernstein – Releasing Control: How to Use Tapping to Release Anxiety, Feel Calm and Safe, and Allow a Life You Love

Jack CanfieldJack Canfield – Raising Your Vibration: How to Use Tapping with the Law of Attraction to Attract the Success You Most Want!

And there will be LOTS more bonuses, tapping meditations, and special audios available all throughout the Summit.

We hope you’ll join us!

Do you have a memorable breakthrough or a particular interview from this Tapping World Summit that has changed your life? Share your story in the comments below!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

The Tapping World Summit 2020 is a 10-day Virtual Online Event presented by The Tapping Solution, and hosted by New York Times bestselling authors, Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica Ortner.

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33 Comments on this post

  1. Kellie says:

    I am an Insiders Club Member, have been told to look for a ‘discount link’ – to purchase the Summit to no avail. Can I get a nudge in the right direction please? Thanks, loved this year’s content.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Sure, Kellie! The special discount links were included in each week’s Tapping Insiders Club member email that goes out every Sunday during the Summit. I’ll also pass along your message to our Customer Support Team to help you directly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nick Ortner says:

    Hi Marlene, I’m sorry you are not getting our emails. Perhaps they are going to your spam folder or you unsubscribed from our email list? If you registered for the Summit, we send out a month of upcoming reminders and 2 emails per day during the Summit to let everyone know what’s coming up and what’s currently playing for each day.

  3. rene bosman says:

    I missed Jim Kwik
    is there a way to listen to it again?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Rene! The presentations are only available live for 24 hours, but we do offer the options to own all of the audios from the Summit (plus lots of other bonuses as well!) with one of our upgrade options. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beatriz says:

    Hello Nick, Jessica & Team:
    Tapping changed my life. It changed the way I look at myself, the way I care for me and others, the way I accept and manage my mistakes, my relationships, my life.
    There is a lot to learn still, and I see this every year when I participate of this wonderful summit. And let me take the chance to tell you that the topics and the conferences are amazing this year; definitely taking me to the next level!
    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sidd says:

    Thank you so much Nick for the reply. The Tapping World Summit serve as a much needed refresher course, reminding and reinforcing positive thoughts and the healthy practice of EFT-Tapping in our daily life. I looked forward to it and could still make it. Highly appreciating with thanks to Nick, Jessica, Alex and the entire Tapping Solution team and all us here.

  6. *A* *ME* Jill Fondiller says:

    I signed up on my phone. how do I sign in on my computer or an other device?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Jill! Whatever email address you used to sign up with, you’ll get the daily presentation links sent to. You can then open that link on any device. There is no need to register on multiple devices. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Margo says:

    I’m unable to find the link to connect to the summit. Can you please help.

  8. Sidd says:

    I am not able to register for the summit, my device keeps giving message the connection is not safe and to get back to safety ๐Ÿ™

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Sidd! This does happen sometimes depending on how high the security settings on devices are set. Our sites are https secure, so it’s safe to allow access if you’re given that option on your device. If it just won’t allow you to progress, you can reach out to our Customer Support Team to help.

  9. Mary Anne Markel says:

    Where is the link to purchase the summit information

  10. Nick Ortner says:

    Hi Phyllis! You can reach out to our Customer Support Team at and they’ll be able to direct you to the propper location for the summit upgrade packages. I’m so glad to hear you’ll be joining us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. BURTON A KITTAY says:

    I am a psychologist in Corpus Christi TX and have been using tapping for years. The Summit each year gives me more and more information to use, and I find that I am able to help people with many, many issues. I used it with five patients today for chronic pain and depression, but find that it gets rid of toothaches, acne and all sorts of things. The only sadness that I have is that I have a 2019 car and it does not have a CD player in it and therefore I cannot listen to the summit in the car. I am working on that!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Burton! That is so awesome! Sounds like you’re doing great work with your clients in Texas. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Remember that with your Platinum Upgrade, you also have access to all of the digital audios of the Summit in MP3 format. So if you have a cell phone, you can most likely just play them from that device. Or you can download them to a USB device and plug them into your car. If you need help finding your login to your downloads page, be sure to reach out to our Customer Support Team to help.

  12. Phyllis says:

    Hi my name is Phyllis Kandell I am so excited to be attending your tapping summit I am a substance-abuse therapist and a life coach I am very excited to be part of this I wish if someone can please get in touch with me I do not know the times or how to view this these videos. Thank you have a blessed day

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Phyllis! Each of these pre-event videos is now available to watch. You can just click on the images or the links above them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Kimberly says:

    Hi there Nick!
    Iโ€™m so excited to hear about this event! Tapping has become a huge part of my healing this past year, and I heard about this summit from Brad Yates!!
    I see that registration begins February 3. Can you add me to your email list for a reminder email and a link for this registration day?
    Thanks a bunch, and much love to you โค๏ธ


    • Nick Ortner says:

      That’s wonderful to hear, Kimberly! We are so glad to have you join us.

      Due to internet rules, we really can’t add people to our list, but if you put your first name and email into the “Get the First Two Chapters Free” opt-in box on this blog page, you’ll be included in our upcoming emails about the event. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Claudia Rincon says:

    Please keep me posted. THANK YOU. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ซ

  15. Jennifer says:

    Can I register for summit never have participated in one ?

  16. Maggie Crayton says:

    Can you tell me when registration will open for the summit? Thank you

  17. David says:

    Yes! Tapping World Summit 2020 coming soon! As I scrolled through the presentations schedule, I thought ‘I love this world wide tapping community so much’ So grateful for EFT in my life!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      That’s awesome, David! Thanks for sharing! We’ve got such a great lineup this year that I hope you will enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. David Mason says:

    I recently traveled by plane to Africa. A few weeks after getting back to Michigan, I am diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs and leg. How should I proceed with tapping to aid in dissolving said clots?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi David, for physical issues like this one, I usually go with a metaphor of what may be happening in our emotional lives. For example, blood represents our life essence and is meant to freely circulate through our bodies. So is there a part of your life that isn’t flowing freely? Perhaps some emotional stagnation or something that seems “stuck” in your life. See if that relates and then tap on that emotional blockage. You can also tap while visualizing your blood circulating freely and without clots or blockages. ๐Ÿ™‚

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