The Power of a Pose – What Your Body Language Says About You

Written by: Nick Ortner

Power PoseDid you know that recent research has uncovered that your body language can help you become happier and more successful?

Even the good ol’, “sit up straight” advice has measurable impact on your feelings, actions, and even hormones in your body.

Want to know how to “pose”? Think expansive. Open chest, shoulders back, and down (comfortable, not unnatural). Raise your arms in the air, and hold it for a few seconds.

You can literally feel the power and energy!

The opposite are poses we often find ourselves doing without our conscious attention – hunched over and drawn-in, arms crossed, and slouching.

So today, take a few moments throughout the day to notice your body language, and think, “open” just a little bit more, and see what happens.

If you’re in the midst of doing some tapping or meditating, pay particular attention to your body language to accentuate the results and effects.

Want to explore this topic more deeply? Watch this illuminating TED talk below:

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Take a few moments throughout your day to notice your posture. What did you discover? Comment below!

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5 Comments on this post

  1. Thanu Pillay says:

    I am fully inspired by this presentation. It is very convincing and empowers the audience to reach higher heights and dream the impossible, and achieve.

    Thanu Pillay

  2. Leonie says:

    I felt calmer then I felt all day! Incredible!

  3. MSVCP140 says:

    🙂 OK !

  4. Sunita says:

    Thank you so much Nick, thank you so much for sharing. Will definitely make it a habit of doing it everyday.

  5. Name (required) says:

    Enjoyed ted talk. Very encouraging. In the end it’s all about active awareness. Many thanks


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