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Racial Anxiety Relief – Tapping Meditation

Written by: Nick Ortner

Parents, Kids, & Teenagers

Tapping for Child Anxiety: A Personal Story

Written by: Alex Ortner

Financial Success
Tapping Meditation for Financial Anxiety
Press Play Below to Listen to this free meditation from our Tapping Solution App that’s now available to download. I’m sharing this financial anxiety meditation with you so that you can get a taste ... Read More
Chronic Stress is Killing you, but EFT Can Help
All stress (and stress relief) is not created equal. Did you know that some stress is actually good for you? In small amounts, stress can improve brain function, make you more creative, help you get fit, lower ... Read More
Use EFT To Release the Anxiety of People Pleasing
So you’re trying to people-please, huh? How fun is it? Have you been able to keep everyone happy? Recently I’ve been struggling with this and thought I’d share my thoughts and what I’ve ... Read More
What to do when things aren’t going your way
So you feel like nothing is working, huh? Or you’re frustrated that everyone else is getting great results with life —or whatever you’re trying at the moment (like EFT) and you’re ... Read More
The most important thing I’ve learned through EFT
There’s one thing I’ve learned to have for myself and for others in the past ten years of studying, using, and teaching EFT. This ONE thing could make all the difference in how you approach the ... Read More
Deep, Restful Sleep
Sleep. It should be easy right? You’re tired, time to go to bed, sleep… But all too often, the restless mind, the anxious thoughts, the stress gets in the way of deep, restful sleep. Various studies ... Read More
A Magical Weekend of Tapping for Pain Relief, Food Cravings, and Much More…
I had the honor of spending the weekend at Omega, in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY, with my friends Kris Carr and Elena Brower. You might know Kris from her film, Crazy Sexy Cancer and best-selling books, ... Read More
What a Year…Thank You…
I’ve included a FREE holiday tap-along script at the bottom of this page – enjoy!) From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! I just wanted to send you a quick ... Read More
Grief Hurts…
Grief… We’ve all experienced it in some way, and we’re sure to experience it again… It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. But sometimes, it seems like too much to handle. Whether you are ... Read More
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Over 2 Million Tapping Meditations Played in Our App!
Get Instant Access to our "Releasing Anxiety" and "Sleep Support: Quiet The Racing Mind" Tapping meditations.