Tapping and a few laughs…

Written by: Nick Ortner

If you’ve been getting my emails for a while, you know that Jessica, my wonderful younger sister, spent the past month traveling throughout South America on an incredible adventure.

She’s back in Buenos Aires, Argentina right now, and has some great videos for you. Today she’s sharing two:

1 – The first one is just to make you laugh. It’s a video that she made with the four guys she was traveling with as she went around South America. It’s a video of the daily routine that she had to go through to get her 4 very small friends out of bed very morning…

2 – The second one is to give you a short tapping sequence, filmed in Machu Pichu, Peru! If you enjoyed the surrogate tapping session we gave away a few weeks ago, you’ll love tapping along with Jessica.

Please excuse the wind blowing! Not much she could do about it! 🙂

Press Play Below to listen to the Love, Peace and Light Prayer Meditation

Right Click and “Save” Here to Download the Love, Peace and Light Prayer PDF

On top of that, she recently recorded an interview with Carol Look about her incredible Business Abundance Now program. You can listen to her and learn some valuable insights on improving your business life right away as well as some great tap alongs with Carol.

Right Click and “Save” Here to Download Audio

Today is the last day for Carol’s incredible sale where she gives away a ton of extra content!

Learn more about Carol’s Business Abundance Now program here:


1 – Do you know how Jessica was able to film the funny video?

2 – What did you get out of the tapping process in Machu Pichu?

3 – What business block did you recognize from listening to Carol’s audio and are you ready to clear them?

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  1. Georgia says:

    This prayer : Love before me….reminds me of Karen Drucker’s Song: Gratitude before me. Gratitude behind me. Gratitude to the left of me. Gratitude to the right of me. Gratitude above me. Gratitude below me. Gratitude within me. Gratitude all around me. I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful.

  2. Sherry says:

    Is Jessica still in Machu Pichu? I hear they are cutoff from everyone by the floods! Hope all is well… And thanks so much Jessica for the inspirational Peace, Light and Love prayer!

  3. Leela says:

    Thanks Jessica for your great generosity in sharing this with us. Thanks for showing how tapping can be used for anything, in informal situation and how easy it can be done. I had been intimidated be the write up and the protocal, now I realized that I can just use part of it. I was inspired to do a bit of tapping during my morning commute.

    Have a wonderful and blessed New Year.

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks for the lovely tapping at Machu Picchu.
    I believe in the power of the spoken word in prayer and affirmations.
    It reminds of St Patrick’s prayer.

  5. Louise Woods says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this great video. I have been to Machu Picchu and the energy there is amazing. Thanks for bringing that energy to me again. Love that prayer, will use it regularly.

    Louise Woods
    UK EFT Practitioner

  6. Virginia Bailey says:

    Thank you for the wonderful prayer blessing and tapping. The audio was great too. I’m always looking for ways to market my online business, This was very helpful.
    You are a wonderful person and it comes across in your smile and in your words.

  7. Ivenes Braam says:

    You are a beautiful human being.

  8. Don Pinge says:

    Great tapping in Machu Piccu, Jessica, and the prayer was absolutely perfect for the time and place. I have an affinity for Peru. I haven’t figured out why, yet, but I believe it will be something very important. Also, I have recently had a deep feeling of need for world peace, thus the “perfect” combo of time, place and prayer, for me. Thank you!! Your work is timely, in the deepest sense of the word, and, I plan to also contribute to this work soon wtih my outlooks and understandings. The world is changing and many, many people are craving this information. The teachers for this need to be many more for this change.
    Blessings, Love and Peace!!

  9. Cathriona says:

    A lovely way to start the day. Thank you.
    CK. Sydney.

  10. David Schrank says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful prayer it is so powerful. I wanted to let you know how powerful and full of love and light you are. Thank you

  11. Shankar says:

    Ooooo! a great video and a powerful prayer. Loved it. It would be very effective with tapping.
    Thanks for the video.
    Love and peace to all ,

  12. Becca says:

    Thank you Jessica for sharing the wonderful prayer from Machu Pichu. Many blessings to you.

  13. Henriette Alban ND says:

    Thank you Jessica, you are such a bright light and I love that all of you siblings are engaged in this shared pursuit, doing a great job. Loved the prayer – tapped along to your gorgeous visual backdrop.

  14. Claire Boyles says:

    Jessica watching your video made me realise how much of myself I’ve been hiding- and thus being inauthentic in my business this last 2 years.

    I’ve already started a process of change and will be announcing a new vision for my business very soon.

    Watching your calm certainty about what you were sharing is what I want to give my clients- it is what I give my clients when I am authentic.

    Thanks for being a reminder to be the best me I can be 🙂


  15. Madisen says:

    Love your work! Thank you.

  16. Ivy A says:

    This is awesome. I just printed off the prayer of love, peace and light, and am excited to use this in regular practice. I felt something special when tapping along with you.

  17. Karen Kohr Blinn says:

    I haven’t listened to Carol amd Jessica just yet. I am so grateful for this opportunity to participate in a event originating in Machu Piccu. I have for many of my 68 years wished to visit there. I find it in the past years and today a strong magnet for me surrounding another lifetime.

    The process was indescribable. My thanks to Jessica, her helpers, and you Nick for this gift.


  18. bert says:

    Dear jessica,
    When you are tapping on your right, you say it’s your left. Is this the right idea?

  19. bert says:

    The people coming out of the can are being awakened from the deep sleep of this crap food (Pringles potato chips) by this tapping technique. Thanks for the video.

  20. mar says:

    I don’t know what it is but this video and the last audio by Jessica always make me break down and cry. Not in a bad way though. I don’t know why this happens. It must be something positive I think.

  21. Caroline says:

    Thank you, Jessica, how powerful and inspiring! *** Enjoy your time in South America.

    *Sparkle and Smile*


  22. Wal Heinrich says:

    The ‘Tapping On The Can Technique’ – Jessica, you have revealed a new tapping protocol! I just love these messages from South America, Jessica, keep them up.

  23. kai says:

    Jessica, nice idea. but if you really want it to look as if the guys are coming out of the can, have them exit at the bottom edge (where gravity would have them) and not above it.

  24. Lynne Marie says:

    Thank you so much for the Machu Pichu prayer.It made me feel so peaceful.
    Love and Light,
    Lynne Marie

  25. Lesley Caul says:

    Hello Jessica, thank-you for sharing that very inspriational and calming tapping. It brought instant relief to a pain in right shoulder muscle. Blessings to you.
    Lesley Caul in Edmonton, Alberta
    CBP Parama

  26. susannah says:

    Hi Jessica, this is just a short messge to thank-you for your love peace and light short tapping video and really loved it !!!!!!! tingled all over after doing it !!!!!! have a wonderful day susannah

  27. Tove says:

    Dear Jessica, everything that you do is uplifting to me. But in fact just your lovely smile is a great inspiration. Blessings to you at Christmas and right through 2010.

  28. Margo says:

    Jessica I am so delighted to hear you tap that prayer. It is so familiar to me and now I will be doing it all the time as you have done it. What a wonderful creation you are in. Thank you for sharing it.

  29. Lisa De Rubeis Allen says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I loved the tapping clip in Machu Pichu, Peru. I am a wellness practitioner and have a love for both tapping and Peru. I’m also a rainforest ambassador with Amazon Herb Co. and our powerful herbs are grown in Peru!

    Last year the owner of A.H.C., John Easterling, married Olivia Newtwon John in Peru! To date A.H.C. has rescued close to a 1/2 million acres of rainforest. I thought you might enjoy learning about us if you haven’t heard about us already.

    Every Spring Amazon John and Olivia do a tour in the U.S. and Europe. Let me know where you live and I will keep you posted about the 2010 Spring tour schedule when it comes out. You may also visit my web-site to learn more about our mission to protect the rainforest:

    Happy tapping, love and peace to you and your family through the holidays and the coming new year!


    Lisa De Rubeis Allen in Michigan

  30. Cindy says:

    COLD lol, old too Ü

  31. Cindy says:

    Thanks Jess, this was fAB! Made me feel wonderful and hopeful! Has been a rough, OLD few weeks and you are my sunshine in this subzero weather we have!! Bright Blessings! I value you!

  32. Jannine Oberg says:

    I was instantly moved by your Machu Pichu prayer tapping! Perhaps the essence of the sacred site was brought through in your tapping. I feel blessed, hopeful, and so lovingly protected.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

  33. Alina Frank, CERT-I says:

    Well done, Jessica. Wanted to share a little known fact about that prayer. Legend has it that it is an ancient Celtic chant by the goddess Brigid whom the Christian saint Brigid was named after – actually some say there was no real Saint just a means to convert the pagans. On February 1st the Imbolc Brigid’s day of celebration and is meant to honor the first stirrings of Spring and Renewal. How lovely that you were about to recite this tapping sequence in such a powerful place.
    Alina Frank, EFT CERT-I

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