Finding Pain Relief

Written by: Nick Ortner

One of the things I discussed on the webinar the other day is how physical pain can oftentimes serve us and benefit us in ways we’re not consciously aware of.

And very often these benefits can keep the physical pain in place…

Events from our past, times where we didn’t feel safe, or didn’t feel like we were enough, or where we didn’t feel loved, can cause us to hold back out of fear of getting hurt again.

I want to share a powerful video with you today, from The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief program, where I work with an amazing woman named Joanne on stage on the unconscious things keeping her physical pain in place.

As you watch the video, make sure to tap along with us, as if you’re just another member of the event.

The most amazing thing about this video, and the entire Tapping Solution for Pain Relief Program, is the life-changing relief you can get on deep issues that are keeping your physical pain in place, just from Tapping along.

Before you watch the video, I have two warnings for you:

#1 – This video is very moving, so have a tissue box ready. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at the event during this, especially with what happens at the end. I won’t spoil what happens – you’ll want to see this for yourself.

#2 – I know that some people are offended by strong language. There is one point in the clip where both Joanne and I swear, but with a very specific purpose as you’ll see. I just thought I would warn you so that you are prepared and not offended (and in case kids are in the room!). 🙂

Click on the video below to watch now. And after you watch, please leave your comments of support for Joanne and what insights you gained from watching this. She was extremely courageous for getting up on stage and sharing her story. I hope that her courage inspires you as well. 🙂

Click Here to Watch This Video On YouTube

Also, if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief Program. You’ll get to participate, from the comfort of your own home, in this 3-day event.

I want to stress that you didn’t have to be at this event to get results on your pain. In fact, many of the people who attended never got up on stage and still got amazing results.

Just watch, tap along through the process I take you through, and get results.

And as I said in the webinar, if you don’t get immediate results, you can always return the program. It has a full 1-year guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Go here to pick it up now:

TS for Pain Relief Banner

Enjoy the video and until next time…Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Please leave your comments of support for Joanne and what insights you gained from watching this.

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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38 Comments on this post

  1. Jeanne says:

    Joanne you were so brave to get up on stage and you were wonderful. you helped me with my pain with 2 bad knees as well. And your tango was beautiful as you are. you go girl!!

  2. Norma Hodson says:

    My God you are good. And so is your brother. The suggestion that her pinkie toe could think and say things to her Dad that she couldn’t bring herself to was inspired. I’m sure Joanne is well on her way to total healing. May Source be with her.

  3. Vivian says:

    Hi thank you for sharing this.
    My comment, I hope will be a suggestion that you will take into consideration the next time you mike someone on the stage….If you could find a place on the person for the mic that will not interfere with body movements – especially when people start tapping that would be so helpful.

    Listen ti this segment and see what I mean. this woman had a lot of movement and the mic was rubbing each time.

    I love watching tapping segments like this, but it is almost painful for me to listen to the audio because the mic is rubbing against something and it is so loud…Maybe I should tap on it…LOL

    Anyway I’m sure there must be others who have this same distraction….so I thought to mention it.
    Thanks for all you do,

  4. Diane says:

    Joanne, you are brave! Say what you want to say. 🙂

  5. Debi says:

    Go B your Courageous Self Joann. I am sending you Love and Light
    With Gratitude and Appreciation for your Strength that you shared with yourself and others
    me included. I so resonated with this and I am feeling strong enough to let go of my Anger and sending it back to the Universe to transmute into Love. Many Thanks and Blessing to Nick and his family for being such Contributions to the World:)

  6. Patricia says:

    Hello! Well, a person does have to deal and get rid of excess baggage. My main concern is financial as to the fact if health insurance would cover this type of treatment. You cover the idea of “forgiving” which I have only had the experience through my oncologist. “Every day you have to forgive” “This is not a one time thing, it is daily” I have started “forgiving” and the first was a doosie. It is not an easy thing to do left to the person who has the pain/alone. My main event is not a “forgiving” one..I am sorry to say.
    I really really enjoyed the presentation. Very professionally done.

  7. Jan says:

    Hi Joanne,

    I do hope you are happier having discovered these old programmes and freed yourself from them. Your soul has taken you to an activity which is filled with potential for joy , beauty, delight and happiness. You certainly deserve these in abundance. learning to dance Tango is on my list to do in the short term. God bless you and your right pinky toe. Thank you.
    Many blessings,

  8. black says:

    Not a tapper, and new to the method, I am wondering about the rush into forgiveness.
    Seems a large leap & premature? We bury our anger & our fear so deep,
    wondering about the value of fully experiencing our heretofore hidden,
    primary emotions, then integrating, and then progressing into forgiveness.

  9. black says:

    Beautiful, graceful, powerful!
    really helpful to see a practiced tapper, led by a practiced therapist, go deep.
    And then take it thru her whole body!
    Excellent demo, thank you all.

  10. Annette LeBlanc says:

    Where to begin! The courage of that beautiful soul JOanne. So happy for you and so in awe of your courage!
    But my gosh, Nick, how present you were to Joanne! How you knew when to step back; how you knew to come back to the “picture” at the right time. To be so fully present to her; be so compassionate to a person you just met! Is there any other name for that, besides LOVE? It was soooooo incredibly touching for me that you pushed the love to the extent of remembering how this woman, this courageous woman, likes to dance. Tango at that; even if she thought she wasn’t beautiful enough; strong enough… And that’s what got me! When the music started playing. I realized you wanted even MORE for this woman! SHe was going to get the full SPA treatment. SHe deserved it. So your brother came up on stage!! A BEAUTIFUL moment! I’ll remember this for a long long time! Thank you!

  11. Dorothea says:

    I just watched this video (from Germany/ Munich) and want to thank Joanne for beeing so incredibly open and vulnerable in front of all the people.
    Like many women I also have an issue with rejection by my father or lets say a lack of interest for his daughter. Watching you showing up so authenticaly, so real touched me so much.
    Heartfelt thanks to everybody who made this tapping video accessable to so many people.


  12. Teri Ferreira says:

    Dear Shining Light,

    Thank you for what you shared. One of the things that I so struggle with is retaining all of the anger, regret and disappointment in my body. Sharing these minutes with you helped to remind me that even though I feel responsible for everything in my family and taking our lives forward through life’s challenges – I am worth it. Seeing this video reminded me that I, too, am worth it.

    Love and Light, with Infinite Love and Gratitude


  13. Anita Harris says:

    Thank you for your courage. Feeling unworthy affects us in so many ways.
    It was wonderful to watch your dancing change as it went on.

    Much Love to you


  14. CHRISTIANE says:


  15. Ruby White says:

    Hi Joanne

    Thank you so very much for sharing. You are a beautiful person and I see so much strength. I was tapping right along with you from my computer screen. As you went through the process I could see your beautiful light start to shine. Beautiful!

    Sending love and blessings!


  16. Ruby White says:

    Hi Colleen
    Thank you so very much for sharing. You are a beautiful person and I see so much strength. I was tapping right along with you from my computer screen. As you went through the process I could see your beautiful light start to shine. Beautiful!

    Sending love and blessings!


  17. Terri says:

    It was so enjoyable watching this beautiful Lady release her sad memories, after viewing this it have hope that my pain may be lessened by Tapping.
    Thank you.

  18. Kim Nuttall says:

    Ibcredible. Thankyou so much for sharing this truly wonderful experience. xxx

  19. Mary Jane says:

    Nick & Alex – what a team! You guys are fantastic. Everything you did to help, guide & support Joanne was perfect. Thank you both for being who you are and for sharing all that you do.
    With much love & gratitude to you both & the Tapping Solution Team

  20. Mary Jane says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Joanne – thank you for sharing such a deeply personal & hugely emotional journey with us all. I know it’s made a difference for me as I tapped along…and I’m sure it will also help many others who will also benefit massively from your courageous story.
    I am so proud for you and your transformation. The difference in you from beginning to end is magical. Your beauty, sparkle and va va voom has blossomed again and it’s so evident in your interview at the end. WELL DONE. And lots of love for your continued greatness & magnificence xxx

  21. Lynn-Amanda says:

    Dear Joanne,

    Thank you for allowing me to share in those moments of acute vulnerability and pain. Your courage in going to those places is an inspiration to me, and reminds me that these traumas CAN be shifted.
    Like you I was so touched to see the compassion and respect from Nick and Alex. I wish you all the best and keep dancing!

    with love,


  22. Joanne says:

    Ooops, and I forgot to sing praises for your sensitivity, Nick, for intuitively knowing how to guide people, such as Joanne, to give them their voice, if only through their pinky toes, to allow them to grow into their greatness, again. And kudos to Alex, for knowing how to dance the Tango, and for being a gentleman and a hero for Joanne. Thank you so much for what you do.

  23. Joanne says:

    Yes, my name really is Joanne, too. All the time you were on stage, Joanne, and I am sitting here watching you on the computer, I was thinking/screaming, everyone clap for her, especially, at the moment when you allowed your pinky toe, to let your Dad know what you were feeling!! And of course, when you were dancing, again, thinking, everyone should be clapping, they should be standing clapping, yelling praises for you. Yes, they did give you a standing ovation, A STANDING OVATION, but if I had been there I would have been cheering you on!!! So, here I am, cheering you to becoming completely whole, cured and healed, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have come this far, now is your time to shine, you dear woman.

  24. Juanita Garcia says:

    PURE ENERGY! that’s so amazing… all she was feeling I was going thru it too, and also felt the relief when I saw how her demeanor changed!! Having her dance, was brilliant! Thank you!

  25. Laura says:

    Congratulations, Joanne ! Very brave of you. I’m sure the transformation you were experiencing will be inspiring a lot of people who watched this video including myself. Also you were so lucky to have had Nick as your wonderful EFT Master as well as Alex who was so gently fulfilling your special dream. And you were right about the tissue box, Nick !

  26. Loucinda says:

    Simply beautiful!

    Joanne, your life has value, and you are lovely.

    Nick, your work is powerful, and I’ve seen many instances where our dads are at the root of so many emotional and physical problems. I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic dad. I hope to train under Nick someday.

  27. Karen says:

    Joanne, your picture represents many memories for me, so your journey took me through my own past weights that are manipulating my beliefs in myself. Thank you so much, and I may go learn to tango!

  28. Candy says:

    Joanne, you are such a beautiful woman and very proud of you for committing to raise your hand only! ! (lol) I had the opportunity to work on myself last may and made the same commitment to myself…to say yes no matter what and it changed my life. I tapped and cried right along with you for you and for myself. Nick, what you did was incredible..getting to see Joanne being asked to dance just melted my heart. Going to the grocery tomorrow for more kleenex! THANK YOU!

  29. Candy says:

    Joanne, you are such a beautiful woman and very proud of you for committing to raise your hand only! ! (lol) I had the opportunity to work on myself last may and made the same commitment to myself…to say yeas no matter what and it changed my life. I tapped and cried right along with you for you and for myself. Nick, what you did was incredible..getting to see Joanne being asked to dance just melted my heart. Going to the grocery tomorrow for more kleenex! THANK YOU!

  30. Jamiela Braun says:

    Awesome…. Joanne you are a winner.
    Thankyou to the Ortner family, Earth Angels of our world.
    Love you Nick and Jessica and of course Alex for showing Jaonne that she can do it…… beautiful

  31. David says:

    What a lovely gesture, Nick, to have your brother dance with Joanne!

    Abrazos and namaste…

  32. PAULA says:

    I just loved watching you on stage from the trembling voice, to fully crying and then the finale of your dance. When you put your leg back during the dance, I was so elated for you. You have given me hope!

  33. Trish says:

    What a beautiful session – congratulations Joanne – you helped soooooooo many people. Nick you are amazing!!!!!! The end of the clip was glorious and I certainly did have to reach for the tissues!!
    To help so many people is truly a gift and Joanne you were the catalyst.

  34. Fran Love says:

    I’m a psychotherapist and I watch Nick’s work to get tips on his methods. His work is truly inspired. I should have heeded the tip to have hankies ready for what happens at the end. I thought I would just be watching for the techniques, but I needed the tissues!

    Thank you Nick for your gift and how you share it.

  35. Clarisse says:

    Joanne, thank you for being so brave to put your hand up and go through with putting yourself and your pain out into the public domain. I did tap and I was sure I would not shed a tear but as I tapped along I found my eyes leaking and found my own past hurts come up. I also noticed that at the beginning you hid your face with your hair and as you let go of your pain you took both hands and pushed your hair back and revealed your face and that body language told me that you were ready to face the world. I was so thrilled when Alex danced with you AWESOME KEEP ON GOING.

  36. Sally Bermudes says:

    Oh my, what courage Joanne had to express all the pain she felt not only in front of people but in front of a camera to be recorded for the future. Blessings and hope to Joanne … I walk beside you. Blessings to Nick for this amazing, transforming, healing world of Tapping … you have helped so many people, including me. And blessings to Alex for helping Joanne realize she CAN dance … she CAN dance. Thank you to the entire Ortner family for the amazing help you’ve given so many in the world … you are a blessing!

  37. Eeva says:

    What an experience! Joanne helped me focus on a painful picture. My father pampered my sister and beat me. I have worked to forgive him and release myself for many years but have a ways to go yet. Joanne’s bravery helped me.

  38. Natalie says:

    Way to work through it,Joanne! I watched this,tapping along with Joanne, having similar issues with my own father. I didn’t have to have my big toe say what it needed to say to my father though. I have definitely verbalized it quite a bit in my life! I realized that sometimes we think we have totally forgiven someone, and sometimes we take it back again. A burden that returns because it’s still in my cells. I feel confident that through tapping, I can love and accept myself completely. A work in progress. Thank you. 🙂

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