This hilarious video has some profound truth…

Written by: Nick Ortner

louisck-quote1I want to share a video with you today that will both make you laugh and think about how you process your emotions (or what you do to avoid dealing with them).

This video, which is just under 5 minutes long, has some profound truth, but it comes through a person and a message style that you typically wouldn’t see.

It’s of the comedian Louis C.K. in one of his appearances on the Conan O’Brian Show.  Before you watch it though I want to warn you, if you are at all offended by strong language please do not watch this video.  Louis C.K. is known for strong and sometimes offensive language, and in this video he lives up to that reputation.

If you like his style, you’ll laugh, and if you don’t, just look beyond his comedic style to the underlying message of how we oftentimes process (or don’t process) our emotions in modern society.  Here are some of my favorite insightful lines from the video (these are not the funny ones):

– At around 1 minute: “You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something.

– At around 3:50: “I cried so much and it was beautiful…It was poetic…I was grateful to be sad, and then I met it with true profound happiness.”

After you watch, read the additional feedback I share underneath the video. I’ll share with you where I agree and disagree with Louis’ take:

Click Here to Watch This Video On YouTube

A couple of additional comments:

1 – At about 10 seconds, Louise talks about kids not having cell phones even though other kids do.  It’s an important message, because it takes courage to not just “follow the herd,” both as a parent and as a kid.

My brother recently told me that his son asks him why he shouldn’t eat certain foods (typically sugary processed foods) when all the other kids at school do.  And he tells him that it’s because they aren’t educated on what’s in those foods and how it affects their body.

But he makes sure to be clear that those other kids are not wrong, and that his son is not different, but rather that in his family they make different and important choices about taking care of themselves that take a lot of courage to do.  He ingrains a belief in being courageous and being willing to go against the trend when needed.  Doing so, takes courage as a parent and as a kid.  Being a good parent requires making important decisions for your kids, even when they’re not popular.   Just some food for thought for all the parents out there…(and even if you don’t have kids, going against the herd takes courage within our own lives!)

2 – While I like what Louis says about taking the time to just be, I don’t agree with several opinions he has like that “it’s all for nothing and you’re alone” or that “life is tremendously sad.”

I do believe that these feeling can of course come up, but that it’s because of underlying emotions of feeling alone, sad about past experiences or current circumstances, or a number of other challenges.  You do not have to feel like this though.  You can tap through these challenges and connect with yourself, with the people in your life, with the Universe, Source, God, etc.  🙂


What did you think of the video?  Do you use texting, social media, food, or anything else to avoid dealing with emotions?  Are you taking the time to just be?  Are you taking the time to sit and meditate, or sit and tap?  Share your thoughts below.


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  1. NEUSA says:

    When I feel alone (its happen frequently) I feel weak and no self-esteem, I have to pray or it can make miserable.

  2. Fran Gresson says:

    I am prone to depression and often times find if I can just have a good cry, I will feel better. But I do everything to avoid going there. I have likened it to feeling like I am dancing on the edge of an abyss, reluctant to jump in and yet knowing that if I do, I will be free of it.
    Watching a sad movie by myself can elicit a good cry and I will feel better.
    I am new to this Tapping thing and now I am wondering if tapping can free me of the abyss without having to dance around it feeling down, trying to avoid the tears.

  3. Rox G says:

    Louise is one of my favorite comedians, Thank you for that particular show and Conan is pretty awesome too,
    this was a good laugh for first thing in morning Thank you…

  4. Gigi says:

    Loved it, so true, so different this info.

  5. Val says:

    Just watched the video and sooo timely , of.course!
    At friends house dog sitting so taking time to just be! Meditations (Higher Self) in mornings and tapping in afternoons! Think about filling up the day but then stop and realize this experience is just to BE!
    Loved the part in video where it is a joy to experience ‘sad’ and then let the joy and laughter come in to meet it. Thank you.

  6. Pat says:

    Some sadness is so deep and overwhelming, that it isn’t followed by a rush of happiness. When my daughter died 8 years ago, it would have helped if I had known about tapping for grief. I felt like I would never be happy again, and it took a long time to recover.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Pat. We are so sorry for your loss and we completely understand some things take a much longer time to recover from and make peace with. We do have a blog post about tapping for grief if you are interested in taking a look or feel you have more healing to do regarding the loss of your daughter: We wish you all the best.

  7. Roxanne says:

    Right on Nick! I enjoy Louis CK humor and this was no exception. I do try to take time to ‘just be’ without reaching out and always trying to connect with someone. Embracing ‘ the loneliness’ is how we referred to it at a recent womens’ group I attended.
    Thanks for the excerpt.

  8. Joleen Cervenka says:

    I can absolutely relate to the part about facing the sad/empty and breaking down in the crazy crying. ~ I recently (within the last 2ish months) discovered: mindfulness, meditation, tapping, Reiki healing, spirit guides, synchronicity, surrender…etc. As thankful as I am to discover these new tools & FINALLY be able to really live my life, I feel like I’m running in circles chasing my tail because I don’t know when to use which tool for what situation and its REALLY overwhelming. Then just when I’m about to have a spiritual meltdown… I have a breakthrough that makes me have the deepest cries I’ve ever had. This has happened about half a dozen times recently and as Louis C.K. mentioned, after the cries you are met with this titanic level of joy, hapiness and pure love. I don’t know what makes this happen buts it’s absolutely amazing. #Godisgood

  9. Kim says:

    This really hit home for me. I’m not working right now due to health issues. My husband works. My big accomplishment most days is getting my son to school and taking a shower. I’m lonely. I need to be around people, but because of my health issues I’m very unreliable. I often have to cancel plans because I’m not feeling well, or if I do get together with friends I end up wearing myself out and then I’m sick for several days after. Because of this, I spend a lot time on my phone. It’s a pseudo connection, a false human contact, but it’s better than nothing. I don’t take time to tap, mediate, or exercise. I’m so afraid of what will come up. All those negative emotions just might kill me. Or I could end up very happy and I don’t think I know how to do that. Crazy, huh

  10. Jane says:

    Nick, I love this! While it seems strange to say, I agree that it takes real courage to be with yourself and to experience, fully, being in the moment.

  11. Barbara says:

    To me, most of the world’s population are living in a mild river of misery. I ponder what will happen to all those who are addicted to their mobile/cell phones if a solar flare wipes out all electrical power grids and cell towers. To overcome sadness we must admit it own it and get out of denial.
    What is happening to most of the world’s population is the power of their imagination has been forgotten. What we imagine becomes our future reality. That is how powerful we really are. Today’s imaginations, our “what ifs”, and daydreamed wishes are our future life. The excessive use of cell phones not allowing time to daydream and is stopping our imagination and crippling our unlimitedness.

  12. Liz says:

    How about if your “doing nothing, just being” is to avoid your feelings. ie you get stuck and can’t do anything, but sit there, just being.
    And what if when you allow yourself to feel sad you sink into it and wallow in it. Surely its better to rationalise your way out of it, and pull yourself together and get busy.
    I think I’m missing something.

  13. Arlene says:

    This was hilarious! It is amazing where true insight can be found. He is right on so many levels and in mere moments, alerts us all to what is or may be going on all day/every day in our heads and hearts. Because of his style, his message will be heard by many who need to hear it that probably would not have heard it anywhere else. God does indeed work in wonderful ways so that no one is left without a path to greater peace.

    Thank you SO much for the work you do, including sharing such “pearls” as you find them with all of us. Though this random night show guest conversation had nothing to do with your mission, (until you saw it and shared it that is…) it ended up being amplified and broadcast to a much larger audience. Your work enhances our work and together, we can alleviate the isolated sadness in the world.

  14. Andrew Broadhurst says:

    Thanks for sharing, Nick. Yes, I agree with most of the sentiments expressed here. However, I feel it is important to stress that ALL emotions should be felt and experienced to their fullest extent, especially with those we are uncomfortable with, and not “strangle” these into silence so that they do not bother any more. This leads to serious problems sooner or later in life, and often we do not understand why these problems suddenly appear. Not experiencing “negative” emotions fully leads to denying responsibility, which in turn leads to depression, in my opinion. Acknowledging and completing the past empowers unbelievably and helps dissolve depression leaving you open to begin to experience life to the full.

  15. Cha Cha says:

    I went for years before giving in to going from a mobile phone that just let me get and send calls to having an iphone with all the bells and whistles. I really did think I would be left behind if I didn’t, like folks of a certain age who never learned how to use a computer and now are left out of so many things. The first few months both my husband and I went crazy with the newness and the instantness of being able to be online like everywhere at any time. It lead to problems for us for the first time in our 23 year old marriage. The novelty finally wore off and we’re back to our strong selves and, honestly, the only times I’m really glad I have a cellie is when I’m driving by myself (especially at night) and when I’m in a doctor’s waiting room or office. I never text and drive and only use Siri for directions when I have made sure he (yeah, mine is Mr Sexy-sounding Aussie guy) is turned on (no pun intended) before I go somewhere where I might need him. Otherwise, my phone is now a phone, to be used when I need it, not as a primary accessory in my life.

  16. Melinda Ross says:

    Totally right on. Loved it. Thank you. I just started getting into THE POWER OF NOW by Eckart Tolle

  17. MaLa says:

    I agree with the comedian about letting sadness wash over oneself. Sitting still without fighting it – which is counterproductive, and allowing the sadness to wash over oneself can be a door opener for the joy to come through. It is difficult to do it this way because we have all been taught to surpress the bad feelings – they are not good for us, and consciously put the good feelings into action as a way to shoo away the bad. Mind over matter does not always work, although it can be a temporary way of dealing with the bad feelings until such a time as when we can sit down and do some tapping or other methods we employ to deal with, to sooth, to eliminate, to replace the disturbance.
    We often follow the crowd because we are unable to stand erect and firm with our own resolve, for which we experience ridicule, are shunned and excluded from the fun the crowd is having and we want so very much to be part of the crowd, gain their approval, etc.
    Thank you for sharing this video.

  18. Joy says:

    Phones are useful but I think it takes away from the emotional connection to others and gets in the way of being aware of what you are feeling. Because it is available we use it to fill all the spaces in our existence……lack of companionship, waiting, avoiding meeting with someone, loneliness etc. I think we just need to look at our habits and set boundaries.

  19. Petrina says:

    To quote my father ‘If you are going to follow the herd you will end up standing in shit’

  20. Norma Redhouse says:

    I was so happy to see you post this video! I just recently shared it on FB also, because he does share some important experiences. I love that he took that time for himself to feel fully. What he said about people only allowing little bits of feeling to come through seems true to me. Its like putting a kink in a hose – so NOTHING gets through well. We have to be willing to experience those emotions people call “bad”, just as much as the happy “good” ones.

  21. Leah says:

    I think when he said life is sad, he meant in terms of comparison to being on the other side, at home / from our place of origin, call it our Godhead, source, whatever. I don’t think he meant it as literally as you may have interpreted. Don’t forget, comedians are very skilled at observing aspects of life, interpreting and presenting them in humorous, relatable and comical terms.

    I believe the overall message of his talk was about simply allowing emotions in general to just be what they are. I believe his attempt was to express that in our technological and expedient ways to communicate that we have lost much in terms of just being and allowing ourselves to feel whatever it is we feel. He did use and say the emotion of sadness, but he also expressed that in allowing to truly feel an emotion (probably meaning all emotions outside of happiness itself) that with the just feeling of it comes a wonderful release of it’s negativity wrapped in the garment of joy. His bigger message was thar life is ultimately joyful and can be full of happiness, be free to experience your emotions, they are there for us to spend time with, to not distract ourselves or self medicate in order to avoid fully feeling them. His message is large and profound. I found zero negativity in it anywhere. He could of used one of many other words in place of sad…ie: depressing, crappy, unworthwhile, futile, etc, etc. Thank you for sharing the video and its message ♡

  22. Wendy Wellington says:

    I enjoyed this video – very thought provoking and reflects the actions of our modern world and how technology is affecting out lives. We forget how to live in the moment and just ‘BE’
    No distractions – just alone with our thoughts, without pushing them away by relying on our electronic toys to contact someone else to solve our problems! MMmm also reminds me I am guilty of this and will reflect on Louis CK’s words of wisdom.

  23. Jim Hallett says:

    I enjoy any commentary that attacks the stupid addiction of the cell phone and its zombie-creation. In addition, many are not aware that the EMF radiation is very harmful, especially to younger ones, whose brains are not as protected from the dangerous emissions. Comedy is an effective tool to make a point, and Louis C.K. is gifted in that regard. Like you, Nick, I do not agree with his commentary that life is inherently sad. I also think the aloneness aspect is a GREAT thing, as we are human BEINGS and not human DOINGS, so the fact that people cannot stop kind of activity and just enjoy the present moment (all there EVER is!) reflects on a basic insecurity and unhappiness with who they are, and this is why they rush in to fill the void. I choose NOT to use cell phones, and it has not impacted my life negatively one bit. Others are free to do as they choose, but we are creating a nation of zombies, as people communicate LESS in this high tech age than ever before.

  24. Marylyn Roh says:

    Hi Nick! This man is probably a comic just so he can hide his programmed sad perspective of the world around him. He’s negatively funny – and I guess his audience enjoys that. I agree with your remarks totally. Where were you when I was raising my kids?! I had horrible examples for parents and because I loved them, I mimicked their behavior almost to my demise – smoking for several years in my youth, for one thing. There was no such thing as ‘eating healthy’ back in that day! I agree with John B above – to choose our words AND thoughts wisely. My favorite advice of yours is when you told us to take that second before we react to choose HOW we will react. I call those my ‘LOVE instead’ moments.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  25. Deborrah Foreman says:

    I found this to be funny, and a very clever way to introduce truths to a diverse crowd of people. I totally am in line with use of technology in our world today not only the social skills it underdevelops but all the physical ramifications it has on our posture, joints, eye health, etc. On the flip side it exposes us to a lot of important information and ability to communicate to a larger group of people we would otherwise not be interested in or able to. Accessibility is another challenge, it should be to all.

  26. Guida Ricardo says:

    I subscribe John Babirak’s viewpoint on the POWER IN OUR WORDS. Thank you for your share, John.

  27. Stacey says:

    I profoundly agree that people do not know how to be alone. People today do not spend enough time with themselves and are missing out on amazing beauty and truth and love. I believe more people have to start leaving the herd and making choices based on what’s right for them and not what’s popular. We are sending a very bad message when we conform to what others are doing, saying, looking. And I so agree that people today including kids, do not have social skills and do not see emotions or the hurt they are causing because they are never looking at the person they are communicating with. I believe every family should have a day in the week when all electronics are turned off and time is spent talking, playing and getting back to basics. Is one day really that much too ask for?

  28. Karen Sperry says:

    I don’t use emotion stoppers often, but I do find that having to use my brain much during tapping dims the emotional experience for me. Keep the intense videos to tap along with coming.

  29. Marlyn says:

    I thought a lot of what he said is true. I know that I tend to have an addiction to TV and have come to realise that perhaps it is to avoid dealing with life, and dealing with people. It’s a distraction and keeps you from thinking about your life. When you tap and meditate, it calms you down and gives you the opportunity to think and see what you are missing out on. I’m sure it is the same with people and their phones.

  30. Nancy Adams says:

    I loved it and it was Honest no holding back! When you are alone this makes perfect sense at times to reach out! People who have a partner or a family that are happy never feel this I’m sure! Yes us wonder about it all and that’s ok it’s a process. When I feel sad I do as he does honor my sadness and let it just pour out. It’s when we learn to love and accept ourselves that sadness is apart of it! I don’t want to tap to run from anything that’s coming up I just want to let all of it to flow. When I’m in pain or Angrey that’s when I tap! I’m glad you shared this and they took out the so called bad words which sometimes really give it more power! Who would be offended by that with all the stuff like the News is on yuck! Once again thank you my dear friend!

  31. joan says:

    Yes, tapping and meditation make me so much more connected to myself and at times I even include praying and it makes me closer to God!

    I love the tapping meditations you gave, I downloaded them and use the pain one often and the guilt one, anger and a few more. Your voice gives me a lot of strength!

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