Crazy Sexy Diet

Written by: Nick Ortner

Crazy Sexy Diet

When you pick up a copy of “Crazy Sexy Diet” today, you will receive access to a special tapping audio Jessica did. After purchasing the book, simply email with a copy of your receipt and you’ll receive instant access to the tapping audio.

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About Jess’ special tapping audio:
This tapping audio is designed to support you on your journey as you read and implement the crazy sexy diet.

Does this sound like you?

I’ve tried diets and they’ve never worked before, I wont get my hopes up with this one.

I don’t feel like I have the power to take control of my health.

I can never put myself first. I have too much going on in my life.

Tap along with Jessica to clear these common blocks. This audio will leave you in a state of feeling empowered to take control of your health and to LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

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  1. Carol Taubman says:

    As always I am inspired by anything tapping, food experiences, and great personalities. I have done the green smoothies off and on..never on long enough to really see the benefits. Today I am getting back “ON”, thanks to your interview. For the sake of clarification, and ease of making smoothies, I use a powdered green, powdered whey protein, any liquid to mix and ice, of course for fluff. (the green powder has fruit juices for sweetness).
    Even my Husband likes to drink these when the weather is warm..AZ= most of the time.

    Thank you Jessica and Kriss for the inspiration.

  2. fran says:

    Oh Nick and Jessica thank you so very very much. helped me hugely. so good to refocus and to remember how powerful we can be being love and loved when we/i alllow ourselves/myself to be so! Perfecto. Thank you and bless you. Much love to all of you.

  3. Sylvia Duran says:

    I really enjoyed every moment of the interview. I was wondering if the books by Kriss Car. Are they in other languages besides English. The world needs this knowledge.

  4. Denise Allen says:

    No coincidences!? I am seriously overweight and falling short of my God given potential in several areas of my life. I know in my heart that there is more to health than traditional Western systems teach. I went to a Supreme Science Qigong workshop a few years ago and heard about using green smoothies for health. I became fixated on getting a 3 hp blender but obsessed on making the right choice since. I finally made that purchase this year. After that, I bought a book about conquering disease through nutrition. I get a GreenSmoothieGirl email updates regularly but have yet to incorporate what I have learned about whole raw foods and health into my life. I got the Tapping World Summit email last week and finally made time today to listen to the intro and check out links on this site in addition to today’s Summit links. I watched the Gerson Miracle on Netflix yesterday. I am seeing how all of these pieces can fit together to enable me to make many changes in my life that I have felt were necessary but too overwhelming. My commitment for today is to tap on my fears, that it will be difficult, that it will be expensive, that I won’t succeed. No promises, but I am looking forward to seeing where this combination will take me! 🙂 Thank You!

  5. Lydia Esther Santiago says:

    Hora: 11:18 am

    ! Hola ! Yo necesito saber si el .V.D y el libro viene en espanol ya que no entiendo mucholeer y entender en ingles. contestenme por favor.

  6. Chris says:

    Inspired!!! Hoping it isn’t just another scam but this pollyanna is going to give it a try. Downloaded e-book and my next stop tonight is Amazon to look up this book. 61 yrs of desperation have led me here hoping I can be taken away from my anxieties and many of my medications. I come here with a belief that most of the artificial meds we take cause more problems than they solve. I’m very ready for a natural solution.

  7. Cindy McCaffrey says:

    You had my attention with the word SEXY. I haven’t felt Sexy for years. I also liked the tip to jusce GREEN. Thank you. Cindy

  8. Anastasia says:

    That sounds like a great book! But what was very inspiring was Jessicas enthusiasm! You are so , so, a sweet heart . I wish you were a friend of mine!!

  9. Diane Leonard says:

    great video — totally agree with your thoughts — will order the book for my son and his wife and FUN — it’s the only way to live — I am an artist and it shows in my work when I am not having FUN — and sexy — well, we are all sexy when we are having fun and loving ourselves — thanks a million,


  10. karen says:

    I say a prayer while I tap. Does wonders for mind, body and soul. A healthy organic diet is also very important for all 3 of these areas as well. Trusting in God is key component in all we think, say and do.

  11. Shirley-anne says:

    As a Holistic Therapist, It is interesting to see that hints and tips from the past keep reappearing. Dr Max Gerson (18 October 1881–8 March 1959) clearly defines the effective compensations of Juice, green and orange colour, raw vegetables, avoidance of animal products’…If we look deep enough nothing is ever really new..It is just passionately revived…long live passions to be well

  12. mary says:

    I have been tapping along to the audios jessica sent out at xmas and the love script nick ent out, all great as i have difficulty free styling, following a script works for me, and after having two heart scares 2010 i wen t for my check up and scan with surgeon, to be told my heart, is fine no sign of disease, that they had to recheck my previous scans to see if i was the same patient, i have returned to work feel fantastic, and have been left with just a slight scarring on my heart, which im working on, i feel brighter lighter happier, and i tap along every day, and i will continue to tap along every day PLEASE KEEP THE SCRIPTS AUDIOS COMING my deepest thanks love and light Mary xxx

  13. Louisa says:

    Love your enthusiasm, oozing from both of you actually, that’s great! Rarely do I buy diet books though, dieting is not the usual way to go to make lasting changes to health and vitality as we know from past failed experiences. Wise eating comes from a consistency in one healthful lifestyle which I’m sure is what your book is really all about. So not sure about the book title, but gonna get it anyway cos I love raw foods, healing, and learning from people overcoming health challenges like you have been doing beautifully. Well done.

  14. Tooie says:

    Okay I have way too many diet books and they have not been successful for me. I am hormonal in menopause and am carrying 30 extra pounds mainly around the middle!! EEK…I have had back injuries and can no longer be as active as I used to, soooo I am going to order this book in hopes that I will finally find an eating plan that will work and keep me healthy for the rest of my years on this beautiful planet.
    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and motivation.

  15. Alistair Lobo says:

    You continue to inspire with your content and ideas. Thank you Jessica, Nick and co.

  16. Debbie W says:

    I am going to get right on this! I hope the person from Bedfordshire gets some good input about this…… 🙂 That’s a bit of a conundrum…. Perhaps you have to have a greenhouse that would be able to provide greens for you year round…. I have seen some home made greenhouses used in the coldest parts of Colorado, U.S. That are used all winter long…. Heated by Christmas lights! Serious! Where there is a will there IS as way! Blessings Everyone! 🙂

  17. joke says:

    The sound of this interview was soft, the voices could not be heard, sorry.
    I noticed the enthousiasm about the book and with Kris Carr.

  18. Baya says:

    All very well if you live in California! I live in Bedfordshire in England and live a sustainable lifestyle, growing my own food…at this time of year we eat cabbage, potatoes and carrots, that’s about it…so we have to cook! I do the occasional raw cabbage and carrot salads but it really does not fill me up that much…

  19. Kim Kolb says:

    I purchased this book last week after hearing about it from a masseus at a spa I was visiting at in Monterey, CA. I did not keep the receipt, am I entitled to the tapping audio?

    Haven’t started the book but since I lost my mom to cancer and other important people in my life (plus my dear friend is fighting for her life right now with inflammatory breast cancer) I am a huge proponent of raw food diets/detox diets and start each day with either a green juice or energy smoothie. Thanks for your part in helping create a healthier cancer free world!

  20. Nick Grimshawe says:

    Way to go Jessica, now you have me interested. I will definitely check out this book. I am sure my readers want to know about it too.


  21. Michael says:

    Wow! How the heck did Jessica get an interview with Kris Carr. I’m way impressed. I’ll bet Oprah is as well.

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