A Magical Weekend of Tapping for Pain Relief, Food Cravings, and Much More…

Written by: Nick Ortner

I had the honor of spending the weekend at Omega, in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY, with my friends Kris Carr and Elena Brower. You might know Kris from her film, Crazy Sexy Cancer and best-selling books, like NY Times bestseller, “Crazy Sexy Diet”.

The weekend was scheduled to be an interesting combination for participants, mixing EFT with cutting-edge nutrition information with rejuvenating yoga. It was all that was promised and more!

Borrowing from my friend Kevin Gianni, here are 7 things I learned and experienced about this weekend that you might find helpful.

1. I don’t get tired of seeing amazing results with pain relief

When I work with people in pain, especially up on stage in front of a live audience, I joke with them that they don’t have to say, “The pain is gone,” just to make me happy! And the reason I say this is because I continue to be astonished each and every time when the pain just… goes…

Sometimes it’s quick, a matter of minutes. Sometimes it takes deeper work. And sometimes there’s a reduction in the pain, but it doesn’t all go away (and remember this is usually only 20-30 minutes of working on it!)

But even just a reduction in pain, from doing this weird tapping on your face and saying stuff process, is startling! Why doesn’t everyone know about this? And why isn’t everyone using it? I’m not proposing it’s the answer to all pain, all the time, but it sure is extremely effective a lot of the time with no side effects, and it needs to be talked about more.

The thing about pain is… It sucks. I know, what a deep insight. 🙂 But seriously, pain takes up so much energy, so much life force. It robs us of our ability to be in the world, to be in our body, to be with friends and family, and to create. It just plain old sucks. But there are solutions, and EFT is one of the best ones out there.

If you’ve seen our film, “The Tapping Solution”, you’ll remember that perhaps the three most startling cases of results dealt with physical pain. John, a Vietnam veteran with 30 years of chronic back pain (gone by the 2nd day!), Jodi, diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 15 years (pain reduction within minutes of tapping and pain free by the 2nd day), and Patricia, who had fractured her L-1 and was in significant pain (now pain free, off meds, doing yoga!).

Just amazing stuff…and life-changing on so many levels.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re in pain, you have to dig deep and give Tapping a real shot at handling it. To help you do so, you may wish to check out our program, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief.

TIP: Remember, the easiest way to get started with pain relief is to tap specifically on what’s going on. “Even though I have this back pain, I deeply and completely accept myself…” Tap through the points. Tap a couple of times, and pay close attention to not only any reduction in the pain, but more importantly, what’s happening with your body and your thoughts. Does an image of your boss come up as you tap? Maybe that’s the next place to go. Do you remember something that happened to you twenty years ago? Tap on that. Tapping is peeling away the layers of an onion, to get to the specific root cause of the pain, of the emotion, of the block. Start with the general (unless you know the specific event right off the bat) and then keep digging deeper.

Most importantly- don’t give up! Two rounds of tapping is not enough to say, “I tried that for my pain.” Sometimes I find it helps to set a timer, or look at a clock and say, “I’m tapping for at least 20 minutes,” or even 10 minutes if that’s all you have. Don’t stop until you’ve hit that goal!

2. Working with people on stage for food cravings is always fun…and it’s also sad…

What do I mean by this? Well, when I bring out the Kit Kats, the Hershey bars, the chocolate chip cookies, the salty chips, and other “treats”, it gets a good laugh as people jump up for them, smell them, ask to eat them, and have what is often an amusing emotional reaction to these “treats”.

Then as people come up on stage to work specifically on their cravings, the humor melts away as we find out that what’s really behind it all are feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, boredom, fear and more. The experience this past weekend was especially interesting because I had three guys come up on stage, which is rare!

But hey, us guys can crave sweets too!

One particularly compelling story was from John (name changed to maintain privacy), who struggled with a need to have chocolate ice cream every night. Digging deeper, we found he was recovering from substance addictions, and the ice cream was the closest replacement he could find to fill that emptiness he felt, especially at night. John is a remarkable, courageous man who has made great progress – and ice cream is a much better solution than his previous choices, but he still wanted to be FREE, and needing the ice cream wasn’t freedom.

We tapped on the craving itself initially (as in pain relief, it’s easy to start with what’s PRESENT for you at that moment, what’s most obvious, and then dig deeper) and after some of the craving itself released, we dug deeper into the feelings he was burying by eating the ice cream.

TIP: If you have a food craving, and you want to release the underlying cause, try this short exercise for clarity. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualize a time when you’ve had a craving, or visualize in the future when you might have a craving. Feel that in your body. Feel deeply into the craving and when you’re connected to that feeling, dig a little deeper and ask yourself, “Instead of this chocolate/candy/ice cream, what am I REALLY craving?” Ask it a couple of times if you don’t get an answer right away. Once you have your answer, whether it be, “I’m craving more peace, more love, less stress (whatever comes to you is perfect), then do a couple of rounds of tapping on it.


“Even though I’m craving more love from my husband, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m craving more love from myself, I choose to relax now.”

Keep tapping until the craving AND the feeling clears. 🙂

3. The participants this weekend were BRAVE

I don’t know if they really knew what they were getting into, how deep we would go, how much we would uncover, but they were present, loving, and honest. It truly touched me to see so many people committed to change, committed to having more in their life.

TIP: Be brave. Go there. Deal with it. Tap on it. You can do it. You can! Believe in yourself. Believe in the tools that are out there to make this work so much easier, and dive in.

Be brave! Do it now.

4. The universe brings us more magic than miracles

I know miracles happen. I believe in them, expect them, hope for them. But miracles can be a HEAVY word, especially if you’re dealing with something serious, and it seems like only a miracle can help. If you’re dealing with cancer, or another life-threatening illness, I know you’re hoping for a miracle.

But if it feels like that’s too much, like it’s unlikely to happen, then start looking for “magic”. Not Harry Potter magic, the magic of THIS earth. The synchronistic events, the little signs, the gut feeling to turn left, to turn right, to tap.

Follow the magic and THEN all the magic adds up into a miracle.

Tip: Look out for magic today.

5. We never really lose anybody (and magic reminds us of that)

Towards the end of the weekend, we were all really in the flow. I personally felt fantastic – a bit tired from lack of sleep – but so juiced about the transformations that were taking place. On the morning of the last day, as we did every morning, we each picked a “card” from a big basket of 5-6 card decks that Kris had put together. Some were angel cards, some were cards with sayings on them, some were cards of inspiration, all sorts of fun stuff.

I was up on stage, about to speak, when Kris came over with the basket and I picked a card.

When I looked at it, my jaw dropped.

Staring at me from the card was an exact drawing of my cat, Pythagoras, (we called him Py) who I lost 2 years prior.

I mean EXACT.

It’s a long story, but I moved houses two years ago, and Py, who was a very happy indoor/outdoor cat, left one day and never came back (I spent about a month looking for him, but that’s not relevant to the story!)

What is relevant is that when I saw that card, his message, or the universe’s message, was clear as can be. Losing Py set off a chain of events that have brought me to where I am today, and it’s been beyond perfect.

When it happened, it was one of the toughest things that’s ever happened to me. But looking back, I GET IT. 🙂

TIP: I know it’s cliché, but things are working out in perfect order. If you’re going through a tough time, if you’ve recently lost someone, something, or are lost yourself, take a deep breath and know it’s all working out (and tap on it, of course, to make it all easier!).

6. It’s about balance

One of the reasons the weekend was so amazing was because we covered so many topics: EFT, nutrition, and yoga… and they are all vitally important to living a healthy, happy, fulfilled life.

I’m sorry, but you can tap until you are blue in the face and if you’re eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers for lunch, you’re just not going to be healthy.

If you never go to the gym, do yoga, or some sort of exercise, your body is not going to be fit, strong, and full of energy.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Abraham-Hicks material, and follow it on so many levels. At the same time, we’re very physical beings on a very physical earth. We need to breathe, move, and get great nutrition into our bodies.

TIP: Check out Kris Carr’s website to learn more about nutrition and check out Elena Brower’s site (especially if you’re in NYC) for yoga info. By the way, Kris and I are coming out with something together later in the year to help you become even healthier, easily. So stay tuned for that.

7. They inspired me

Spending time with Kris and Elena inspired me. I’ve been finding myself eating better, adding some things in that Kris mentioned, some new stuff, some reminders of old stuff. Elena’s voice has been ringing through my head, “Just 15 minutes of yoga! If that’s all you can do, do that!” And I’ve been listening, and have been feeling great because of it.

Right now, I’m writing from Arizona, where the Transformational Leadership Council, led by Jack Canfield, is meeting. I’ve just had the privilege to join in the past year, and the people here are SO inspiring. Jack Canfield, John Gray, Hale Dwoskin, Lynne McTaggart, Arielle Ford, Claire Zammit, Janet Atwood, Cynthia Kersey, just to name a few of the people that are here. SO inspiring to be around them.

TIP: Surround yourself with people that inspire you and help you grow. Now, I can hear what you’re saying already, “You’re so lucky to be around those people, I’m not friends with them, I can’t spend time with them, etc.”

Here’s the reality: For a good TEN years, I spent a huge amount of time LISTENING to all these same people. I would read their books and would listen to their audio programs. My roommate right after college joked that my headphones were permanently glued to my ears. Lol!

And guess what?

After I listened to them enough, after I read enough of their books, attended enough of their seminars, slowly, but surely, I climbed the ladder of MY life, MY possibilities, MY dreams. And now I have the pleasure to call these same mentors my friends and colleagues.

You can do the same thing.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my 7 thoughts. Thanks again to my bud (we went to elementary, middle and high school together) Kevin Gianni, for the idea to share these. “7 things”. You can check out the website he started with thoughts on nutrition, health and more.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Let me know if you found this helpful, what insights you might have had from them, something you tapped on or cleared from it. Comment below!

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121 Comments on this post

  1. Colleen says:

    That is so fantastic having experienced that myself, then forgotten to do the tapping, have tried it again because I am under some pressure, it has proven to be so healing,
    Thankyou for that
    Regards Colleen

  2. Sue Merritt says:


    Thanks so much for the blog! Being a health professional whose passion is Health and Wellness, I can’t get enough of information on the ultimate wealth–health! Thanks for what you are doing in EFT in helping so many others with Health, Wellness and and many other things!


  3. Lynday says:

    Hey Nick!

    Thank you for sharing your incredible weekend with us/me. I had an interesting break-through.

    Your entry re: pain reminded me that I could tap for the pain in my left knee that originates from a year ago ankle sprain.

    I was tapping along and suddenly the onion peeled back…I saw the day I twisted my ankle while dancing. I remembered thinking and feeling “left out;” like I had two “left feet” that day; and that if I didn’t watch out I would be “left behind.”

    Needless to say, this has really helped me. The pain is not gone yet but it is greatly diminished plus I feel even more certain now that I will be able to heal the rest of me by tapping as well as continuing the methods I was using before this eye-opening experience.

    Thank you again for everything you share, Nick.
    You make a positive difference in my life,

  4. October Craig says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful blog. More than anything you’ve sent me, this may get me to seriously consider tapping. I was about to unsubscribe to the emails you send when I got the one with the link to this blog. Thanks again for giving me a new reason (actually 7) to rethink my resistance to EFT.

  5. SheilaE says:

    Thanks so much Nick…I enjoy all of the information that you so freely offer.
    I am finding EFT so helpful in my life.

  6. karin says:

    Thank you for this blog. I am eager to hear about the 2 new upcoming events. I wish I could have been there! My dream… a repeat of that workshop, here in Atlanta! Keep up the wonderful work.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Hi Nick,
    Yes, I really enjoyed your blog post. The reminders, the wisdom, the sense that you are having a wonderful life, but yet you too need reminders and helpful advise to stay healthy and positive – makes me not feel so bad that I need that too. You are very articulate, you don’t waste any words, and you always paint a beautiful picture of your experience. I feel my world is more optimistic by reading your emails and being a member of the tapping solution. Reading your blog is so much better than reading the news 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Máire says:

    Hi Nick!
    The post was just what I need this morning. Point 5 was particularly useful. Thanks for the reminder and also keep looking for the magic, we always find what we are looking for. 🙂

  9. Susan says:

    I get emails from you and enjoy reading them, but loved your blog.

  10. Elaine says:

    Hi Nick,
    Please keep writing and posting. We just started an EFT meetup here at Acorn Integrative Health and of course the first one was on cravings. I found your tip quite helpful. I love your videos and everything you bring us!
    Elaine in SC

  11. R.S. says:

    I teach Tapping as part o fa warm-up yoga routine and eagerly share your website with our yoga community.I appreciate that there is no push to buy and no promos. We value the tradition of energy exchange, though! and are willing to support your inspirational blogs and other services. Thanks much, many Blessings.

  12. Angela says:

    Thanks a lot Nick, it was really inspiring to read your 7 thoughts. I tap, but only 3 or 5 times. I will practise 10 to more minutes now. And I will keep up yoga again. Used to do it every day, but now I got sooo many excuses not to do it. Thanks Angela

  13. Rosetta says:

    Thank you ,thank you, thank you, so very much. This is just what was needed to start my day. I am still a eft babe. However I feel my ability to cause shifts are geting better, bigger, and stronger. A lot is due to the emails I ve received from all of you in the eft world. Much love and success I send out to you. R.H.

  14. Debra says:

    I love that you send me real strategies without the endless request of $. It was through your site that I found Enerything is energy. You were amazing! Thank you for your commitment to make this world a better place.

  15. Brenda says:

    i liked that,,,10 years of studying and reading and vibrating,,,

  16. ESTHERBIN says:

    Hi Nick
    I love the idea of go nutritional & phy .sical, and ALWAYS Tapping ; it´s so motivational.
    Thank you. I have a great appreciation about your work .
    (My English is “broken” beacause my birth language is Portuguese , so I do the best I can Sorry!).

  17. Shirley says:

    Hi Nick, thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experiences! I absolutely agree with Kathleen Jacoby’s comment! Lovwe and light!

  18. Bronwyn says:

    Enjoyed it.

  19. Kim says:

    I took something away from all 7. Thank you. I look forward to reading more.

  20. Eufemia says:

    Hi Nick, thanks for a wonderful blog. I got motivated to continue on this path of well being in every aspect possible, I also have cravings and is good to know what is that is missing in your life, what is sleeping somewhere in order to awaken it and deal with it once and for all.
    Thanks for your words and for your time.

  21. Glwyn from Australia says:

    Hi Nick,
    Please continue to blog!! Your energy in itself, is uplifting & you have made realise why my tapping never brings the results for which I long. I DON’T WORK ON IT FOR LONG ENOUGH!!! After writing that I felt a bit silly. Imagine expecting a miracle to happen after only a few minutes of tapping on something that has been part of my life for over 60 years.
    Thank you for all that you do & especially for bringing it all to us free of charge. You are one of God’s Earth Angels.

  22. Celina says:

    I REALLY liked this! Specially number 4. Keep bloging 🙂

  23. Alana says:

    Your enthusiasm and authentic presence are always welcomed. These tips infused with your heart energy are easy to take in….. Thank you for following your path to lead others.

  24. j says:

    This is great… Keep posting.

  25. Billie says:

    Hi Nick and thanks so much for sharing your expertise, your inspiration and caring! I do appreciate the wonderful help you give with little tips for tapping. God bless!

  26. vic says:

    I loved your blog. I have your DVD well honestly my friend borroed it and has forgot to return it, she must still be in need of it……… I am looking for your new tapping DVD for various tapping reasons.Please make it.

  27. Genevieve says:

    Enjoyed your blog today very much. I am about to see a client who lost her favorite kitten Saturday night. I will fold in your story when I talk to her. Keep them coming!

  28. Glenna says:

    Love it! It is great to hear your stories – straight from the heart and honest.

  29. Karla says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but so much of what you say hits “home”. It’s amazing. Please keep bloging.

  30. Lorna Brown says:

    Your blog was excellent. It came in as a link from another email. Glad I read it. I’ve been reading about tapping. don’t question that it works but have not crested my own laziness to do it. I have a cold today so it is a good day to start. Thanks. Well written too.

  31. donna says:

    Love it, love how much you believe and “GET IT”
    blog on!
    Thank you,

  32. Lisa says:

    very helpful and inspiring. Thank you

  33. mf says:

    Hi Nick, Always great to hear from you and be inspired to learn something new. I love the idea of calling the good things magic – I know what you mean about not being able to receive such a big word as “miracle” at first…
    I’ve had a couple of epiphanies while tapping: I tapped on my addiction to being bothered and my addiction to self-pity. I feel like I hit on something in a way I haven’t tapped on before and I feel a whole lot lighter. Hopefully tapping on these 2 types of negative energy will help lots of other tappers as well. In addition, I tapped on behalf of my child as well for the same intentions and as always, I believe I see progress in my child’s life parallel to my own.

  34. Louise Lindo says:

    Hi Nick,
    I only discovered EFT this year through the Summit, and I consider it a major break through and discovery of my 61st year. I have figured out a lot of blocks for me, come from my unwillingness to forgive myself and others. That was been a huge “let go” moment for me. Thank you so much and keep writing.

  35. d.r. Noon says:

    You’re on it Nicolas. Thanks from those who read you!

  36. Hillary Reeves says:

    Hi Thank-you Nick for sharing I am just learning about tapping and am excited to hear about your insites. I shall be looking for some of the authors you mentioned as I have no Idea who or what to read. Thanks

  37. Charles Harwood says:

    The thing I love most about you is your enthusiasm and it has helped me to move forward with one of my dreams. I am going to have to stay up later to be able to use all the good stuff you send out not to mention utilizing the resources at your web site. My wife Lorraie and I have decided to finally go for our joint dream of doing workshops to offer partcipants the knowledge and means to reach optimal health and promote anti-aging. My expertise is nutrition and understanding the power of the mind, and how to use it, to create or destroy our innately perfect health. My wife is a very talented medical intuitive and healer specializing in balancing the body from an electrical/energetic perspective. Our web address will be and it should be up in about two weeks.
    I have to say that seeing the Tapping Solution Documentary you put together was very inspiring for me. It inspired me to Tap and to learn more so I could help others do the same. Please keep up the great work and never lose your zest for life.

  38. Dianne says:

    Love what you have to say… love the way you present it … LOVE the format.
    Thanks, Dianne

  39. Mick says:

    Today was my “Py” day…I opened up my email account, scanned through my numerous messages and noticed the one from Nick Ortner and thought “it’s about time I open one of these up and see what’s going on in the world of EFT”… I found my healthy body…the one I worked hard for and then lost a couple years ago. It’s the one I’ve been mourning the loss of and not taking any action to reclaim. Your blog has encouraged me to bring it back – in another, better form starting today! Thank you!

  40. Mary Ellen says:

    Just what I needed…inspiration! I was introduced to EFT about 4 years ago from a friend of mine. I loved the results and knew this was something I wanted to share with others. I purchased all of Gary Craig’s workshops on DVD, studied them, helped many friends and family, as well as bought your amazing The Tapping Solution DVD. My goal is to leave the job that I have now and begin a successful EFT practice. The only thing that has kept me from taking that leap is fear. I know that fear is just an illusion and know what I have to do to get rid of it…get TAPPING!! Thanks for the reminder Nick :).

  41. Beth says:

    Yes, I loved your blog. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your energy. You are inspiring to hang in there in what is showing up as a very challenging time for me. I will take out my tapping tools, once again. Thanks.

  42. Ivy says:

    Wow, this certainly had power with me. It was a great reminder of things that I need to keep in mind in my life.

  43. Elissa Rattigan says:

    Dear Nick,I enjoy all your tips and stories. I do yoga and am vegan and have had good results in the past with eft. I feel a need to find the time put a lot of the stuff into practise and therefore perhaps can’t receive some for a while but I want to be able to assimilate the ones piled up in my folders before I can deal with anymore. I could listen to what you all have to say for ever – it’s so good but I must put things into practise. I particularly like Margaret Lynch’s exercises and info on the chakras (again, I have some knowledge in this area but am learning a lot more from her.)I don’t use facebook etc though, in order to leave a comment on her blog – so Please tell her.
    All the best,
    All the best,

  44. Linda says:

    Wow–I just did the exercise–tip for food cravings–and a memory that I have often thought about in a “good” way–came back to me now–in a different way–a message that I needed to hear–in order to move forward. It is now clear to me why my cravings keep coming back there has been a pattern all along and I did not see it until now. Nick THANK YOU so Much!

  45. Pat says:

    Really inspiring – thank you for sharing this. There’s SO much to learn – I just want to do it all. :o)

  46. Elizabeth Mateo says:

    Dear Nick,
    Please go on writing for people like me to read. Have got no time really for anything else but I used to say that and still say now. But also know that when I put my mind to anything I want to do, I can and do them. That means there is a problem here that I have not uncovered yet. What you have written here confirmed some of my beliefs that everything is in order. Life’s problematic situations (especially when they are big enough to depress anybody) sometimes make me question those same beliefs. Like a yo-yo, I am.
    I have not seen the video yet, got it for more than a week now. I’ll see it today, promise.

    Thanks a million for sharing this with us.


  47. Irene says:

    Thanks for the email (don’t know how you got to me, but that’s okay!) and the enthusiasm about tapping. Want to learn how to do it properly and especially for keeping my weight off.
    Keep the emails coming with ideas, suggestions, etc.


  48. Maureen says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am so grateful to have found you through the web. Please keep blogging. You are an incredibly generous person, putting all this content out there for “newbies” like me to digest. Everytime I see something in my “inbox” from you, I smile and open it knowing that what is to come has immense value for me. You are an inspiration in my life and I thank you.

  49. Bernie says:

    I have done alot of tapping, and I am still the same me for some odd reason. I guess I am not sure how to pull the real reason from my mind to correct things. But I am not happy in my everyday life. I really want to be though, who don’t… I have your video on The Tapping Solution. I am the one with a broken back and had an operation and it never healed. L-5 S-1. The fusion did not take. I think that I am really confused about who or where I am in my life right now. I was and still am the best in my line of work, execpt that I can no longer do the work. That is building High end Resturants, from ground up. I want to do MLM but can’t seem to wrap myself around it. I have tried to no avail.
    You are an insperation though. I too have read alot of books and had headphones growing out of my head. BUT my accident has left me unraveled so to speak.. I guess as HARD as I have tried I can not seem to wind myself back up. I wish I had been chosen to be part of your video. Who knows where I would be today!!! Keep up the good work, I’ll be listening and watching. In Health Bernie…

  50. Dr. Denise Cantin says:

    Hi Nick,
    I just listened to your session with the Energy is Everything Summit. I appreciate the work you are doing and your 7 things you learned. I have been trained in EFT and TFT but haven’t used it is quite a while. I have been dealing with chronic pain and at the moment I’m bedridden recovering from ankle reconstruction. You have reminded me of tapping and some other
    things I can tap like emotional eating while I’m in bed all the time. Thank you.
    I have a lot of things to tap about and the perfect time to do it.
    Doc Denise

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