How to Manifest Quickly Using EFT Tapping

Written by: Nick Ortner

All too often, our goals consist of little more than a “list”…

  • Make a million dollars
  • Get my book published
  • Travel the world
  • Support my favorite charity

…and so on.

It’s certainly a great start to write them down, but if you don’t dig deeper, they’re unlikely to happen as quickly and completely as you probably want them to.

I’m sure you’ve read plenty of information on how to improve the goals: add emotional value, visuals, expand on the feelings you’ll have when you achieve the goal, sometimes timelines, if that works for you, look at them more often…

…etc, etc.

And all of those ideas are great, but if you’re not in FULL alignment with your goal in the FIRST PLACE, you’re basically wasting your time.

Remember, alignment isn’t just a surface, conscious alignment… you need to be aligned at all levels. You need to address your “What ifs” and “Buts” about the issue fully.

When you do that, you get out of your own way and can make things happen without those patterns of self-sabotage that are all too familiar.

Here’s a process with tapping to help you. This process involves having a general understanding of the Tapping protocols. If you’re new to Tapping, take a moment to read about the basics of EFT Tapping and how to use it.

Remember, the more issues you address around all aspects of your goals, the better your results will be!  Perhaps commit to working on one goal or issue a day for 30 days and see what happens!

Step 1: Write down your goal, dream, or aspiration

You can make this a specific goal like: I want to earn a million dollars a year

A more general goal: I want to bring peace to my relationship with my mom

Or it can be stated more as a vision: I’d like to create dramatic social change

With this process, don’t worry about getting it right. Whatever language pops up in your head first, that’s the right language. But DO make sure to write it down.


Step 2: Write down your immediate gut response when you read that goal

How do you FEEL?

Are you 100% in alignment with it?

How does your body respond to reading it?

For example, you might feel and write down, “I feel uncomfortable when I read this, I’m excited, I’m anxious…”

Be specific in your notes and give every feeling a 0-10 rating.

So if you’re feeling anxious as you read the goal, write down, “I’m feeling anxious” and then put a number of its intensity next to it. “8” for example.

You can write down more than one emotion or feeling. Be as specific as possible.

Do you feel tension in your stomach? Write that down.

Are you slightly nauseous? Write that down.


Step 3: Write down what other people would say about your goal if you shared it with them

Friends, family members, society, co-workers, etc.

Whatever pops in your head first, write that down.

So if you think about sharing your goal with your mom, and you picture her saying, “That’s a silly idea…” then write that down, PLUS how you FEEL about her thoughts.

Be specific and give it a number of intensity, as described above.


Step 4: Write down YOUR beliefs about the goal

For example, “Part of me thinks this is impossible… I’ve never been able to do this before… Who am I to think I can achieve this…?”

Note the feelings this brings up and write those down as well.

Be specific and assign them a number of emotional intensity.


Step 5: Systematically tap OUT all of this RESISTANCE and tap IN, positive feelings & expectations!

Go through each item that brought up an emotional response, and tap on it until you bring the feelings around it down to “0” or a low number.

Be sure to keep note of anything else that comes up through the process.

You may not be able to do this in one session, so take your time with it.

When you have tapped through all the issues (and make sure to keep digging for more hidden ones), you’ve then cleared the way for your goal to become a reality!

Tapping Script Example

Let’s go through one example of what this might look like together, so you can tap along.

I’m just making up potential responses so you can see how it works…

Step 1: Write down the Goal

EXAMPLE: I want to earn $250,000 a year

Step 2: How do you FEEL?

EXAMPLE: Looking at this, I get a little nervous. There’s a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and pressure around making this work. When I close my eyes, I feel this sinking feeling at a 7.

When I ask myself what this feeling is, it’s anxiety. I’m going to do some tapping on this now.

Karate Chop: Even though I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I have this sinking feeling about making $250,000, I choose to relax now.
Karate Chop: Even though I feel uncomfortable in my body when I look at this goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow: This sinking feeling
Side of Eye: I’m feeling a little nervous
Under Eye: This sinking feeling
Under Nose: In the pit of my stomach
Under Mouth: I feel pressure around making this work
Collarbone: I feel this anxiety in my stomach
Under Arm: All this anxiety
Top of Head: All this sinking feeling

Keep on tapping around the meridian points on whatever comes up until you bring it down enough to find some relief and feel ready to move on to the positive.


Eyebrow: I chose to relax now
Side of Eye: And release this sinking feeling
Under Eye: I let it all go
Under Nose: From the pit of my stomach
Under Mouth: All this anxiety
Collarbone: Releases now
Under Arm: All this fear about making $250,000 a year
Top of Head: Releases now

Step 3: Write down what other people would say about your Goal if you shared it with them

EXAMPLE: If I told my friends I wanted to make $250,000 a year, half of them would laugh at me and the other half would tell me I was being greedy.

When I think about telling my friends, I just feel small and not confident at all. This feeling is at 8.

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t feel confident telling my friends about my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I don’t want my friends to know my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I know they’ll judge me if I tell them my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow: I don’t want to tell my friends
Side of Eye: When I think about telling them, it makes me feel small
Under Eye: This feeling of being small
Under Nose: I’m worried that they’ll judge me
Under Mouth: I’m worried they won’t like me
Collarbone: I’m worried about what my friends will think
Under Arm: If I tell them my goal
Top of Head: Or if I achieve my goal!

Keep on tapping around the meridian points on whatever comes up until you bring it down enough to find some relief and feel ready to move to the positive.


Eyebrow: I release this feeling of being small
Side of Eye: I chose to feel big!
Under Eye: I’m confident in my goal
Under Nose: And I release any anxiety about it
Under Mouth: I’m confident in what I want for myself
Collarbone: And I’m confident that the right people will support me
Under Arm: Feeling strong and confident
Top of Head: Feeling strong and confident!

Continue on to Step 4 and 5, rinse and repeat. 🙂

Seriously, the KEY on this process is to get specific on your issues, on your feelings, and to be SYSTEMATIC about it, going through all the different ASPECTS of the issue.

I’d love to year your results! Please share them below!

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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87 Comments on this post

  1. Anik says:

    I feel like this Tapping Solution is for me. I have done therapy before and never even touched the limiting beliefs like I have since I have started reading your book and reading your emails. I am a 42 year old daycare teacher… And for the longest time, I have hated my job, and the people I work with. Always feeling “downsized” to be like the other teachers who weren’t doing half of what I was doing. Never satisfying my boss… I realized that I had a lot of anger inside and feelings of injustice. No self-worth what so ever!

    Then, I realized that it was my limiting beliefs that kept me there. To make a long story short, being pushed aside by my mother because I was a girl, did affect me more than I thought. She left me in the hospital for two weeks. Refusing to come and see me. My father finally convinced her when he told her that I looked like my older brother.. We are 4 children in my family…. Anyway… Your tapping tree, and your questions got me to realize the limiting beliefs that I had because of my childhood affected me all my life! I became a teacher because my mother wanted it and I wanted her acceptance… But it never changed things. Our relationship is still none existant.. I was just never happy doing what I did no matter how hard I worked or what extra programs I implemented In my work; like yoga, english courses for the older kids (I work in a french area)…

    After convincing my husband to let me change career, I got scared and angry during the process… The counsellor was pushing me to seek what I want in my life. What job will make me happy… But I have never done that process before. Always doing what others wanted; my parents, my relationships… Now I have to make a change for me, take control of my life. But I keep seeing all these obstacles that bring up so many emotions.. My husband is struggling with depression, I take care of my two kids, their school, the household schores, my full time job, etc… I already feel overwhelmed most of the time because I have too many things to juggle… How can I get a career change – go back to school myself with all the responsibilities I already have? What will my family think? How will my kids react? Will my husband be able to help me (not just financially, but take on responsibilities) when he is already struggling with depression?

    All these feelings come up and I have to sort them out… And thanks to you, I am! All these fears, emotions are released and I am finally seeing them, dealing with them. I know I have to deal with them one at a time, but I am confident I can do it. I am far from my goal. I don’t even know where I see myself yet. But I am dealing with deeper issues that I know need to be delt with before I find my path. And I know that once I clear my emotions, the limiting beliefs about myself and all the challenges in my life, my path will be clear as well.

    So, thank you! I finally feel like My life is in my own hands, my own creation.. I have a lot of work to do by myself, but I know I am confident that I can succeed. I am not asking to be rich, I am just asking to be happy in a life I choose for myself.
    Thank you for the tapping solution…

    Blessed be!

  2. Linda angelo says:

    I am goinge to try this. Will be in touch!!

  3. Fabiola says:

    Although I have always meditated, this is the first time I feel the results are almost instantaneous. None of the other meditations were able to calm the state of stress and anxiety I was in.

    I was in a state of anxiety I have never experienced, probably it had reached 20. Everything has gone pear shaped of lately. Then, I received your email and listened to Jessica’s guided audio about ‘Financial overwhelm’ within a couple of hours I let go of that horrible anxiety and stress that had been tormenting me for a long period of time. I was able to think a little clearly, and envisioned a better future.
    I am tapping every day, feel relaxed and positive. I believe and I feel circumstances are changing and thanks to you tapping techniques I have recovered my calm centered self. I am eternally grateful to your emails.
    Yes, I will purchase the 7 weeks to Financial Freedom.

  4. Fathima says:

    Dear Nick, thanks a million for making a difference in my life. Yesterday I was a 40 year old single mum with two kids, in debt, thinking my life sucks. But I got your book tapping solutions, did it for one whole day…. And the results Absolutely Phenominal. Nothing has changed externally just yet… But just in one day I feel so joyous and completely happy and sooooo Alive. I can physically feel my blood joyously running inside me. Feel joy in every nerve and cell. I even did a ballet dance on the kitchen floor ( though I don’t know any dancing), I feel so graceful, elegant, beautiful and feel so much love. Finally I know heaven is a place on earth. My heartfelt gratitude to you, many blessings to you and your family, with all my love, Fathima

  5. Phyllis says:

    I will try this. I am having problems setting goals. Nothing seems to resonate. Thank you

  6. teresa torres says:

    Voy a comenzar a hacerlo entonces para ver que resultados obtengo, espero sean los mejores porque lo necesito en este momento de mi vida y quiero creer que si sera de mucha ayuda el Tapping gracias Nick <3

  7. Tedi says:

    My apologies, I forgot to say the most important thing. Since I purchased the 7 weeks to financial freedom MONEY HAS JUST COME TO ME… Not through my job yet, however, I was able to pay off my car early. I just got a roommate to share the expenses in my home. I got a letter saying that my health insurance premium has gone way down, can you believe that one????? WHAT A SURPRISE! And within a month I will be getting furniture out of storage so that I don’t have that payment as well. I’ve done some cutting back on things I DO NOT NEED. I realize it’s only immediate gratification and that my long term goals are more important.


  8. Tedi says:

    That was great – I do have the 7 weeks to financial freedom and tap on a daily basis. But you know that critical voice steps in. This helped me to be specific about what I want – and that my current situations is not forever. Still a bit frightened as to how I will get $ to make this move. I will work on that. Not talking about it to friends and family they know – but I don’t want them to say she’s had goals before and was never able to follow through. That’s why I’m not talking about it and just doing the work I need to do to make it happen.

  9. Carol Browning says:

    This sadness and loneliness has been with me so long, and I know how to smile and appear happy, but sometimes the sadness engulfs me. I choose to believe I am lovable, I am kind and thoughtful, and I deserve to be with folks who can be emotionally present and supportive, even when I am in overwhelm and not sure where to turn. I have huge money concerns too, but for now would like to be able to trust I am attracting relationships that are honest, open, and committed to our mutual well-being.
    It feels good just to put all this out there and tap in assurance I am lovable, a caring wonderful person worthy of enjoying healthy, committed relationships!

  10. Heather says:

    I’m still working on manifesting money. My goal is to pay off debts, get a brand new car – no car payments, move out from boyfriend. The lack of money has held me back for far too long….I’m flying free in my heart, using tapping to address my blocks and live the abundant life I am destined to live. Im of a. Ow schedule – I have a life to live and I’m ready to live it now.
    I’m still working, but I feel a change. I welcome this change.

  11. aida says:

    So clear and just what it is needed to practice it!
    Thanks. I will pass it on, too.

  12. Marilyn says:

    Your are so generous with this work and the complete examples of tapping from the negative feelings to the positive feelings and confidence to Success. Thank you for sharing in such a complete form for FREE for those of us who for these very reasons haven’t signed up yet for your workshop. I will use your examples and through my success will appreciate your one on one guidance later. Till then Much Much Love and Appreciation.

  13. Priti says:

    I loved it .i did exactly what u said giving me such positive results.certain issues are so deeply rooted but i ll work till it vanishes .thank u dear god bless u

  14. Haley says:

    I can do this. The right people are going to come into my life and help me achieve my goal. The tapping has given me belief in myself and my ability to achieve my goal. Thank you

  15. Lynda Frost Schroeder says:

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Great! Generous! Hugs!

    Realized that I have more aspirations than I can accomplish at 74! ” Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, etc.etc etc.”. 🙂

  16. Patricia Concha says:

    I started tapping about a month ago, your scripts help me a lot and getting started and connecting with the feelings.

    Thanks and congratulations

  17. Peggi says:

    I have done many tapping samples with you in the past. So I was aware of what to do, how it works, etc, This time today, I decided to try a different event coming to me in Oct of 2016. So I will be doing this over and over so that my competition will be successful! Thank you for giving the sample of wording. I just plugged in my own words. I look forward to the confidence of competing. I plan on sharing this with my group too.

  18. Roseanna says:

    This tapping session gave me insight about a feeling that is hard to find sometime. It is a feeling of disappointment, I feel it is an under the surface feeling that is difficult to recognize. After tapping through the feeling and how it was affecting me I went on to tap through to the positive, it was so good to feel myself relax and I got a relief from that disappointing feeling. I feel that is really great to be able to take control of my own feelings through EFT through tapping.

  19. Coleen says:

    Thank you Nick ,I just started recently with tapping ,I followed this session and have gone from a 10 to about a 5 ,am amazed at the practice and will keep on with it.

  20. Dawn says:

    I am amazed at the hidden negative feelings that creep up towards my dreams and desires and thankful for EFT and feel better after doing EFT… Now to realize and manifest my dreams and desires!

  21. Mary says:

    Actually while reading the sample I honestly could not connect with any of those feelings that were listed. It was as if I couldn’t relate to it truthfully. However, I need to take care of a situation I’ve got currently with a physical ailment….for which I’m reading Nick’s EFT book on pain relief……great book by the way!!! But I think once I get my issue resolved, I think I can pour myself into these exercises for clearing the way to become successful in making more money……which I certainly can use:)
    I have to say though that Nick is so dedicated and seems to have a big heart for helping others benefit from his knowledge using EFT.

    God bless you Nick.

  22. Farzane says:

    You are great… I’ve done… It’s amazing

  23. Laura says:

    Hi. How can I get a printable copy of this, please?

  24. Paula le Sueur says:

    Thank you, this looks amazing.
    Tapping has worked, IS working for me in other areas, so can’t wait to try this. Longing to set all the ‘butterflies’ in my stomach free………

  25. Jehane says:

    I have been tapping for over a Month now. The results are effective and palpable for me.
    I see it and I see me allowing my potential to grow. It is massive.
    Your success is sharing this with a global community.
    It makes it a better place of us all, to a higher good and an abundant happier life.
    Thank you Nick & Jessica!

  26. Mei says:

    Love it. Thank you . This step by step guidance is very helpful.

  27. Louise says:


  28. Emma Jaques says:

    Last year I was a pedestrian who got hit by a car that ran a red light, miraculously I had no broken bones or fractures even though my leg was run over. I was so gratetful to be alive and not seriously injured…but my world was confusing, I felt my primal instincts were triggered and life was more about survival than living in the moment…it’s hard to explain..I started tapping a few weeks ago and found it is helping me a lot, getting your emails with audio or video have set me on a good path… I have found my anxiety has reduced and I feel more confident and calm. I am following my passion in photography… Thank you so much Nick

  29. Leann says:

    I tapped out these feelings I was having about my goal to make $750,000 this year. I have to say that when I first began, I was anxious and feeling small and doubt about how I would possibly make this kind of money on my salary.
    After tapping on the anxiety, and doubt, I went from an 8 to a 3. I will keep tapping and staying positive!
    Thank you Nick!!!

  30. Judith says:

    Thank you Jolly St. Nick for this wonderful Xmas Manifesting Blueprint. Couldn’t be more appropriate….! Can’t wait to “unwrap” and “tap in” to the glorious good that is on the way.

    My Sincerest Thanks to You.

  31. Faith says:

    I love that you keep sending me emails that help me immensely and are so right on. I am so impressed and appreciative. And amazed to deal with lifelong patterns of thought that come up and resolve. How fantastic.
    thank you so much.

  32. Barry Davies says:

    I have been tapping for about 3 months. I sell a new portable garden called Ezygrow that has had production problems. And have run out of available cash. On Friday the problems were solved. Two major subdivisions that I need to sell. People are now lining up to buy and yesterday a friend brought a salesman to me out of the blue who was really excited. Your tapping does work if I let it and do not take ownership of the problem. My pain in the guts is now down to 4 still a way to go but that is from 10.

  33. Francesca Catalani says:

    This tapping exercise has certainly released some anxiety about my goal and it has helped me to even consider what it feels that achieving my goal is a possibility. Which in itself it is an achievement!

  34. Maria C says:

    Hi!! Im almost new using Tapping. And Is a great technique. Is the first time I’m going to use it directly in my Goals in my Pofessional Life… That is not so good right now…. so I will be consistance in the application of this Manifesting Quick with EFT. And will be my plesaure to share with you Nick the result…. I’ll be in touch to share my story!!

  35. Diane says:

    I just got this Manifesting email from you, haven’t yet tried the Tapping – will work on my goals, etc. today. I have used Tapping – mostly to try & release anger, and look forward to working on this one. I just wanted to say, Nick, that of all the self-help “gurus” out there, my sense is that you are the one willing to GIVE in order to help as many people as possible. I seem to get fewer “sales pitch” emails from you and more helpful, free advice & help. Your actions taken on behalf of alleviating human suffering (your work in Sandy Hook is just one example.) It occurs to me that you are one of the most caring people in this realm, and I THANK YOU for that – a million times!

  36. joy says:

    I have tried this tapping for a while now. I always stop maybe because I feel that such a simple exercise can make the big changes I need. But the emails from you keep coming in my mail box and sometimes I do one or 2 of the exercises. This explanation seems much clearer than before and I “get it” that i need to identify, rate, and remove the negative first. After doing this today, i am encouraged and intend to keep working at it. Thank you for the reminders. I am feeling a turn around even as I write,


  37. Nancy says:

    My goal is to have more than enough money to retire on. As I was going through your exercise and the tapping, I was guided to remember that it is not about the numbers on a paycheck that will determine my goal. Rather, it is about knowing that I am being provided for in a magnificent way, that no paycheck has the capacity to do. While tapping I came to the remembrance that something much higher is taking care of me and my situation. I was able to release the fear, anxiety and nervousness and go to a knowingness that all is in Divine order.

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