The Tapping Solution for Stress & Anxiety

"Too often we are ruled by everything that's wrong with us as opposed to everything that's right with us"

-Nick Ortner

How to Use Tapping to Release Stress, Anxiety, & Overwhelm in Just Minutes with Nick Ortner

How to Tap: Step-by-Step Guide
with Jessica Ortner

Guided Tapping Meditations for Clearing Anxiety
with Jessica Ortner

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In this track, you will learn how stress affects your life and how tapping can help you dramatically reduce that stress.
The Science of Tapping
In this track you will learn about EFT and how to use it for the best results. You will also learn about the science behind tapping.
Morning Clearing Tapping
In this track, Jessica will guide you as you start your day clearing away the stresses so that you can be ready to tap in the positives for the day.
Morning Affirmation Tapping
Once you have cleared away those morning stressors, it's time to tap in the positive to have the best day possible.
Evening Clearing Tapping
In this track, Jessica will help you to reduce those stressors that have built up throughout the day so that you can prepare for a peaceful night.
Evening Affirmation Tapping
In this track, Jessica will help you to end your evening tapping on a positive note to help you have a peaceful and restful night sleep.

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