Here's how to end your financial ups and downs, eliminate the stress of money and finally create a financial future that makes life easy and allows you to do what you want.

Don't settle with a life less than what you're capable of! You can have more success, happiness and financial abundance in your life! This page will show you how




Nick Ortner


From the Desk of Nick Ortner

I remember what it was like…feeling overwhelmed by my financing, worrying about how I was going to pay the bills and where the money was going to come from next…

Yet feeling deep down inside that I was meant for more. That I was capable of doing more than just “getting by.”

You see only 5 years ago I owned a crashing real estate business that had put me into over a million dollars in personal debt!

Yet in just 5 years I went from owing over a million dollars, to paying off all of my debt, buying the house of my dreams, and being more financially secure then ever before.

I was able to do it all because of Tapping…and I’m going to show you how you can realize your financial dreams with Tapping too.

Imagine for a minute that you never had to worry about money…never had to stress about how you were going to pay your next bill. That you had the house, the car, and the life of your dreams.

Imagine being able to go to any restaurant at any time as much as you wanted, or travel and vacation freely, or help family, friends and even strangers who needed financial help without worrying about it.

Like it was for me many years ago…this may feel like an impossibility to you, like something that happens to “lucky people” but just not you.

I’m going to share a secret with you though…

As you read this page in it’s entirety I’m going reveal to you exactly how I discovered that attaining success, wealth and happiness is much easier than you’ve ever imagined and that all of it is possible…for YOU!

If you’re like most people, your finances are likely the biggest issue that you have to deal with on a daily basis…

Nick OrtnerIn fact, when I surveyed over 10,000 people just a few short weeks ago, guess what the number one issue was that they said they wanted to work on was? You guessed it…their finances.

You see, money has the ability to be either a thorn in your side that makes you feel like you’re bleeding out and unable to live life fully every day, or it can be something that gives you the freedom to do what you want, live how you want, and help family, friends and even strangers in ways that you never thought possible.

For most people it’s a thorn in their side and unfortunately it’s for reasons that they can’t see and don’t know about. That’s definitely how it was for me…



The Two Major Reasons That People Struggle With Their Finances…

You see, what I didn’t realize when I went through year after year of struggling financially was that there were two huge issues that I didn’t see were affecting me so gravely…

Number one was that I had deep rooted financial beliefs, traumas and unconscious beliefs that I didn’t know about.

I know what you may be thinking…yeah, I’ve heard about “personal development” stuff like this before where they say you need to go inside and change your patterns. And for years, that’s exactly what I was going through. I would go from one course to another learning about how I had to change my beliefs and change myself on an unconscious level, but the issue was always…”well how do I do that?!”

It wasn’t until I found Tapping that I finally found a simple and extremely effective way to change what was affecting my ability to earn more money on a deep unconscious level…

You see…the simple truth of it is that Tapping is extremely effective at helping people change deep rooted traumas, beliefs and unconscious blocks. It’s more effective then anything I’ve ever seen or used before!

And it hasn’t just worked for me, it’s worked for a countless number of clients that I’ve worked with. You can even ask any personal development expert what they’d recommend doing to change unconscious traumas, beliefs and unconscious blocks and more often than not you’ll hear them recommend Tapping…

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Here's what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say about using EFT for financial success:

"It really does work. In my own life personally it's been phenomenal. And in fact, my 5 year income levels have been materialized literally within a year, to the point where it's almost magical!

Once you're able to understand what's blocking you and get rid of those…then you're able to manifest anything you want in your own life."

Jack Canfield
Here's what Jack Canfield, America's Success Coach, has to say about using EFT to reprogram your mind for success:

"Look, here's the deal, you're unconsciously focusing on your fear all the time. It's your subconscious that needs to get reprogrammed. By focusing on it for a little bit of time [with EFT] we can get rid of it so it's not unconsciously running you."


OK…so since I’m saying that you have deep-rooted patterns that are blocking you from personal and financial success, you may be asking yourself…”Well, how do you know that? And if I have blocks, what are they and how do I get rid of them?”

Figuring out if you have any money blocks is really simple…just ask yourself, “Am I making as much money as I’d like to?”

If the answer is No...then you have some money blocks. It’s as simple as that...

Nick OrtnerJust take a look at your financial situation. If you have any money issues, if you struggle to pay any of your bills, or if you’re just stuck at an income level, not able to grow as quickly as you’d like to…then you have unconscious blocks that are preventing you from being where you want to be financially.

For me I remember that I was stuck in a pattern of just getting by, then struggling and building debt, then catching up on my debt and just getting by again, and then repeating the cycle, only each time the debt I would get into would get higher and higher.

When I was in a million dollars of debt after my real estate business crash, it unfortunately wasn’t the first time I’d been in debt. I’d been through the pattern of building up debt before.

And it was because of the unconscious patterns that I kept running. It wasn’t until I started using Tapping that I was able to change those patterns.

When I look back at the things I was doing back then to block myself and sabotage myself they seem silly…but at the time I couldn’t see what was going on.

And that’s likely the way it is for you. You probably can’t see the patterns that you’re running that are keeping you stuck.

Don’t worry though...because I’m going to show you exactly how you can eliminate all of your money blocks easily and effortlessly using Tapping.

Nick OrtnerThe 2nd major issue around your experience with money, is STRESS, because that’s what stops us on an everyday, moment-to-moment basis.

Stress, of course, can show up in many forms—anxiety, worry, insomnia, low energy, procrastination, even other health issues.

When I was going through all of the financial issues I went through, coming out of over a million dollars of debt, stress was an extremely prevalent issue that I had to deal with on a daily basis.

We all know, probably too well, what being stressed out feels like. What we don’t always know is what happens to our brains when we’re stressed.

Ever notice how you “freeze” at stressful moments?

Like when you get up to give a presentation and suddenly forget everything you’ve been studying and practicing? Or when you’re in a meeting and your boss criticizes you in front of the entire room? Or even something simpler, like when you look at a stack of bills? Or sit in front of the computer with an enormous amount of tasks in front of you?

Ever notice how, at those exact moments, it’s like you suddenly can’t think? How you forget things you know really well? How solutions to problems that later seem so simple feel impossible when you’re first confronted with that stressful situation?

That’s because when stress hits, your body goes into what’s called “fight or flight.”

In fight or flight, large parts of your brain actually shut down when you need it most. Critical sections of your brain literally go on strike!

To make matters worse, when you go from “fight or flight” into a “freeze” state your body is effectively storing the stress of that moment.

Dr. Robert Scaer, a neurologist who has researched traumatic stress, has found that the “freeze” response encapsulates stress in our bodies, preventing us from moving on after a stressful event until we’ve found a way to release the stress that’s literally lodged in our bodies, in our muscles, even our cells. We’ve found a way to release this stress...

Here's how it works...

Something stressful happens, or you start thinking about something stressful, like the fact that no matter how hard you work, you always seem to find yourself struggling to pay your bills. Or how unfulfilled you are in your current endeavors. Or just simply how much you have to do!

Nick OrtnerWithin seconds, the part of your brain called the amygdala, the almond-shaped part of your midbrain, tells your body to release stress hormones.

Adrenaline and cortisol, which is often called “the stress hormone”, floods your body, shutting down the creative problem-solving parts of your brain, slowing down your digestion, constricting blood vessels, and more…

Which means your stress is now physical…

It’s controlling how you think, how your body and brain function, how creative you can be, how quickly your brain can react to a given situation.

In “fight or flight”, stress is literally limiting what you’re capable of achieving.

So that big presentation you need to ace to get that big promotion and raise at work? It may not go so well if your stress level is that high.

That to do list that you want to power through…now you’re stressed, not thinking as clearly, making poor decisions and things seem to take forever.

When you’re under chronic stress, as most of us are when we’re concerned about our money situation or our careers, you’re never able to think with your full brain, or use the full power of your problem-solving abilities, or your memory.

So ask yourself this question

“Am I dealing with any stress right now?”

You’re probably saying “haha…of course I am! Who isn’t?!”

So if you’re living with regular stress in your life it’s likely preventing you from being able to think clearly, make good decisions and move towards reaching your financial goals…

Think about your everyday life…

If you could eliminate all of the stress that you’re dealing with or at least significantly reduce it, how much better would you feel and how much easier would it be to be able to reach your goals?

Tapping has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Which means that when you use Tapping to lower your stress levels you’re able to take back control of your body and brain so that you can use it for what you WANT to use it for (like creating your financial freedom)…and not have it controlling you!

The Stress Test Study That Shocked
the Researchers...

A study performed by Dr. Dawson Church, PhD and Dr. David Feinstein, PhD, measured cortisol levels before and after treatment.

83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of Tapping; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy ("talk" therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.

The researchers measured cortisol levels before and after the treatment. Cortisol was measured because it is known as the "stress hormone" of the body. As stress goes up, cortisol levels go up.


When the researchers were measuring the cortisol levels of the Tapping group after treatment they thought they had a problem...


The levels had dropped so significantly in such a short period of time that they thought there must be something wrong with their equipment.

They kept recalibrating their equipment and retesting until they finally came to the conclusion that there was in fact...nothing wrong with their equipment but rather that...the Tapping worked!

Results: The 1st group (Tapping) demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels; the 2nd and 3rd groups showed no change in cortisol levels.

The reality: Pyschotherapy alone relieves stress, but over a long period of time. The immediate benefits of psychotherapy don't register in your body, where excessive amounts of the "stress hormone" cortisol still run rampant, putting your health at risk.

Study findings: Tapping balances activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain, producing "a neutral emotional state," the gold standard of health and wellness.



How Tapping Can Change Your Financial Reality...

Whenever I talk to people about using Tapping to improve their finances, their initial response always tends to be something like “What does Tapping have to do with making more money?”

They assume that if they wanted to learn how to make more money they’d take some type of course that taught techniques like how to invest in the stock market, or in real estate, or land your dream job, or how to run your own business.

And while those things can be helpful, for most people they completely miss the boat and don’t help them in any way.

Learning all of those techniques is useless if you have underlying issues going on that prevent you from succeeding.

Tapping changes all of that though…

I want you to be able to do what I did and what so many of my clients have done, which is to drastically improve your finances in a short period of time, in a way that is simple and effective, all with the aid of Tapping.

Now when I went through those drastic changes, I had to do it all on my own, and a lot of the time I felt really alone in my quest to improve my finances. There were a lot of times that I wanted to quit and just cave in, and I don’t want you to go through that yourself.


A Journey of Financial Transformation...

I want to invite you on a journey that I’m going to be taking with a select group of people starting on Monday September 23rd...

Nick OrtnerA 7 week total financial transformation journey designed specifically to take you from where you are right now when it comes to your finances, to money, to your career, and to your level of personal and spiritual fulfillment, to exactly where you WANT to be.

I want to invite you to allow me to be your coach and your guide along a journey similar to the one that I underwent all those years ago when I was a million dollars in debt that completely transformed my life...only this one will be about YOU and reaching the financial goals that YOU want to achieve.

This journey and these 7 weeks are going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that Tapping couldn’t work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed…you can still see life-changing results with this program.

I’m going to break down what I’ll be guiding you through in this unique process in just a minute, but before I do that I want to explain what this program is not.

This is NOT a program where we’re going to just focus on the positive and expect everything to be better.

This is NOT a program that is going to teach you some secret get rich quick technique that’s nothing more than an empty promise, you know, like some program that says you’ll make more in the first month then you did all of last year.

If that’s the type of program that you’re looking for, then I would suggest not continuing any further. The truth is that those programs all miss what’s really going on unconsciously that is preventing you from succeeding or growing at the speed that you’d like and they all ignore the stress that is having a neurological effect on your body and brain.

This program is for men and women who are ready to finally be able to succeed no matter what they’re doing, who are ready to be able to take on any challenge and succeed financially, who are ready to make their lives easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

The reality is that there is no magic bullet technique to become successful, happy and wealthy without any effort, yet I’ve designed this program to make it as easy, enjoyable and effortless as possible.

I’ve made it so that you don’t have to go through the journey of creating your financial success alone wondering if you’re making the right decision at every turn.
Here's what Kris Carr, New York Times Best-Selilng Author has to say about working with Nick...

"Nick Ortner is my personal coach. I work with him every week and plan to for the rest of my glorious days. From transformative and healing EFT sessions to coaching on finances and brand building, Nick is one stop shopping for all my Crazy Sexy needs. My life is truly better with Nick in it. If you get a chance to work with him, dive in, say yes, show up and sign up for the adventure."



What This Program Consists Of...

First off, it’s important for you to know that I’ve designed this program so that you have different options in terms of the level of participation you want to undertake.

I know that different people learn differently and want different things, and the last thing I want is for you to feel like there’s too much to the program, or too little, or anything like that. So I’ve designed it in a way so that you can get results doing it the way you want to do it, while putting in the amount of time that is right for you.

These 7 weeks are about taking you through a process using Tapping that covers the most important topics that need to be addressed in order for you to eliminate the things blocking your success (like the stress we talked about). And to create the unconscious patterns that need to be developed so that every decision and action you take on a daily basis is leading you towards exactly what YOU want.

There are three main weekly components that you
should know about first...
#1 – Weekly Tapping Webinar Presentations with Nick Ortner


Nick OrtnerEvery week there will be a weekly webinar presentation that will take place every Monday at 8pm EST.

Don’t worry if you can’t make that specific time, we’ll record it all for you and it’ll be available whenever you want it, to listen again and again.


#2 – Weekly Tapping Meditation to be Used Daily with Jessica Ortner


Eyes ClosedImmediately after the webinar you’ll get access to a 10 to 15 minute “Daily Tapping Meditation”, recorded by Jessica Ortner, the host of the 2009 to 2012 Tapping World Summits.

You’ll use this every day the rest of the week to reinforce the lessons from the webinar as well as to work on new issues that come up.


#3 – Weekly Live Q & A Calls with Nick Ortner


Eyes ClosedThen, later in the week on Thursday I’ll be available to you personally, LIVE, to answer your questions, to tap with you on your specific issues, and to help you and the whole group get the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

This will be a great opportunity to get feedback on the things you’ve been tapping on since the Monday webinar, and again if you can’t be there for the call you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions, have them answered on the call and then listen to the recording later.


Along with those three main components you’ll also have…


Optional Workbook Exercises


workbookEach week you'll have optional workbook exercises that will help you to continue your growth.

You'll get to use these workbook exercises to supercharge your results and continue to work on the lessons covered in the weekly presentations.



The 7 Weeks to Financial Success Group Forum


Eyes ClosedYou'll get access to a one of a kind group forum throughout the 7 weeks to keep you on track.

This is of course optional depending on how involved you want to get but I highly recommend it as it’s an amazing support structure and a great place to get answers during the 7 weeks…



Wayne Dyer
Here's what Dr. Wayne Dyer, #1 New York Times best-selling author, had to say about working with Nick:

"Put away your skepticism; this really works. I have worked with Nick and had great results with tapping in my own life."


What You'll Learn Each Week...

So let’s take a look at what you’ll discover during the 7 week process. Remember, these are some of the major big picture topics. You’ll also get to work on the specifics of what’s going on for you…

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Week 1: How to Overcome the Overwhelm

Eyes ClosedIn week one we'll work on quieting the mental noise, dealing with over-committing, and on how to make better decisions.

You can't have big dreams or a clear vision with the amount of "noise" most people have. Sometimes this might be noise in other parts of your life too, so don't ignore this.


Week 2: How to Gain Extreme Clarity on What You Really Want

Eyes ClosedHere you’ll figure out exactly what your goals, dreams and vision are. You’ll also get to understand what’s stopping them from happening or slowing them down.

I'm sure you've heard a lot about goals and goal setting. We're going to throw everything you've learned about goals out the window and take a look at a couple of very specific aspects to this process that are going to transform how quickly they come into your life.

It's one thing to have a goal written down on a piece of paper, it's another thing to actually make it happen. We're about making it happen. And some of the very specific ideas and concepts covered this week are really going to blow you away! These things have transformed how quickly I've been able to achive my goals and I know they'll do the same for you.


Week 3: How to Silence the Critical Voice

Eyes ClosedYou know what I mean, the “I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, life is hard, I have to work hard to be successful voice.”

Even if you think you don’t have a critical voice, you’d be surprised by how your unconscious is programmed.

Unfortunately this critical voice can constantly stop you from moving forward, being the person you want to be, and achieving the things you want to achieve.

In this week 3 presentation I'm going to show you the exact steps to use Tapping to silence this critical voice so that you can get to living the life you've always wanted to live!


Week 4: How to Get Past the Events and Patterns that Haunt You

Eyes ClosedIn this week we’ll figure out exactly what events or beliefs you have that are limiting your growth. And we’ll delve into how the people around you like your parents, grandparents and other family members affected your experience of money.

Past events and traumas can have a serious effect on you both consciously and unconsciously. Luckily Tapping is extremely effective at allowing you to make changes that were so difficult before seem easy.


Week 5: How to End Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

Eyes ClosedI think all of us have dealth with procrastination and self-sabotage. It's unfortunately too easy to do the easy "to do" things in a day and not the ones that actually take you in the direction of your goals.

Here you’ll learn systems and strategies that you can use to get to a place of peace when making decisions so that you can end the procrastination and self-sabotage forever…


Week 6: How to Overcome the Fear of Standing Out in the World...

Eyes ClosedGrowing past the people around you can be tough, and the more you grow, the more difficult it can become.

If I asked you right now...What would your family and friends think if you were twice as successful, twice as wealthy and had a car and house twice as nice as them? How would you feel about standing out to them?

And how would you feel if you stood out in the world because of your success?

In this week's presentation and Tapping you’ll learn exactly how to feel congruent and safe with growth using EFT.


Week 7: How to Make Outrageous Dreams and Actually Make Them Happen!

Eyes ClosedI’m sure you’ve heard things before like…”shoot for the stars” and “dream big”, but does that just feel like pie in the sky thinking to you? How many outrageous dreams have you made happen?

In this final week you’ll discover how to make reaching your outrageous dreams a regular occurrence and not an every once in a while thing.


Louise Hay
Here's what Louise Hay, best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life, had to say about working with Nick:

"I believe Nick Ortner's teachings are easy to use and practical but work like magic. He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of tapping."


By now you’re likely seeing just how powerful these 7 weeks will be for you and how important these topics are…

You may believe that a 7 week program that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny. And in all really should...

In my journey to find financial success I actually spent tens of thousands of dollars going from one course to another that simply didn’t work. They didn’t work because they didn’t address the core issues that I had going on and they certainly didn’t have a technique as fast, rapid and effective as Tapping to be able to deal with them.

Tapping works more effectively then any other technique I’ve ever seen. That’s why “The Tapping Solution for Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment 7-Week Program” program by itself is valued at $997.

Now if I charged that amount I think most people would say it was completely fair...

In fact, I’ve paid much more than this for courses that don’t deliver nearly what this one will for you. I want to make it even better for you though, and I’ll tell you why…

I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with money and to feel like you want to grow but just can’t seem to make it happen. I understand the frustration and despair that comes with feeling like maybe I’m not good enough or I’m not meant to have an easy life. I went through some really tough times with my finances.

In fact, my situation was tougher than most people’s. I certainly hope that you never have to go through what I did. And one big thing that I learned from that experience is how appreciative I am to have what I have now…

Which is why I’m so passionate about helping others to be able to do the same!

In fact, I’ve set a goal to help 10,000 people reach their financial goals in the next year. So today I want to be able to help you to reach your financial goals, which is why I want to offer you an even better price than the $997…

The full 7 week program with the webinars, Daily Meditation audios, group calls, workbook and access to the Tapping Solution Financial Abundance community, is only $397

Yet today you’re not going to have to pay anywhere close to that. It get’s even better...

As I mentioned, I’ve set a goal to help 10,000 people reach their financial goals in the next year. And the first thing that I want to do kick off your 7 week financial transformation journey is to help you make a smart financial decision.

I remember that during my journey I paid thousands of dollars at a time for programs, throwing it on a credit card in hopes that it would help me. And unfortunately that wasn’t always the smart decision as it was outside of my budget. Which is why I want to make sure that this fits within a very affordable budget for you.

I want to make this a decision that lets you sleep peacefully tonight...

So I'm making three payment options available.

With the first option I've broken up the $397 amount into eleven monthly payments

An initial payment of only $47 today and then 10 equal payments of $35…so the only investment you have to make today, to join the 7-week coaching program, is $47!

With the second option you only pay 5 equal payments of $74, totaling $370 and saving you $27.

And with the third option, you can pay just one payment in full of $347, saving you a full $50!

I just want to give you the option to pick what’s right for you because I want you to be able to join this transformational program that I know will help you. I want you to feel completely safe in your decision. And I want you to know without a doubt that this is a smart investment for you.

On top of this simple payment plan, I also want you to take advantage of my unconditional guarantee…


Money Back

3 Month Money Back Guarantee


If you're not 100% satisfied we don't expect...or keep your money. Simply notify us by calling us or by emailing us within 90 Days and return the product and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

We'll even let you keep all of the bonuses for FREE!



Also, from now until Friday at midnight...

We will donate 100% of proceeds to the The Tapping Solution Foundation until we reach our goal of raising $50,000...

Over the next couple of days, I've set a goal to raise $50,000 for The Tapping Solution Foundation. To do this, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds for the next $50,000 in sales until we reach our goal. The Tapping Solution Foundation is perhaps what we're most proud of here at The Tapping Solution, because of the immense difference it's making in just 9 months of operation. We've been focused on serving those most in need in my hometown, of Newtown, CT.

Here's a little bit of what's happen and what will continue to happen with your support:

  1. Training local licensed mental health care and healing arts practioners serving the Newtown, CT area in EFT for Trauma.
  2. Workshops and support programs for Newtown educators.
  3. Individual EFT sessions for parents, children, educators and first responders traumatized by the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  4. Establishing the first community-based EFT Resiliency Program in the US right here in Newtown.
  5. Outreach and EFT for Stress and Trauma Relief trainings for professionals working in hospitals, universities, businesses and local and state agencies.
  6. Collaborating with Universities to provide EFT certification training programs for mental health professionals.
  7. Collaborating with Universities to provide EFT training as part of Peace Education and Compassion Curriculum.
  8. Pilot programs have been initiated for:
    1. Prisoners and their children.
    2. US students in CA, HI and CT.
    3. Cancer centers.
    4. Multiple Sclerosis support groups.
    5. Pain Managament.
  9. Developing consulting materials and resources for rapid response trauma relief efforts.

And lastly, if you act now...

I will toss in 3 powerful bonuses worth $141. You’ll get access to three exclusive, LIVE, interactive workshops...

"Supercharge Your Business Relationships with Tapping: How to be able to bond with anybody at any time to create lasting relationships (Valued $47)

A big part of business, making money, or anything else we do...are relationships.

In this bonus presentation I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create fulfilling, lasting, deep relationships. We'll tap into the power of EFT to clear away your blocks to creating deep, lasting relationships.


"Maximum Energy for Success with Tapping: How to get the highest level of energy out of yourself at any time. (Valued $47)

Energy is’s tough to have big ideas and big goals if you don’t feel great.

If you don’t have the energy to move forward you'll discover how to tap into an unending amount of energy using Tapping.

The results you'll get here are plain and're going to increase your energy levels!


"Doubling Your Focus and Concentration with Tapping: How to get twice as much done!
(Valued $47)

If you can’t focus and concentrate it can be tough to get things done. Endlessly staring at a computer screen, a stack of papers or at a growing list of tasks can be frustrating!

In this bonus presentation you'll discover the common leaches of productivty and learn simple tapping techniques to eliminate those blocks immediately!

That brings your total value up to $1,138.

Yet today, if you act now, it’s all yours for just one discounted payment today of $47 and then 10 payments monthly of only $35.

Or you can choose one of the other two payment options and get an even further discount.

You’ll get to be a part of a supportive group that will guide you to creating a life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined was possible for yourself. And, you’ll even make some wonderful friends along the way by taking part in our Tapping Solution Financial Abundance Community.

So go ahead and click the orange “add to cart” button below to get started. And get ready for an amazing journey of transformation. I can’t tell you how excited I am about these 7 weeks and for the opportunity to help you finally reach your financial goals.



What you'll get access to during this 7 Week Transformation Event:

7 Weekly Webinar Presentations $329 value

green check mark

7 "Daily Meditation Audios" $189 value

green check mark

7 Live, Interactive Q & A sessions $329 value
green_check The Full Email Course $57 value
green_check The Full Workbook $47 value
green_check 1 Year of Access to the Community Forum and... $46 value
green_check All three live, interactive BONUS workshops $141 value


Total Value with Bonuses: $1,138.00

Discounted Specials


Press play below to hear what Michelle, Jennifer, Brian, and Sharon had to say about last year's program:




Here's what Torie Walsh, one of the over 3,000 participants who has gone through the program, had to say...

"Nick, Thank you for this awesome opportunity to become a part of your tapping community. We both sat in on most if not all of the 7 weeks of the wealth creation tapping and we have already changed from being in about 50 to 70 thousand dollars of debt to not being in debt at all. We are now even growing a savings account which is already at $13,000.00!"

-Torie Walsh





Here's what Lisa Eden, another program participant, had to say...

"When I think back on my journey through the 7 Weeks to Financial Success Program and my progress since I think - WOW!!! Our finances are better than they have been for a long time although there is still room for improvement and growth. I had the courage to ask for a specific salary when I was told I was getting a raise - and got it; I've received several unexpected bonuses at work such as one after my boss got back from his overseas holiday; gifts in the form of life coaching and EFT sessions, I've been having small Lotto wins on a regular basis, won a digital camera with Readers Digest and a huge hamper of fresh vegetables from our local supermarket.

There have been other benefits too that are probably bigger and more important than the finanical ones. I'm in a waaaay better headspace than I was 12 months ago and my relationship with my brother is in a totally different place which is just incredible. I can finally see us becoming best friends. I have also released 7kg of excess weight and dropped a dress size. And best of all, I no longer beat myself up all the time. I can honestly eyeball myself in the mirror and say "I love you, I'm proud of you", mean it and know it to be true. I truly am my own best friend. Thank you tapping and Nick and the whole team at The Tapping Solution."

-Lisa Eden





Here is what Ann, another program participant, had to say...

"Thank you so much Nick for working with me on the blocks that I had to selling more books during the live Q&A! Amazing things have happened for me since the course started! First of all, an experienced equine marketer is working with me with my books -- for free because she never did a book before--and all kinds of things are happening thanks to her!

My check from the publisher this month was 7 times what the last one was, and my book rankings have moved up ASTRONOMICALLY on Amazon!! and I've got book signings lined up all over the place! I knew you were the one who could get me to break through my resistance to success with my books! I love ALL my books now! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"





Nick, Your money and spirituality article is another shining example of your commitment to empower all whose paths you cross. My husband and I participated in your free money and spirituality webinar and were so excited! We kept thinking about how we could manifest the finances to take the 7 week course. Then, as if by magic, you offered the most generous payment plan and we were able to afford the course and signed up immediately! We both looked at each other and our enthusiasm and gratitude soared! The bonus tapping mediation that we received after signing up for the course is life changing! A special thank you to your sister for this amazing tapping meditation. My husband’s job is ending in the next few weeks as the company is closing it’s doors. We have been using this tapping meditation for the last 7 days and 4 of our friends have asked to have my husband send his resume as they want to pass it along to hiring managers they know in my husbands field! And a few days ago, one of these friends called to let us know he already hand delivered the resume for a job my husband had just applied for online! We both have released blocked energy through this tapping (tears poured down may face after the first and 2nd time we did this tapping meditation). My husband & I also have been blessed with a deep sense of peace about our finances. We are amazingly looking forward with excited anticipation about how God/Universe is helping us to manifest our hearts desire to be financially secure & financially abundant to take care of our family and be able to pay it forward to use our abundant finances to help so many others!!! With all our love, deepest gratitude & appreciation to you Nick, Jessica and your family for creating The Tapping Solution and your kind and most generous way of doing business–the most altuistic way of doing business!!
Love & light & abundance of joy, Lil & Dan


I just wanted to tell you how deeply grateful I am to you from the bottom of my heart for offering me this amazing opportunity and to a cost that is affordable to me NOW!! I know this will be such a wonderful journey. Before money used to be something that made my energy sink, but these last few days I've actually started to feel excited when I think about money and even though I have paid all the bills there is still money in my bank account :) - and the course hasn't even started....


I am so excited about the upcoming Financial Success program ... and it starts the day after my birthday so it will help me kick off the "New Year".
I can't begin to express my gratitude for your generosity in pricing/value -- without your desire to reach out and help so many people by making the pricing adjustment and the easy to handle payment plan there would be no possible way I could participate. Blessings will surely fill your lives!


Thanks a million Nick!! I really enjoyed the broadcast. it was wonderful to hear your story and thanks again for sharing it with us. Your commitment to getting this out there is amazing and it's wonderful to hear the development from where things were with you a few years back...


I couldn't let myself know how desperate I was feeling about where my life has been.
Nick: I spent the last few minutes of your talk praying that there was going to be a way I could afford to do your 7 week tapping project about finances. It probably meant that I didn't hear all you had to say! but somehow my guides and angels knew I had to listen to you and that I could afford to sign on. I have so many good ideas but have been so frozen about how to proceed! I bless you and your family every day and will for the rest of my life
Jessica: you are a consummately wonderful guide to tapping too! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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