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From the Desk of Nick Ortner

NY Times best-selling author of "The Tapping Solution"

Dear Friend,

I'm excited that you've made it this far...

You're about to get unlimited access to a historical 13th Annual Tapping World Summit!

Over 2 million people have attended the previous 12 annual Tapping World Summits!

This online event — the "Tapping World Summit" — is about to change your life forever. It will guide you in transforming your emotional and physical health, abundance, and in overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you and holding you back for years.

I've seen many people fail while trying to achieve this level of personal well-being... and I've also seen people succeed. The difference is actually quite simple. Those who succeed continue to learn and tune in to events like this.

They don't rest on their laurels. They don't just listen once and then file the information away. They devour any new bit of information they can and they learn from the very best. And that's what we have provided for you, the VERY BEST...

The good news for you, is that you can get unlimited access to these powerful speakers from the comfort of your own home! No travel needed!

Most people go through their entire lives thinking that having a different and better life isn't possible. They deal day-to-day with health challenges, emotional challenges and financial challenges and feel that their current situation is the best that they can have and that they just "are who they are" and are stuck with what they have.

Now I know that if you're reading this page that you're already past that place, that you're already searching for solutions and ways to improve your life because you've opened up to the possibility. The question is... has what you've been doing so far been working? Do you have everything you want in your life? And most importantly, do you even BELIEVE that having anything you want in life is possible?

Well I'm here to tell you something that I know to be true from the core of who I am because it's been the case in my own life and in the lives of others around me. Contrary to what most people think...

Here's the structure of this program and how you can get unlimited access to these expert Tapping presentations...

Here's How You'll Get Access:

The Tapping World Summit is a Virtual Online Event that used an...

Online Video Player
The event itself ran for eleven consecutive days between Monday, February 25th, through Friday, March 8th, where there were two 100% content only presentations every night (I hope you were able to attend the live portion of the event!)

The Live Event...

These sessions were made available for ONLY 24 HOURS for free after their initial broadcast at 8PM EST(New York) time.

The reason I structured the event this way was because I wanted everyone to be able to access this information regardless of time zone or financial ability.

It was all available to stream for FREE for 10 days only! But don’t worry, you can still get access...

How to Get Unlimited Access:

As I mentioned above, each presentation was available for free 24 HOURS after their initial broadcast!

But here's the thing...

If you think you'd like to watch or listen even just one more time...
Or if you want to be able to share the presentations with friends or family...
Or if you want to be able to watch or listen to the presentations at any time on the go, on your portable devices when you're in the car, working out, or running errands...
Or if you want to be able to really work on an issue by watching or listening and tapping along several times...
Or if you want to listen to the Tapping Meditations that go along with each day...
Or if you want to read the transcripts of each presentation to really have it sink in...
Or if you want to do the workbook exercises that each expert put to go along with their presentations...

You will only be able to do so, if you take advantage of one of our Special Upgrade Package offers...

Investing in the Gold Digital Access or Platinum Digital Access, and getting the Presentations, Meditations, Workbooks, Transcripts of the event, will help you share the information with those you love, allow you to watch or listen to the experts at any time, as well as allow you to watch or listen in over and over again to "download" and embed the information into your subconscious for maximum results.

Repetition is a little secret of those who are truly blessed with great health, energy and abundance... repetition makes habits, and habits create lifestyles.

How Tapping can change your life...

EFT Tapping works to rewire the brain to bring both the body and mind back into balance

The latest research is proving that when you use EFT Tapping to shift your unconscious beliefs and emotions, you shift the chemicals being released into the body. In doing so, you are literally able to shift your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy levels and more!

So far, modern science's investigations into just why Tapping works have been astounding. The results reveal that Tapping is the perfect bridge between cutting edge Western medicine and ancient healing practices from the East.

Study after study show that when you deal with the underlying emotional issues, the body is brought back into balance leading to emotional well being, increased levels of happiness, weight loss, increased focus and productivity, improved immune system function and much more!

The most remarkable study regarding Tapping and stress hormones was a landmark study by Dr. Dawson Church published in 2012 in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. The study found that EFT Tapping lowered cortisol significantly more than traditional talk therapy or resting. A 2020 replicated study by Dr. Peta Stapleton showed similar resul ts, with a 43% decrease in cortisol levels, often known as the "stress hormone"

See what experts in different fields are saying about EFT Tapping!

Press play on the video to the rightbelow

Here's why Tapping works when other things fail and why The Tapping World Summit can transform your life forever...

I've known the frustrations of wanting to change and improve my life and not being able to get there...

For years I was tired of hearing things like "just think positively" and "push towards reaching your goals" because while I wanted to do those things...I just couldn't find an easy way to actually accomplish them.

I always had these unconscious patterns running my life that kept me stuck where I was, struggling with my finances, my health, my relationships and more.

It wasn't until I started using Tapping that I was able to recognize an actual shift in my thinking and actually feel different in my body. That's when I knew things were different. My finances improved, my health issues cleared up, I found the love of my life (my wife!)...

When I started using Tapping, there wasn't the scientific proof as to why it works like there is now.

But today, research is showing how it works in changing the brain.

Think about any challenges you're currently dealing with, whether they're with finances, weight loss, relationships, physical pain, overwhelming emotions, or whatever else you're struggling with...

Are there things that you could be doing, if there were absolutely no limitations on you, that would help this problem? For example with weight loss, could you be exercising more and eating better? I'm sure you'd say "yes, absolutely." The challenge is of course rewiring our brain so that the way we think, feel and act is different. So that we're motivated to exercise, so that we don't struggle with food cravings, so that we're not overwhelmed with cortisol that holds on to weight.

This is what Tapping does so beautifully.

And it does this with all the areas of our life where we struggle. When we tap, we rewire the brain to make better decisions and take better actions that lead to more financial success. We rewire the brain so that we show up different in life and attract better relationships, or we show up better in our current ones. We rewire the brain to release physical pain from our body as our bodies release the traumas and emotions that hold pain in place.

Every time you tap on a meridian point, while going through the tapping process and focusing on the challenge you're dealing with, you are sending a calming signal to your brain that is rewiring it. Tapping works to literally rewire the brain, to change neuropathways so that you actually want to do the things that are going to improve your life and make you feel better.

This is why Tapping works when other things fail! And when you experience The Tapping World Summit, you'll get to actually feel the difference for yourself.

Hear What Past Summit Attendees Have to Say!

Another mind-blowing session. I am so grateful for this Tapping World Summit.

Every presentation adds another piece of information to the puzzle I have been trying to understand for years, and each time I tap along with Jessica and the presenters I shift a little more. Today it was like all of the sessions came together and I felt (in my body, my heart and my soul) a release, and then a profound settling of understanding and clarity, like everything just clicked. Like I have an entirely new window through which I am viewing myself, the world, and the reality of nature. WOO HOO!!!!!
Michelle Mattingly, Incline Village, NV

I have to buy the complete summit. I need to listen to this and others over again!

I have today purchased the full package as I know I need to continue. So happy thanks to you all.

This was the deciding presentation (After listening to Dr. Kim D'Eramo's Day 8 presentation). I have to buy the complete summit. I need to listen to this and others over again! Thank you all!
Kandi Eden, British Columbia, Canada

Just wanted to send you a great big cyber hug and tons of appreciation for this program. It is SO important.

I've been tapping since 2001. Listening tonight to Gene Monterastelli interview was what motivated me to buy the full program. His approach was just enough different that it really resonated and has already helped me with some current anger issues! So thanks Gene! And thanks to you and Jessica and all the presenters and people who helped put this together.
Christofer Aven, Hayward, California

The tapping is brilliant. I tap with all the presentations regardless of what they are for and after feeling at a dead end I am beginning to feel light and free.

I have today purchased the full package as I know I need to continue. So happy thanks to you all.

Also, before I started tapping I would have minded making the testimonial and picture public but now I please feel free to use my comments because I feel wonderful and I don't need to hide myself away now. Thank you so much I had almost given up hope!
Janey Dudley, Nottingham, UK

The world summit is mind blowing again! So glad I invested in the gold package so I can listen to the audios again and again.

Its only day 3 and what shifts I am feeling already. I listened and tapped today on all of the day one talks on the world summit and OMG the rush of confidence I have got today is huge. I have bought the the 2016 gold package and instantly my email box is flooded with great teachers and teachings. I almost feel overwhelmed by such a gift (will tap on that ha ha ). The world summit is mind blowing again. All the teachers are amazing. I listened to Margaret Lynch about 6 times today and tapped. So glad I invested in the gold package so I can listen to the audios again and again.
Dawn Power

Now that I have upgraded, I have the amazing opportunity to refer back to the sessions at a later date. The upgrade is so worth it!

This is absolutely amazing, Nick. I just wasn't expecting the absolute relief I felt. In all three sessions, the moment we started tapping on the side of the hand, I started sobbing, and sobbing. But by the end of each session, I felt so relieved, until by the end of the third session, when I was finding the energy leaks to manifesting my best self, I think that for the first time in my life, I felt REAL JOY, REAL PEACE. I am sure that so many people will be equally blessed by this summit.
Margaret Reece

I want you to be able to do what I did and what so many people have done with Tapping, which is to drastically improve your life in a short period of time, in a way that is simple and effective...

I've brought together the world's leading EFT Tapping experts from around the world, to guide you in creating the life that you truly desire.

A life where you have the things you want like financial success... the weight, body and health you deserve... deep and meaningful relationships... and a level of stress that is normal and healthy. I want to help you create a life that is truly fulfilling at its core.

That's what the Tapping World Summit is all about and that's why...

I've brought together the world's leading EFT Tapping experts to share their knowledge in 25 content-packed presentations! Here are the speakers and topics...

Day 1

Creating Emotional Balance: How to Consistently Process and Release Negative Emotions and Shift Towards Positive Emotions That Bring Inner Peace

Nick Ortner
The Energy of Emotions: How To Release Stressful Emotions and Cultivate Empowering Ones
Learn More
Cheryl Richardson
Finding Peace in Turbulent Times: How Tapping Can Help Restore Your Inner Balance
Learn More

Day 2

Reclaiming Your Power: From Feeling Defeated to Feeling Strong, Empowered and Unstoppable!

Iyanla Vanzant
Reclaim Your Power - Use Tapping to go from feeling defeated to strong and empowered
Learn More
Marie Forleo
How to Be Unstoppable: How to Finally Take Action on Your Big Dreams
Learn More

Day 3

Balancing Your Body: How to Use Tapping to Release Pain, Boost Your Immune System and Create Lasting Health

Dawson Church
Tapping To Boost Your Immune System: Ignite Your Body's Healing Mechanisms
Learn More
Dr. Kim D'Eramo
What's Under That Pain and Chronic Illness? Uncovering the Hidden Messages of Your Symptoms to Find Relief
Learn More

Day 4

Loving Yourself: Using Tapping to Create True Self Love That Leads to a Healthier Mind and Body

Kris Carr
Loving Yourself To Better Health: How To Find Inner Peace in the Midst of Health Challenges
Learn More
Brad Yates
How To Release Resistance to Self Love and Acceptance: Break Free From Inner Blocks that Keep You Stuck
Learn More

Day 5

Reclaim Your Life: Finding Joy and Hope After Adversity

Karen Ortner
Picking Up the Pieces: How to Use Tapping To Become Whole After a Childhood of Trauma and Abuse
Learn More
Scarlett Lewis
Tapping For Forgiveness: How Releasing Our Deepest Wounds Can Help Us Find Inner Freedom
Learn More

Day 6

Lifting the Fog: How to Use Tapping to Move Through and Out of Tough Emotions Like Grief and Depression

Damon Silas
Tapping to Find Relief From Unresolved Grief: How to Befriend Your Grief to Make Room for Love, Joy and Hope
Learn More
Mary Ayers
Lifting the Fog of Depression with Tapping: Letting the Sun Shine again!
Learn More

Day 7

Performing at Your Best: Using Tapping to Shift Your Identity, Habits, and Energy to Get More Done

Alex Ortner
Believe in Yourself! How to Use Tapping to Shift Your Internal Identity So You Finally Do the Things You Want to Do
Learn More
Brendon Burchard
Using Tapping To Wire In High Performance Habits: How To Get The Clarity and Energy You Need To Move Forward
Learn More

Day 8

Shifting the Everyday Emotions: How to Use Tapping to Shift Two of Life’s Most Frequently Felt Emotions - Anxiety and Overwhelm

Catherine Nyika
Tapping to Release Anxiety: How to Help Your Mind and Body Finally Relax
Learn More
Carol Look
From Overwhelm to Clarity: How to use Tapping to Overcome Worry and Doubt and Make the Right Decisions for You!
Learn More

Day 9

Unlocking Your Abundance: Releasing Stress, Shame, and Feeling of Being Not Enough to Create Abundance

Margaret Lynch Raniere
How To Release Stress and Shame and Bust through your Money blocks with Tapping!
Learn More
Abiola Abrams
Claim Your Self Worth! How To Release Feelings of "Not Enough" with Tapping and Unlock Abundant Possibilities
Learn More

Day 10

Maximizing Your Energy, Focus, and Productivity: How to Use Tapping to Sleep Better, Be More Focused and Maximize Your Productivity

Jim Kwik
Tapping for Focus and Productivity: Bring Out Your Inner Genius To Get The Right Things Done and Enjoy The Process!
Learn More
Julie Schiffman
Tapping for Restful and Restorative Sleep: Sleep Deeper and Feel More Rested Than Ever Before!
Learn More

Bonus Day

Integration Day / Bonus Day

Jessica Ortner
Integration Process
Learn More
Jessica Ortner
Personal Peace Procedure
Learn More

Daily Presentations

Day 1
Peta Stapleton
The Latest Science and Research Behind EFT Tapping
Learn More
Day 2
Donna Eden
Expanded Energy Medicine Techniques: How To Incorporate Other Powerful Techniques Into Your Practice
Learn More
Day 6
Ryan Haddon
Feeling Safe, Seen and Heard Within your Relationships
Learn More
Day 10
David Feinstein
How Tapping Changes the Brain: the Latest Research
Learn More
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But why settle for only having access to this life-changing information for 10 days? Those that succeed most don't just listen once and then file the information away.

They devour the information and they do the tapping over and over again, getting new distinctions and creating change with the Tapping every time.

The Gold and Platinum Level access to the event take the Tapping World Summit to a whole new level.

Here's what you get when you upgrade your access level, and take the event home with you...

Videos & Audios

Lifetime Access to all 25 Presentations

Listen to and tap-along with all of the powerful event presentations after the event is over. If you want to get bigger results, and go deeper, then upgrading will give you the opportunity to do so.

Official Digital Workbook

The Official Tapping World Summit Digital Workbook

Over 300 pages to help you take your Tapping deeper and includes summaries of each presentation, writing prompts and all Tapping Meditations from the presentation PLUS bonus material

Tapping Meditations

10 Tapping Meditations Audios

Close your eyes and follow along as you calm your mind and relax your body. Save directly on your phone for immediate access when you need some support.

Learn More!

Facebook Community

Private Facebook Community

“A short while ago I asked for help from this wonderful group. I am so overwhelmed and grateful for the beautiful response! People sending prayers, healing energy and love. So many wonderful, helpful suggestions!”

Cecelia Jurgens

Gold Bonuses

3 Bonus Interviews

1. The Pressure to Perform: How to Overcome Work Stress and Perform at the Highest Level
with Steve Wells
2. Tapping Into Body Confidence: The Key to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Struggles
with Jessica Ortner
3. Whose Energy Is It? Using Tapping to Release Negative Energy from Others
with Carol Tuttle

Platinum Bonuses

You get everything from the gold package PLUS

Platinum Bonus

50 Digital Tapping Meditation Scripts for Health & Happiness Book

  • Releasing Morning Stress
  • Releasing Evening Stress
  • Title of Script
  • Title of Script
And so many more...

See all 50 Scripts Included!
The Best of

The Tapping World Summit Series

For over 13 years The Tapping Solution has been sharing the latest information and resources to help transform your life with Tapping. Access the 20 most popular and impactful interviews from the last decade.

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Special Bonuses!

10 Bonus Meditations

MP3 Audio Downloads
Jessica & Nick Ortner

The meditation audios and transcripts you'll receive are:

  • When Life Feels Stuck: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Help you Move Forward
  • Letting Go of Anger: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Feel More at Peace
  • Let Go of Your Fear Around Public Speaking: A Guided Tapping Meditation
  • Quieting Your Cigarette Cravings: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Help you Relax Without a Cigarette
  • Improving Communication in a Relationship: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Start Feeling Safe to Open Up
  • After a Relationship Has Ended: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Move Forward and Create a Brighter Future
  • Resistance to Exercise: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Motivate and Move Your Body
  • Getting Focused and Centered: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Calm The Overwhelm
  • Overcoming Exhaustion: A Guided Tapping Mediation to Help you Feel More Energized
  • Connecting to Your Creativity: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Open Yourself Up to New Ideas

The Tapping Solution Documentary Film

Feature-length Film

This movie normally sells in our store for $29.95 but you'll get free digital access with the gold upgrade or platinum access.

In this movie, you'll meet 10 people from around the country with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, Fibromyalgia, abundance blocks, weight loss, smoking, grief and more. You'll follow their journey as they learn EFT Tapping (and you do as well) and then dive deeper into the keys to changing your life.

The film features experts such as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Dawson Church, Cheryl Richardson, and many others. These are just a sample of the many bonuses that come with the package

Here's what supporters of The Tapping World Summit have to say about Tapping...

"Put away the skepticism, this really works. I have worked with Nick Ortner and had great results with Tapping in my own life"
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Internationally renowned author and speaker, often called the "father of motivation"
Recognize an Expert? Click on their picture below to see what they have to say.

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Complete Unlimited Digital Access to Video & Audio Files online for each of the 25 sessions ($197 Value)
The official Tapping World Summit digital workbook which includes presentation overview, Tapping scripts and bonus material (digital file), PLUS all transcripts from each summit presentations ($47 Value)
TEN Tapping Meditations to go along with each day of the event! ($30 Value)
Access to The Tapping World Summit Private Facebook Community ($17 Value)
3 Extra bonus sessions to enhance your Tapping experience ($30 Value)
50 Digital Tapping Meditation Scripts for Health and Happiness Book ($30 Value)
The Best Of The Tapping World Summit: 20 of the most impactful interviews over the last decade ($297 Value)
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Today: $247

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