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Please watch the video from Jessica below in FULL. It's short and explains EXACTLY how this very special offer works. :)

Tapping DVD


List Price: $56.95 --- Your Price: $1
Yes! I want to get The Tapping Solution Documentary Film for $1 (Plus S&H) and 30 days in the Tapping Insiders Club. I understand that after 30 days I will be charged $19.95 per month (I can cancel at any time before or after the 30 days). I also understand there is a 60 day money back guarantee.


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Dear Friend,

Here at The Tapping Solution we're always brainstorming about how we can keep spreading the message of how a simple technique like EFT or Meridian Tapping can produce such dramatic results in people's lives.

We're motivated every day by the testimonials we receive from people around the world getting amazing results. And most of the emails reference two things:

1 - "The Tapping Solution" documentary film, and how it's opened up people's eyes to what's possible, expanded their understanding of Meridian tapping and brought more hope, freedom and joy to their lives AND the lives of friends and family members that they've shown it to.

2 - The "Tapping Insiders Club", our monthly, members-only audio and video resource that is jam-packed with specific ways to use tapping in all aspects of your life, that gives people direct access to world-class experts in the field, and that is helping people achieve tremendous results.

So we thought, why don't we combine these two amazing resources and get as many people as possible to experience them? That's how we came up with this offer letting you buy the film for only ONE DOLLAR and give you a free 30 Day Free Trial in the Tapping Insiders Club!

What's the Catch? There's always a catch...

Here's exactly how this works, so we are both really clear on our goal and intention for this offer. We will ship the documentary film, "The Tapping Solution" to you for just ONE DOLLAR, plus the actual cost of shipping and handling, $4.95 in the US, $5.95 in Canada and $9.95 internationally, in return, we ask that you watch the film and give us your feedback on it and also try out the Tapping Insiders Club for 30 days.

And you might be asking, “Why are you doing something where you lose money and give away something so valuable for basically nothing?”

The answer is two-fold:

1 - We are so proud of this club and so delighted with the results that thousands of people around the world are seeing, that we REALLY want you to give it a shot! We know that many of you will stick around with the club because of the value it provides, and this (we hope!) will offset the costs of selling the film for only one dollar.

2 - We really love our movie, (hey, we worked hard on it! Lol) and getting more copies of it out into the world is important for us. Plus, we know that after you see it the first time, you’ll probably come back and buy more for friends and family.  

So back to the club and this offer, we’ll give you 30 days of free access to the club.  At the end of 30 days, your credit card will be billed for the next month, at the discounted rate for this offer of $19.95 per month (normally $27 per month!).  If for ANY reason you decide that the club is not for you, you can cancel at anytime.

Why how we work is different from a lot of people out there...

People sometimes worry that they’ll forgot about the club being a monthly membership site, see a charge on their credit card, and then won’t be able to get it back.  

Let me make our stance on this plain and simple, we do not want your money unless you’re finding great value in the club.  So if you do forget for whatever reason and see the charge, and decide you don’t want the club, simply email or call and we’ll refund it in full.  And that’s our PROMISE to you.

You might or might not know that this is a family business.  I started the documentary film with my sister and best friend, and have since brought on my younger brother, Alex, and my amazing father, Martin on board.  (Maybe Mom is next...)

And Martin handles the finances, so I’ve got my Dad on my back making sure I do everything I promise to you.  :)

Our Guarantee...

So here it is again, our ROCK SOLID guarantee, and I am going to spell this out as clearly as possible.  Print this page out if you want to have it documented. :)

We expect that you are going to love the Tapping Insiders Club and realize that at only $19.95 per month (discounted from the normal rate of $27 and locked in for life), for hundreds of hours of tapping information, the latest breakthroughs and insights and personalized attention to YOU, it’s a fantastic value.  

But if for any reason you decide the club isn’t write for you, you can cancel, no questions asked.  You can do this with a simple email or phone call.  We won’t ask you to “fax” something in to make it complicated like my gym membership did to me once!

This is a limited time offer, available only until October 21st.

I’ve put some more details about the Tapping Insiders Club below, in case you want to learn more about the club before you give it a shot.  I’ve also put some testimonials about the film in case you’re not familiar with it!

Keep Tapping!


Here's What You'll Get for $1...
The Tapping Solution Documentary Film
Tapping DVD

The Tapping Solution (formerly known as "Try It On Everything") is an independent documentary film that chronicles 10 everyday Americans using Meridian Tapping Tehniques to heal both physical and emotional issues. The six are challenged to open up and use Tapping for their fears, traumas, pains, phobias and much more.

We get to see the participants remarkable journey and the physical and emotional transformation brought on from this simple healing technique. We witness moments of struggle, support, and hope as what is revealed, with startling clarity, is that we can heal ourselves.

We rarely discount the film below the regular $29.95 price, let alone sell it for only $1 with a 30 Day Free trial into the Tapping Insiders Club included!

To give you an idea of what other's think about this film here is just some of the amazing feedback we've received recently about "The Tapping Solution":



"The DVD is amazing"

"The DVD is amazing, inspiring, moving, just plain fantastic."

-Cecilia Winston, St. Louis, MO


"I just finished watching it... WOW"

"My DVD arrived in the mail today and I just finished watching it...WOW...what an amazing experience...I had no idea that I had totally surpressed so many emotions until I saw this movie...I smiled...I cried...I hurt...I loved...I healed!

I want to thank the participants for being so gracious and for being prepared to share their experiences with us all...they are spreading miracles worldwide."

-Pauline Swanson, Australia


"Worth Watching Again and Again"

"It is brilliantly filmed and edited, well shaped and the righ length, intriguing yet respectful of the privacy of the participants. It is beautiful to observe their individual blossoming, and the development of empathy within the group. Their stories are our stories, one way or another.

The clips from interviews with a great range of experts are very helpful, worth watching again and again for the insights they bring. Thank you so much for the care and love you have put into the making of this great little DVD. It's a gem."

-Lynsey Ferrari, New Zealand


"I have tears in my eyes..."

"I have tears in my eyes watching how everyone shifted from their pain, whether be emotionally or physically into having more control over their lives. This was so inspirational to watch! For anyone who has any doubt about this technique, watch this video and get inspired! It works!"

-Annie Siegel, New York, NY



A 30 Day FREE Trial into the Tapping Insiders Club


Here is just some of what's in the club:


green check markFeatured Interviews with the world's leading Tapping experts on over 75 different subjects. Here are just a few of the experts featured in The Tapping Insiders Club:


Carol Look
Patricia Carrington
Lindsay Kenny
Carol Look
Patricia Carrington
Steve Wells
Rick Wilkes
Loretta Sparks
Helena Johnson
Brad Yates
Loretta Sparks
David Rourke
David Lake
Ingrid Dinter
Angela Lyon
Rue Hass
Maggie Adkins
Alex Lees
Angela Lyon
Rue Hass
Maggie Adkins
Sophia Cayer
Dr. Alex Lees


green check markVideo Tap Alongs to give you powerful direction on what to say on a number of different issues. Here are a couple of examples of what these look like:



green check markBonus Footage from The Tapping Solution so that you can see the hours and hours of interviews with experts as well as the behind the scenes footage of the 4 day event featured in the film. Here are a few examples of video clips currently in the club:


"John and the Rat" Phobia Cure
Jackie and Jodie Releasing Childhood Trauma with Carol Look
Powertalk Interview with Carol Tuttle


green check markBeginner's Corner for anybody new to tapping. This area features "how to's" to help you master the basics of tapping so that you can get the most out of all of the resources on the site. There's also some great content here for intermediate and advanced users! Here are some of the topics you'll find in this area:


black dot
Beginners Corner Intro – Learn the Basics and get Tapping Right Away!
black dot
Common Beginner Mistakes with Dr. Patricia Carrington  
black dot
How to Know What To Say with Rue Hass
black dot
The Power of Questions  with Carol Look
black dot
Understanding the Choices Method with Dr. Patricia Carrington
black dot
Clearing Your Resistance to Tapping
black dot
Simple vs. Complex with Lindsay Kenny
black dot
Speaking Your Truth with Maggie Adkins
black dot
Using Tapping with Affirmations


green check markPractitioner's Corner for those who want to or already are working with clients professionally using tapping. Here are a couple of the audios and videos already featured in this area:


Steve Wells
"Tapping Into the Corporate Environment" with Steve Wells
Carol Look
The Legal Side of Tapping Interview with Midge Murphy
Carol Look
“Marketing Your Tapping Business” Interview with Lindsay Kenny
Carol Look
"Tapping for More Clients In Your Business" Tap Along Video with Margaret Lynch
Carol Look
“The Top 10 Tips for Practitioners” audio interview with EFT Master Dr. Carol Look
  Pamela Bruner
"Creating a Powerful Introduction" with Pamela Bruner
Alex Lees
Tips on Conducting a Powerful One on One Session with Dr. Alex Lees
Beginning a Tapping Community with Emma Roberts


green check markAsk the Expert Interviews Every month you're able to submit YOUR questions to be answered by a leading Tapping Expert. Currently we have over 25 months worth of these interviews that you can listen to stream immediately when you join!


green check markFeatured Tele-classes for those looking for more in depth information on specific topics. Currently there are more than 25 months worth of tele-classes in the club. Each tele-class has 4 parts. That's 100 audios just on specific, targeted teleclasses!


green check markTapping Scripts that you can tap along with so that you know EXACTLY what to say for different topics. No more wondering if you're saying the right thing, now you'll be able to read scripts written by some of the world's leading tapping experts.


green check markArticles to keep you up to date on how best to use EFT Tapping and to give you a deeper understand on how it is best used. Case studies, expert articles and personal stories and much more all are featured in this powerful area.


Here are Just a Few of The Topics Covered in the Club...


  black dot   Chronic Pain black dot   Emotional Problems
  black dot   Disorders black dot   Addictions
  black dot   Phobias black dot   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  black dot   Physical Diseases black dot   Fears
  black dot   Anxiety black dot   Stress
  black dot   Financial Issues black dot   Physical Pain
  black dot   Abuse black dot   Trauma
  black dot   Insomnia black dot   Parent Issues
  black dot   Overcoming Failure black dot   Self Development
  black dot   Weight Loss black dot   Fybromyalgia

And Much More!




"I LOVE this Site!"

"I LOVE the site!  For starters, it’s a great looking website.  I love the video/audio updates that Jessica gives every Monday to let me know what’s new so I don’t have to go searching around to figure it out for myself.  And  it’s so easy to navigate – I love that the categories are all listed on the home page so I can pick and choose which topics I want to get info on or, if I’m looking for a specific issue, like this morning I needed to find some tapping guidance on knee pain and was able to go directly to it.  Terrific!  I also like that I can go in by month from the home page as well, just in case I’ve missed checking in for a few days or a couple weeks and can see exactly what has gone on during the month.  I love the tap-along videos – they’re great!  I love the Ask The Expert feature.  I love the weekly teleclasses.  I really love the fact that I can download almost everything I want, to listen to over and over again.  My mp3 player is practically bursting!  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jessica is an outstanding interviewer.  I don’t think there is anything about the site I don’t love.  I am so grateful to Nick & Jessica and everyone involved in creating and maintaining this wonderful site – I have found so many solutions right there when I needed them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You do the tapping world proud!!!"

-Sherry C from Canada


"The Tapping Insiders Club Has Been Wonderful"

"Discovering the power of tapping has completely changed my emotional state and how I interact with others.  I am much calmer, happier, more content and more social as I get to the root of some long standing emotional issues that have been holding me back in so many ways.  The hardest thing for me was knowing where to start and what to tap on and the Tapping Insiders Club has been wonderful.  With tap along videos and audios which I love and new expert interviews every month, I am constantly learning new things about myself and creating a better life.  It feels wonderful to honour my emotions rather than ignore and supress them.  Thank you for providing this wonderful club, I'm so glad I discovered you."



"It's Really the Best of the Best"

"I love learning! That’s why I love the Insiders Tapping Club. With the club you just keep bringing more and better learning to all your members. I love the depth and breadth of your teachers and the content you offer. It’s really the best of the best.
But most of all I love the warmth, authenticity, and integrity you all exhibit. Jess, you just knock me out. Your love and sincerity is infectious. When you invite us to tap, how can we resist?
It often amazes me how I just forget to tap. I know with absolute certainty it works – I’ve seen it hundreds  (or maybe thousands) of times with myself, friends, colleagues, and clients. We consistently achieve amazing results. Yet there are those stressful days and events where I find myself in stuck the stew. After suffering a while it suddenly dawns on me that I can tap on it!  If I’m having difficulty getting to the shift, I know I can go to the club and I’ll find something there that will help me over the hump.
We all need reminders and support. I love the tapping club because it’s a welcoming reminder that tapping does work and there are infinite ways of doing it. I refer my clients to the club because I know it’s the best resource for their tapping practice.
I love your practitioners’ corner, the monthly classes, the interviews, and the tap along audios and videos. Wow! It’s all here.
So keep doing what you are doing. We need you."

-Bobbie Burdett in Asheville, NC



money back guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied you can return "The Tapping Solution " or cancel your membership in the Tapping Insiders Club or both within 60 days after purchase and we'll refund you your money.


I Want The Tapping Solution Documentary Film and 30 Days Of Access in the Tapping Insiders Club for $1!

There is a limit of ONE copy and ONE 30 day access per person. We realize this is a VERY cheap price for the film. Please do not try to purchase more than once as it is not in the spirit of what we are offering! :)

DVD Book Combo Picture

List Price: $56.95

Your Price: $1

Yes! I want to get The Tapping Solution Documentary Film for $1 (Plus S&H) and 30 days in the Tapping Insiders Club. I understand that after 30 days I will be charged $19.95 per month (I can cancel at any time before or after the 30 days). I also understand there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

You will get immediate access to ALL of the audios, pdf's, and videos in the Tapping Insiders Club as soon as you make your payment. You will not need to wait. Make your payment and get access to download the full package! Even if it's 2 AM!

Thanks for your support!

Nick Ortner

Executive Producer of "The Tapping Solution"


P.S. - This is a limited time offer. This $1 Special Offer will only be available until October 21st, 2011 and then it's gone. Don't miss out on this special opportunity!

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