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From the desk of Nicolas Ortner

Dear Friend,

Imagine a life free of of fear, anxiety, anger and other debilitating emotions. Is this “realistic”?  Can you live a life of abundance health, happiness, money and freedom?

If I asked these questions to the average person I'd likely get an answer of “NO”

Why is that?

I believe it’s because as a culture, as a society and as a world, we’ve “lowered the bar” on what’s possible in our lives.  You see, when everyone around you is miserable, complaining about their aches and pains, their debts, their misfortunes... When the media is bombarding you with one story after another of so called “news”, then it’s easy to believe that this is just the way the world is.

But I know if I ask you these important questions, and you dig down deep, to your core, to that deep place within you, your answer will be a resounding... YES!

I know it's possible, because I’ve experienced transformations in myself and in others that I previously wouldn’t have believed.

I’ve seen pain disappear in minutes.  I've seen people turn around their finances in a matter of months. I’ve seen people with debilitating depression that was dragging them down for years be able to regain their energy, vitality, strength and happiness.

I know it’s VERY realistic to be healthy, happy and abundant!  I love what I do.  I love communicating with you and sharing these incredible tools that are taking the world by storm.  

Now, it wasn’t always this way for me.   When I first learned about Meridian Tapping, I was doing work that I found extremely unfulfilling.  I found myself in cycles of debt and wealth.  I found myself missing passion and energy for my work and I couldn’t see a way out.  

So what did I do?

I used tapping, CONSISTENTLY, to clear out the negative emotions, the limiting beliefs, even the small daily challenges until I found myself in a place of peace...and you can too.

When I began tapping doors started to fly open.

Ideas flew in from the ether.

The right people and opportunities knocked on my door and MOST importantly, I had done the INNER WORK to be able to make the most out of them.  

The joy continues every day.  The passion is higher than it’s ever been before.  And if I ever hit a speed bump... Tapping!

Want to know the real secret to getting amazing, life transformative results with Tapping?

I’ve seen countless “one minute miracles” with Tapping.  I’m astounded every time someone’s pain clears in minutes.  That’s all very exciting.  But what is MOST exciting is the ability to use this tool to transform ALL aspects of your life.   

How can YOU do this? How can YOU be joyful, abundant, happy and at peace with the world and everyone in it?

By CONSISTENT application of these powerful tools.   

The word CONSISTENT is the key here.  (that’s why I’m capitalizing it!)  

If you want dramatic results in your life, then you’ve got to make a decision.

It’s a very simple one:

  You either ignore this, close it out, and go put on the TV or do something else to distract yourself.

You take action, use these powerful tools and live that life you’ve always dreamed of...

It’s really very simple and I’m not going to sugar coat it. As a culture, we make too many excuses for what’s wrong, why things aren’t working, why our life stinks!

Sure, there are outside circumstances and significant challenges we all face, but at the end of the day, it comes down to YOU and YOUR choice.

You see, the TV will distract you for a while.... The ice cream or cookies will give you a brief high, if you can get over the guilt... But then you’ll come crashing back down, repeating the same patterns as before.


I believe in you.  

I believe you are a divine spark.  

I believe you have an inner strength and knowing that would astound all the people who think they “know” you.  

I believe you can have what you want in your life.

I believe you can feel GOOD in your own body.  I believe you can feel GREAT in your own body!

I believe you can clear these limiting beliefs that have held you back for way too long.

I believe you can follow your passions and make your dreams come true.  

Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself.

Now it’s time to make a new choice.  To replace that hour of TV with an empowering audio or video from the Tapping Insiders Club.  (And you can still keep your favorite shows! I’m just talking about those borderline ones that aren’t that good anyway!)

We have created the Tapping Insiders Club as a monthly resource for you to get the most cutting-edge information that you can IMMEDIATELY apply to your life and the lives of those you love.  

We have spent hundreds of hours gathering and creating materials on a huge variety of topics all designed to meet your needs and get you great results.

We have slashed the membership price during this grand opening celebration of the Tapping Insiders Club 2.0 to make it affordable and accessible for you.

Now it’s your turn.  :)

If you’re ready to get inside the club and start listening today, click here, or view more details below

Wishing you abundance, peace and prosperity...

Nicolas M. Ortner
Creator and Producer of “The Tapping Solution” and the “Tapping World Summits”

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Here's how it's going to help YOU!


The bottom line is that you want to know how it's going to help you. You want to know how this club is going to help you to become happier, healthier, wealthier and create more freedom in your life!

Let's break this down and get specific:

An inside look at how to find physical and emotional health...

For me "health" consists of both physical and mental health. That's why we've organized the powerful resources inside the club into easy to understand topics. Here is some of what you'll be able to do as a member:


Remove Physical Pain, Negative Emotions Around Serious Illnesses and Eliminate Addictions

Here are some of the resources already inside the club about physical health challenges:

black dot
The Most Effective Strategies for Weight Loss and Tapping - with Carol Look
black dot
Quickly Eliminate Cravings Tap Along with Jessica Ortner
black dot
Eye-popping case studies on Tapping and TMJ Disorder - with Steven Munn
black dot
Tapping for Cancer Support – A Healing Journey - with Emma Roberts
black dot
Back Pain Tapping- Find Relief Fast - with Rick Wilkes
black dot
Using EFT For Cold Hands and Feet - with Steven Munn
black dot
Tapping for Muscle Cramps – Sleep at Last! - with Julie Shiffman
black dot
Find Relief from Arthritis Pain with Tapping Now  - with Virginia McConnell
black dot
An Inside Look at Using Tapping To Quit Smoking - With Carol Look
black dot
Quick Tips for Using Tapping to Improve Your Vision - with Dr. Carol Look
black dot
Knee Pain and Tapping – Understanding the Messages from your body - with Rue Hass


"Like you advise, I “try it on everything” … and the results always amaze me. Two recent tapping successes include:

1. A single tapping session cleared away a pain in my shoulder that had been lingering for almost a year.

2. When a tooth swelled with an abcess the size of a golf ball, tapping reduced the pain so that I could sleep OK, and the next day the swelling was almost gone (it was completely gone in a couple of days). "


Discover the most effective ways to find happiness and joy

Being happy is simple when you eliminate negative emotions, limiting beliefs and traumas from your life. The question is how do you eliminate all of those feelings and beliefs you don't want?! Tapping of course...


Overcome Parent / Child Issues that hold you back!

Most of our issues as adults stem from our relationships with our parents. It's for this reason that we've put a big emphasis on having lots of great audios and videos to help you overcome any parent issues you may have.

We also want you to be the best parent that you can be for your children to not repeat the cycle!

Here are some of the resources in the parent / child area already inside the club:

black dot
Healing Mother Issues with Tapping – An Emotional Journey Of Healing - with Annie Siegel
black dot
The Vital Importance of Healing Mother Abandonment Issues with Carna Zacharies-Miller
black dot
Tapping for Expecting Mothers – A New Paradigm Shift - with Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty
black dot
Using Tapping With Children - with Dr. Patricia Carrington
black dot
Instantly Improve Challenges Faced by Step-Parents - with Catherine Behan
black dot
Using Tapping To Help Your Child Fall Asleep – Peace At Last! - with Becky Dorn
black dot
The Importance of Clearing Previous Birth Traumas with Virginia McConnell


"I have had great success tapping for relief of the anxiety and guilt over a past experience in just 3 sessions. AMAZING!!! "




Remove Negative Emotions such as Anger, Resentment Fear and Stress

What would it be like for you if you didn't carry around these negative emotions and instead replaced those emotions with abundance, joy, gratitude and love? Do you think that there might be some drastic improvements in all areas of your life? :)

You'll be able to target specific negative emotions that you want to target to release the control that they have over your life.

Here is some examples of emotion specific resources already inside the club:

black dot
Using Tapping for Anger – Gaining Emotional Control -  with Rick Wilkes
black dot
The Good Side of Anger Tap Along with Margaret Lynch
black dot
Tapping for Gratitude - with Brad Yates
black dot
Using Tapping for Holiday Stress - with Brad Yates
black dot
Using Tapping to Attract Abundance - with Dr. Carol Look


"Tapping has changed my life in so many ways – I was able to tap away some of my physical pains and fears, even fear of heights that I’ve had for 20+ years. I introduced my mom to tapping, and she is doing so much better managing her emotions and physical ailments; she was even able to improve her vision! "



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The REAL Secret to how you can make more money (it's on everyone's mind)...

Do you feel stuck right now with your finances? Are you wondering why you can't seem to make money no matter what you do? There is a solution. And it's easier than you think...


Eliminate limiting beliefs and fears and attract more money!

Have you ever wondered why some seem to have an easy time making money while others struggle? It would be easy to blame it on education or experience or any number of reasons but if you looked closely you'd see that those weren't the reason.

The reasons why some make money easily and others don't are buried deep in our unconscious and tapping is the key to unlocking and reprogramming our beliefs and attraction level.  

Here are some examples of some of the resources in the club that will help you make more money:

black dot
Attracting Money Tap Along with Margaret Lynch
black dot
Release the Fear of Failure Tap Along with Jessica Ortner
black dot
The Easiest Way to Tap Away Marketing Fears with Pamela Bruner
black dot
Overcome your Fear of Success with Tapping - with Andrew McCombe
black dot
Tapping and Corporate Success - with Steve Wells
black dot
Tapping to Find Peace While Changing Jobs with Dene’ Ballantine
black dot
Tapping for More Clients In Your Business with Margaret Lynch
black dot
Clearing Blocks Around Money – Tap Along Session with Margaret Lynch
black dot
Understanding the Money Blocks Holding You Back with Margaret Lynch
black dot
Reaching Your Goals Tap A Long – Find a Clear Path To Your Dreams


"I personally use tapping for everything :-)

I’ve used it to get rid of fears, specially growing my business. I’ve used it to calm pain in my body. But the most original uses I’ve practice is surrogate tapping for my two female cats, for them to tolerate better to each other at home.

I love to tap on everything I can think of. Thanks for this great site"

Charo Pinilla

All of this adds up to a healthier, happier and more prosperous YOU!

I don't think I need to go into detail on this one. It just comes as a bonus when you accomplish the things listed above.

Would you feel more free if you...

Eliminated physical pain, addictions or negative emotions around serious illnesses?
Eliminated debilitating mental illnesses?
Overcame parents issues?
Removed negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and stress?
Developed the Character and Identity that you've always wanted and eliminated aspects that were programmed into you?
Eliminated limiting beliefs and fears and attracted more money?

My guess is that your answer would be YES!

You can be free of physical and mental pain, negative emotions, debilitating traumas and limiting beliefs and have total...freedom!

We all want emotional freedom. And financial freedom. And physical freedom. We want to be able to do whatever we want! And we want to be free to be able to help others do the same!

Here's what's in the club:

green check markFeatured Interviews with the world's leading Tapping experts on over 76 different subjects. Here are just a few of the experts featured in The Tapping Insiders Club:

Carol Look
Patricia Carrington
Lindsay Kenny
Carol Look
Patricia Carrington
Steve Wells
Rick Wilkes
Emma Roberts
Loretta Sparks
Helena Johnson
Gene Montreselli
Brad Yates
Loretta Sparks
David Rourke
David Lake
Ingrid Dinter
Angela Lyon
Rue Hass
Maggie Adkins
Alex Lees
Tania Prince
Angela Lyon
Rue Hass
Maggie Adkins
Sophia Cayer
Dr. Alex Lees
Tania Prince

green check markVideo Tap Alongs to give you powerful direction on what to say on a number of different issues. Here are a couple of examples of what these look like:


green check markThe Tapping Solution Bonus Footage so that you can see the hours and hours of interviews with experts as well as the behind the scenes footage of the 4 day event featured in the film. Here are a few examples of video clips currently in the club:

"John and the Rat" Phobia Cure
Jackie and Jodie Releasing Childhood Trauma with Carol Look
Powertalk Interview with Carol Tuttle


green check markAsk the Expert Interviews - Every month you'll have access to listen to interviews with leading Tapping Experts. Currently we have over 50 months worth of these interviews that you can listen to stream immediately when you join! Here are a few of the experts we've interviewed:


green check markFeatured Tele-classes for those looking for more in depth information on specific topics. Currently we have over 50 months worth of 4 part tele-seminars in the club for you to stream on your computer immediately! Plus, every month we'll feature a 4 part tele-seminar that you can stream or download to your computer. Here are a few of the tele-seminars currently featured in the club:


green check markTapping Scripts - that you can tap along with so that you know EXACTLY what to say for different topics. No more wondering if you're saying the right thing, now you'll be able to read scripts written by some of the world's leading tapping experts.

Here's an example of what the Tapping scripts look like:


green check markFacebook Community - You’ll get access to the private, members only Facebook community where you’ll be able to get support from and connect with like-minded individuals.

Community is the #1 missing ingredient in most people's personal growth. I can't stress enough how important it is to have the support of others when trying to improve and make change in your life. The more like-minded people you surround yourself with, the easier it will be for you to grow.

We've run Facebook communities for our 7 week programs in the past and they've been instrumental for all members. We just opened up the new Facebook community for the Tapping Insiders Club last week and with there being over 1,300 members currently in the club, the Facebook community is going to be a powerful environment to be a part of!

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And all of this is just a glimpse into what's ALREADY in the club!


But don't just take it from me...

Below are just a few of the 1,487 comments we've received from our happy members over the last year and a half!

"I am very greatful that this interview contained a very practical tapping demonstration. As a young living esssentail oil distributor, it does seem impossible to attract new customers. Thank you again for giving me a very, very practical tool to put right to use."






"I have sat on a speeding train doing the tapping today and feel liberated and excited with just doing it once! Thank you Margaret – what a great gift to all!
Thank you Jessica & Nick! You both deserve to be wealthy for your commitment and your generosity! I will do the work again and again till I get there I know it’s moving and I know for sure that I also have great work to offer. Once again thanks"

Christine Hayes






"That video was amazing!! For me it was mother issues so I changed the words. I’ve always been a perfectionist because I was an invisible middle child. I had some major releases. This is one I am passing on to many of my clients (I am a holistic nutritionist)who still struggle with these issues."

Teri Holder





"Thank you, Carol. I enjoyed listening to you today. I have been working on tapping, gratitude, etc. I just seem to always have the same game going on. Financially not getting out of debt, relationships with men that are not totally attractive. I know I want the best and think all is grand just around the corner and it is coming to me, however, there is a deep seated block that I can’t put my finger on. I know that there is a powerful tool that I haven’t tapped into yet. Thank you."

Lorraine Clutteur






"Wow!! What an amazing audio. I didn’t think that I had too much of a problem with procrastination, but after listening to this interview, I can see areas of my life that I still need to work on. Thanks to you for making these life-changing interviews available to us all."






"Hello – I am AMAZED.
I listened and tapped along to Margaret Lynch on “Tapping for More Clients in Your Business” and in less than 5 minutes the phone rang. A new client!
Thank you for providing such a wonderful and effective tool – helping me to help others."









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The choice is yours. Do you want to live a life free of fear, anxiety, anger and other debilitating emotions and join those living with an abundance of health, happiness, money and freedom?


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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied we don't expect...or want... to keep your money. Simply notify us within the first 60 days for return instructions via email at contact@thetappingsolution.com and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.




Medical/Legal Disclaimer: The information on this website and that you receive in the "Tapping Insiders Club " is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Tapping Insiders Club, and the experts that are presenting. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.