Quit Smoking and Find Peace with EFT Bio

Quit Smoking and Find Peace with EFT

Tapping might not be the first technique you think of if you decide to quit smoking, but you’d be surprised how effective it is. You see, every cigarette you smoke represents some negative emotion. I do a gradual reduction plan with EFT for my clients who want to quit smoking. During every session, we release […]


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3 Responses to “Quit Smoking and Find Peace with EFT”

  1. J.L. Johnson says:

    Hi, I suffered an incident while in naval service in Viet Nam. I am currently rated 100% disabled primarily for PTSD.
    While my trigger incident happened in 1967 I first learned about PTSD in 2004. Since then I have been in and out of therapy and mental health programs.these programs have helped. I quit drinking and other dysfunctional activities. I am not getting any therapy now. I’ve tried tapping with some results. I know I still need the help from a therapist. The problem is that the VA doesn’t recognize tapping as yet and other forms of therapy don’t seem to help. Can you please advise me? Also I think of all the other PTSD soldiers who could benefit from tapping therapy. This reply isn’t easy to write.

    J.L. Johnson

  2. Gai George says:

    Thank you for this great article, will be tapping on my emotions, rather than my addiction, to cigarettes.
    Love & Blessings for all your wonderful work.

  3. J.R. says:

    In reply to J. L. Johnson, please know there is tapping help available to veterans suffering from PTSD through the Veterans Stress Project; see http://stressproject.org/ for more information. And good luck to you on your healing journey.

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