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When to “not” meet the Dalai Lama…

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Nick Ortner

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog post called, “When to “not” meet the Dalai Lama”.    It received a ton of comments and inspired a wonderful discussion about the choices we make in our lives.  To sum it up, I had a chance to meet the Dalai Lama, but passed on it in order to take better care of myself and particularly in order to spend some more time with my uncle from Argentina whom I only got to see every 5 years or so.

Little did I know then, when I made that decision, that my uncle would pass away just a year later, and that that evening would be the last chance I had to spend time with him.  So while I’m sad to share that he passed away last week, I feel gratitude for the time we spent together, and for making that choice.  I’ve re-shared the blog post below; I think it’s a powerful reminder of how important it is to spend time with family, to take care of ourselves and to savor every moment…

When to “not” meet the Dalai Lama…

As you probably figured or know, I’m passionate about personal growth and healing- finding ways to improve my life, the lives of those I love and now people around the world. That passion is what drives me on a daily basis.

The other day, however, I asked myself…”Are there times when you can have too much personal growth and healing?”

I’ve been into this world, and by this world I’m referring to the broad category of personal growth/development/self-help/alternative healing for a long time. I have to credit my parents for my initial exposure, probably in early high school (or it might even have been middle school!) I still distinctly remember my Dad’s Nightingale-Conant tape sets. About the size of a large binder, with a big picture of the expert on the cover (Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglair, Brian Tracy and others) and an enticing subject matter, “Lead the Field”, “A View from The Top” and others. My dad would buy them, I would borrow them and start filling my brain with this amazing information.

My mom played a big part with one purchase in particular. She is often lovingly teased in the family about her love of QVC and the Home Shopping Network, and while I find a few of her TV purchases questionable, when she bought one of Tony Robbins’ courses, she made the right move. 🙂 I “borrowed” it as I did my father’s tapes and was hooked. And thus the road to a lifelong thirst for information that could improve my life was paved. One of my roommates after college joked that I should just have my headphones surgically implanted, since they were constantly in my ears!

All that to say, “I love this stuff” I love listening to Wayne Dyer, and Carolyn Myss and Louise Hay… when I come home from the “I Can Do It’s” that I speak at, I listen to the other speakers. This is my life.

Dalai LamaSo the other day, when faced with an amazing opportunity to join my friend Scarlett Lewis to visit with the Dalai Lama, the choice seemed an obvious one. The Dalai Lama! What an opportunity- what an honor! I would be accompanying Scarlett (along with Dr. Lori Leyden), so this wasn’t a meeting for me personally, but still… to hear him speak, to learn from him, to be in his presence.

Initially, I said “Yes! I’ll be there!” but as the date neared, something stirred inside me that was telling me otherwise.

That stirring said, “You’re tired…” (I had just spent the weekend speaking in Atlanta at an ‘I Can Do It’ conference and had some very early morning flights)

That stirring said, “There are no missed opportunities…”

That stirring said, “Your uncle is coming to visit from Argentina, someone you only see every 5 years or so at most…”

That stirring said, “Stay home”

Of course, my passionate impulses wanted to reject all those stirrings. I wanted to keep moving forward, at breakneck speed, meeting people, connecting with them. “What if I can share tapping with the Dalai Lama?” “How great would it be to get a picture with him?” “What might I learn from him?”

And while there’s nothing wrong with those thoughts or moving forward, something told me it was time to slow down.

Something said to me, “What might your uncle have to teach you?” “What might those extra precious hours with your family be like?” “What would the Dalai Lama do?!?” 🙂

I’m sure you can guess the choice I made: I politely declined the invitation and stayed home. Of course there was a part of me that tugged and said, “What if you made a mistake?!?” But when I did some tapping on it, I got real clarity and comfort that this was the right decision.

The result?

A lovely evening with my family, on a beautiful Connecticut night, drinking some great wine and hearing stories from my uncle from decades past. Stories of how my parents met (I knew the basics but got more details), stories about my grandfather who I didn’t know, stories about me as a kid, stories that nourished a part of my soul like nothing else could. Connection with those I love and a memory that will last a lifetime.

And guess what? If I had gone and seen the Dalai Lama, and had a chance to chat with him, he probably would have said, “What are you doing here? You should be with your family…” haha! But seriously, I think his advice would be to do what I did, to slow down, to connect with my family, to drink some great wine, enjoy a beautiful May evening in Connecticut and just BE.

So what did I learn from this, a few simple lessons:

1. There are no missed opportunities. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that. You’ve got to make sure that it’s not just fear or self-sabotage holding you back (and you can tap on that), but oftentimes, you simply need to say “No” or “Not now”

2. Let that Inner Knowing guide you. When you know, you KNOW. I’ve been more and more surprised on a daily basis just how strong and wise my intuition can be. But you’ve got to listen to it. Again, tapping can help you gain that clarity. When you can’t make a decision or feel stuck… “Even though I can’t make this decision…” Just a few minutes of tapping and you’ll be surprised about the clarity you experience.

3. Don’t take yourself, or others, too seriously. One of my favorite parts about my evening with my family? We laughed. Deep, hearty chuckles at great stories, old jokes and being together. That nourishes the soul in the deepest of ways. That evening wasn’t about the next big thing, or spiritual growth or improving myself, it was just about BEING.

Of course, I’m just as passionate today about personal growth, about finding ways to improve my life. I’m busy at work today, moving forward, learning, helping, healing. And because I took that time, to just “BE”, I can bring more of myself, my best self, to this work.

So take some time to find that balance for yourself. When is it time to slow down? When do you need to recharge? When are you pushing just a little too hard? Or when are you reaching for things that seem “spiritual” or about “personal growth” but in fact disconnect you from the essence of your life.

And remember, the answer to all these questions is deep inside you. You KNOW.

Do you agree with my decision to stay home or do you think I’m crazy for missing the meeting? 🙂 Where do you need to slow down? What did you learn from this story? Share your comments below.

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  1. Anne says:

    You made a choice that nourished your soul and your families. The Dali Lama is such a beloved spiritual teacher and so wise. I think he would have agreed you made the right choice. When my Dad was dying of cancer he called and asked me to come home and go sailing with him. I was living a 5 hour drive away and had a very demanding job. I made the choice to take a few days off to spend with him. He had leukemia for many years and lived a very good life despite all the treatments he endured. We sailed across the Chesapeake bay and spent the night moored in the harbor of St Michael MD. A water taxi picked us up and we had a great time cracking crabs, drinking beer, and watching the sunset. It was a magical weekend and the last time I saw my dad. He died the next week and the memory of our last weekend, which was so beautiful, still fills my soul with JOY.

  2. Vicky muthu says:

    I think you made the right choice because for you family is more important that anything else…..but for a person who places spirituality above any other attachment in life……meeting dalai lama would have been the up most choice. Om Sakhti. God bless you.

  3. Alice says:

    I think you made the right decision.

  4. Kurt says:

    1) Listen to your feelings/instincts/intuition
    2) If in doubt, clarify with tapping
    3) Heed it

    Thanks for the lesson, Nick

  5. Stephanie says:

    Dear Nick,
    there are times when 2 or 3 things/ events important for oneself are happening at the same time. I am experiencing this one or two times a year and I always find this “mean” 😉 because I have to make a decision between several great things. Your story gives me the feedback that I needed to then ask myself what I really want and then go ahead and enjoy myself. And yes, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by my own wish to grow and heal and serve the world. Then those time-outs of sharing laughs with friends (or family) are wonder-full. I also love to be in nature to come down and recharge. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kararaina Poa says:

    Best decision. U trusted your instinct

  7. Iona says:

    In each moment there is a healing opportunity, to express our true essence. What a great experience and i am sure the Dalai lama would agree. Thanks for sharing.

  8. MaLa says:

    Listening to my own inner voice is always of importance to me. To know by my own intuition what is right for me at any given moment is paramount as it indicates that I am willing to undo the leaning on others which I have done lots of times. It is a common thing to do as we are often told as children that we should be listening to good advice and have been admonished if we chose not to follow through on what our parents, teachers said which can be of great importance. No one seems to want to foster in their children that still small inner voice with which to weigh what we have just heard or read, and then make a decision, with the help of elders before we are fully mature. The still inner voice should never be ignored as it can be and should be the foremost guidance we listen to with discernment, even if we make a socalled mistake, which can then turn into a learning point for further finetuning of the ability and the willingness to tune into the still inner voice.

  9. marianne talsma says:

    If it’s made from the heart, without “ego ” there is no mistake! Sometimes it’s all about choices, not about being right or wrong!

  10. Ingrid Øverby Hanevold says:

    You did the right thing for sure. Always trust your instincts. I still can find it hard to follow that inner voice, but it’s the only way to go.

  11. Choymae says:

    I’m so glad that you chose to see your uncle. If meeting the Dalai Lama is what you choose to do, you will create it.

  12. Teresa says:

    To me, you absolutely did the right thing! And, to me, it was a confirmation of how important it is to listen to spirit. soul, & be faithful of ourselves & the universe within/without us…thank you for sharing your story.. I’ve read it at a time when I’m going through something similar…

  13. Sandra Davidson says:

    I don’t know how many times I didn’t listen to that inner voice or intuition and was so sorry afterwards . So I think you made the right decision. Family and their stories are so. Important. My grandson Jonah who was born blind loves to be told all the wonderful family stories which he stores in his memory bank and will be able to pass them on at a later date when we aren’t around anymore. Blessings Sandra

  14. jo says:

    I think it is great you listened to your intuition and saw your Uncle instead of the Dalai Lama – it turned out right for you – and as you said – the Dalai Lama might well of said ‘What are you doing here? – you should be with family!’
    We should cultivate our intuition and learn to listen to it.
    I was lucky enough many years ago to attend a teaching with the Dalai Lama – the transmission of compassion. I really had not understood that I would directly receive the gift of compassion – and boy – what a gift! A two-edged sword as you have to figure out what to do with the compassion, how to act, or sometimes – when not to act. I feel it was a bountiful gift but needs wisdom alongside to balance it.
    What the Dalai Lama also gave me was my spiritual path. I was leaning towards Buddhism, but he told us all – you should follow the religion of your country, your home. For him that is Tibetan Buddhism, for people in the UK he seemed to be pointing towards Christianity – as it is our ‘state’ religion. But I felt Christianity was too modern, too organised, too restrictive. So I looked deeper at the British Isles and found the extant ancient bones of Paganism – it felt right and I have been following my own Pagan path ever since…
    Thank you for your great work with ‘Tapping’ it is a powerful and useful tool.

  15. Su Tyrie says:

    I believe you made the right decision by remaining with your family – sometimes it’s right and proper to put ourselves first by looking after our own best interests in order to nourish the parts of us that need nourishment……. In this instance you elected to “dine at the right table” in order to achieve exactly that, and in the process strengthened yourself which ultimately sets you up better for helping others;))

  16. Vivian Franck says:

    Nick, I absolutely LOVED this article! Thank you so much for sharing . . . I was not fortunate enough to have the lovely family that you were blessed with, but have become very close to my nieces and nephews and their children, especially since my nearly catastrophic accident in 2006 at the age of 75. They came out of the woodwork! And we’ve become real family . . .

    Something in your article really hit home with me this morning: I’ve had off and on insomnia for years and used various mantras and also meditation to get back to my inner peace and easily fall asleep. But then I listened to what a famous teacher said about “not using something as a means to an end”; I would’ve done better to ignore this but mistrusted my own intuition and own inner knowing . . . something I’ve been working on for years.

    So, the idea of tapping to clarify what method to use to get to the answer within seems the most logical and practical way of getting the answer. I realize, of course, that the REAL ISSUE here is to finally LEARN TO TRUST MY OWN INNER WISDOM!

    Thank you thank you thank you, Nick Love and blessings,

  17. Esther says:

    Nick,if you are meant to meet the Dalai Lama,you will. I think that decisions are just decisions,there is no good or bad.You did the right thing,staying at home.
    If you are happy with the decision you made,tht is the right thing to do at that moment in time .
    Thank you so much to you and Jessica for the tapping solution,I love it and it has helped me a lot
    In my everyday journey.Thank you!

  18. ANN says:

    You were completely right to follow your inner knowing… blessings on having the wisdom to be in the right place and…. God speed to your Uncle

    Love and hugs

  19. satya says:

    i was moved by your story. so true. .Such wisdom – to trust yourself, when there seems to be no reason why you should make the choice such as you did. It is so hard to do. that is why the inner voice is often called ‘the still small voice’.

    The balance between push and flow, riding the Tao as some call it, is most evasive at times. I also an a passionate student of inner work and self development for 50 years now, teacher for 30+ years. I love what is available on the net and thro media now.

    I am a great fan of your work. you and Jessica and the others. thank you.

  20. Sandra Brunvand says:

    I work on listening to my inner guidance daily (and am improving on a daily basis, too :). But using Tapping for clarification had not reached my conscious level yet!! Of course!! How could I have so missed the obvious. An important lesson has been duly recognized and I will begin today to utilize Tapping in this area, too! Thanks, Nick! – – – Sandy Brunvand

  21. Kathleen says:

    I have smiled reading your newsletter…… as I travel through the middle of my life I have come to recognize and feel those inner voices that prompt me to re-think decisions I make in haste sometimes. In the past I would run with my decision and while I would have a great feeling of ‘high’ while doing this, often long afterwards I would say Kathleen you might have had a better result (life) if you did not do this!!
    We are on a journey, we are learning about ourselves all the time. Thank God, the Universe etc for this great opportunity to make a difference to ourselves and to those around us.
    You did the correct thing not meeting the Dalai Lama…….. someday you will.
    Good Luck and thank you for this…… K

  22. France Ogilvy says:

    Nick, if you are happy with the decision that you made, then it’s the right one.

  23. Dell Evett says:

    I can relate to the “personal growth overwhelm”… There are a bombardment of information comes to my email box everyday.. Last night I started listening to yet another webinar.. and in the middle.. I just stopped and shut the program down.. and said to myself.. stop this searching.. go with what you KNOW.. I know that Tapping has helped me… I KNOW that the information in “The Secret” has helped me.. and YES… I too have listened to Earl Nightingale.. Zig Ziggler.. Tony Robbins.. and the book that literally saved my life.. “Grow Rich With Peace of Mind” by Napoleon Hill… I need to just slow down and do what I know.. Thank for the reminder.. Dell Evett..

  24. Marilyn Bos says:

    I LOVED it !!!

  25. Naomi says:

    You were totally right!! And it was such a good question to ask yourself: what would the Dalai Lama have done?”

  26. Lee hartley says:

    I appreciated your waffling back & forth. There are so many times in life when we have to make choices – some small & some huge. I think that trusting & listening your inner self is exactly the “right” thing to do. Also, now that you’ve put it out there that you would like to see/meet the Dali Lama I know you will have another opportunity. It’s that cool – you’ll get both! Enjoy!

  27. Kathy Leonhardt says:

    I think you did exactly the right thing. I can certainly understand not wanting to pass up an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama. But I think after hearing from your family what a special evening they had together and then hearing about the death of your Uncle not long after that, you would have had a harder time reconciling missing the family gathering than passing on the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama.

  28. Joni says:

    I do believe you made the right choice. Family is so important and I am sure you felt that way. When your uncle passed on to a more glorious and pain free life, you could recall the conversations and love you shared with him that, what turned out to be, last time you were to see him on this earth. You did well. Joni

  29. Shaelah says:

    I was very moved by this article. It is amazing what our choices often show us. Thanks for sharing this again with us Nick.

  30. April Vendola says:

    I loved your story about meeting with your uncle from Argentina. Your Guardian Angel was probably telling you how important it was to see your uncle, because He knew that this would be your last chance to see him.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Thankyou I find the tapping relaxing im going to do more and more my best friend passed away and tapping helps so much for me at this sad time Nick you did make the right decision not to go I also made a desion to stay home and my best friend came to visit and spend time and the next day he passed away

  32. Arlene Bascom says:

    Your decision is exactly what you should have done–and what every person needs to learn to do for himself–listen to that inner voice and pay attention to feelings. When I ignore my feelings and push, push, push I always pay a price with my health (or my relationships.) These tips are very wise…and very needed in our stress-filled world. Balance! That is the answer to overcome stress. Good article. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Kassie says:

    That’s way the beestst answer so far!

  34. Guin says:

    It’s knowing how and when to listen and you did just that. Excellent

  35. Marilyn says:

    Nick, you DEFINITELY made the right decision–and I agree that the Dali Lama would have supported your choice!! thank you for sharing!!!

  36. Ann says:

    Wise and mature – stepping off your “most important”, and often “professional” tracks, especially with an opportunity as great as meeting the Dalai Lama, confirms how much you have learned and are learning. When you do meet him, as you surely will, you will already be a wiser being than if you had met him on the occasion you chose not to.

  37. Linda Menegaux says:

    I agree with you decision! When we listen to our inner guidance, we are listening to Love, our higher self and we receive Gratitude and Peace! Thank you Nick for sharing your story to remind us! God Bless You!

  38. Connie Williams says:

    Thank you so much Nick for sharing your story about slowing down and enjoying time with your family instead of continuing at a fast pace. I am very inspired because I tend to go, go, go, in hot persuit of the next thing in natural health and sel-improvement. I have subscribed to many programs, Including your wonderful Tappig Solution, and have trouble focusing on things step-by-step because I’m interested in so many things. So, your lesson is a good lesson for me.

    I send my condolences on the passing of your uncle. How wonderful that you had that precious time with him together with your family.

    With much appreciation for your candor and sharing,

  39. Hilda says:

    I agree about trusting the inner voice, our intuition in making choices. Sorry for your loss…enjoyed the article. Thank you. God bless.

  40. Madeleine says:

    Yes, I love this stuff too… but after some time I realized that another yoga retreat doesn’t replace the time I have with my family, doing my own yoga on my own mat, and it doesn’t particularly make me a better person!! That being said, I am hooked in most of the time to self-help/spiritual speakers on my headphones too…… as long as it doesn’t take away from my “now” moments in my real life!

  41. April says:

    Love your decision!

    And this sentence stood out so much…”Or when are you reaching for things that seem “spiritual” or about “personal growth” but in fact disconnect you from the essence of your life.”


  42. iara says:

    I not only like it, but I am glad you used your intuition. I am at this moment working on restoring a broken relationship with a dear family member, and that re-enforce me to continue to try. Thank you

  43. Christine Gross says:

    Yes I believe that you made the right decision to stay home with family.

  44. grace urquhart says:

    You did trust your instincts..you will get another opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama.
    Thank you for telling this. We are all people with feelings. Yes, it is important to catch our breath.

  45. Barbara says:

    THANK YOU for sending me this blog! AND it helped me ON THE SAME DAY, to say NO to somebody, NOT THIS TIME! I’m not quite sure if I had said it without this VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER! Very often it seems so NATURAL to say YES immediately , specially when friends or well known persons want something from me. But it feels really “cool” to say NO when it does not feel right. I express it with the word “cool” because I remember as a child saying NO to my mother sometimes, (probably too seldom.) She always expected to have an obedient child! But never the less the inner guidance is there to decide right, ~yes it is in the feeling~
    I appreciate it more and more when I am able to spend some time with my daughter! TALKING AND BEEING TOGETHER IS EVERY TIME A GIFT TO ME ! I AM VERY PROUD OF HER! She went through many difficulties (and I as her mother- with her) I can see more and more how beautiful she really is from inside! I am very thankful for that!~ it gives me strengh and indeed I need that!

    dear Nick I send You my sympathy, because of the death of your uncle!
    it is a very nice “half- part- family- photo”! AND I liked the summer- photo from the blog before VERY MUCH! showing your wife and your niece sitting on the stone. ~ BEAUTIFUL MOOD ~

  46. Teresa Farrell says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that, Nick. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. Of course you made the right choice. It was right for you, your uncle and the rest of your family; precious time you could never have regained. Who knows, you may still get to see the Dalai Lama but you couldn’t have got to see your uncle again.

    Love and peace to you and your family.

  47. Emily says:

    Our very first “Teachers” are our parents and other close family members, who teach us what it is to be “loved”, and “to love” . The BEST “students” in turn, become the BEST “teachers”, and are able to share their knowledge humbly with anyone open to listening.

    I think, when the “time” is right, both You…..and….Tha Dalai-lama will be in the BEST of Company.

    Bless you for following your intuition, and showing your Family (first), the Love and Respect they surely deserve.
    With Peaceful Intentions for You and Your Family.

  48. Klara Fuhren says:

    I think it was absolutely right at that moment. You would have dragged yourself along, not being able to concentrate to the words of Dalai Lama.
    It was much more essential to be with your family and they are happy that you spend time with them.

  49. Caryl says:

    Sorry about the loss of your uncle Nick and thanks for the powerful share. I so relate because for the past six months I have consciously cut back on my work in the EFT-Matrix Reimprinting arena – books, blogs, sessions – to enjoy boomer life with my beloved husband of six years, focus on uplevelling my health and most recently spend a glorious 10 days of this sunny UK summer enjoying the Isle of Wight (Isle of Delight we call it) with my 9-year-old grandson…Finley.

    Yet I now feel refreshed and reinspired to relaunch my work as a healer and writer because of the break.

    As so many inspirational people have noted…when we pass on it is the LOVE we gave and shared that will be the only thing that matters…so important to find a life balance in what that means.

  50. Des - Australia says:

    It’s always sad to lose a relative. My feelings go out to you. I think it right that you spent time with your family. The Bible say, Exodus 20:12 (NKJV)
    12 “Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

    Paul writes: Ephesians 6 (NKJV)
    2 “Honour your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: 3 “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

    This is not just honour for our biological father but for the elderly father figures. those who have influence over us. We should respect and honour them. You showed this by your action to your uncle and His’ family.

    Bless you – Des

  51. mary toohey says:

    Nick, thank you for sharing your experience. I absolutely think you made the right decision, It is difficult for families to stay connected from state to state around the country and around the world so an opportunity to do so even at a sacrifice is so worth it.
    Also thank you for sharing discussions with others who are inspirational also to listen to without cost.

    Keep up the good work.


  52. Teri Swanner says:

    I am reading this post 8/7/14 and simply want to convey my condolences on the passing of your Uncle. No doubt you know you did the right thing and thank you for being so real.in your emails. Both you and Jessica share from your hearts and through this process inspire others to live from their hearts.
    Your Uncle no doubt knew what a special young man he had for a nephew. May you find peace in your heart and warmth in the memories of your dear Uncle.
    God’s Peace,

  53. Linda says:


    You made an incredibly important decision about the trip. I think one thing that is VERY HARD to learn is to trust one’s own intuition. I’m working on that but I know it will be quite a while before I’m able to do so.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  54. fabiana says:

    hello nick very touching article , I love it . We often forgot to be natural and simple . thanks for sharing with us , best regards , fabiana from argentina

  55. Susan says:

    I often regret not spending more time with my brother, whose plane went down in 1999 in the Baja peninsula never to be seen again. I sometimes declined his family dinner invitations because I didn’t feel up to it, only to regret the time lost and memories I’d never have of him. You helped me feel better about it. Better no memory then a bad memory to carry around the rest of my life. Thank you, I now realize there must have been a reason.

  56. Brij says:

    Hello Nick. In LIFE if you always follow your Heart, in other FAMOUS words, ”FOLLOW YOUR BLISS,” after which never look back, ever, with any regrets; because you are truly following your soul/ spirit, which is connected to the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or GOD.
    Your story makes that very point very poignantly

  57. veronica says:

    It is always a pleasure reading your stories. I think you made the right decision of staying with your family. There’s a saying that says ” you can’t leave God for God. Having your priorities in order is what helped you made that decision.

  58. Despina Counsel says:

    Nick I have watched read and listened to you over the past few years. Your evolution and message have been both inspiring and supportive during a time where I have explored so much Personnal growth . One of many teachers who have shown up in my life .
    Today I take a moment to honour the times I have made the decision to BE and continue to step forward in completing my book The Art of BE ING your own Counsel.

    Much Gratitude

  59. Mary says:

    I agree with your decision to stay home. Missed moments with family cannot be captured once they are gone and we don’t want to live a life full of regrets. My father passed five years ago and his philosophy was come visit me when I am a live not at my funeral when it is too late.

    It is difficult though to find the balance on what we should and shouldn’t do when opportunities are knocking. If we take the road to the right, it is one journey, if we take the road to the left it’s another. In the end, we do need to listen to our intuition and trust that it will take us in the right direction, which is why we are given the gift.

  60. Cecilia says:


    I thought that you made the right decision. Slowing down and spending time with family is so important.

    As an aside, do you know of any articles on how tapping can overcome anticipatory anxiety, staying alone at nights and getting your confidence back to do things. Your lives are so filed. I struggle to live. Please keep this confidential

  61. Jean Dyck says:

    enjoyed your blog.Made me realize to slow down and enjoy some quiet time with family

  62. Dawn says:

    Hi Nick, I’m sorry for your loss of your uncle but glad you took care of yourself, followed your intuition, and got to spend a wonderful evening with him. Your story reminds me of a bittersweet lesson in following my own intuition. The night before my grandfather died he apologized to me for being such a burden ( I was his primary caretaker) and he told me he loved me, something he never usually said. I remember telling my husband that night and saying, “I hope he’s not going to die.” The next day the house was filled with so much energy I was feeling anxious and irritable. As I was leaving for work something told me to go in and tell him he wasn’t a burden and that I loved him. I was running late and I remember walking back and forth between my car and the front door about eight times. At one point it felt like something was physically pushing me towards the door. I don’t know why, but I turned around and got back in my car and left. That night I came home to find my grandfathers body in his favorite chair in front of the t.v. He was gone. I was devastated and riddled with guilt. A few days later when my father came up for the funeral, I took a private moment with him to tell him how much it had meant to me that he learned all the words to the song we danced to at my wedding. Our relationship had always been rocky and prior to the funeral it had been about 3 years since we last spoke. He wasn’t really receptive or engaging in conversation, but that was okay. Six weeks later my sister called to tell me my father died. I am very grateful that I listened to that inner voice and left my father with loving words at our final visit. Thank you for sharing your story. Sending thoughts of love and comfort to you and your family.

  63. brenda hawkins says:

    That was an awesome story! Loved it! I think you made the right decision in spending time with your uncle! Family is so important and we are not promised tomorrow. It reminded me of my Granny. She used to tell us stories of her past and we would be rolling in the floor laughing with her. I loved my granny very much and enjoyed every moment with her. Laughing and enjoying yourself definately does wonders for your heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your story. It was awesome!

  64. Linda Lois Churchill says:

    Thank you !!! I have spent the past 25 years dedicated to my personal growth. Just returned from Peru which spun my world around, I was on my way to Mt Shasta to honor the mountain but with the fires I thought Yosemite was an alternative…..packed my Honda element with a week’s provisions, went to the bank, gases up and turned right instead of left to go home. Woke this morning in a “what the?”. Only to read this post….THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, time to go into my studio and see what comes out.

    Thank you !

  65. Rosanna says:


    First, sorry about your uncle’s passing. I am happy that you spent time with him. It means a lot to be with family and understand your roots–especially if you have or plan to have children. Visualize meeting the Dali Lama and it will happen.

    I wish you the best,

  66. adebunmi says:

    IT’S GOOD TO SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY it’s a duty Also your lesson can show up in any place so be open to receive

  67. Edith Wetteus says:

    Nick. You did absolutly right. Life is so qucikly changed. You can meet Dalai Lama some other time.
    Mayby it’s not the right time and place but I will tell you my story:
    1989-1999 I lost my broder, both my parents, my husbond and my lovely son. My husbond died 1996 very quikly in a massiv stroke and my son 1999 in a air crash and I lost all my faith and joy. He was so close to my heart and I miss him so badly.
    It’s so importent that all people take care and enjoy the time that is us given today because it’s not sure that tomorrow comes.
    I miss my son so much and it’s difficult for me to feel happiness in my heart again. I feel so alone but I still have my doughter and 3 small grandchildren to love. And I do that very much.

    Love and God Bless you and your family. Edith

  68. Pheralyn says:

    Hello Nick,
    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story. My condolences for your loss and my gratitude that you spent those precious moments with your family. Your uncle and his stories, will always be with you. Stay in peace,

    p.s. Please also give my regards to Jessica and convey to her I’m really loving her book on tapping for weight loss. Thanks!

  69. Felicia says:

    You just showed that you practice what you preach. You listened to your intuition.
    If you had gone you would have been tapping the whole time you were there
    Because the truth which you teach us to tap on is you would have felt that you should
    have stayed to visit with your uncle.
    This is my first time writing to you but I’ve been tapping and listening to you and
    Jessica since last years World Sunnit. I work at a hospital in New Jersey taking
    X-rays and when possible teaching some of my patients how to tap and directing
    them to your website, and making copies of the tapping points. Thank you both
    for all you do. I don’t know why more doctors are not teaching this to their patients
    I plan to become a EFT practitioner.
    My condolences to you and your family.
    Peace and Joy

  70. Jan says:

    Good morning Precious Nick,
    I read your teaching and loved it. It reminds one of keeping things in proper perspective. You did the right thing by not going to see Dalai Lama (a difficult choice) but you are right, he would have told you you should be with your family. It was so touching reading about your precious time with your family, enjoying, learning about your family history and just making some wonderful memories with treasured loved ones. I had the opportunity of hearing the Dalai Lama speak many years ago and what an honor and pleasure to just be in the same room with him. The energy was so powerful! You will have that opportunity again and it will be perfect. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience for us to stay on our healthy beautiful journey of life. Bless you, Jan

  71. Karen Slayton says:

    Your blog came at an appointrd time I believe. I too love all the spiditual positive speakers and books. Im a single parent moved to Va due to divorce. Live on a beautifulvresort. Raised my kuds here. They are here in college working have their own lives. I stilll workvforvthe resort in the marketing departmebt. Not a bad job but somethings tellingg mevtheres more. The decision Im facing is my Dad is in Pa. He is in his 80s. He is in go ok d shaoe. I sold my housr Kids gone tioo big cant afford it anylonger. Dilema is do I stay here in the life I created for mysekf ir go back to Pa to spend m ok re time with my fher fr the time we have lft tigether. The winters are bad there but its a sacrufice to be abke to spennd the time eith him just sharing little thibgs in iur lives. The memories of just goibg to Olive Gardebn our place or church tigether I have a great church life here friends but my home is gobe I hav to fibd somethibg cheaper to liv in and alk tat keeos tuggibg as t me is my Dad is in Oa and in his 80s. So to wr as p it up your article really hit home Sir. Ivwoukd love to hear you soeak abd thank you for findung me to email me yoyr stiry.

  72. Chooty says:

    Nick you did make the right decision, and I loved reading how much you enjoyed your uncle. You will definitely get another opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama and will enjoy him and his sense of humor.
    Please give my sympathies to Jessica and your family.


  73. Alice says:

    Good for you. You listened to your inner power and visited with your family. That is the most important decision you could have made. God gives each one of us family and it is up to us how we treat it. Good choice. Be proud of yourself. Family is part of our soul. How we treat them is part of soul growth. Thanks for sharing. That’s what makes you good at what you do. Most people are afraid(fear) to share. Sharing is soul growth. God bless. Alice

  74. Judy says:

    You made the right decision. That “gut intiution” never steers me wrong but when I choose not to listen, I usually wish I had. I dare say that you will have another opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama sometime in your life when the time is perfect.

  75. Karma Ryals says:

    Sometimes we get stuck on knowing what to do, you did the right thing about slowing down, take a look at your life and what is the most important decision for you and family. The family always wins cause they are important to you and we never know how long anyone will be here

  76. Carol Serafano Kuzon says:

    I think you made the right decision – family and love are the top 2 items in my life

  77. Marie says:

    Yes, I agree with this and it happens to me often. You describe it as a “stirring”. I describe it as my “little voice”. Good article, and I needed to read that today.

  78. Marypat Lee says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful, vulnerable openness about life! You absolutely made the right decision…you have had such amazing success in sharing your passion of EFT and with that, have opened doors for all of us out here just doing it! The right opportunities will always appear.
    You need to take care of Nick …and sometimes getting away from the “tapping” and just being quiet is all we really need. Your story touched my heart and reminded me that “I am enough, just being!” Thank you and please don’t stop sharing–you have no idea the beautiful trust and honesty you create with all of us, and the love that is sent back to you in honor of your dialogue.
    In-Joy and Gratitude,

  79. tabby says:

    That was a good reminder. I needed and love it. It’s true sometimes we think about life more than living it. Thank you Nick.

  80. Vesna says:

    Good decision Nick. If you do not respect family how to respect others even Dalai Lama.

  81. Lisa says:

    That was a great read and so very true. We do need to stop and listen to what our inner voice is saying. God Bless!

  82. Jenni says:

    Wow, talk about a timely article for me. I truly believe you did the right thing, I truly believe the Dalai Lama would agree you did the right thing and you have inspired me to listen to my spirit and let go of the pull/drives/pressures that have proven over and over, can never be satiated if we feed them.

    Seriously…thank you; I really needed this. If you can follow you heart in this situation, I can certainly follow mine in the one I am facing.

  83. Mac says:

    I just downloaded your book to my e-book last night, and I’m all ready feeling encouraged by the first couple of chapters. I also partake in a lot of self-help “R&D”, always trying to “refine” my meditations, stay positive (which isn’t easy these days), “enlighten” my spirit and attitudes. I’ve always cherished the writings of authors such as Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Eckhart Tolle, (and various others who’s names aren’t coming to mind off hand). I also was briefly involved with acupuncture back in the 90’s, which I found very “grounding” and comforting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to continue my visits, so I’m eagerly anticipating similar results from practicing the “art” of tapping. Thank-You for your generous sharing of this wonderful power with our “troubled” species.

  84. Toni Mullins says:

    You did the right thing go with your gut feeling . Listen to the inner voice, the Spirit within , and you’ll usually do the right thing. Thanks for sharing . Toni Mullins

  85. Astrid Metz says:

    I believe you made the right decision, one that you could not regret under any circumstance. The opportunity to meet with the Dali Lama was bound to present itself again.

  86. Barbara Hagerman says:

    There is never a wrong decision! And personal growth is great, but not because we are ever broken and need to be fixed.

    Wish Dr Oz had given you even 5 more minutes to show the power of EFT. I wanted to tell him that giving you and EFT more air time would have been a greater service to his audience than the time spent on the gentleman before you. But you are getting the message out there!

    You rock!

    With much love and appreciation for you and EFT,
    From a fellow practitioner

  87. Pam T. Huggins says:

    I firmly believe that you made the right decision. You know this in heart as well. Great lesson in your story. Thanks for sharing. Your inspiration constantly moves me.

    Pam T. Huggins

  88. Judith Rivera Rosso says:

    Oh, Nick!! Thank you for sharing your humanity with us.
    With love from Italy! Judy Rosso xoxoxo

  89. Wendy Grant says:

    The way you FEEL after the time with your family, tells you that it was the right decision for you. Following INNER GUIDANCE above all else, brings priceless reward.


  90. CATHERINE says:

    I think you were right to stay home. sometimes we all need to do that; just stop and BE

  91. Sonja Robinson - Bermuda says:

    Nick, I admire you for making such an intuitive decision. It was right for you at the time. Family are very important and I believe the time you spent with your family will be everlasting.
    I can relate to you because my daughter just took me on a 7 day cruise on the Norwegion Gem..(a great line to cruise with.) Just the two of us from New York to Bahamas and it was just so special. We had quality time together. My son-in-law styed at home, in N.J. with my grand-son. My daughter and I had a special bonding time. So important! It was my retirement from the hospital and 70th birthday present. I shall never forget the great time I had. So, yes, I agree with you Nick.

  92. Thordis Malmquist says:

    I agree with you that you should stay at home and enjoy a good time with your precious family. You talk about Dalai Lama as if he was nearly God himself. It troubles me somehow that I feel you are a little into the mystic or eastern filosophy but I miss the real tone of Christianity, therefore I am somewhat a sittle sceptic even thouhg I would like to learn to organize many things in my life like reading the Bible every day, remembering better, working out regularly. I work very hard as a nurse, and I need to slow down too and get rid of depression and lack of vitality. But I dont want to do it without Jesus being number one. Forgive me if I am sounding critical about thing.

  93. Judson Williams III says:

    Hi Nick, enjoying your travels through gratitude! I gave my copies of both the DVD & book TTS also my only copy of the Tapping World Summit 2011 to Fran & Brian my TCM teachers who I met at a Sufi Workshop near ground zero in NYC. They live & teach in NJ. The Tapping materials are available in a lending library section of their studio. There is a waiting list! Fran is certified in acupuncture Brian does Yoga and massage and both teach Qigong, tai chi and traditional Chinese medicine and oh yes, middle eastern dancing & drumming. Some of their students and clients are Chinese who are redicovering their roots through this white American couple. Some of their students are allopathic MD’s learning ancient wisdoms. By the way, here in Up South aka Washington,DC; (the source of Global Warming aka Capital Hill),we enjoyed your work on diabetes with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and discovered a fossil named Try It On Everything. Keep on keeping on! from JUDSON a youngin’ (1943) who marvels at your sister”s transformation too!

  94. Michael says:

    There is a time for every thing.. Your time to be inthepresence of his holiness was not then. I was in his presence once .one could feel the change in the atmosphere around him.I felt a lightness especially around my shoulders. I have been practising E.F.T. For about8 months.However,3 months ago I had double lamenectomy with removal of a cyst of my right sciatic nerrv. I have restarted myE.F.T. Ifeel there might be substance to the Reptalian brain or to the sub conscious.I firmly believe that we have the Divine gift of self healing.Afterall The greatest healiner of all times——Jesus the CHRIST told us so—-Greater things that I do you will be able to do!

  95. Clare Selina says:

    Does it matter what anybody else thinks? You made the right decision for you 🙂

  96. Satyapal says:

    I like your story and the way you wrote it to share with us. Such decisions are personal and will be different for different people depending on the circumstances at that moment. I agree with you about what you learned from this exercise – No missed opportunities, let your inner knowing guide you, and don’t take yourself and others seriously. Thanks for sharing. God bless us.

  97. Andrea says:

    Hi Nick, i think it was a very wise and intuitive decision to stay home. You listened to you intuition, we should do that all the time. I am still having my difficulties here and there, but it never failed me. Last week i was in school(doing some additional schooling) when a friend of mine called if i dont want to attend Barbra Streisand concert in Cologne which i denied weeks ago, cause it was just too expensive. Well this time i said yes, it was an opportunity for 1/2 price and it just came to me. Thank you Universe. It was a pnce in a lifetime experience and i am grateful for that. And yes self-healing is possible, i have tried a few little healings on myself. Tappoing, i still have some difficulties on applying thise, but i hope i get there.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story
    luv and good wishes

  98. Biljana says:

    Dear Nick,
    in personal growth and spirituality, there are no “authorities”.
    There are just different people having different approaches to the same thing. Yes, experience can help but not necessarily. There are moments when you can learn more from a cat than from a human.There are no such thing like “more developed” person than the rest. But there are people more open than the rest.
    Its all about being open.
    No hierarchy in spirituality, remember.
    So, you choose your road to openness.And attract people accordingly.

  99. Yvonne, New Hampshire says:

    Being with family is priceless! They are our roots. Life gets busy so it is the bonding with our family that re-affirms us and from this we receive a wonderful glow and we can just BE.

  100. Tamara says:

    You did what was right for you by paying attention to your intuition. Or by paying attention to your soul and by doing this thats what makes it right for you. It has nothing to do with the Dalai Lamaa but every thing to do with whats right for you and your journey. Too often we don’t pay attention to our intuition and we listen to our head and that either makes us unhappy or gets us in trouble. And we do not know this is your last chance to go see the Dalai Lama. That could still be in your future. Good for you for taking care of yourself and your family. We can get caught up in more is better to get it all in or we might miss something. I say bull to that. We or at least I need to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy what is around me before it passes me by. And their was a reson that I was born into the family that I was born into so I need to cherish every moment that I have with them. Time goes by so quickly before we know it someone is gone and that moment has passed. And shame on me if I didn’t take the time to build some memories with that person! So thumbs up to you! Tamara

  101. Sylvie says:

    Hum, that would have been a tough one for me! In the end, I agree: there can be such a thing as a ” spiritual quest overload” , and sometimes, instead of turning outward for another moment of guidance, we must learn to turn inward, touching base with ourself and our loved ones….

  102. Monica Sahn says:

    I really liked the story. Good choice. At times its hard to make a decision when you have 2 things pulling you into 2 different directions. It’s about slowing down, going inside for the answer. Thanks Nick, you are doing all of us a great service. Have you read: “Emissary of Light” by James Twyman. You may find it very interesting. I’m going to reread it again now. So much information to process and begin to integrate into my life. Monica

  103. Jessie Kinney-Alcazar says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. It so true that we at times need to slow dowm, recharge, enjoy the company of loved ones.

    Thank you for reminding me of the importance of listening to ones inner voice and slowing down enough to enjoy an eveining with family and friends. I will cherish your story and pass it on.

  104. Jane says:

    Your note about slowing down and your “Being” within the family time was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. It is inspiring and wonderful to be reminded of these cathartic and meaningful experiences that greatly enrich one’s life.

    I have been wrestling with the balancing act of being a wife, home maker and mother of four beautiful children ages, 8, 10, 12, and 14. I was a cardiac RN, BSN for 13 years, stayed home after our 4th child was born and recently graduated as a Certified Health Coach. I am SO passionate about helping others as a health coach! However, I am struggling with fitting it in with the kiddos and all. Your note reminds me that children/family are number one – but I REALLY want to help others enrich their lives by way of health coaching! : ) tap…tap…tap…

    We will really need the extra income here soon also as my children are all in private school and soon our oldest will be in private H.S. big bucks!!! Hummm.

    Thanks for listening. : )

    Thanks again for touching my life in such a positive way!

    Gratefully and Sincerely,

  105. Ana Corrock says:

    Slowing down and connecting with your family is priceless.
    The loving bond is healing growth .

  106. Lucy says:

    I agree with this. When the great and peaceful Dalai Lama came to London a few years ago, I had a choice to meet him or manage along the peaceful support we gave of hanshakes all the way from the Royal Albert Hall to the Chinese Embassy for Avaaz. It was the warmth of the ordinary, peaceful folks lining the streets with handshakes that I may perhaps believe the Dalai Lama would appreciate more.

  107. Lyn Walsh says:

    Recently returned from a holiday with friend of 47 years and others. Fabulous time and totally recharged, or at least I thought so. On arriving home registered for big session on personal growth and business information. Last three or four days have mused over this and realise that still need to continue the nurturing of self. So – no go, staying home with family and friends. Yes, there are definitely times when one really needs to say no to that pull that may undo all the healing that has taken place over (in my case) the last six or seven weeks. Life is precious, Tapping helps keep me on an even keel.

  108. Susan M. says:

    Your angels are guiding you through your intuition. Always follow your intuition. Look how wonderful it turned out for you – good for you Nick.

  109. Jean Douglas says:

    Hi Nick, as we are informed “We are always in the right place at the right time” all we need to do as you already know is to follow your inner guidance, Love and Light Jean.

  110. Diana Cady says:

    You missed an opportunity of thousand, if not millions of lifetimes. I pray the opportunity arises for you again and that your obscurations can be sufficiently diminished for you to know and take the second chance.
    Buddhas Blessings,

  111. Lynne says:

    Its great to honour yourself but it seems to me that you missed an incredible opportunity to see a bigger picture and to understand the mind in a more profound way.
    HH is a living example of a being who lives to benefit others and to be in his presence is to feel peace and compassion and clarity.
    I think sometimes we have to be a little wary of some of our inner voices because they might not be working for our ultimate good.
    Of course it is your decision what you do but hopefully if you get such a wonderful opportunity again I hope you will take it.
    I would encourage everybody to see His Holiness because he has much to teach us about love, compassion and secular ethics whether or not you are Buddhist.

  112. Raul says:

    Hola hijo, asi llamo a mis afectos mas cercanos, ojala haya podido cumplir con las espectativas que tuviste antes de reencontrarnos en Usa, para mi fue muy importante, porque en mi interior tengo varias cosas pendientes con vos, sos ademas de mi sobrino, mi ahijado, la distancia ha impedido poder estar mas cerca tuyo de tus logros, de tus fracasos, de tus alegrias, de tus tristezas, solo quiero que sepas que me siento profundamente orgulloso de haber descubirto tu interior, alejado del merchandaising. Mantene siempre en tus prioridades la familia, seguramente seran los primeros en estar a tu lado cada vez que lo necesites. Me alegra ver la luz de tu camino, y desde luego te deseo lo mejor para vos, tu esposa y los descendientes que llegaran en algun momento……te quiero Tio Raul

  113. Shirley says:

    I guess we each have to learn when we have had enough.
    Moderation in all things. A hard lesson for me to learn.
    I would have gone to meet the Dalai Lama. It would have
    been such a thrill, an incredible moment to remember.
    If your choice made you ***happy*** then that was the
    right choice for you.

  114. Bernice Peitzer says:

    Our inner gut-feeling, or higher self, knows what is best for us. Too often we don’t want to hear or pay attention to the guidance that comes. Spiritual guidance is a gift. The ego “I want” must be recognized. When guidance comes, it can either be from a divine source or an evil source. The rule of thumb is: “Any guidance that is constructive and good is from God, otherwise it is not.
    My best.

  115. Gail says:

    I believe I create my own reality. From this prospective,I invite you to consider why you created this conflict of desires. Do you believe in “either/or” OR that you can have/deserve to have, it ALL. Once getting to this highest truth, I believe you won’t continue to create or attract situations, in which you have to PICK either one OR the other. Interstingly, there is presently a car commercial on TV now, that presents that premise. It is rather irritating and silly, IMHO,[what if it were bed OR breakfast, sweet OR sour chicken..instead of the AND were count on in those and many other cases] but the premise is more spiritual than it appears, to the discerning viewer; The overt and more subtle message is ” AND is better than OR”.

  116. Cindy says:

    You listened to your heart…how can you go wrong!!!!….Family gives us roots and wings…family know us like none other…when blessed with true “family”…time spent with them is truly priceless!!!…Gives us the opportunity to be “family” to those who perhaps don’t have that connection with theirs…We all need “family”…either by blood or grafted in!!!

  117. sally myton says:

    Either way, it would have been the right decision.

  118. Joya says:

    Yes, I do agree with your choice to always follow your inner Guide, your spiritual intuition, even though that would have been a difficult choice for me too!

    Loving blessings,


  119. Susan says:

    Loved the story … There are times to just be and enjoy instead of searching.

  120. Irene Yurko says:

    Nick, I believe you made the right decision to stay home and enjoy the family event– which (with your visiting uncle)may not be repeated, whereas you will probably be given another opportunity to meet with the Dalai Lama, a special spiritual leader. Learning to listen to one’s intuition (and follow through) may not be easy when our lives are full of both opportunities and conflicts, but I am making every effort to “listen” as you did in this case. Thank you.

    A Tapping beginner~
    Irene Yurko

  121. Ben says:

    Nick, I think your decision was correct for the NOW. Your mind will tell you what you want to hear. Your gut will give you the right answer. Want a second opinion ask your heart, you will hear the truth. I think the Dalai Lama would agree with your decision for he too comes from a place of holiness.

  122. Arlette says:

    Sometimes I feel too much marketing in the LoA business through the regular messages, I receive. This is an oxygen bubble, you’ve sent me, us. I feel the deep “you” of your personal life … and it feels good. Thank you for your honest and taping choices and sharing.
    From my heart, Arlette.

  123. annie-françoise vignal-perraudin says:

    I quite agree and thank you for this reminder that there are no missed opportunities and that nothing is more”spiritual”
    I just regretted this morning not going to an invitation feeling the host would be disappointed!
    yes we need reminders!
    thank you once more

  124. sandy rosales says:

    Nick, it was guided intuition that led me to your blog today. What you talked about is exactly what I have been struggling with the past few days. I have received an offer for a permanent job position but keep feeling that it isn’t right. I cant explain it, its just a strong feeling, a feeling that I have to move on and that the job that I really what is right around the corner. You are right, when you really listen to your intuition it becomes clear and you have to follow it.

  125. Jane Wurm says:

    I am so grateful for your insight!

    I went through a very similar situation last June when I decided not to attend an “I CAN DO IT!” event that at the time was a milestone for me.

    The past year has proven to be SO FULL of spiritual ‘gifts’ of new expanded awareness and synchronicity; I now truly deeply understand and trust Divine timing (and my intuition).

    And guess what? I’ll see you in Toronto at this year’s I CAN DO IT! Don’t you love it!

    Thanks again for the e-mail!


  126. Lorna McCook says:

    What a good story and what a good and confident decision.

    I’m in an awkward situation currently and am handling it by being MYSELF – patient and trusting in higher powers. This is enabling stability to thrive and also bringing more positive influences to assist with improving the situation.

  127. Gwendolyn Scott says:

    Great story and decision, Nick. I really hear you about slowing down to take time to recharge the wellsprings of our spirits. Good for you! Good for me!

  128. Keith Swan says:

    My question is: Who are we when we stop?
    Having the ‘courage’ to say ‘No’.
    Challenging the perception of ‘less’, when the mind is instinctively pushing for ‘more’. It can have a ferocious appetite, and be difficult to tame.
    But here, quietened, less was more.

  129. Cheryl Wagner says:

    Always follow your heart, it knows the way. Good choice either way.

  130. Valerie Cordemans says:

    Nourishing the soul!
    This paragraph was key :
    “Of course, I’m just as passionate today about personal growth, about finding ways to improve my life. I’m busy at work today, moving forward, learning, helping, healing. And because I took that time, to just “BE”, I can bring more of myself, my best self, to this work. ”

    Thank you!

  131. Jeanne says:

    whatever decision you made was the right one.
    If you had gone, you would have had an experience that would be useful and wonderful.
    You chose another path and this was equally good for you.
    I learned from your story to have more confidence in your intuition..
    Sometimes we do what is expected, and we are so programed to achieve and
    do the “big” thing, the challenging thing ,,,,that the nuances of small actions are missed.
    They can be just as important,
    Help us draw back and enjoy the small steps, which can be delightful.
    If your Uncle were to pass away in the next year or so,
    you will be so grateful to have had the time..
    It is all good. Enjoy your posts…….. Make one think…….

  132. jorgeoquendo says:

    Mira, te comento, me identifico con tú experiencia. Te comento que en algunas etapas de mi vida experimentaba la sensación de que algo va a suceder; y, sucedía, muchas personas dirán quisiera tener esa premonición. Pero quien la posee no desearía que nadie lo tenga, pues no se sabe cuándo, cómo, sobre quién, en dónde, a que horas va a suceder, entonces me venía un bloqueo emocional. No sabía qué hacer, mucho pensaba y mucho razonaba. La única solución que me quedaba es no salir de mi casa y esperar los resultados. Luego de transcurridos algunos días recibía una respuesta y llegaba a la conclusión de que la decisión que había tomado había sido la más acertada, como éste ejemplo en la vida de uno sucedieron muchos casos más. Para tomar estas decisiones debemos vivir en santa paz interna para poder analizar nuestras emociones, sentimientos y pasiones.

  133. susan Beebe says:

    Hello Nick,

    I fully support your decision, not that you need anyone’s support 🙂

    I would like to add that you have given me a sense of peace for my personal schedule today. I woke up feeling overwhelmed with work commitments; by Thursday I’m usually pretty beat anyways. But, I also made a commitment to go visit my Dad who has been very ill for several years with lung cancer; it is always nice to see him but such an emotional experience.

    I’m heading over to see Dad this afternoon with a renewed KNOWING that my time with him is exactly where I need to be and that everything else will wait and is basically unimportant in comparison.

    Just wanted to say thank you for reminding me of what truly matters!!

  134. Claudia Binns says:

    Right on, Nick! The larger YOU knows and will always tell you truth. If we listen, we take the path of greatest peace and joy. The Dalai Lama has a way of confirming our basic, greatest humanity — and of course we are connected to him (and to others) at all times. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  135. Jackie Kneeshaw says:

    We should all be encouraged to take total responsibility for our selves. We are all unique. No one else knows me as well as I do. I am the authority on me, I know when I am being authentic and transparent and honouring myself. I need to live in truth , if my truth says stop now I stop.
    I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Years ago when i did things out of duty or responsibility putting the needs of others before those of my own body to rest, the universe stopped me, I fell and broke an ankle-life gave me a “break” and another time I was involved in a car accident.I then read a book saying that there are no such things as accidents that we each create our reality. When I was honest with myself i could see the truth and wisdom in this.
    So, when your wisdom tells you “NO” I think it is worth listening.!

  136. Joanne Napoli says:

    I agree. Sometimes I am faced with a decision between two things that are both positive and life-enhancing and have to make a choice. I trust my heart to tell me which is best for me in the moment.
    You will get another chance to be with the Dalai Lama and that time it will be even better because you won’t feel divided.
    Live well.

  137. When to *not* meet the Dalai Lamai says:

    Absolutely agree with you even though a opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama would be unbelieveable who says it is not just as soul nourishing and spirtiually fulfilling to be with people who you know and love and have shared your life with. I am a great believer of listening to yourself if you are never sure just asking the Divine will guide you whether it is in the form of EFT or any other guidance.

  138. Donna Deane says:

    What did I learn from your story.
    About 20 years ago I ran from one self development course to another. Always afraid that I would miss out on something – that my friends would be racing ahead of me in the game. On reflection I know that there has been alot of change in my life on all fronts. Out of the blue I felt exhausted by my constant “running” so I stopped. It is approx 5 years since I stopped as yet I have not had the desire to start up on my self development journey. My Friday night dinners with my own immediate family, listening, respecting and taking each other seriously have often filled my heart with gratitude and love for the “just being”. Time marches on and at times I judge myself for not “getting on” with my life (self development) however when I am in touch with all of my senses I know my life is perfect just as it is.

  139. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you Nick, last weekend I had a situation at work that required me to make a decision, a big one. I was asking my soul, what it is that I need to do so I won’t have the same situation in my life again, and I just got the answer! Your history just remind me one more time, that living for work is just not living. Happy moments are what makes us happy and recharges us to continue… as simple as that….



  140. Prof. Eduardo J. Pérez de León says:

    Dear friend, you did the best following your inner Self awareness. This is my case too! Our love for our familly is the best gift that we received from GOD. As a member of the Bahá’í Faith since 1962 I can assure that . Best regards,

    Eduardo J. Pérez de León.,
    P.S. I did meet the Dalai Lama in Costa Rica in 1989 during the International conference “Seeking the TRUE meaning for Peace” I was invited in a gathering with the National Spiriyual assembly of the bahá’ís in Costa Rica in san José. I did a portrait in his precense with ink and coloured pencils and he wrote something beautiful for me in Sanskrit language and His Secretary translated to me.Best regards,

    Eduardo J. Pérez de León Mexican artist & university profesor.

  141. Freddie says:

    Nick your “stirrings” and the fact that you had a wonderful time with your family thereafter indicates that you made the right decision. Meeting the Dalai Lama would have been gratifying to you but this would have been one person’s joy, namely yours which was fulfilled. But by spending prime time with your family this made many persons happy and this is what great relationship is about. More people have benefited when you stayed back to be with family and you can be sure that the Dalai Lama would have wanted exactly this as the first need of human beings.

  142. Suman says:

    I agree with your decision, many times I have come across such situations and felt that i missed a good opportunity. But after sometime when i sit back and think, it was all for good and best reasons.
    I also agree that we should take some time to listen to our inner voice / instincts everyday and acknowledge it.
    Sometimes we have to let go to achieve somethings. I learnt that tapping will help us to get clarity of mind and to decide. Best lesson learnt from this article. thanks to you!

  143. Hope says:

    Well done! That was a tough decision. You honored your intuition (and your family). How can that be wrong?

  144. Cynthia says:

    Thank you Nick, for the precious and authentic sharing, I have been watching to your video and those from the Hay House and got so much inspired , thank you !

  145. Liliana says:

    I just went to see the Dalai Lama in Louisville, I liked him , He is a very unique , authentic , genuine, person . He connects to you right at the moment , his comments are simple and clear , he talks to you like talking to a child . making sure you understood the message.
    I was expecting maybe A LOT , maybe I was expecting extraordinary messages , ( Like the CLUE for spiritual growth) but the general message was about to be compassionate, that love is compassion, like to be like children that no make social/economical discrimination . We all know it , but are we really committed to star a cause and forget about our well being and possessions ,comfort and mental realizations , he touch you in the way of working more on the inner beauty, also to understand the non believers as well as the common path of all the religious groups ,this was the general message. the next day were his teaching and the how to become a Buddhist , how to make perfection working from the mental to the physical connection and the discipline that it demands. I am sure you know all this , as I do , I went because there is important to support a clear and sincere well intentioned human been that wants us to reflect , you did not missed , you know him and his invaluable message , you can do more , just thinking in how can you use your great OPEN WINDOW to transmit his message ,and that will be a remarkable participation ,just lie if you were telling us how great was to visited the Dalai Lama .

  146. Geoff Schuh says:

    With every choice you risk the life you would have had; with every decision you lose it.

  147. Beth says:

    I totally agree with your decision. All of my life I’ve been taught or told I am to help others and I love doing it, BUT, I find as I get older, it’s not as easy to have all those “irons in the fire” so to speak. Now I’m having to learn to say no sometimes, which is very hard. I have also started to give “me” time, something I have done very little of in the past. I realize I owe it to myself and to my family and friends to recharge my batteries otherwise I’m no good to anyone. I enjoy reading your posts and the exposure I’ve gotten to tapping. Although I don’t do it as often as I should (haven’t gotten there yet) it does help me clear out the fog that seems to come between me and what needs to be done. Thank you!

  148. Anna says:

    Thanks for the honest sharing. I too have often found myself in situations in which I faced others’ shocked reply, “What are you THINKING?” I’ve zigged when everybody else around me (including a fearful part of myself) thought I should zag. But looking back those choices to zig have made all the difference – including just teaching me to trust my own “knowing.” Reading your book “The Tapping Solution” now. With your help and insight, I think I’m getting ready to zig again!

  149. MARY ANN BALCER says:

    I am so glad you spent time with your family. My mother died suddenly in a car accident when I was l8 just graduated and getting to know more about where I was going to go in my life and my mother was not going to be there to even help with my wedding and family. Those moments she went with me to help find a dress to the prom and I felt so very close to my mom. She was a quiet person but you could tell how he felt. Not knowing those few precious moments are one of the last things I remember being with my mom doing something together. My dad died six years later after suffering from the car accident plus illnesses so I gave up my studies at the business school for two years to help take care of him and my two younger sisters. I did this not only because I had to but I loved my family and they came first. I always had my life ahead of me.

  150. Joyce says:

    Thank you Nick! Your story was a wake-up call for me. It is all about choice and values. Thanks again!
    P.S. I love your book.

  151. Terra Bundance says:

    I love that you listened to your inner guidance… There need to be more of us around! I too am one who listens even when I don’t “want” to” to the inner voice of my soul.
    Thank you for sharing this great story about self-care and nurturing the soul in ways often not as popular as going to see the Dalai Lama )Or some other such person)
    I will say, I got to hear him speak a couple weeks ago in Portland, OR and I will just send you the energy I got from the talk! 😉
    Terra Bundance

  152. you did the right thing says:

    you did the right thing,you have to listen to your intuition ,its bigger then reason,

  153. Fe says:

    I understand what you are saying about slowing down and just *BE*, but, what I can tell you is that the two times that I saw His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama were two of the greatest days of my life. He is truly a special presence to be with. I sat a block away from him and yet could feel his Stillness permeate me. I was tired that day, with physical issues that required the use of the outdoor bathroom every hour and yet, there was PEACE that filled me up. The night before his visit, I dreamt of His Holiness and knew that within that dream he had invited me to be present. The next day I spent 6 hours on the phone trying to find out where he was going to be, how to get a ticket and all with no use. I mentally said to Him “Well, it’s in your hands now. If you want me to be there you have to make it happen.” I left for my dinner date and to my great surprise, that person was going to see the Dalai Lama the next day and invited me to go along!

    The next time I saw His Holiness was 10 years later. Again, I felt him ‘personally invite me’. This time it was easier to get tickets on line at Radio City. I just wasn’t sure if I’d get to go because I was my mother’s primary caregiver and her health changed from day to day. However, on the date of my tickets she was fine and I had someone available to care for her. We went into Manhattan, parked the car near Radio City and walked by St. Patrick’s Cathedral while they were ending a Catholic mass. We quickly ran in, said a prayer and received the last blessing of the mass. We are Roman Catholics and love St. Patrick’s.

    As we waited on the side walk on line to get in for the program, again, the familiar peace enveloped me. I realized that all these people on the line were full of kindness, compassion and peace…and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having been raised in a Buddhist country for 8 years, Thailand.

    Once we got inside, His Holiness came out and sat on the stage and spoke in Tibetan with an interpreter. We were with Him for 4 hours and without a doubt the whole place vibrated with peace, stillness, pure contentment. He is truly a presence to be with.

    So, I’d say… the next time you get an invitation to meet His Holiness. GO. WITHOUT DOUBTS, WITHOUT EXCUSES, GO. I’ve lived on 4 continents, in 7 countries and been to over 50 countries…meeting may people of various cultures, religions, and ways of life. HE is a GEM. HE is a gift to humanity. GO.

    I have a Guru, and his lineage is from the path of Yoga. I’ve been with him for 30 years and there is no doubt that he is, was and always will be my Guru. BUT, I’d go see His Holiness in a heart beat. My dream is to have the opportunity to bow at His feet and smile at his lovely face and receive his lovely smile right back at me.

    GO, GO, GO, next time…. NO MATTER WHAT. It’s not really about what you can offer to Him, but what HE can offer to YOU!

    With blessings!!!


  154. Ernest says:

    There are people who are workshop junkies; there are people who seek out self-development celebrities; and guess what– they may gain some short lasting intellectual stuff but they don’t grow or transform; they don’t do the work; the primary work of inner transformation; the inner work of changing, refininmg, culturing the physiology of brain function which leads to the Silence, filling the mind with the attributes of intelligence, creativity, power, unboundedness, etc of the Infinite Absolute Divine, the Source of All. And, then function from there in the Relative.
    We become That. We can’t fake it.

  155. Gloria A. Leibig says:

    You listened to your inner being (your guidance) & it gave you exactly what you needed. There are no missed opportunities. It will come around again!

    Thanks for sharing.

    You are so “cool”

    Best to you,

  156. Mary Ann purnell says:

    Good choice. I try to always listen to that “little voice”. IT always knows. While I appreciate your dilemma, I was thinking to myself – didn’t he and his wife just have a new baby? Why is he leaving his new baby? Of course I was making assumptions that you were traveling without them. Yes you made the right decision but I think you already know that! You made the evening sound so delightful I wanted to be there too!

  157. Shakti says:

    I do agree with your decision and it gave me a great lesson… I am 76 and sometimes I feel tired — even if I intended to do 2 tappings a day and at night I am too tired to do the second —I have to accept myself without blaming me…. at least I’ve done one with all my heart.. I did my best and I let God looking at my thoughts. Thank YOU for the lesson. I mentioned tapping but sometimes it could be something else.

  158. chris says:

    Gut feelings are to be followed at all times.

  159. Susan says:

    I think you made the right choice.

    Perhaps meeting the Dalai Lama one on one in a professional manner would be different but one can learn much from him through the knowledge and views he presents in his speeches, interviews and writing.

    I always wonder how much insight a person can truly get in a brief meeting which is really just a moment in time. I have been strangely in the right place at the right time to meet many great people but I have found without time and/or some shared experience there is not that much knowledge to pick up beyond a general feeling of the other person.

    It’s been at least 30yrs since I and a friend met the Dalai Lama on the street. He was staying nearby while giving a series of lectures. I only knew he was a Tibetan Buddhist monk when we spoke, he introduced himself by name, not title. He was very nice, curious and easy to talk with. There was a sense of peace about him, but that was not uncommon among Buddhist monks at that time. I clearly remember his joyous laughter because it just seemed to flow out of him. We talked about 10 mins on various subjects, like you do when you have people from 3 different countries/cultures, the conversation was in English, Tibetan and Nepali and it was fun. As we were walking away, my friend said “do you realize who that is?”

    Obviously, I will talk to anyone 😉

  160. Fernell says:

    It was the right choice for you, at that point in time. Some of lifes greatest gifts/lessons/experiences are gotten from enjoying the moment (just BEING), especially when its with people that you love and cherish (family). You have known this for a long time….I think the experience of meeting the Dalai Lama would have been just another confirmation for you.

    Thank you, and keep giving us your insightful thoughts.

  161. Mj says:

    There are times for learning – and times to put that learning into practice. Sometimes the biggest LESSON is realizing the difference. Good for you.

  162. Christine says:

    There are many of us who will NEVER have the chance to meet HH the Dalai Lama, who would dearly love to.

    You had the opportunity, you chose not to go – which is right for you and I get that.

    But you’re coming off as crowing about it, and that makes people like me feel like you’re rubbing my lack of opportunity in my face…when you COULD have given the opportunity to someone else and kept quietly humble about your choice.

  163. Monika says:

    Nick, what a wonderful and insightful article, love it. It also made me smile because I opened your email straight after suggesting to one of my fellow Mastermind group members whether to take a week’s break from our regular meetings. We are in the middle of our health coach training course, all very busy studying and launching our businesses and for the first time in over five months we don’t have classes next week. So let’s breathe, live, love and laugh! Nothing will run away from us, as you say, there are no missed opportunities :-)Thank you!

  164. Sharon says:

    I’m impressed by your clarity and courage. I think you made the absolutely right decision. Your article explaining your passion for personal growth helps us see why your decision might have been a surprise for even you. If I had the opportunity to meet you or the Dali Lama today, I would pick you. My prayers are with you that you remain this clear with your values lined up just the way they are.

  165. Abbe Anderson says:

    The Dalai Lama is committed to meeting anyone who wants to meet him. I met him. This is not your only chance. Glad you did what felt right.

  166. Ken Reinhardt says:

    First of all, facial recognition software has a great shot of my cat. Good luck to the rest of you! Nick, I agree with the importance of your #2 reason, except I treat “that still small voice” as a gift from God or the direct work of our spirit guides or guardian angels, not “my intuition”. Thank Spirit always. It could be “our” Aumakua or Higher Self that connects with God, but where did that come from? I know through free will we are ultimately responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds – the celestial buck stops here – and as Buddha said, “We suffer of ourselves”. So, we do have the responsibility to make the decision, “with a little help from our Friends.”

  167. Bente says:

    I feel you did the right thing choosing Family and the way you share about it the information laughter and the Wine HI HI

    You might get another opportunity to visit with the Dalai Lama – you followed your Heart

  168. Pat Hesketh says:

    I am so glad you asked yourself this question. I have been asking myself the same thing. I am hooked on listening to so many wonderful speakers on the Internet that I have been wearing myself out. I decided to take time out to enjoy the family, have fun with friends and to have some naps and I feel much more balanced. However I am still dealing with the part of me that feels it missed something. I listen to my inner voice much better when I am not rushed or tired.
    Pat Hesketh

  169. Elizabeth Eddy says:

    I am SO glad you had this experience! Something similar (not the Dalai Lama though!) has happened to me now and then in the past year or so. I’m glad to hear Tapping helps to clarify one’s thoughts about the situation. I too have had the “growth” bug, so it is triply terrific t hear you write about this. Now that Tapping (since the 2013 Summit) has come into my life, and you continue to share, a whole new Being is beginning. THANK YOU!

  170. sammy says:

    Always, Always, Listen To Your Little Voice! 🙂

  171. Shirley Wilder says:

    Nick, your story reminded me that many times in my life I have had a difficult decision to make: not between right and wrong, or between good and bad, but between 2 wonderful opportunities. Thank you for sharing your decision-making process with us. It sounds like you made the right decision for you.

  172. Kathleen Thompson says:

    I feel you made the right decision. i was faced with a choice this last weekend…I was to supposed to go to my niece’s baby shower in Southern California, a 7 hour drive… I had been excited to get together with family and “be” together around this event. As the event drew nearer, I felt a little run-down and went through all sorts of guilt about taking care of me. I weighed it several different ways… Let;s see
    total of about 18 hours driving all in all, $150 dollars in gas, no real time to relax before I had to get back home for work etc.
    It was a crazy mind thing and I finally made the choice to stay home. As it turned out, my Mother and sister said It must have been my guardian angel holding me back since they were an hour late finding the place ( the three of us were going to meet and driving further down together) They said there were so many people you didn’t really get a chance to relate to anybody on a personal level…
    Instead, I met with an artist friend and we went to an Art Fair in San Francisco. We chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. I got a lot done her as well and spent some time with my Son .

  173. Michael W. Watson says:

    You know you made the right decision and for all the right reasons.
    How many times have I ignored that inner (I guess tapping at me)
    saying slow down? More than I can remember. Take the time to
    “BE” yes of course. How could you have felt at one with a
    person like the Dali Lama thinking about what was happening
    back home with your family. You have just opened a door for
    me and I will take the time to let the light shine in, slow
    down and be just one person doing one thing in the moment.

    With my deepest gratitude.

  174. Elam says:

    You totally made the right choice to stay home and slow down and visit with your family. We are entering a new paradigm, an new age, one that allows us to listen to our own wisdom, guidance, and direction–to follow our own hearts. We don’t need spiritual teachers, gurus, priests, etc…The sheep don’t need a Shepard any longer–they need to move beyond being sheep.

  175. Carl says:

    I think the decision you made was one I would have made but maybe not as thoughtfully as you did. Awesome work Nick.

    Your blog post comes at a time I have been pondering a decision and when I say pondering I mean for at least a year. Talk about slow processing! 🙂

    The fear of letting an idea go as maybe it would have worked out but then the fear of hanging on as it may not work out. That is a major tug of war going on in my head.

    Your blog post helped me to look at things differently but I still have to work on the internal turmoil on this decision. Thanks Nick.

  176. Gwen says:

    Nick – thank you for your honesty.

  177. Edith says:

    Thanks Nick for sharing this important experience. You did great following your heart and intuition.

  178. Joost says:

    Well Nick,

    one should always take the opportunity to slow down one’s often present inner speed in your mind all the time.

    With a person as H.H. Dalai Lama it might be worth while to see and meet him anyway, since he clearly proclaims this attitude of non speed in the world as well. A thing EFT or NVT in connection to the space and recognition of the 5 Buddhas Families also do.

    Joost Willems
    Simply Human being by the practice and study of the Buddhist path

  179. Dodie Moquin says:

    Yes Nick – you were right to stay home AND you would have been right to see the Dalai Lama. No mistakes. I’m glad you followed your inner voice and had that time with your family. Either way would have been perfect. One way to look at this is that this was a “happening” with your family – never to happen quite like that again and YOU were there! There will be other opportunities to meet the Dalai Lama. Bless you for the work you a d Jessica are doing. Loved your story of growing up in an aware, conscious family! What a gift!

  180. Ann Clark-Killam says:

    Thanks for your message today! I needed to hear the “stay home, slow down”.

  181. Chris says:

    I praise you for listening to your true self and honoring those needs. Too often we disregard those prominent feelings and instead make decisions based on what others think or will think.

  182. Sieglinde says:

    Nick, this was a tough decision. Sometimes there is no right or wrong. Either way you could win.
    It depends on letting go of the part you did not choose. Otherwise you always have remorse & the
    haunting feeling of a “missed opportunity”, which is really a form of self torture.
    I just came back from Tibet. I would have had to chose Dalai Lama. Because my heart is heavy with the
    sorrow and sadness of the Tibetan people having “lost” their Holiness. I would have loved to give him
    the message of their deep love for Him.
    I can’t judge for you because I don’t have the close & loving and fun relationship in my family.
    I keep on tapping!

  183. Barbara Tyler says:

    Yes, of course, listening to your own body, heart, and mind is the right response. A balanced, harmonious life is enriched and sustained by a nourishing blend of activities and inactivity. If you don’t follow the guidance of your innate intelligence, your health will eventually be harmed and you won’t benefit from any of your pushing forward. You may come across the right time at a later time to meet with the Dalai Lama or a similar luminary. If you need to make that particular connection, you will, at the right time. You can ask that of the universe and then just trust that you’ll receive fully as you need. You never know if you are being prompted to set aside time for a certain family member or members whether it could turn out to be the last opportunity of that kind you will have with that person(s) in this lifetime. People receive inner promptings for many good reasons. You are blessed to have that divine guidance and to be able to recognize it, but if you choose to close yourself off from it by not heeding it, eventually weaken that intuitive connection. Wisdom doesn’t force itself on us. Inner guidance manifests itself where it is welcomed and acted upon. The Dalai Lama is well aware of that. Consider that you just received your lesson from the Dalai Lama. It is not always necessary to be in the physical presence of a great soul to learn from that soul. The more our consciousness evolves and frees itself from physical limitations, the more we can learn from and communicate with other beings by being psychically open wherever we are. Space and time separation is only a construct of our thinking. The Dalai Lama lives within you (and me) anyway.

  184. Gavin D. Smtih says:

    Nick, I agree with you. We can’t be everywhere at once. Loved your comment that Dali Lama may have said “you should be home with your famly.

    We often get caught up in “shoulda, woulda, coulda, thinking,” and end up missing what we were meant to be involved with.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Be well.

  185. Gay says:

    Absolutely! If your decision felt right, you let your higher intuitive self guide you! What an affirmation for you and indeed for all of us. Discerning when to say “no” and when to draw the in-breath is en essential part of our learning! Kudos to you for following your heart!

  186. Silvia Fornataro says:

    I absolutely agree with your staying “at home” with your beloveds–paying attention to the solar plexus leads us in the best, healing direction–that ishow it works for me–and I thank you for your sharing–tap on!!!!!!!!! BIG HUGS Silvia

  187. Nellie Roth says:

    Nick, I believe that the Dali Lama is already in your life….I remember him speaking at your college graduation…Now you had another opportunity to be closer to him….Instead you decided to rest and re-energize yourself…I believe this is because you want to be at your very best when you do see him….The third time will be the right time111111111111111111111

  188. Toni Carlock says:


  189. Gloria says:


    You were so right to trust that inner knowing and to come to the understanding that there is great value in simply Being. It brings each of us to our core, our center, where all wisdom lies. No book, or guru, or conference can take us that deep.

    I say Congratulations to you, Nick, for trusting yourself. Keep up the great work and remember to take time to simply “Be”. 🙂

  190. Hava says:

    Dear Nick
    I appreciated a lot your story for sometimes I have also the same impression… I so badly and deeply want to make big jumps in my evolution… you’re right, we have to slow down and wait for other occasions, when we want something, it comes surely on our way … Keep tapping !!! And thanks for all your efforts to helping us evolve too !!!! Cheers, Hava.

  191. Neen says:

    Excellent choice. I recently missed a chance to attend a new meditation dharma talk. I have very few nights off where this is even a possibility, but I was so tired I could barely stay awake through dinner. My husband convinced me other opportunities would present themselves and I was trying to pack too much into a day. We finished dinner and I went to bed for a blissful 11 hours. The next day I felt so well I had more peace within myself than any dharma talk could have provided.

  192. Dear Nick,

    I am very proud of your decision and you! I’ve been getting your very many emails (or The Tapping Solution emails)for many months…and wondered where you got all your energy…It seemed like you were always on to ‘the next great adventure’. By staying ‘put’, calming down, and listening to your inner voice, you were really doing the work that tapping just leads us and reminds us to do.

    You did good. Barbara S.

  193. Jeannette says:

    I agree with the sentiments, but I would have seen the Dalai Lama. It is easier to arrange to meet an uncle who only comes around every 5 years than make an appt. to see the Dalai Lama. Afterall, is this uncle living in space that you couldn’t find him to visit him any other time? I question why the uncle only comes around every 5 years or why no one seeks him out before the 5 years.

  194. georg says:

    Hi Nick. An interesting story.
    But what I just want to say is this. A couple of years ago Dahli Lama visited my homecountry, I´m not living there anymore. I also had choise to do; listen to Dahli lama or go somewhere else. Do you know what I chose? Wrong!!! I chosed listen to Dahli. Have I regret it? NO!! Even if I not direcly spoked to him, but I was maybe 25 meters from him, and that was an experience and a feeling that will never end. Anyhow, I think to that you did right, there will come much more possibilities in your life, and I will also say that I think you are on right “road.”
    Much love and greetings to your family,

    Yours sincerely

  195. Jose Ransome says:

    Yes, I enjoyed this article very much and agree that there are times when we need to listen to ourselves. Thank you – this is a time in my life when I am making this decision about a lot of things that I have been doing that have caused me stress.

  196. Natasha says:

    Hi Nick,

    I don’t agree at all. I think you can do a better job of picking and choosing when it’s worth taking time out. Many of the other people you meet through this position you will have many more opportunities to meet in the future, it’s unlikely that you will get to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama again. I have spent 6 days in his presence and would love the opportunity that you had. I’m offended that you didn’t think he was worth it! I hope you get another opportunity to meet His Holiness, please remember if you do that there are many of us who will never get that chance. I appreciate the need to just chill and spend time with your family though, I just don’t think it’s the best time you could have chosen to take a time out such as after the meeting.

  197. Bernice says:

    Thank you, this is so true. I have come across the idea that it is okay not to do everything, that a missed opportunity may actually open the door to another just as valuable experience. Somehow even though I know this to be true I still struggle and get anxious about making a choice to miss out on an experience. So thank you for bringing this to my attention again. Looks like something to tap on.


  198. Hi Nick…..I completely agree with your decision to stay home. I’ve learned the hard way that when your gut is telling you something, LISTEN!! Sounds like you did. When I haven’t listened in the past, I’ve always regretted it. Thanks for sharing your story; it validates what I have come to believe.



  199. carmen says:

    Since I have been threw a training with NVC, where the personal needs, which grow in your heart, you have done the right thing, not meeting with the Dalai Lama, but listening to your heart, and as you write, what perhaps the Dalei Lama could have said, sounds right to me as well.
    My training there (NVC) has changed my way of talking very much and the great thing is, that, as with Tapping, I have become very calm and happy, although I’m 94.
    Please stay on that path for all of us, and THANK YOU C U

  200. Diane says:

    It’s not easy to say no to a wonderful oppertunity. I had an experience last year. A chance to go to America but my whole body kept telling me no. As wonderful as everything sounded, I decided to listen to my inner voice and I am so pleased I did. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  201. paula says:

    Hello Nick, Yes listening to ones intuition is the way forwards. Although the trickster self sabotuer can sometimes get in the way.
    Good to hear that you had a real nice time with your family.

    Some years ago when living in Spain I was sitting in a vegetarian restaurant in
    Granada with two friends. On the next table to us was the Dalai Lama also sitting
    with a group of friends. I remember quite well how privileged I felt being there at
    that precise moment.
    take care.

  202. Tessie says:

    This was perfectly timed for me.
    I get overwhelmed by all the wonderful self-help stuff in my inbox, but it can make me more stressed as I don’t know which way to turn. Which actually defeats the whole purpose doesn’t it?
    So I am learning to filter it…I don’t want to spend all my time listening and reading – wonderful as it all is!
    So yes I think you definitely did the right thing! And wonderful as the Dalai Lama is, he is just another human being!

  203. I met the Dalai Lama years ago, and treasure it. He initiated us into his healing work, gave a mantra, and asked us to help him heal the whole world. Yes, yes.

    You are helping to heal the world in your way. If you want to be “closer” to him, find a video(-s) and watch it (them). If the opportunity comes again to visit at a better time, it will be worth it.

    Thanks for asking.

  204. Connie says:

    Great article Nick. I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  205. Francine says:

    I love it, of course you made the right decision, I am often face with those kind of decision, I smiled when you wrote…and the Dalai Lama would of said Why aren’t you home with your family….. I must also say that I just finish watching your movie…thank you! thank you for your vision, thank you for your inspiration, just plain thank you!

  206. Nick, you know you so did the right thing. Sometimes rhe high road is a little foggy in our mind but so very clear in the center of our being. Life is so very full of opportunities. When we want it all it takes serious self discipline to be still and hear that quite vouce on the inside. So worth it! I love living in Connecticut!!!

  207. loved this …your heart prevailed

  208. Jelena says:

    Dear Nick

    I have great respect for the Dalai Lama and I’m sure it would be a humbling experience to have met him but you absolutely did the right thing!

    Kind Regards

  209. Jean Kathryn says:

    Thank for modeling the importance of listening in and choosing from a deep place. I just experienced how the body can sometimes jump in and make a decision for us. I had a full week and on Monday night sprained my ankle rather significantly so now I am resting and tapping on a lot!!

  210. Kandi Eden says:

    I am starting to realise that I need to connect more with my family and your comments have confirmed this. I live in Canada with my husband and a grown daughter. My sisters and son live in England and Trinidad (West Indies) and lthough we are so scattered we can skype so I need to make myself available more often, include them in my life.
    Thank you Nick, I think you made the right decision and inspired me.

  211. Tricia says:

    You were right to stay home. Having your picture taken with the Dalai Lama would feed your ego. Spending time with your family fed your heart!

    When will you be on Dr. Oz?

  212. Sarah says:

    I enjoyed and would like to thank you for the artle. Iagree with you , it is necessary to know when to stop the train and remember that what is most important is for us to be n connection with ourselves. Just being without striving as you have so clearly stated it.
    Thank you for the World Summits and all the work you have done to continue moving EFT as a world healing tool.

  213. Karen says:

    Hi Nick

    Thanks so much for that wonderfully clear lesson. I could really relate to the feeling that something may not feel quite “right” and the internal struggle to make the decision whether or not to follow your intuition and desires or make others happy or keep pushing.

    I got so much out of your testimonial and thank you for sharing it.

    All the best,


  214. Sharon says:

    I only have my teenage son left in this world for family, and nearly cried reading this post.
    One because I was so heartened and glad you spent time with your precious family, and Two, because I wish with all my heart I could spend more time with mine. But I can’t, they’ve all gone to the next stage :'(.
    And you never realise the effect that will have on you until it’s too late. Cherish your family, sort out differences, you were brought together for many reasons, let love be the one you end with <3

  215. AM says:

    I like your decision. I already bought your book before it was ready for release!

  216. We all need to take your good decision to heart, and enjoy one another.

    It’s all about balance !

  217. ant says:

    hi nick,
    i don’t believe in mistakes and i’ve learnt that regret is a waste of energy as now is what matters, tapping has helped me understand this, thank you for all that you have taught me, i was lucky enough to get to listen to the dalai lama give teachings for three days some years ago, the first day i listened diligently to the interpreter and took notes like those around me, i went home exhilarated but exhausted, the second day i didn’t take notes but listened carefully to the interpretation, i went home buzzing and less tired but still felt like i was missing something, the third day i sat and listened to the dalai lama talk rather than the interpretation, even though i didn’t understand what it was he was saying i felt like i was flying, i went home glad that i had listened to my inner voice as i felt that i had learned so much more from being in the flow of what he was saying,
    thanks for sharing, ant 🙂

  218. Trusting your intuition is always the best way to go. The Dalai Lama would have heartily agreed with your choice.

  219. Charlotte says:

    My good friend Allan Sankirtan writes in his book that every choice will somehow be expressed in some reality. So there are never any wrong choices – both are valid and never wrong. I like that you follow your instinct and I like your work – keep doing what you are doing and ‘make it more than just a dream’.

  220. TULIA says:


  221. Doreen says:

    I feel that way many times, do I go or should I stay back and rest. There are times you should push and there are times, listen to your body and what you need. Sometimes you get both the good feeling, laughter and growth. Many times I have thought I could have been doing something better than this, but I have to learn to say I am here – I am doing this and hopefully next time I will make the better choice. This is such a learning experience. YOU have to know when enough is enough of one thing, and get on with something else – experience something different. My problem is what to do and when — and live with the decision….

  222. BRAM OGDEN says:

    Nick, i also followed exactly what you and your father did, I had a very good boss who leant me his Lead the field tapes, I am old enough to be your father 83. it is like a drug (a good one) all my children had to listen! after fifty five years on commission as a door to door sales man and 45 of them as a Real estate broker. I have had a great life and am still learning. I have taught my wife tapping and it really works! You are doing a great job. cheers!

  223. Beth Reimel says:

    You tapped into the energy fields of many people in telling your decision to be instead of pursuing what seemed a fantastic opportunity. Look at all the responses you got from sitting with your family, drinking wine and laughing together- plus you probably also got a good night’s sleep!! Wow

  224. Inez says:

    I think you made a great decision. I appreciate you sharing your process. Good food to chew on for the driven/

  225. That was a great article you wrote. I did something last year that I didn’t feel right about right from the first but went ahead anyway and have regretted it ever since. I am now moving towards rectifying it. I do think that you did the right thing and I am sure the Dalai Lama would have agreed with you. I have bought your book on The Tapping Solution and am having fun with the tapping. My Mum who is 88yrs old had a pain above her right eye and I got her to tap on the pain and after several tappings the pain has almost disappeared.

    I had heard about tapping and we had been doing the tapping at yoga when I discovered your site, thank you so much for all the wonderful information that you are able to give the world.

    Love and light
    From down under

  226. Victoria says:

    Perfect choice. You listened to yourself and the Dali Lama would say the same thing to you!



  227. You did the right thing for you and went with your own wisdom and intuition! I ask
    my self does it feel heavy or light to do whatever. As Panache Desai says “We are
    perfect as is”. But do love learning. Grateful for all you have done to “change
    the world”. Love and light, Melinda So happy tapping came to Newtown!

  228. A really wise and thoughtful choice!! and one I’m certain his Holiness would have smiled in approval at! Instead of following after the “idea” of what “appeared” to be an amazingly awesome “experience” of MEETING!!! the Dalai Lama (and at about this moment – the words Spiritual Materialism just flowed into my mind – something that Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche wrote about many years ago!) just for the sake of HAVING that experience you chose to do something different. You stopped and listened and then followed your heart. And your heart led you to make the most spiritually rewarding choice you could have possibly made for you – at that precise moment in time. You didn’t chase after the photo-op with His Holiness or the possible product endorsement you might have been able to imply – you chose something far richer and deeper and more important and fulfilling – at that moment – for you! (Had you listened to your heart and received the guidance that meeting His Holiness was the absolute “only” choice you could make at that moment – then that would have been equally right, too!!) The most important thing was that you truly stopped to take the time – not just to chase after appearances (the quote-unquote shiniest possibility) – but to discover what your soul truly needed! Love it!!!

  229. becca says:

    You answered your own question. You were happy with the results. And I am happy that you shared your story. It is certainly something that nags at me. Sometimes I just run ragged. It does not contribute to joy.

  230. Forest says:

    I really appreciate your writing about this- the opportunity to be with the Dhali Lama rates BIG TIME in my book and that you CHOSE to LISTEN and TRUST your gut/inner voice
    and not go, I deeply respect. It reinforces my own inner listening that I do.Thanks for this posting

  231. Hamish Munro says:

    Hi Nick,in my experience it is our immediate family that provides our greatest understanding of why we are like we are.Your choice to me shows that you are loved and love your greatest teachers.

  232. Nancy says:

    Thank you for sharing . What you shared has helped me to feel confident my choice was the right one for me today. I felt stressed and unwell today. I chose to listen to my knowing and rest. I have struggled with listening to my intuition and the last while I have been honouring it a bit more, and I feel it has empowered me in a new way. Tapping is new to me and I want to remember to do it more with life situations & decisions that I am having to make.

  233. Plácido says:

    Hi there, Nick!

    I loved the story and I think you made the better decision. Although the stirring in this cases, the family is more important than everything. We need to make good decisions, but isn´t so easy. Talking about family is ever right make the decision to family and the mind will never be sorry for that. You made your part. Congratulations and thank you for words of wisdom, very uncommon nowadays.


  234. Vicki Roy says:

    I agree with you. I believe you made the right decision. I have only just learnt this lesson of listening to myself and trusting my myself lately. That there are no missed opportunities. I sometimes still question myself but I won’t anymore. Thank you for sharing and helping me to feel more confident about trusting myself.

  235. Elizabeth says:

    Nick isn’t it wonderful that you get to make a choice no matter the circumstance. life is about choices and the freedom to make them. There are so many broken families and fractured relationships out there, how nice for you
    That you are not amongst them! You placed important relationships above all else.mozeltoff you are doing great
    Things for the well being of people on a massive scale, Love that, and still have time for love and friendship. I am
    A big fan of both you and your sister and the work that you do. Thank you

  236. Thank you. You valued my own intuition, when I found myself making the same kind of choice. I find myself not second guessing myself, and I am learning to trust more and more.

  237. Robyn says:

    The decision is yours, and I sure know how important it is to take care of yourself, but personally I would have prioritised differently. I wouldn’t put a precious chance to meet HH the Dalai Lama in the same category as meeting Tony Robbins or Wayne Dyer. He presents the ultimate long-term, big picture view of happiness. 🙂

  238. Brenda Frost says:

    Hi, I am so glad to hear you have listened to your inner voice who knows all that we need in any given moment. High 5 to you for your courage to face who you are in a moment of decision. Unconditional Love To You

  239. marilyn havens says:

    Perfect decision..Nothing is a precious a gift as family especially when they are as in harmony with your path as yours sound like it is.

    Congratulations.. Wise man.

  240. Mary Ann says:

    I agree. Today at work I got stuck on giving away some of my power to a colleague then decided it was not worth my energy and let go of the negative thoughts and feelings. I think tapping has helped move on when I have this type of encounter. Also, I will tap on what happened today to help me sleep tonight in peace. That was my momentary self-doubt and second-guessing about making a personal choice and a personal decision.

    Mary Ann

  241. Elizabeth says:

    Good for *YOU* on *LISTENING* and MAKING A WISE DECISION!!!!!Taking good care of *YOUR BEING* by putting on your Oxygen Mask FIRST & enjoying *THE BEING TIME*!!!Congrats!!!

  242. Saskia says:

    I do not understand why it is so important to meet with the Dalai Lama.
    He may be wiser than the most of us but there are more special people in the world.
    He was here in a tv college program for an hour. I was not impressed by him.
    And understood that he was not too friendly to the people who were involved in the program.

  243. Ardyce West says:

    Something tells me you will have an opportunity to be in the presence with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at another time. Choosing what makes you feel more expansive is the right choice.

  244. I believe you made the right decision for your self and your family and according to your message it turned out to be the right decision because now you have an incredible memory of a wonderful time with your family learning some things you never knew before. WE need to remember and connect with our roots at times and you did. Congratulations. I see you were initially conflicted about your choice, but tapping cleared that up. Good work and yes I am sure the Dalai Lama would approve.

  245. Glenda Fikes says:

    I KNOW you made the right decision. i love that you did not get “caught up” in the celebrity hype that so many people do today, but followed the path least chosen. The memories you gained from that visit are PRICELESS. Hmmm…slow down!!! Looking for ways to do that in my own life. Namaste’

  246. Aloha Nick,

    Well for you I am sure the decision was correct…..Be with the family.
    But for me, and very selfishly, I kinda wish you had met with the Dalai Lama.
    I believe he lives here on Maui and maybe I would have had the chance to meet
    you. So if another chance does come your way, and it is going to be here on
    Maui, PLEASE let me know……
    Until then, I’ll keep TAPPING…………..

    With Warm Aloha,
    Gary Marshall

  247. klll says:

    I wonder why dali lama do not visit developing countries? he just like to visit developed countries , can any body answer this question?

  248. Nick
    I happen to agree, your decision was the right one. You took the path you thought was right for you to take at that moment in time. I found your comments very relevant to how I have been feeling. Thank you.

  249. I totally agree With you Nick, but honestly I do admire you for that choise…I shure would have hardtime landing at that decition. However I`m pretty shure Dalai Lama would`ve done the same (as you mentioned) 🙂

    Med Vennlig Hilsen Richard Jr

  250. Brigitte says:

    Nick, you followed your inner voice, your intuition, meaning your Higher Self!
    Whatever the Dalai Lama could have taught you, is also inside you.
    Well done!

  251. Teresa says:

    Agree w/Steve’s comments…that even within the spiritual realm, we can get caught up in the outer world & ignore our own inner voices (not to mention bodies). In a world that seems more impressed by ‘doing’ than ‘being’, not necessarily an easy decision…so thank you for sharing!

  252. ABsolutely! 100000000000%. That is what it is all about. And you also solidified my decision to not work as a life coach at this time because of what is going on in my family. I am still learning, reading, doing. But now is not the time to go full throttle. Thank you, Nick. I love your book and two other members of my family are reading and discussing it. You I trust.
    Siegrid K. Bown

  253. I think it was a good decision Nick. But I think also that you aware of the space in your heart and could even ask yourself whether to accept this AMAZING invitation or go with your instinctive feeling if we carry heart space for others then we can allow ourselves to carry some of it for us. But I think its something to learn because alot of people only give space and time to others. We need to do it for ourselves to thrive, to recharge and expand.

    About missed opportunities, often when I am listening to a talk I will notice i have missed something but I now know that although i thought I needed that nugget of information, I didn’t because my brain skipped over it and when it needed to take notice it switched on again.

    Sending sparkles to all of you

  254. zohra says:

    You have actually just answered a question I was asking myself today, thank you. I am like you trying to grow spiritually, thinking that I am still draging behind while so many are ahead of me. But I realised as well that I have come a long way, I am probably where I should be at the right time, as you probably are. Yes you did the right thing to just be and enjoy the moment with your family. Love and light.

  255. Erena lall says:

    Thank you for your article.

    Your comment about there being no missed opportunities really struck a cord with me. There are times when I plan to do something and then when the times comes I just have a sense that it is not what I need to be doing and learning to trust that feeling without judgement is an ongoing lesson.

    I have learned so much from your work.

    Erena Lall

  256. I, too, need to say “no” more often than I do. But we need to be sure that we don’t always say “yes” to things that make us money and “no” to things that don’t line our pockets but fill our souls. I would have seen the Dalai Lama.

  257. Len Blank says:

    Hi Nick,

    I agree that you made the right decision not to see the Dalai Lama.

    Warm regards,

    Len Blank

  258. Sheila says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this article. I completely agree with your decision to spend time with your family. I feel our society in general is on a trend that “more is better”…..more experiences, more activities, more food, more technology…etc. However, too much of anything is not a good thing. Many times along with the “more” of whatever we do, we unintentionally end up adding stress to our lives. I feel everyone needs “down time” to regroup and become mentally, physically and spiritually refreshed enough to face all that life has to offer. I’m happy to hear you listened to your intuitive instinct to take the time to regroup and spend quality time with your family. Kudos to you!!

  259. Audrey says:

    The Dalai Lama would have told you to be with your family! I had the opposite–a sudden (that morning) opportunity to go see the Dalai Lama in Portland (I live in Salem,OR) My full schedule miraculously evaporated, a ride with someone who knew that part of Portland, to allow me to go see the Dalai Lama…everything worked out perfectly. It was wonderful! I was in a large audience but felt I was visiting with an old friend. It all works out!

  260. Susan says:

    Hi Nick,
    I absolute agree with your decision to be with your uncle and family. You have been on the fast track and just to be with family, especially your family that seems t be so loving and supportive of each other, was just the right choice.

    I you and Dalai Lama are destined to cross paths, it will happen. I have had an audience with His Holiness. It was wonderful. I was part of a group of 100 clergy and religious leaders in Boise who met with him when he made a trip to Sun Valley.
    He did several presentations over the course of 3 days. The first was a gathering for anyone who wanted to come, but you had to get tickets, which were free, but I guess it allowed the organizers to control the numbers of the crowd. I was not able to get a ticket, but I said to myself, “If I am going to meet the Dalai Lama, it will just happen. The second day of the event was for the children of the area.

    I did not know abut the 3rd day, until I received a call for the organizers to invite me to that event, which was a gathering of 100 religious leaders in the Boise area. I was not one special, just a pastor who happened to serve a church in Boise.

    t was a wonderful day, and I understood what it must have been like to be with Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount. Your day will come, Nick. Blessings to you for all that you do.

  261. Patti says:

    Why couldn’t you have it all? Your uncle was probably there more than one day. You could have seen the Dalai Lama AND spent time with your uncle. Now, if that time with your uncle was the one and only time you could have been with him, then you definitely made the right choice! Blessings to both you and Jessica for sharing all that you’ve learned … including this example of listening to your heart.

  262. Greer says:

    I think your choice was correct – and inspiringly brave! We are so often trained to chase those “big” moments, forgetting these are under our noses, all the time. Thank you!

  263. Florent says:

    Hi Nick Interesting article. You ever wonder why some thing come down and sit where it sits? I made a choice to quit my job. Today they post it wow all these feeling I have to deal with. It’s especially hard because I feel like I don’t know what my purpose in life is. One moment of jealousy towards you think this is an easy task for yourself. In the other moment thinking things all work out and see the the laughter and joy you saw and gave yourself. I’ am hoping I giving the similar things to myself and the people around.Wish me luck and good faith.

    Thank for sitting the article


  264. Yocheved says:

    It always works out when we listen to our inner voice (our soul, if you like) which only has our highest good in mind. When I have ignored it, it has always been to my detriment.
    Thank you for your article.

  265. Joan Dixon says:

    Excellent choice and thank you for sharing this. I was sick with a cold this past weekend but didn’t want to miss H. H. Dalai Lama. So actually, you where there with me, while I was tapping my cold away. It was clearing up, then the Dalai Lama’s pure white energy flushed it all away. Both of you are wonderful. Thank you!

  266. Bravo to you for choosing to connect with family ! The healing in laughter and closeness is miraculous ! I had a creepy day yesterday….I’m a singer/songwriter for film and TV and life felt very “off”…I went upstairs and tapped while in kundalini meditation. Wow ! What relief it gave me….everything started to make more sense..Thank you for awakening my spirit to Tapping ! Always remember “Your soul needs vacation time too !!!!!! Love, Hugs, and Blessings, Molly

  267. Tatyana says:

    Kabbalah people said:Teacher is coming when student is ready. When you will be ready you will not miss it.

  268. I think this was an amazing choice and you should be proud! I’m just moving into being an empty nester and sometimes missing my family very much, so that time is so valuable and precious in my opinion. We so often “should” ourselves into things and have a hard time with “missing out”, but you chose wisely.

  269. Cisco says:

    Your story was insightful and I think you made the right choice. We tend to value more outside of ourselves (people, things, places) than what is right in front of us, (family, air, life). Slowing down to enjoy a one on one with distance relatives, reopens the heart to a higher level. Seek not that which comes to you freely. And by the way I think the Dali Lama will be coming to you.;o)
    Keeping it real,

  270. it is intuition that sometimes guides us in the right direction that inner vioce can also be off harmony so the idea is to be in-tune with your inner feelings. And yes their are no loss’ when nothing was invested other than thoughts, you were right on!

  271. Whether he said so or not, your uncle was probably deeply touched by your decision and it sounds like he shared freely and deeply perhaps because of it. I applaud your willingness to totally BE with your decision and not split your attention with thoughts of what might have been with the Dalai Lama. Because of the path you are on an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama will most surely present itself in the future or something equally wonderful.

  272. Melissa says:

    You did the right thing, congratulations!! For sure yu will have another opportunity to meet with the Dalai Lama again. But those precious moments with your family are not comming back ever!!!

  273. jill says:

    Striving verses arriving is what comes to mind. You followed your authentic self and received the gift of family, connection, laughter. Stay curious and thanks for sharing.

  274. Arleen says:

    Love the story…. and about the Dali Lama….. can’t wait to hear of your meeting!

  275. Karin Pinter says:

    Great insights, thank you for sharing. Your decision still leaves the door open for you to meet the Dalai Lama (and anyone else) at a whole new capacity, when it’s in harmony for both of you.

  276. Amy-Jo says:

    Brilliant choice, for all the right reasons. Thanks for raising this subject! A-J

  277. Joni says:

    Great choice, Nick! The time spent with family…especially those you don’t often get to hang with, is irreplaceable.

    If we think back to “what we didn’t get the chance to do,” spending time with loved ones who are no longer with us is probably a-top the list. And do we ever know what the future will bring for certain? …except change. 😉

    LOVED that you got to see that the inside of you, your intuition, was coming to the forefront and you listened, and are happy with the choice! That’s the best part of *your lesson* for me!

  278. Dora says:

    I totally agree with your choice Nick 🙂 It would be hard to miss opportunity to meet someone like him but at the end we have to listen to our inner voice. If our body is telling us we have to slow down it is a valid message and we are not to ignore it. After-all like you said “there is no missed opportunities”. I am glad you have had good time with your family. 🙂

  279. Sherry White says:

    Right on Nick! Once again you set up a great example for us all – it is rejuvenating to just allow yourself to BE. I for one need to be reminded of that regularly!

  280. Katerina says:

    First of all you’re blessed and smart to have chosen the parents you have. Only if people/children of all ages spent more time to know and understand their roots the world would have more peace because we would understand what to improve. We’re here to undo whaterever mistakes our parents have done and not be victim of the conditioning.
    Dalai Lama wouldn’t be able to tell you your family story or have your uncle’s sense of humor. Only when we hve ambraced our family and their lesons fully can we step and learn from sages.
    You’re right Dalai Lama’s intuition would have told him to tell you ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘jet lag’ ‘Just go and be.’
    Thank you for sharing the story and the inner dialog with us.
    God Bless for your contribution

  281. ashley kujan says:

    my inner guide agrees with yours! LISTEN!!! i have had many similar experiences(mostly where i did not listen!), and have grown so much the wiser for them. the most intense one of all was an extended and accelerated spiritual growth experience i had when attending NAROPA university. a graduate program is consuming enough, but this one also required much deep personal work. i threw myself into the fire, wholeheartedly, with a strong desire for ‘enlightenment’. well, i got it, but with a heavy price! i had what the program would term a “spiritual emergencey”, and what the layperson would call a major breakdown! the short-term effects were almost fatal, yet the long-term(i am still here) benefits are irreplaceable. i am grateful for the experience overall, but in hindsight(and another chance at it) i would have LISTENED more and pushed myself less.

  282. catherine says:

    Why slown down ? I ‘m always surprise when people and especially thérapeute are so eager to help the rest of the world.
    I have seen so many of them so kind with people outside of their family, but so distant…abscent from the people from their family

    God, Life, Nature or what you want to call it put us in charge of our children or in touch with our family, and it is amazing that we think that is more important to take care or visit, or have a good relationship with others people.

    In France we say : Proper charity , start with applying to yourself.

    So “bravo” to put your family, in first for this night.
    You can consider that You have give more joy to your family than to the dalai Lama.
    Bisous and thanks you for Your good job

  283. Bill says:

    Be serious Nick, we knew you were crazy long before this Dali Lama thing came up.
    ha ha

  284. Henri says:

    I agree! Our intuition never lies, but our mind may have a different opinion.

  285. Kaz says:

    Brilliant, I was wondering about my decision today to turn down a job (even in this wacky economy) and wondered if I’d missed a trick. I felt something that valued me more is coming and any reaction I made would be because I ‘fear lack’ or think I’ve missed the boat. So..’There are no missed opportunities’ YIPPEE 🙂

  286. Maria says:

    I agree with your choice to stay home and nurture yourself and connect with your family. I think it takes someone who really knows who they are to go within and have the awareness to make that choice. I am a teacher of “restorative wellness” techniques and to me what you chose to do was vital in the abundance of your health. Thank you so much for sharing this story!!!

  287. Nick:
    I love the work you are doing and it is making a significant difference in the world. I love the integrity with which you do it. I believe you made the right decision because you are in touch with yourself and what is truly important. I’m on the same path. Maybe I’ll see you along the way.

    Warmly, Meladee McCarty

  288. Refreshing to have you pull me out of that same busy space and reflect…

  289. I am reminded of a quote from one of Melody Beatties books that said “God works in my life in spite of me not because of me”. Its nice to know that life is kind of like the baggage claim at the airport…….it will come back around! Great to know that I can’t screw it up if i am willing to do my part.

  290. Teresa says:

    Hi Nick, A wonderful lesson you shared with us. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the giving. You give so much of your time, and we all have had learned deeply from us. Sometimes the lessons are right at our door step.
    Many thanks.

  291. Jamiela Braun says:

    Thanks Nick very inspiring, I would have done the same too as Ive learned in the last few years chasing chasing chasing … sometimes one has to stop, for me sitting with family like you did is like stopping on the way to smell the roses, I love family. Continue the work you and Jessica are doing God bless much love

  292. Kathy says:

    I agree with your decision.

    Just today I was fighting the tiredness in my body to go outside and do the repairs I need to do.
    I made the phone calls I had to do and then I went and lay down to relax. Next thing I woke up an hour later. But just before being fully awake several washes of tingling energy went through my body. It has not happened for quite some time. I gave thanks to my Angels and Light Beings for that tender download of hugs.

    So yes we need to listen to our bodies and stop fighting the tiredness.

  293. dee says:

    you definitely made the best decision !! I know the Lama is so well known and popular but he is not our God
    and family is always most important…your “innate” told you that and I am proud you listened!! dee

  294. Judy says:

    You did EXACTLY the right thing. Even Jesus took time away from the business of life and the crowds. You need that time to recharge and energize. Aside from all that, what can be better than some quiet time with the people you love the most (your family) in this world. When you can steal some precious time with the people you love, always do it. It nourishes your soul.

  295. Asuncion says:

    You walked the talk Nick…our inner knowing NEVER lets us down….its our direct communication from Source…..and i agree that the Dalai Lama might have humorously chided you for choosing to be there instead of spending time with your Uncle.

  296. Jerry Posner says:

    It IS time to be responsible for ourselves and to seize every opportunity to be with family. I might have asked, May I bring my family along? The Dalai Lama is just so special and precious. One doesn’t meet a great person every day. On the other hand, the Dalai Lama once said that he wished he had more time for himself so that he could become enlightened. I guess, the right choice is the best choice for oneself and no one can say you made a mistake. Obviously, you didn’t for you. Push comes to shove, I would choose family, too. And, yes, HH probably would have told you the same thing. Be with your loved ones.

  297. Hard decision… but the choice you made is one I would have made too. No guilt, just enjoying the moments of treasured time with family. I love that! Thank you for sharing your story.

  298. Nikki says:

    Nick, you are so right on, taking care of yourself in order to care for others. Time with family is an eternal memory and ties that bind families tightly together.
    Good choice.

  299. Dear Mr. Ortner (Nick?),

    I believe this was exactrly the right decision for you. The gist of your article, I’m sure, speaks to everybody. It speaks to me. But the specifics are bound to be different in many cases. I am somewhat driven myself, and therefore fully identify with you. But I am driven with things less worth while than your inner urges. So, for me meeting the Dalai Lama would be the most gripping experience of a lifetime (also I would not have to miss anything else as important and heartwarming.)

    The most incisive message I got from your words: I must find out more about this “tapping solution”! It might be the beginning of a new life. Thank you!
    Edith Baumann

  300. Trudy says:

    I loved your story because it was a great example of truly listening deeply to your inner knowing. I also loved the story because I was faced with a similar decision when I had a chance to see the Dali Llama in 2009. Before I tell my story I have to say how much I love the Dali Llama. He has been an inspiration and such a beautiful teacher of loving kindness for me over the years. He is my somatic expression hero. He moves through emotions so beautifully. I’ve seen him be fierce and passionate in one moment only to have tears running down his face the next and then shortly after in a full belly laugh. Truly inspiring to see him move authentically through all emotions without any attachment. Back to my story, I had to make the decision to not to see the Dali Lama and go forward with my move to Hawaii a bit earlier than planned. I chose to go to Hawaii and listened to his talk on line. However, the beauty of the story is I got to see him in Hawaii 2012 where the theme was peace through aloha and it was the most profound event I had ever been to. Seeing the Dali Lama in Hawaii was a life highlight. So in the end listening to my inner voice lead to an even more amazing and perfect opportunity to see the Dali Lama. Thanks for sharing your story since it reminded me of all the magic that is always available to us when we authentically show upfor ourselves. Cheers!!! Love the tapping as well.

  301. Jean Gordon says:

    My dearest Nick:
    Two thumbs up for your decision!! I knew that you were a very intelligent and caring person! Family comes first, and refuelling also! Thank God for the decision He made you take! The world will always be there for us to come and go as we can manage, but family is only for a not long enough time! Hurray for your parents! They taught you well! Slow down a bit, so that you can give those who rely on your teachings, your relaxed self and brain, and feel healthy about it! When we manage ourselves with care, others perceive it, and we are a good example! Keep up the good work! God bless you always!

  302. janice says:

    I loved the part about you just chilling with your family and nourishing the soul, somehow I hadn’t looked at it like that when I do it and of course “just being”.
    You made the right decision. Blessings.

  303. tony says:

    The Dalai Lama that exists as we see in the world and the Dalai Lama that exists inside you are 2 different people, each one a reflection of yourself. The one in the outside world is just a man no different then the guy or gal on the street corner but the one inside you is the “Dalai Lama” and he is someone you have already met………

    Your Uncle is also both but the one in the outside world new you when you were young and can share with you an expression of yourself only he posses and is based on first hand knowledge that you don’t have and can only obtain through him

    Good choice…good very good


  304. Cinzia Lee says:

    I love the timing if this Nick,

    Thank you so much for sharing your decision 🙂 how fabulous you listened to and trusted your Inner Knowing. I recently attended Seduction of Spirit at the Chopra Centre where I realized that I had a need to control the outcomes of my life. When I realized this and made a choice to go with the flow of life, the most amazing Synchronicities occurred. Not only did I feel less rushed and in alignment with my true self, I felt happy and Peaceful!
    I Applaude you for listing to your spirit.

    I look forward to seeing you in Australia!

    Cinz x

  305. Steve brady says:

    I think you absolutely made the right decision. It seems that sometimes a visit with the Dalia Lama has become a status symbol for people to list on their bios. A university education often creates the same dilemma – with the focus so often on “where did you go to school” and less on “what did you learn.” You were courageous to follow your heart and that lesson that you’ve shared will have much more of a positive global impact than your singular visit with the great teacher. I’m still trying to get my mind around tapping, but I am following my gut and staying tuned in.

    Thank you,


  306. Ted Robinson says:

    Dear Nick, What a great article. You shared your personal background and your inner feelings better in this piece than anything I’ve ever read from you. Congratulations! The personal thoughts and self-effacement really made a difference. Mostly, it was your honesty that came across and I was personally moved by it. Good for you. Good for all who read your articles. Good for the world.


  307. jane asari says:

    Your thoughts came at the perfect moment, as if custom tailored for me. Sometimes we try too hard, want too much no matter how good the cause.
    This is a very special time in our world. Thank you for helping to direct life so beautifully.

  308. Clara Throckmorton says:

    As well as prioritizing what you might do for the day, you mentioned that all your life you would listen to ‘you can do better if you knew” tapes. This is something that I have done all my life & thought I was some kind of a kook because I seemed to be the only one of my group who did this! Even my parents did not do this – and were not interested. It is good to know that it’s OK to want to BE better than we were before!

  309. Terry says:

    An inspiring commentary on listening to your inner self. Nothing is more valuable than
    precious family time. Thanks for sharing.

  310. Charlotte says:

    During the years I studied metaphysics, many international teachers visited the store for workshops. I was on the way home after work to take care of my family, I didn’t want to attend a John Edward gallery scheduled for that evening. Halfway home, that inner voice said, “Turn around, you have a message.” Reluctantly I went back, short story is, there was a message, which I would not have received had I not been there. I learned about an ability I had.
    I don’t think to this day, that my family understands my passion for learning, that the opportunities I had to meet such teachers might never be replicated, and the times I missed being with the family are more easily made up than having the teacher come to me. The good thing is, even though they might not realize it, what those teachers imparted, was exactly timely for what members of my family needed to heal, to grow or whatever. They have passed that knowledge to their own children.
    Sometimes the choices are to teach discernment, who is to say that what you learned from meeting a teacher is for your own enlightenment, or for a loved one. Either way, the crossing of paths is always purposeful. As an example, my chiropractor taught me tapping in the 90’s, so when I crossed paths with you, I knew tapping worked, and it was just what my son needed in the manner that you and Jessica teach it.
    Just being in the presence of one such as the Dalai Lama should make your DNA jump. One of his most endearing comments was “Don’t become a Buddhist.”
    Anyway Nick, he will be here for some time, you have the attitude to create an opportunity to meet him I’m sure.
    Thank you for being you!

  311. Nancy Orr says:

    Yes – I absolutely think you did the right thing. While it is of great value to meet with and hang out with those “seemingly” more awakened than ourselves, the allure or illusion of “specialness” or “more special than me” temptation is just as erroneous as all other illusions. As you said – we know – we have the Truth within US – it’s not out there (there isn’t really an out there anyway right?) and that’s where the power is – within us. Thank you for sharing.

  312. France says:

    Thank you for sharing Nick, I am so proud of you! 🙂
    I am in exactly the same place, finishing my graduate degree and determined to take it easy, as it comes. Reading novels instead of self-help books. Staying at home when my parents come for a visit instead of running around visiting the city. Making room for new creative hobbies. Patting myself on the back!

  313. Thank you for that great story and it hits a big chord for me.
    i recently spent 11 months away from my home and husband to look after my mum who was dying with cancer, after mum passed away I had the chance to go and take the EFT and Matrix course in Manchester with Karl Dawson but instead I chose to return home to my husband.
    I have often wondered since if that was the right decision questioning myself that would and extra couple of weeks away mean that much after 11 months and that maybe i should of stayed.
    After reading your article today it puts it all in perspective, “there are no missed opportunities” I have yet to get the chance to get to a EFT class but I know it will happen when it is the right time.
    Thank you and blessings to you

  314. Lupita says:

    It is a rough one.. But it is definitely the right choice. I laugh at your comment ” what do the Dalai Lama do?” That’s was hilarious but a great question to ask, for if you would have asked him that he would have answered with what you already knew in your heart to do. Thank you for sharing.

  315. Carol says:

    Your message came at just the right time. I have recently given up something that I am good at but that is taking a lot of time and energy from me and my family. Needless to say I have been beating myself up over it ‘why leave when I’m so good at it?’ Reading your message has helped me to see that it’s ok to listen to that inner voice that kept saying it was time to go, and I am ready for more challenges to come, including becoming a qualified EFT practitioner in August this year! Thanks Nick. x

  316. Ronna Prince says:

    Fantastic article Nick! I needed to hear this today!

  317. Carol Ann says:

    I have been to see His Holiness the Dali Lama. Along with 35 thousand other people I have seen him at Rutgers in Jersey. I make no judgement on your decision. It was the best decision for you. For me, to see him again would be a blessing. I have never in my 63 years been in the presence of ANYONE of any comparison. I do not know if I could actually be any closer than I was. He is an amazing human being. 35000 humans and when he spoke you could have heard a pin drop.

    Should the opportunity arise for you again, my inclination would be for you to bow your head and go.

  318. Lisa Lyle says:

    You made the right decision! Having just heard this morning of the passing of a very dear lady to my husband and I, you never know when you will get the opportunity to say goodbye or have one more chat. Go with your gut!

  319. Else Vella says:

    Dear Nick, I have been impressed by your hard work and strong commitment towards a worthy goal. However, it is this particular e-mail message that tugged at my heart-strings, in a sweet kind of way. — An opportunity to meet the Dali Lama, wow!! that’s Big! An opportunity to spend rare time with family, PRICELESS! — Keeping balance is an other great tool as part of fulfillment of life. Just one of the many great words of wisdom that I have learned along my spiritual path which I have walked since the early 1970-ties. ( Nightingale/Connent,that sure brings back memories.) Else V.

  320. Liz says:

    Lovely article, thanks, Nick.
    Funnily enough I had a similar experience when my children were little and the Dalai Llama was speaking at an event in Cape Town. My husband and I got in a babysitter and set off. Something didn’t feel right to me about the babysitter that night so halfway there we turned back and went home. I had also “tuned in” to what I thought the Dalai Llama would do in that situation. My instinct told me that ensuring my children’s wellbeing was far more important than listening to the Dalai Llama, I wouldn’t be totally present for the talk because I would be worrying about my kids and that the Dalai Llama would agree with me. It was definitely the right thing to do. We paid the babysitter anyway, said she could have the night off, and stayed home Being Present and enjoying our two precious and beautiful children.

  321. Veronica says:

    Hi Nick ,
    I admire your commitment,but like you say always take time to BE. Have you tried 20 mins morning and evening diving into the essence of your Being with Transcendental Meditation? It is so easy ,takes care of any build up of stress and removes the root causes of all those niggles in the mind that tapping effectually deals with. On that level of your Being you are everywhere,one with everything including the Dalai Lama!

    All best wishes,

  322. Carol says:

    Yes you definitely did make the right decision! We never know what tomorrow brings and family is number one or it should be for us. Family is what made us what we are today!!

  323. Who says this was your only chance to ever see the Dalai Lama??

  324. Rebecca says:

    Yes, listen to the voice.
    thank you for that knowing. I have been there. I just started tapping in Tucson AZ. I have been diag. with ADD and it brings me back to center.
    My daughter and friends went to thse the Dali Lama in Louisville,KY said it was fanominal.

  325. Eileen says:

    Of course you were right to stay at home with your family. They are your past and your future and you should be grateful for them. So many people do not know their families or they, or their families, choose not to know one another. Make the most of them. Love them.
    Allow yourself plenty of regular time to BE just yourself before you get lost trying to be more ‘improved’, there’s a good chance that you don’t need improving!
    If you are meant to meet the Dalai Lama, you will, but at a time that is more appropriate.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with everyone.
    Best Wishes.

  326. DeAnna says:

    Thank you for being so open about your choice and the decision you made to honor your intuition! I’ve seen the “change-myself-in-breakneck-speed” syndrom in quite a few clients over the years, and I always advise them to slow down and give themselves a chance to integrate the changes we’re making (even though that’s the last thing they want to hear). I liken it to stretching a rubber band too far too fast. If they’d just give themselves time to rest and assimilate, then they’d actually be able to go farther in less time.

  327. Congratulations! that was the right decision. It has taken me a long time to know that and feel good about it.
    Tapping is extraordinary it is helping me tremendously.



  328. Sue says:

    In the 1990’s I met the Dalai Lama in South Africa, a truly inspiring man, however Nick Ortner, you are also a truly inspiring man and very valuable to our knowing who we truly are and feeling the God Guidance within us. Thank you so very much.

  329. JOHN BURNS says:

    Yes, you made the right decision and it was confirmed by that memorable evening with your family.

  330. clutch says:

    Follow your heart not your mind. You did the right thing for you at that moment. Besides you can always buy the DL tape series and find out you did the “right” thing 🙂

  331. JennieLee says:

    Dear Friend,
    I really agree with you and I am so glad that you learned this great lesson that after all is said and done the most important link in your personal chain is your own family. They are so important in the long run. Sometimes when you run faster than you can, you break down. I am happy that you slowed down. Your Body is so wise, listen to ”
    as your gut feelings come from that brain in your stomack that is connected to every cell in your body. It will not fail you. You head runs too fast some times. I know because I have finally learned this lesson that I must live in Listening Grace as did Mother Mary all the time. This Holy Spirit is so sweet and tender as The Divine Mother love Is, and “IT” cannot be heard in the rush of things. Blessing to you and Jessica. Love you both, JennieLee

  332. I think it would have been fine either way …as long as you are present for your life , there is growth and learning …there are surprises everywhere ..we just need to be aware of them ….whether its the Dalai Lama or your uncle …no matter …..the only time you miss out is during all the second guessing.

  333. Hi Nick, I certainly understand the struggle between two irresistible choices, but I think you made the right choice. I read somewhere recently…can’t remember the source…that when push comes to shove, family connections must come first because of the intimacy of the connection. Other connections are hugely important…but family first.

    We all need to slow down in order to make that most important of connections…the connection with ourselves. We can lose that in the rush of things.

    One of my taglines on my Sunday posts…is to take time to walk in quiet places with family and friends.

    As you can see I can’t help but agree with your decision.

    And a greater opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama is still to come.

    Nick Grimshawe

  334. Linda says:

    I agree for I too can get too busy and over the last 3 years I am learning to slow down and just be. Thank you for sharing.

  335. Nick, I think you absolutely made the best choice! Those bonds of family are so strong and you were able to gain pieces of the past to take into your future. I, too, need to slow down. I am trying to limit my activities. I also need to put my put my iPad down earlier in the evening. I’m not getting sufficient rest, but its nobody’s fault but my own. Keep up the good work! I love your book and need to go back and pick it up and do the tapping sequences again (and again…). God bless you! Vicki

  336. Lisa E says:

    Hi Nick,
    I totally understand about”too much” I currently have discovered my purpose and passion in life and I am working on building my blog and videos which I want to help people live happier more inner peaceful lives. So I have been doing alot of reading and looking at who to read and follow etc… but I did come to a point where I had to step back and pull away for a few days because I honestly felt I was reading and following too many!!! So when I came back from my “personal growth break” I listened to my intuition and my spiritual guides to narrow down who to read and who to work with. WOW!! once I did that I felt clear again and all the creative juices started flowing!! So I agree sometimes we can be doing too much!! You will have an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama, the universe will bring you the opportunity when it is truly your time. In Love and Light, Lisa

  337. Mardell says:

    I have often wanted the opportunity to say how impressed I am by you and what you and your shster have accomplished to promote EFT. I find it nothing short of amazing. You are both such positive, inspiring young go-getters. With tha said, it was delightful to see how well you “tapped in” (pun intended) to your inner wisdom of just BEING. I’m 63 and still having issues with that one. . . need to tap more perhaps. . . 🙂
    I am glad for the opportunity to thank you for your work in promoting EFT around the world and congratulate you on your book. I always LOVE the World Tapping Summitt that you and Jessica organize and host. Keep up the great work, but remember to take time to “smell the roses”. It’s all good.

  338. Victoria says:

    I totally agree. I had a chance to meet the Hugging Saint. A most venerable lady who just stood and gave warm hugs to people for hours on end. Something said “not for you at this time”. I stayed home. I don’t know the why. Perhaps if I had gone it would have meant that a person who truly needed that special embrace would not have had it. Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t do.

  339. Very well expressed or should I say articulated. Coming to your question:

    Do you agree with my decision to stay home or do you think I’m crazy for missing the meeting?
    I agree with your decision. I have been in such circumstances. When I tap for getting clarity and make a decision, it has always been for my/all concerned Highest good. I am sure you will get a very easy and effortless way to meet The Dalai Lama.

    Where do you need to slow down?
    When something doesn’t feel OK/good, you need to slow down. Listen to your inner/Higher/Core Self. I do this in several ways such as
    Deep breathing
    taking a short nap and connecting with my Unknown self
    Writing all the thoughts/conversation that take place between me and my Infinite Intelligence. Finally II will give a clear action step.
    Many more….

    What did you learn from this story? Share your comments below.

    It is OK to slow down and that is when you connect with your TRUE self and make guilt free/Highest Good of all concerned decisions.

  340. Virginia says:

    A very wise woman once said to me: Any virtue carried to extreme becomes a vice. She worked mostly with individuals who valued service to others and personal accomplishment above all else. She sometimes found herself caught in the same web. I was so blessed to be able to observe and learn from all this. Learning how to BE is a great accomplishment in itself and a profound example to others. Bravo, Nick, for your engagement and example in this process.

  341. Bethany says:

    I have to say I was appalled when I first read the title of this post but after reading it I do agree that you made the right decision. A while ago I found out that the orchestra that I play in scheduled their final concert of the season on the same day as my extended family easter gathering. I was at first torn about which one to attend. I hate missing a concert and did not want to let my orchestra down but one of my family members was diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 years ago and I felt it was more important to spend time with him and the family while he was still feeling well and able to join in with us. A couple weeks ago a new MRI revealed that the tumor is growing and now he is on another round of chemo and is not his usual self because of side effects of the chemo and the growing tumor. I made the right decision and I think you did too. Thank you for this great post. 🙂

  342. Noelle Weyeneth says:

    Hello Nick,
    Yes you were right to stay with your uncle and not go to hear the Dalai Lama, although I respect the Dalai Lama very much. Also, because probably you knew what he was going to say.
    I met the Dalai Lama in 1974 in Switzerland as we were the first group of Westerners having done a course in Tibetan meditation (about 35 people). At the time I thought that he had all the answers to all the problems of life…. in fact it is good that he did not as we have to find them ourselves…and I am still looking up today !

  343. kd12 says:

    I do hope you get a chance to meet with the Dalai Lama at some point, Nick. He is such a passionate advocate of science where it intersects with healing and human compassion. Earlier this year he held a summit with scientists from around the world to examine the subject of compassion. EFT/tapping would be right up his alley! All the best to you, and your work & family:-)

  344. Dewey Kerr says:

    I do not Agree I have been in his compound in dharamsala India twice, but never got to meet him. A once in a Lifetime opportunity..You Blew It..

  345. Karen says:


    I had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama a couple of years ago in Mpls. at a conference. I know you made the right decision because the Dalai Lama is all about “Being”. We need to slow down and “be” in order to connect with our intuition. Great choice Nick!

  346. Terri says:

    Thanks for your honesty. I, too, have had to realize that those INNER stirrings are for real. It takes some appreciation of ones own SOUL to take that step back and allow personal connection to come forth.. Again, I so am thrilled to know someone recognizes this personal choice. BYH.

  347. Anne-Marie Hogue says:

    You were absolutely right! I love your story. Pushing the envelope is so tempting these days. Tapping helped you to stay focused so you heard your still small voice


  348. Claire Rall says:

    This article was great and very validating. Thank you!

    I was reminded of some very fond memories with family last Christmas. These wonderful people think my husband and I are wacko because of our metaphysical beliefs, but we love and enjoy them anyway and those memories are so precious.

    Also, I’ve noticed in my past that the desire to have my picture taken with a “famous person” or get their autograph in a book is really an ego desire to be identified with that person or acknowledged by them. I don’t need that if I can identify with myself and acknowledge myself. Thanks for your insight which supported my own!


  349. John says:

    This is exactly the same situation as I face frequently as I too want to make connections and use all learning opportunities available.
    The advice I rely on is “enjoy life’s journey”, it’s not a race or a competition.

  350. Brenda says:

    Nick –

    I totally agree with the decision you made!! I have learned that despite the HUGE need to help others, there comes a time when we must help ourselves. I know that when I take some self-nurture time and then come back to doing the things I love most, I have renewed energy and so much more to give!!

    Thank you so much for the work you do. I am passionate about EFT and am very close to opening my own practice. You are an inspiration to me every day!

    Brenda Dutertre
    Soul Song Therapies

  351. Janice says:

    Good for you! I’ve been there and am there again with a major decision. I feel stuck; however, it will work out. Love and hugs, Janice

  352. Rae Delai says:

    Nick, the universe only rewards you when you do the “right thing for you” not when you “do the right thing”. Plus constantly,working on ourselves can mean we think we are not ok,as we are. Stopping work affirms we are perfectly ok just the way we are right now.

  353. Naomi says:

    It doesn’t matter, Nick. Glad you had a rich and happy gathering with your family,
    and you don’t know what the experience with the Dalai Lama would have been for you.
    You made a choice and it doesn’t have to be justified, made right or wrong. Imagine
    your evening wasn’t so idyllic, where would your mind go with that? I’d say let go
    of the whole thing and “be here now”. Best wishes, n

  354. vil says:

    You did the right thing by following your instinct/ gut feeling.
    Sharing quality time with family is priceless.



  355. Mary Ann says:

    I often struggle with similar choices. I’ve never thought of tapping on them — but now I will.

    I think you did exactly the right thing.
    One way to think about all this personal-growth stuff, is that we do it so that we are more able to just “BE” with the important people in our lives — to connect, be present, relax, and bring more of ourselves to our lives and relationships.

    You spent a lovely evening with your family, instead of embarking on another pilgrimage to meet a wise man. Sounds like wisdom to me.

  356. Birgit says:

    Hello Nick,
    you made the right choice.
    I am glad you spent the time with your family.
    And, yes, i am sure the Dalai Lama would have agreed.
    Kindest regards,

  357. Coach Tracie says:

    Thanks for sharing Nick! I always open your emails, because I know they will be helpful and inspiring. You did the correct thing, staying home with family, and you did the correct thing again by writing this article! 🙂 May the blessings you give come back to you and hundred times over.

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