Teachers In Newtown, CT… (and around the world) - The Tapping Solution

Teachers In Newtown, CT… (and around the world)

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The Tapping Solution

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Nick Ortner

As many of you know, we’ve been on the ground In Newtown, CT (where I live), using Tapping to help those most deeply affected.

The work is going extremely well, and I’ll be sharing a more complete update down the road, but for now, I wanted to share with you a resource we’ve put together for teachers around the world.

Jessica has created a video and tapping meditation specifically for teachers – those amazing people who have influenced, inspired, and taught all of us.

As you can imagine, they’re having a hard time with what happened…it’s a little too close to ‘home’ and this tapping meditation is our way of supporting them.

Please share with any teachers you know . Even if they’re not familiar with tapping, we explain the process and how it can help them in the video.

And even if you’re not a teacher, you might want to tap along “surrogately” for those incredible teachers out there.

Press Play Below to Watch Jessica’s Introduction Video

Right Click and “Save” Here to Download this Audio

The EFT Tapping Points

“After what happened at Sandy Hook I had the opportunity to learn tapping. It has been such a blessing in this difficult time and is helping me to sleep.”

– Margee Minier, elementary school teacher in Newtown, CT

Until next time…

Thank a teacher today! (and teach them tapping!)

Nick Ortner

Share a few words (general or specific!) about how teachers have affected you!

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14 Comments on this post

  1. Jessica,

    We appreciate this very passionate, innovative work. It can be utilized so easily and in so many different settings. We are a husband and wife team, I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in addictions, and my husband, Michael, works with me as well as teaching new teachers through the university.

    We will share this with our clients and student teachers.


    Teresa and Michael

  2. Deepest Gratitude to you and for all the deep awareness of love that you will inspire through this effort. It will reverberate through me as I tap with my colleagues and be shared forward to all I know. May we dance – both teary-eyed and with joy, wrapped in the resilience of this love. (Retired teacher, staff development specialist and energy medicine practitioner)

  3. Hi Jesssica I am sure this will this will benefit many people, If only they had more faith, their life would be so peaceful. I can not say enough about tapping it just feels so good,THANK YOU,

  4. maria says:

    thankssss sooomuch beautiflull taping meditation Erica !!!

  5. Sara Long says:

    I volunteer to teach meditation techniques to seniors and often feel stressed-out myself when sitting in front of the group. EFT has helped and this technique and explanation will be something else for me to share with them. Thank you!

  6. Thank You Nick and Jessica for this wonderful gift of “Tapping for Teachers”. As a qualified school teacher I have suffered incredible stress through my work to the point where my health has been so greatly debilitated that I have been unable to return to my profession for the past three years.
    As a yoga teacher and meditator I have learnt many self help techniques over time, many of which have been forgotten, then rediscovered and a gentle reminder helps move me forward again. I find EFT so incredibly easy and accepting of one’s self that it becomes simple to incorporate into my every day practice.
    Empowerment is returning, one step at a time. Thank You. May We All Be Well and Happy.
    With Love and Gratitude…Pamela.

  7. ANDREA says:


  8. Sue Wileniec says:

    Fabulous work Nick and Jessica! Who would have believed that Tapping would have been the solution to transform Newtown into a new town. Let’s hope EFT and your work make it to mainstream media so the world will learn of this wonderful energy healing modality. Love and light to you all.

  9. Carol jakab says:

    How wonderful! I am part of a spiritual directors group at Fairfield University. I also use EFT with some of my directees. Very effective. Is there anything we can do as a group to help you with your work in Newtown? Thank you Jessica. Blessings, Carol

  10. jameel says:


  11. Pankaj says:

    Thank you soo much Jessica mam for this amazing meditation thanks a lot …………..

  12. Bob says:

    Thank You for this meditation an how to relax ..
    This is amazing .. Even though I am not a teacher , I do have Stress looking after my Grandsons an my Family….
    I never really thought about looking into meditation , before … I guess . I do nmeed to learn how to relax ..

  13. Doris says:

    Thank you Jessica for this beautiful peaceful meditation

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