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Tapping for Japan…

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The Tapping Solution

Written by:
Nick Ortner

The past week, we’ve had a lot of inquiries from people wondering if we could mobilize the collective energies of the 400,000 conscious people that receive this email to help with the tragedy in Japan.

I do believe that our collective energy can make a difference, but I also believe it is vitally important to tap through our response to the tragedies we face in life.

Whether it be Japan…or the earthquake in New Zealand or the ongoing challenges in Haiti, focusing on the negative isn’t going to help anyone.

Sure, you can tune into CNN to see what’s going on, but there’s only so much of that before it becomes counter-productive. Unless we process and release our fears, our concerns, our stress, we can’t really be of much help and move forward in a positive direction to make a difference.

All that being said…. 🙂

I have two things for you to make that happen.

The first is a very special audio from Jessica, a short tap-along meditation (like her surrogate tapping one that everyone loves!) to help tap through some of what’s going on. The second is something more on the practical side.

From now until Friday, March 18th, we are going to offer “The Tapping Solution” Documentary film, for 50% off.

We were planning on doing this anyway as a post-summit celebration, because many of you asked how you could get a copy of the film and we wanted to make it available super cheap for you.

The cool part is that we’re going to donate 100% of gross sales until we hit $5,000 $10,000 to support the relief efforts in Japan.

The film only costs $15 (at half price) that’s why we’re starting at the 5k goal.

If the response is good, we’ll look to raise more! The funds will go to the Red Cross, unless we can find an organization that is doing specific trauma relief work, ideally with Tapping. (If you know of one, please let us know. We just donated $2,000 to an organization in New Zealand that is doing EFT with the earthquake victims there).

You can listen to Jessica’s audio here:

Right Click and “Save” Here to Download This Audio


And you can see the trailer for “The Tapping Solution” film and pick up a copy to support Japan by clicking here:


If you were looking to donate funds to the efforts in Japan, now’s the time! Let me know your experience with Jessica’s audio as well, just post your comments on the blog.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!



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  1. […] then promptly went on to propose a surrogate tapping meditation.  While there is some sense in knowing what is going on, the risk is of getting sucked into the […]

  2. daniella orel says:

    thank you Jessica, you are doing it so nice, you voice is callming, and the words are elevating. may there be peace all arround and esspecially in our heads and hearts, amen.

  3. Krista says:

    Tapping for Japan has really been an amazing tool for me. For the last year I have been experiencing stomach upset almost on a monthly basis connected to an unsettling environment in the United States. This EFT method has been the only thing that seems to calm the anxiety in my stomach and I am so grateful for it.

  4. Janine says:

    I grow and grow in believe that tapping is for my life too.
    Thank you Jessica and Nick!

  5. Teresa says:

    Thank you Nick and Jesicca you are superb!!!

  6. LoAnne says:

    Thank you so much for the wisdom and love that shine through your words.
    I live in Tokyo and am in the process of transcribing and translating this program for people to use here.
    There is still a great deal of fear and loss. The loss of livelihood, normal life, a sense of direction….the nuclear instability continues.
    I was with 5 women when the earthquake came. I was just going to teach them about Tapping. Just after, we each expressed our deepest feelings and the 1-10 numbers ranged very high.
    Thankfully, we tapped through our initial anxiety and when the next one came, we tapped to the Lord’s Prayer. Tapping continues to help a LOT.
    Thank you from the depths of my heart!

  7. Avis Ashcraft says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tool and how to use it to help others. Dear teachers and bringers of wonders, THANK YOU.

  8. PC Nicholas says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Heard a number of your tapping tapes and your voice is very soothing and calming and that is why I have used your tapping video on my blog – to show people the tapping points. Tapping is one very constructive way of helping! Thanks to you and Nick for sharing these empowering tool with the world.

  9. Mo says:

    Thanx very much for that, it does help out-tuning ourself from the negative impulse from the news and life in general

  10. Carol says:

    One of the best tapping scripts ever. Cried a couple of times. Thank you Jessica.

  11. cindy lund says:


  12. Sshankar says:

    Great! Hats off to you Nick and Jessica. Love, Peace and Light to you both.

  13. Thank you very much for gifting this audio to the world. Much healing will occur as a result. Every tapping session I do improves my life! My healing serves the world. Thank you!

  14. Michael Chukwuka Nwoye says:

    I have been righteously and rightfully advised that I do not have to ask for whom the bell tolls; that it tolls for me. I sorely lament the tragedy unleashed on Japan by the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear radiation threat. All well-meaning people all over the world should rally round the Japanese in this momment of sorrow and assist them in whatever way we can.
    “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee”- so said a sage. It was the New-Zealander weeping yesterday. It is the Japanese weeping today. We do not know whose turn it will be tomorrow.

  15. Wanjira Kamau-Kibiku says:

    Thankyou Jessica and Nick for the amazing work you are doing. Its always a blessing to give than to receive. You are such a blessing. God bless you.

  16. Les Boumans says:

    Dear Jessica en Nick & staff,
    this audio is such a wonderful tool !! I tapped along, and when I finished, I tapped another full session with Jessica. The two of you and your family and team, have given us so much, by your untiring support and *gifting* this to EFT’ers and anyone else interested. I can’t help but think this has made a tremendous difference to people all around the world. a FIVE STAR “Thank You” would seem in place, and also to Fiona McCallion EFT’er in the UK, a big Thank You too, if it hadn’t been for her, I would never have known about you, nor heard the world summit recently Bless You All !! :-))))) XXXX

  17. Karen says:

    I love this ! Thank you.

  18. Judy says:

    The first time that I felt I could do something practical ….really powerful -Thank you….so very much -You guys are inspired, & you inspire US

  19. hassan says:

    Thank you Jessica&Nick for all thing,s.I am an Iranian.I have a big problem .I do not speak english to much and I do not understand english too.Thank you so much

  20. Johannes Ostendorf says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful instrument !
    If we are weak ,we are not able to serve others .
    God Bless you all and all !

  21. smvu says:

    Very much inspiring !

  22. smvu says:

    Very inspiring !

  23. Elissa Rattigan says:

    Thank you Jessica. I tapped along and felt sure the good wishes of everyone would have an effect.
    E.F.T. has helped me in my life over a decade or so with remarkable results and I point others in its direction.
    Wishing you blessings and thanks again,

  24. Thank you Nick and Jessica,
    there is so much panic around Japan and fear that it also will touch us. It’s a wonderful way to stay neutral and just be compassionate. The Light will do the rest.

  25. Vicki Keast says:

    This was a truly beautiful tapping meditation – many thanks to Nick, Jessica and Alex for extending their always present care and compassion to the people and dire circumstances in Japan and of course to us, the tappers.

    To those asking about the aid organisation in New Zealand – it is TREST Aid and you can read about their work with Christchurch earthquake survivors on Facebook and their work in Indonesia on http://www.trestaid.com

  26. Anton Vogels says:

    Wow, I really feel a great sense of grattitude and relief coming in from the universe and from Japan. This is an awesome way of saying “I am with you all the way and I project lots of soothing healing to you all”!
    I now feel embraced with love.
    I send to you this love I feel.

  27. Jessica I love your voice and the love you are just comes though so strongly. Thank you so much to doing this audio, it make so much sense and works perfectly into my daily practice.
    You guys are amazing and I love what you are doing – making such a difference in the world.

    Blessing you and all of us!

  28. Pia says:

    This is a fantastic thing to do!! From the EFT Inside letter they call to do a tapping round for Japan every full hour, so energies are bundled in time. Now with Jessica’s great support we even have the words ready to go! So let’s DO IT!!

  29. Mary H from GA says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you


  30. Christine says:

    Thank you Jessica for this it reminded me again how tapping keeps us present and presence is consciousness and that is healing! We needed this.

  31. Mary Reynolds says:

    Thank You Jessica, this was so beautiful. The day after the disaster in Japan I was depressed over it, so I did some tapping to help me to get through it, and it did help. Your presenting it was so calming and soothing and it is so wonderful that you help so many people.

  32. norma says:

    I really needed this and I want to thank you for the releasing that I needed,It was to me very powerful and it has helped me out alot and felt I have helped the people in Japan with the energy I forwarded,wow!

  33. Bob Lim Joo Yam says:

    Thank you to both of you. This is a wonderful gesture. Thank you so much for all your work…this is awesome…thank you once again…God bless both of YOU!

  34. Deborah says:

    Lovely, lovely meditation. Thank you for your generosity, your kind heart, you inspire us to be the bold and beautiful people that we all are! Many Blessings to you Jessica and Nick.

  35. Ashis says:

    This is so great! I just listened to the audio and tapped along. It was a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much!

  36. Marta Knowlton says:

    Thank you, Jessica and Nick, for this extraordinary tapping session. I felt the energy of love, peace, and light you projected so tenderly expand throughout my being and out to the Universe. There it blended with the intentions of so many other people, all directing their energies to Japan, New Zealand, Haiti and so many other places so thirsty for it. Tapping it into every person. It was a most powerful transmission of healing and Oneness. Thank you more than I can say. Marta

  37. typhon says:

    I suggest having the capacity to share emotionally and physically (ah maen cuddle, even git naked, yo!) with anyone, will go a lot farther.

  38. Linda jepson says:

    Wonderful ,the energy was so powerful
    Love ,light and peace across the universe ….hugs and smiles , Linda x

  39. Noemy Franco says:

    I spoke to Lord, about a friend I have there, if she alives, I will give a $50 bucks, then I knew shes alive. I love Jesus my real Lord and Savior!!!!!!!
    Thank you for help me help someone!!!!!!!
    NB.: Lord bless you Nick and Jessica for everything!!!!!!!

  40. Cecille Thomas says:

    Thank you, Jessica this tapping session is exactly what Japan and the world needs. You and Nick are awesome light workers I appreciate all that you do!

  41. Iva Talacko says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I will send this around.

  42. Wendy Scott says:

    Thank you, this was beautiful. I felt so still at the end of the session. Very empowering and what a gift you shared. You are both very inspiring. I too think your voice is very special Jessica, it conveys love and peace. Thank you.

  43. Chas says:

    A letter from Sendai, Japan
    ANNE THOMAS 3/14/2011

    published online @ Ode magazine

    Things here in Sendai have been rather surreal. But I am very blessed to have wonderful friends who are helping me a lot. Since my shack is even more worthy of that name, I am now staying at a friend’s home. We share supplies like water, food and a kerosene heater. We sleep lined up in one room, eat by candlelight, share stories. It is warm, friendly, and beautiful.

    During the day we help each other clean up the mess in our homes. People sit in their cars, looking at news on their navigation screens, or line up to get drinking water when a source is open. If someone has water running in their home, they put out a sign so people can come to fill up their jugs and buckets.

    It’s utterly amazingly that where I am there has been no looting, no pushing in lines. People leave their front door open, as it is safer when an earthquake strikes. People keep saying, “Oh, this is how it used to be in the old days when everyone helped one another.”

    Quakes keep coming. Last night they struck about every 15 minutes. Sirens are constant and helicopters pass overhead often.

    We got water for a few hours in our homes last night, and now it is for half a day. Electricity came on this afternoon. Gas has not yet come on. But all of this is by area. Some people have these things, others do not. No one has washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so much more important concerns than that for us now. I love this peeling away of non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition, of caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but of the entire group.

    There are strange parallel universes happening. Houses a mess in some places, yet then a house with futons or laundry out drying in the sun. People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people out walking their dogs. All happening at the same time.

    Other unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence at night. No cars. No one out on the streets. And the heavens at night are scattered with stars. I usually can see about two, but now the whole sky is filled. The mountains are Sendai are solid and with the crisp air we can see them silhouetted against the sky magnificently.

    And the Japanese themselves are so wonderful. I come back to my shack to check on it each day, now to send this e-mail since the electricity is on, and I find food and water left in my entranceway. I have no idea from whom, but it is there. Old men in green hats go from door to door checking to see if everyone is OK. People talk to complete strangers asking if they need help. I see no signs of fear. Resignation, yes, but fear or panic, no.

    They tell us we can expect aftershocks, and even other major quakes, for another month or more. And we are getting constant tremors, rolls, shaking, rumbling. I am blessed in that I live in a part of Sendai that is a bit elevated, a bit more solid than other parts. So, so far this area is better off than others. Last night my friend’s husband came in from the country, bringing food and water. Blessed again.

    Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don’t. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent.

    Thank you again for your care and Love of me,

    With Love in return, to you all,


    “Thinking that everyone is most precious, dear and kind is what makes our life most joyful.” Lama Zopa Rinpoche

  44. Sue says:

    Your inspiration and dedication to EFT helps those of us who want to do more with this energy inside of us! I am so thankful I now have the knowledge of tapping and the ability to use it for so many situations! Thank you Nick! Thank you Jessica!

  45. A huge thank you for this tapping audio. I/we so badly needed this to lift the energy here in New Zealand after our devastating earthquake in Christchurch. Even though most of us did not have to experience the quake first hand, we are all emotionally and physically affected in some way. Families have been split or drawn back together, fear has been huge and the collective energy has been on a downslide. Added to our already vulnerable position we have now had the fright of Japan’s terror to emphasise the fragility of the world. Your tapping audio has helped me regain some sense of equilibrium, has been resolving the fear and brought balance enough to feel once again I can help, moving from helpless to helper. The energy of the planet is lifting once more. Wonderful, many thanks.

  46. Jeannette says:

    Many thanks and blessings to you, Nick & Jessica. Your love and generousity to the world , and in everything you do is amazing and inspiring. I, too was crying during the tapping for Japan. What a beutiful way to deal with disaster!

  47. Logynn says:


  48. Priya says:

    Dear Jessica and Nick,
    Thank you for the powerful work that you have chosen to share globally. This meditation is a miracle for all of us. You have provided the bridge.
    With love and gratitude,


    jessica & Nick
    It was fabulous; very inspiring, healing.

  50. Mooniek says:

    Hi, I am grateful to you Nick and the people working with you. It is very inspiring to see you and yours move forward.
    The past weeks I have been tapping for Libia, and for others in the world who feel that they are in a dark space or feel stuck. Even though Japan needs all the help it can get, I choose to not forget the women and men in countries like Zimbabwe, Darfur, Congo etc. who have been so courageous for so long, who keep on fighting for better lives.

  51. Ingrid says:

    This is SO GREAT AND SO POWERFUL, I tapped along for Japan and for my own country, for peace in my country. I’ll translate it and teach it to others, so that we can improve the energy and move forward to feeling love and peace … to focus on how we can help make the situation better. Thank you so much!

  52. Ellen says:

    I love all the Tapping information I’ve gleaned and used over the past few weeks. I also laud your efforts on behalf of those in need all over the globe.

    I’ve noticed there’s no link to whom/ what/ when/ where/ how the funds raised are being sent, dispersed. I’d love to be able to follow the actions of The Tapping Solutions’ work. As rewarding as it is to those of you at the helm, it would be equally encouraging to me. I’ll bet others would love to know too.

    Thank you for all your work and sharing.

  53. Jenn says:

    This is wonderful. I have passed it on to so many friends. Thank you, Thank you!!

  54. Teri says:

    Jessica and Nick. Thank you so much for this wonderful tap along. Collectively we CAN make a difference….we are all one. Blessings to you all.

  55. Alysia says:

    Thank you for this. My little ones were becoming alarmed whenever they saw me looking at pictures or listening to reports about the disaster in Japan. When I saw this tapping for Japan, I instantly thought of them and invited them to do it with me. They went through the whole thing. My 4 and 6 yr old asked me to do it again and they said it made them feel better. It made me feel better too!

  56. Eva Gabrielle says:

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful tapping audio!!! You guys do such
    great work!!!
    Is it possible to get this in a pdf format?
    Thank you!

    Blessings Galore from Rev. Eva

  57. niamo says:

    this has me in a state of just Being. I couldn’t move when it was over, just wanted to enjoy the moment. very beautiful and meditative and empowering. thanks be to creator of heavens and earth for your gift and your giving ceaselessly Nick and Jessica. Your voice is beautiful Jessica.

  58. maureen harkness says:

    Thank you soo much, I really needed that today, I have tried to remain positive and send light
    but today it was too much, I will remember to tap in future
    God bless you and your work

  59. Mascia says:

    What a beautiful tapping meditation! I myself have not been watching the news. I hear what is going on in the world through my interactions with people everyday. However, even through these conversations I have felt the fear and despair in people’s minds. For the past two days I have been having nightmares because of these conversations and images I have seen on the news.
    This meditation was wonderful. And in the end of the tapping on affirmations I clearly saw a world of peace, love and harmony; of mutual giving and receiving and limitless love. I had tears in my eyes, as I felt earth’s and the Universe’s appreciation of our conscious shift in consciousness.
    Truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing this tapping exercise! <3

  60. Melinda Botma says:

    Thanks Nick and Jessica!!!!
    The tapping session ending with peace love and light is awsome!
    The pair of you are doing a fantestic job.

  61. Sara says:

    Thank You Jessica and Nick for all you are doing. Jessica, I was deeply touched and am deeply thankful for the EFT audio that you are guiding on this page. Truly, that was absolutely lovely. I will pass it on and ripple it out as far as I am able. ~~

  62. Birna says:

    Thank you so much Jessica!! that was awesome ….I felt the tension leave my being….. and I didn,t relize how distressed and helpless I really felt until I began tapping with you Jessica…
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
    Love from Iceland

  63. Sylvie Claire MORIN says:

    Thank you so much for this tap along.
    My brother (French) and his wife (Japanese) live in Tokyo. Ther daughter is a student in Paris, and we live in Strasbourg (east of France) and we were all sick with worry. I tapped and tapped on my anguish, but it was really difficult. Your wonderful audio really helped me.
    My brother and his wife were able to move to Kobe yesterday, to wait for things to get better.
    I will continue tapping for Japan, as I am sure it can help them and us.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderul work and your concern

  64. Tama says:

    I loved Jessica’s tapping for Japan. It was very peaceful and powerful. Thanks Jessica!

  65. su says:

    An enormous thanking for the summit and the subsequent guidance to help and impact our world. Much appreciated.

  66. Marcia Coman says:

    That was awesome Jessica!!! I felt so much more peace after doing the tapping with you. I feel your sincerity and I feel so grateful to have found someone like you who is so passionate about your work. Thanks Jessica,

  67. Yolanda says:

    This is beautiful and just what we need right now. Thank you for sharing. Sending love and light to all affected by this last earthquake.

  68. Lynn says:

    Thanks for this great offer and help for Japan. I missed the summit free videos as I broke my leg and have been unable to get to the computer. Also I desperately wanted to donate to Japan but here in New Zealand,Red Cross is still collecting for Christchurch and I am unable to get out and donate at a supermarket.
    So this is great – I can learn to tap and donate to Japan. Thanks, Nick 🙂

  69. Turhan Saridal says:

    Thank s a lot for sharing such a nice and helpful audio.
    Thanks for 50 liquidators , working now in the nuclear station in fukushima, days and nights to prevent meltdown of the systems… I from Istanbul, Turkey would like to send all my hopes, sprituel energies and loves to Japanese people who were influenced from th elast earthquake and its effects…
    Turhan Saridal, Istanbul

  70. Gail says:

    Thank you Jessica,
    That was a great experience to go through the tapping with you. I can see why this is so beneficial. I felt the tension leave my being and I am ready to have a great day. Thank you for the love.

  71. Josette says:

    Thanks for this tapping audio; I’ve already sent it of to friends of mine, who also like to tune in on compassion.

  72. Adelita says:

    This is very beautiful, helpful and inspiring, as was your summit. Thank you for the great work you’re doing. May it come back to you in every way.

  73. Joy Winning says:

    I am so grateful that there is an alternate voice to that of the TV!
    My dreams is to get TV stations to put a window in a window and have a tapper showing in the bottom of the screen, so people watching the news could at least tap along to create relief while they’re viewing the devastation.
    That way we would be able to help ourselves, the people we’re tapping for, and possibly change the nature of the newscasts over time.
    As a masterminder, I request, accept, and give great thanks that the right people and the resources come together easily to make this a reality. I believe the Ortner’s are just the kind of people who could carry this vision further. This or something greater. Blessings, Joy

  74. Yaari says:

    Thank you so much for generously sharing such a powerful tapping sequence. It has been very helpful and moving to use it each morning. I especially like the last segment, “love before me, love behind me, etc.” Thank you.

  75. Cathy says:

    Thank you for this heartfelt and sensitive tapping session. Now, we need to be so sensitive and loving in our attitudes and actions towards all people, places and things. We can learn so much from the Japanese in many ways.

  76. alfredo says:

    Dear Nick:
    Anything we can do to help Japaniese people will be nice.

  77. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing this to help us clear our energy so we don’t add to the problem. That was so peaceful and healing, thank you! We send our healing thoughts and energy to the people of Japan and send them love, strength, and support.

  78. Becci says:

    Thanks for the audio – it’s an excellent message and great way to send love and light to those in Japan who so desperately need it. Tapping helps take away the feelings of helplessness and instills a sense of peace and purpose so we can begin to focus on helping in any way we can.

  79. I plan on tapping this every day. Jessica your voice, your words, your direction is very powerful in your softness and positive being. Thank you so much for this. Peace be with you and everyone on earth.

  80. Andy says:

    This is *so* close to me: My ex wife was from the region “q hr north of Tokio”. And i got to “seriously dislike” her and even more her parents. Tapping can really release some negative emotions, exspecially now… ;-/

  81. Charlene says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica!!! Absolutely wonderful tapping audio! I feel the love being sent around the world to Japan. It not only helped me released anxiety about the situation but inspired me to act rather than worry. Thank you so very much!

  82. Michael says:

    Very timely and heartfelt.
    Thank you Jessica, Nick and Rebecca (SoGR)
    Mickey Wynne

  83. Rina says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick,

    this was great and it helps to keep our vibration high. It is very important since worries, ansieties and fears will add even more negativity to the enviroment.
    Thank you and many blessing to you all and the people of Japan.
    Thank you from Italy!!

  84. SUNE says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful service with tapping technique..brilliantly Peaceful and inspiring!!
    Thank you both for this amazing gift!!!

    ☼ Little Grandmother´s Message for 2011 ☼
    Kiesha Crowther/ Returned Sharman, has prepared a message specifically for those of us wanting to be prepared for the coming events this year.
    Here is her view and prescription for those of us living in these amazing times.

    The OM – – Universal Mantra for Healing and Transformation

  85. Junko says:

    Thank you, Nick, Thank you Jessica.
    This is wonderful!!!!

    I am writing from Tokyo, Japan. I started learning EFT in January this year and have been using it every day.
    Thank you very much for this MP3 of “Japan and Tapping” and thank you for your call for the EFT community and offer to support Japan!

    Even after the first huge earthquake, there have been many afterquakes, plus the accidents of the nuclear plants and the radiation. It has been scary. I have been using tapping and teaching friends how to use tapping. This video really helps although I have to translate it into Japanese. Jessica’s energy in this video is amazing!

    I would also like to say thank you to the tapping community in USA for your love and supports for Japan!

    We are aware that the rest of the world is sending us a lot of help, supports on all levels.
    I am a healer myself and my understanding of these disasters is, this is an opportunity for awakening and healing on a global scale. A huge healing for the humanity. Many other healers here share and hold this vision too.

    Even the nuclear reactor accidents, when I think human’s fear for scarcity of energy created this plant/device, I realize I have to tap on my own fear for scarcity, lack of abundance, which I think we share on a global scale.

    Please tap on your own fear, or any emotions that you can relate to these disasters in Japan for Japan. Please use this opportunity to heal yourself too. And then, we can clear the fear we have been holding in our human mass-consciousness since humans appeared on Earth! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

    We believe those who have suffered in these disasters are brave souls, and many of us are forming prayer/meditation circles to send love, peace, light, and gratitude to them.

    We have to use this opportunity to change the world for a better place!

    Love and blessings to you all!

  86. scribe says:

    To People of Japan: Like your Prime Minister said you will all come together to work day and night to bring Japan back on the wheel as it was before the earthquake. Please make it a practice to regularly medidate on a day-to-day basis. Swami Sivananda saw the coming of World War even before it started. One of my masters saw the Gujarat earthquake through Indirect warnings before it hit there. So, please do meditate on a daily basis and work hard to bring back your economy well as before. Scribe.

  87. Ingrid says:

    What a beautiful tapping audio! Thank you! It is much appreciated.

  88. Craig says:

    Thank you! I send love to Japan, godspeed.

  89. Daisy says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica sooooooo much!!!!!
    The ripple effect of this guided tapping for Japan and our internal/external world in crisis
    is HUGE!!!! INCALCULABLE…..as well as the reward.
    Jessica your “wings” are growing by the minute.
    I am sharing both of you with the whole world…..my family,my friends and their friends and their families and so on and so forth……
    Blessings,Love ,Peace and Light to you and your loved ones…..

  90. Kim says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica !
    You both are really angels. This is really what I need . Thank You , Thank You , Thank You so much !
    It helps me to release the tension ,fear and uncertain worry .
    We all love you !
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart !

  91. Robin Sprinkle says:

    That was wonderful, thank you!!! I didn’t realize how distressed I really was until it began to flow away while tapping with Jessica 🙂 Fantastic….Thank you both!!!

  92. Marcia says:

    Thank you for providing a way to impact the situation in Japan through Jessica’s tapping and donating funds for relief.

  93. Leida says:

    Thank You Jessica and Nick. This tapping session felt so wonderful and peaceful. So much needed in this time of grief and misfortune.

  94. Terry Quigley says:

    Thank you so much, Jessica, for directing us in such a positive direction. I feel much more empowered and centered as the result of your beautiful guidance. You are a gift and a blessing.

  95. Joyce says:

    Dear Jessica and Nick,

    as soon as I got the e-mail I started tapping for Japan. Jessica’s audio is amazing, especially the part with the love, peace and light!! It is really a relief to have something positive to do for a situation that is going on so far away.
    I will continue to send the love, peace and light as much as I can.
    Kind regards,Joyce

  96. Carol Browning says:

    I choose, along with Jessica, to not be hypnotized by the fear and despair in the media. I choose to feel at peace, trusting when we lift our energies of hope, faith, love, light, and trust a Higher Purpose will guide us all in times of crisis and seeming disaster, we help bring about a loving outcome for the peoples of Japan, and throughout the world.

  97. Fay says:

    Truly helpful. The music was so calming, enabling me to really concentrate on the meaning behind the words.

  98. GEORGIE REDE says:


  99. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this, Jessica. It’s lovely and works wonderfully. A beautiful and helpful contribution that helps erase the chaos.
    Many thanks to all of you! You are doing a great job!

  100. Hiromi says:

    Dear Jessica and Nick. I couldn’t even tap, because I was too devastated to see my county be destroyed like this. I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t cook for my children…….But I pushed myself to do the tapping audio by Jessica today, and listened what she said. I think I can cook for my kids tonight. I thank you so much from my bottom of my heart.

  101. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for the healing and centering energy. What a wonderful gift that you have shared to help us help ourselves and the ripple effect it will continue to have in such a positive and loving way. Beautiful! Thank you

  102. Ingrid Maria says:

    This is breath-giving! Thank you infinitely for helping.

  103. martin says:

    Hi Jessica .Thanks for sitting with us.It makes such a difference .Lets look at the news with renewed hearts and see more and more people being rescued. Were at the other end of the World but we still care and good to get our energies flowing together for the common good. Martin ( Ireland)

  104. Helena says:

    Thank you, Jessica!
    A beautiful tapping session filled with love, power and inspiration to bring hope and peace to those who need it most!
    May your parents be blessed for producing such a beautiful soul! And may you and your
    brothers be blessed for carrying out Gary Craig’s work with so much love.
    Thank you for being a beacon of light!
    Best Wishes,

  105. Heather says:

    Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for this Tapping session for Japan and for the 10 day Seminars. This has helped me to calm down today. Also since the seminars I do the tapping points even if I can’t think what to say along with the tapping, I even did it walking down the street when feeling anxious about getting to a place on time and felt calmer for doing it. It feels great when I do it and even if I think I might look silly that thought will make me laugh and that makes me feel better too. What the heck, it works. With Love and compassion to all especially to those in Japan!!

  106. Michel says:

    … sublime !

    Warm thanks .

  107. Naomi Magnus says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica,

    I was part of the tapping summit and was so impressed that I bought the package so I could download all the audios and transcripts. My main reason is that I am a teacher in Madison WI and I can see what all the unrest at our capitol and the world right now is doing to our kids. I bought the Wizard’s Wish by Brad Yates which is a way to get kids exposed to EFT and tapping.
    I am also going to try his suggestions on tapping with a big group to calm them down and get them on to the next transition. I want them to feel empowered and with their “wands” at their fingertips my hope is that they are. I am posting your website on my Facebook page and let my friend borrow my Tapping Solution CD. I realized it is not about me anymore it is about all of us. I have always liked this quote “fear tapped at the door, love answered and it was not there anymore” We can answer our fears with love and tapping!

  108. jeanette Wigelius says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick for the very moving tap-along Japan audio. Your message is so abundantly clear and can be felt right there, in the heart. Have saved this audio to repeat and repeat because whatever goes on, these are the very catch words to unleash a flood of good feeling energy in the body and beyond. You are doing a marvellous job in reaching out to the world with this powerful and compassionate message. Thank you!

  109. Elva says:

    This was beautiful…I can use this type of peaceful beauty every day. Yet this is so powerful especially right now when there is such chaos and saddness, thank you for a way to reach out.


  110. Natalia says:

    I like Jessica’audio very much. It gives me peace…

  111. Nic says:

    Thanks Nic, I can ony say “wow!”

  112. Roslyn says:

    Thank you so much for crossing my path with Tapping. You guys are truly awesome. Love you heaps. The World is a better place thanks to you all and TAPPING.

  113. […] then promptly went on to propose a surrogate tapping meditation.  While there is some sense in knowing what is going on, the risk is of getting sucked into the […]

  114. gloria clemente says:

    Hi Nick:
    Thanks for your mail and for the idea of tapping for Japan. It’s a great idea and hope we’ll
    see soon the results of this possitive energy around the world. I’ll try to gather people from Spain to do the same here.

  115. Glenn Jones says:

    Dear Jessica, you are one of the bright lights in a what has been for me a dark world this last year. I see by the other comments I have read that many of us are feeling similar emotions of sadness, pain, anxiety, and fear just to name of few. You are a healing force in the world, and you are one of the most beautiful souls ever to cross my path of conscious awareness. Bless you, Nick, Alex, family, and friends for bringing to the world the light of hope and love to so many people around the globe. This meditation is absolutely wonderful as are you and the great work both you, and your family are doing. On behalf of myself, and some of the people I work with who are suffering, I thank you from the very depths of my soul.

  116. Joakim says:

    I am grateful for Nick’s post and Jessica’s audio. They meet my needs for inspiration and care for the well-being of myself and others.

  117. Gladys Griffiths says:

    a really lovely sessions – thank you and I feel I can use it in so many other situations

  118. Marit says:

    Thank you so much for your generousity, wisdom and light. I am so happy that I found your Tapping World Summit 2011, it has changed my life 🙂

  119. Michael says:

    The inspiration is real, remember to tap.

  120. Angela says:

    Thank you for this beautiful tapping session . yes it is true that one gets caught by the feeling of powerlessness watching the news and the reminder that our inner life, our love can make the difference !!

  121. Alamar says:

    This beautiful Tapping Solution came just in time for me! Experiencing major Anxiety with a personal situation and the tragedy in Japan! I have the movie but will buy another for a friend and join in your contribution to the people of Japan. I love Jessica’s strong, soothing, calming voice delivering the stmts to make in this #ActiveTappingMeditation!
    I do the surrogate tapping with Jessica everynight. I know how important it is to tapp thru what
    Feelings and emotions flash thru us, when we watch the constant repetitive news as a tragedy unfolds and we get caught up, as you said, feeling anxious, scared and powerless.
    Not with Tapping.. The giving begins within, as we love and accept ourselves. No matter what we are feeling. I am Tapping for the Good of Japan!

  122. Carol Warren says:

    Hi Jessica, Tapping is so powerful, yet calming and peacegiving. Thankyou for helping us all to help each other. I realy apreciate what you are doing for the universe, and I’m sure the universe appreciates you too,
    Love and light,

  123. Carol Warren says:

    Hi Jessica, Tapping is so powerful, yet calming and peacegiving. Thankyou for helping us all to help each other. I realy apreciate what you are doing for the universe, and I’m sure the universe appreciates you too,
    Lovr and light,

  124. Sydney says:

    I wanted to help and I too will do some tapping!

  125. Janice says:

    Thank you for your gift of love and light.

  126. Debbie says:

    Thankyou Jessica, I am from New Zealand and even though I am not directly related to anyone in Christchurch or Japan, I am deeply affected by the suffering of all concerned. I have thought at times, that I should stop watching the news but somehow being ‘blissfully ignorant’ didn’t feel right either…your tapping audio on the subject is very timely and seems like the perfect solution! I have only done it once but now feel that I can surrender to the situation and hopefully be alot more productive that way. I certainly feel more relaxed and at peace and I’m sure this will allow the answers to pop into my conscious mind, whereas being all tense & uptight, obsessively worrying over the news does nothing but bind me up & block the flow of intuition. Kindest Regards, Debbie

  127. Karen says:

    Thank you, Jessica and Nick.
    It is so true that we can only give out from what we have inside.



  128. Valerie Hackshaw says:

    Jessica & Nick, You are a true light to the world. Every word in this tapping session goes out and returns fulfilled. It will touch those who needs to make a difference and in turn the sender will do what is needed to make a difference in his/her life and those of others. The power of tapping trains the mind to focus and activate the creative energy for the manifestation of perfection. Keep up the good work. BLESSINGS!!!

  129. Sofie says:

    thank you send love light and peace god bless you

  130. Sofie says:

    thank you. I wanna send love and light and peace god bless you.

  131. Gloria says:

    Thank you so much this is a very nice way to end my evening.

  132. Tony says:

    Thank you Jessica, your light shines brightly in the darkness, namaste

  133. Grete Anai says:

    Thank you so much. I just tapped along with you and I feel much calmer. We live in Japan, about 600 km away from the disaster area, but we feel the shakes and are very scared. Media does not help diminish the fear although the media here is calming compared to what I see from other countries. The tapping helped !! Thank you so much. I feel calmer now and will continue listening and repeating after you. Thank you again! and again.

  134. PC says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica. Thank you everyone. Thank you for shifting the energy. Thank you for sending us Love, Peace and Light. We really appreciate it. Thank you from Japan.

  135. Lily says:

    Blessings to you for sharing this beautiful audio and to each and every one of you for participating. The people of Japan are responding to this challenge (of monumental proportions) with grace and strength. Their presence and courage are inspiring and the more that we can do to stay calm, present, peaceful and loving during this time, the more energy they can have to draw upon. Thank you for the gentle reminder to ‘Be the change we want to see in the world.’

  136. Nora Walters says:

    Jessica’s audio was absolutely beautiful. THANK YOU!!!!

  137. Luz Teranishi says:

    I’ve just started doing EFT a month ago and I found it so effective as I felt relief over my stresses or a feeling of disappointment or anger and even some pain for just within a few minutes.. I could really feel the energy within me through tapping, and I want to share this powerful healing to everyone here in Japan especially those living the affected areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami, I’m sure this EFT will be a great help for them. Thank you so much Nick and Jessica for this “miracle like” healing. God bless!!

  138. Lia says:

    blessings to you both for your beautiful INTENT, love & light to All the brave people in
    Japan .
    Namaste Lia

  139. Mary says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am so sad, as well as anxious, when I view the devastation from the earthquake and envision the potential nuclear disaster that could impact our brothers and sisters in Japan. The power of our tapping together, praying and supporting financially this country in need provides loving energy and positive action.

  140. Mary says:

    This was so helpful. As I’m dealing with much anxiety regarding my financial situation, I’m able to work on my fears and in doing so feel stronger to send positive and calm energy towards Japan.

  141. Gabriele says:

    Thank you so much that is such a wonderful way of releasing the pend up emotion and sadness. Thank you for your time and love

  142. Yaël Read says:

    Thank “U” Special Being 4 what “U” R MANIFESTing…Thank “U” 4 Being Here Now…in this Special Moment…Thank “U” 4 your way 2 guide 2 Centerness and understanding of 1 Power over everything…Thank “U”…Thank “US”…Simunyé Presence

  143. Ilene Erdman says:

    This is so awsome. Love and togetherness and the application….it works! Thank you Nick and Jessica for all your help. You’re so awsome. Ilene

  144. Jena Guenther says:

    I appreciate you generously sharing your wise, healing gifts, Jessica and Nic. Many thanks. jena

  145. Christal says:

    Thank you, Jessica…. Thank you

  146. Lynette Walsh says:

    Jessica, Nick, Thank you, your support in assisting my growth, continues the ripple effect.
    Love and Light to you.

  147. todd ttrnka says:

    i am weeping with love, that was awesome

  148. Can you connect me with any EFT folks in Japan?

  149. Helen McConnell says:

    Thank you, thank you! I have been tapping, tapping, tapping all week around the images and news stories from Japan. Jessica, as always, you’ve nailed this one perfectly!
    Your work is incredible. Inspiring. Life-changing!

  150. Shelly says:

    Hi Nick and Jessica. Thank you so much for this offering. It’s just what the world needs right now. It means the difference between getting stuck with the events and with the pain and sadness and doing something positive amid the chaos.
    I admire you both so much. You are a blessing!
    Much love to you!

  151. Hi Jessica, Nick and Alex,

    My brother is living in a seaside town just south of Tokyo. I am going to send him a link to this and ask him to step into being a leader. This was so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for making it available to all of us!

  152. Chris Bishop says:

    Since I met you”ll at the 2011 summit and start tapping my confidence level is at a high high level.It is agreat blessing. Thanks very much ,and may GOD bless you”ll very much.
    Much appriciated
    Chris Bishop

  153. Mikael says:

    Thank You everyone who share your feelings. It warms my heart that you Jessica and Nick give so much and that everyone sharing the tapping experience openly speak from the heart freely. We are heading in the right direction. You everyone doing this work pioneer a more natural sharing humanity globally. Thank You. I Tapped aswell and it was very reliefing.

  154. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much Jessica. I feel better already. I hope you know what a gift from God you are. Many blessings, Peace and Love, Kathy -NYC

  155. Janet - Australia says:

    Hi Nick & Jessica, Your tapping is incredible!! I have bee following your session for a few weeks now and have just completed the Tapping for Japan. I cried uncontrollably when Jessica said ” I feel helpless, so I must worry” this short sentence depicted how I have lived my 67 years on this planet – IN FEAR AND ADDICTION to worry. Ironically I was born in the middle of the 2nd world war when Japan was bombing Australia so you can understand the fear I was born into. How amazing that my compassion now for Japan has moved a huge boulder that was lodged inside of me, releasing a TSUNAMI of emotions. Pardon the puns I am just typing what I feel compelled to. I am still crying but I know this is going to be a huge turning in my life and all the Thank You’s in the world will never be enough. You are both truly Angels on this earth and I feel privileged and protected just by knowing you. With much Love, Light and Everlasting Gratitude. Janet

  156. Gale says:

    I have friends there and some customers, and I am afraid I may have lost them. I have been sending Reiki energy that way, and praying the chaos ends so that rebuilding can begin. No one deserves such a catastrophe, and even though I have to watch my pennies, I had to take advantage of this offer and help any way I can. I already have the dvd, and I have loaned it out… this way I get a copy I can keep, and I will continue to lend out the other copy so that more people know about tapping and the incredible advantages it presents.

  157. barbara says:

    Providing this audio just shows your commitment to the positive use of Tapping in/for all situations/thoughts.

    Grateful to you for sharing this with the world.

  158. Wilson says:

    Blessings on you Nick and Jessica. Treating all people’s needs as Holy.

  159. Sharyn says:

    Thanks Jessica.. This is so very good and I like and appreciate the simplicity you bring to Tapping. This is as it should be.

  160. Les says:

    It’s all been said but I wanted to add my sincere thanks to Nick and Jessica for such an uplifting and hopeful response to this calamity.

  161. Pearl Trick says:

    Thank you, Jessica. That was very meaningful and helpful. I really appreciate what you and Nick are offering.

  162. Krystyna says:

    I don’t know how it helps the others when I tap. however, I believe it does. I know how it helped me, though. bringing my fears and anxiety to the surface. I was scared to be at a different place than my daughter in case something happened …

  163. Joyce Weaver says:

    After this tapping…I am singing (love love love) and feeling I am now contributing to Japan’s healing vs. adding to the world’s gloom…plus hip pain of last several days is gone.

  164. I am very inspired and moved by this piece. Jessica speaks with loving authority and her timely reminder for us to choose the highest thoughts is a beautiful guidance to help us all contribute in a way that we trust and know deeply, impacts for the greatest good of all concerned.

    Teachings such as these are very much needed: mankind must be freed – must free itself – from the hypnotism of helplessness. My experience when listening and tapping was quite profound, particularly in the affirmations, which caused tears to flow. Wonderful, accessible, and such a gift. Thank you.

  165. Anna says:

    Dear Jessica I’m one of the survivers in Japan. I was shocked and paralised for the first two days. Then decided to do someththing for children in Sanriku area affected by tsunami. It’s very hard to keep positive when you are surrounded by horrific images not on TV but around you. Tapping helps a lot it keeps me going and I try to help others too. If you have any suggestions how to help children relief the trauma it would be very much appreciated.
    Keep on tapping for us. We need it so much. The situation is …I decided to stop using negative words because they only paralise me and block my energy I become a victim again
    unable to do anything constructive. Thanks for your lovely guidence. I’ll keep listening to it overe and over again so I can be the source of energy and love to those who need it so much here. Keep on Tapping!

  166. martine says:

    With love and gratitute for this wonderful tapping session which puts us in the right frame of mind for peace, love and radiance. Thanks to you we can be pillars of light and strength and find our resources in our hearts.
    Martine in Switzerland

  167. ADRIANA says:

    Thank you!!! Amazing audio, as always!!! Blessings!!!

  168. Irene says:

    Thank you! May there be many miracles in Japan!

  169. Selene Dobson says:

    Thank you soooooo much! It was awesome and much needed:)

  170. Carol says:

    Thank you, Nick and Jessica. That was beautiful!

  171. Ann Uibelhoer says:

    Nick and Jessica, This is so positive and healing , when I am in that place I feel more connected to the ones I am praying for. Thank you Namaste

  172. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing the much needed calmness during such frightful events.

  173. Gail says:

    Thank you so much Nick and Jessica
    My thanks and gratitude also goes out to the universe for sending you and your colleagues to shower me with the wonderful gift of tapping. I am sincerely grateful for the tapping I have just completed for disasters and all the fears etc such events bring. I am now feeling peace and love.
    Your small gift gives so much love and peace to others.

  174. Mfani says:

    Thanx Nick & Jess.
    My very first exposure was the surrogate tapping….Awesome! Keep up the good work of changing the world, one tap at a time. Love u lots. God bless you. Mfani – South Africa

  175. Sharlene says:

    Thank you, Nick & Jessica! I appreciate your voice and guidance, Jessica…beautiful.
    Love, Light, Peace and Blessings

  176. dblujs says:

    Thanks so much Nick & Jessica.

  177. frances says:

    thank you the tapping is great .

  178. Ruth says:

    Thank you Jessica for the lovely tapping session. I have family who live in Christchurch and have suffered loss and heartache in the earthquake I feel their fear, anxiety, worry and many more emotions. The session helped me to release my fears and worry and bring myself back to peace, calm and love so I maybe now more of a leading support to my family and friends.
    Thank you Ruth New Zealand

  179. Kay says:

    Thank you Jessica for your loving words and voice that is comforting and reassuring.

  180. danielle says:

    thanks. A great way to get rid of the FEAR, and move into LOVE.

  181. Jaime says:

    Love, bless.

  182. Maria Sefchick says:

    Thank you, I really needed that.

  183. Judith says:

    Jessica, this is absolutely beautiful and moving. Your lovely voice projects peace and calmness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  184. Maggie says:

    Jessica, you are wise beyond your young years. Thank you for this.
    Nick, thank you for opportunity to support Japan by purchasing your video.

  185. Nick and Jess,
    Thank you for your concern in reaching so many souls. I have felt quite down these days and Japan just filled the glass to the brim. The feeling of impotence when it comes to Nature overwhelms me and I suppose every human being. I can´t say that I will contribute to raising money for the Japanese cause, because down here, in Colombia we’ve had the worst rainy season that one can imagene. It has flooded villages, one after another and the number of homeless people increases every day. I’m not talking of just one calamity. It envolves several issues, political, guerilla and misery.
    But as tapping is concerned I was able to do the whoele exercise with you today Jess.
    Thank you again. Camila

  186. Joann says:

    This is so powerful. Thank you. I already felt a shift and an inner peace. I’ve been sending love and light, but was more anxious than I realized. Can you keep this available online to tap along with, and maybe offer it as a download? Also great suggestion by Danyan to put it on Facebook.

    We are going through so many changes, and there are more to come. This tapping can be used to transform worry and fear for whatever is going on in the world, from earth changes to political changes to personal changes, and really help to create the world we want – one of love, peace, harmony and unity.

    Blessings to you – Jessica and Nick – for all that you do.

  187. jacqueline says:

    You two are so beautiful! Thank you Jessica for opening my heart a lot more.

  188. els says:

    thank you so much for this mail and the tapping audio, since the tapping summit i have been so busy tapping on so many personal things, but I did hear about the things happening in japan and worried about it, I did some tapping on it today but this audio now is a great help, it says it all, thanks I will send this to my friends, every little bit helps!!

  189. Pretiksha says:

    Awesome, inspiring , incredible are some of the words that come up. Thank you , Thank you , thank you. That was an amazing expeience.

  190. Simran says:

    sorry – see you message system is just fine. it’s Operator Error!

  191. Kimberly says:

    Many blessings to Jessica for this timely audio. How strong we are when we breathe aright, how clear the mind when calm:)

  192. Simran says:

    I think the message system is off. I sent my very first message to you ever and was told I had sent this message before. Maybe because it’s so similar to other messages?

    I am deeply grateful that you have created this tape with so much healing support and love in it. I have benefited tremendously and I know that will reverberate out into the world. Phew!

  193. Hanne Norhald says:

    Hi Jessica – and Nick,

    This was very powerful, I cannot thank you enough! You are two great people! I’m so grateful for having learned about tapping! May our combined tapping have an effect on the present situation in Japan – it’s much needed!

  194. Denise says:

    Thank you for your email Nick and you for the great Audio Jessica – it was synchronicity with what I had expressed to the people around me. It was good to do this tapping and I will use it in my meditation group. Many thanks for the great work you are doing!
    p.s. you mentioned a tapping group in New Zealand – who and where is it? I live in NZ myself.

  195. Joe says:

    It would be good if the podcast was done in some format other than Flash. You can’t hear it on or download it to the ipad because the ipad does not support flash.

  196. Gerda Foster says:

    Thank you Jessica… The vibration of love energy is the healing we need to share with everyone.
    Mother Earth We love you and Thank You

  197. Matt Makowski says:

    Another timely tapping meditation. Thank you Nick and Jessica. A masterful conclusion with the peace and love tapping. I am full. Thank you.

  198. Louisa says:

    Thanks Nick and Jessica. I did the surrogate tapping for Japan last Friday. Thanks also for your donation to New Zealand – we appreciate all we can get and the tappers and other healers are offering their services free to rescue workers so some assistance with real costs (meals, transport etc) makes it possible for more people to help out.

  199. Pat says:

    Thank you so much Jessica and Nick, for this empowering tapping audio. It calmed me immensely. I didn’t realize how deeply and negatively these events were affecting my thoughts and emotions. I now can send more love and light to my brothers and sisters going through these situations because I am more calm and centered. Namaste.

  200. Frieda says:

    Thank you so much for this audio.

  201. Gervais says:

    Thank Nick and Jessica.it is very beautiful and helpful.

  202. Ella says:

    When I started tapping with Jessica I didn’t realize how many emotions of fear, haplessness, frustration, uncertainty I kept inside of me. At the end I felt that Peace and Love going right there, to the Universe, to where it needed the most at this time. Thank you so much. Collectively we can do so much. Much Love. Ella.

  203. christine says:

    excellent, thank you ,

  204. […] love and hope in the face of all the fear and difficulties of the world today? Here is a beautiful Tapping Prayer from the Tapping Solution. Scroll to mid-page for Jessica’s recording. Very calming and very empowering. Posted by […]

  205. Cynthia says:

    Perfect, Thank you.

  206. Christina says:

    Thank you for this tapping about Japan.

    My husband is in Tokyo and I am constantly feeling very fearful and addicted to all news about the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant which is only 250 kms from his house.

    This tapping has helped me and I will do it time and time again to help me deal with this.

    With gratitude

  207. karen karnes says:

    Thanks so much Jessica, I was feeling so helpless and bogged down with my feelings. The Tapping you led us through was so comforting and really put me on the right path.

  208. Kim says:

    What a magnificent gift you bring to the World, and, each and every one of us. I am so grateful to be a part of this community as a whole. I will be tapping through the meditation time set for 10:30 p.m. Eastern time this evening. (Thank you, Lynne, for bringing this to my attention.)
    Jessica, is there any way we can download your audio?


  209. francesca malagutti says:

    I did the tapping even if my mothertongue is Italian and it is not very easy to follow a meditation but in the end i felt good vibes and a good energy to the universe.
    Thank you very much
    love and peace

  210. Kelly says:

    Ohhhhmmmm, Thank you!

  211. Sally Goldsworthy says:

    Thank you so much for opportunity to be reinspired with tapping. Was so sorry to miss out on the big Tapping Event recently, but feel more than compensated. Ta!

  212. Debby says:

    Thank you, Jessica. I was in need of peace,love, and light. It feels so good to share this with those in need.

  213. Simran says:

    I am deeply grateful that you have created this tape with so much healing support and love in it. I have benefited tremendously and I know that will reverberate out into the world. Phew!

  214. viola says:

    Thank you so much for this powerful tool for self and for others. I am 78 years old and have embraced tapping since early 2010 and have found it to be very useful. Before I retired from teaching in May 2010, I taught my special needs class the tapping technique and now I wish I were there now to continue this beautiful solution. Oh, yes…they loved doing it, am and pm!

  215. Kathy Yaskin says:

    I was on Skype video call with my husband who is in Japan on business when the quake hit…all I saw was things shaking and he was running out. It was days before he was able to get all cell call to me, leting me know he and his team were OK. I am so happy to have received this Tapping session….I am new to this and was wondering what and how I could use tapping, this was GREAT and so needed….. “Thank You!” I am still waiting for my husband and his team to retrun home.

  216. Veronica says:

    Thank you, Nick and Jessica!
    What a lovely way to help all of the Japanese people in need!
    Jessica’s mediation is sooooo beautiful and peaceful! Thank you!
    Loving thoughts,

  217. John says:

    Even though I am not watching the news I didn’t realise the background anxiety I was carrying.
    Thank you Jessica and Nick for this brilliant and compassionate tapping healing.
    Bless you both and all x

  218. Gretel Munroe says:

    This is to customer service/ordering. I just ordered the $27 package and I received the first bonus, “Introducing Tapping Into Your Everyday Life” and then I lost the page. I was hoping I could get the rest of the bonuses, but I was not able to get back to the page. My order ID is 175670144 . If I was to get just one bonus that’s fine and I appreciate the order very much in any case.

  219. Dawn says:

    Nick and Jessica, Though purposely not ‘following’ the media’s coverage, I had been seeing peace and healing surrounding all life in and around Japan. Doing Jessica’s tapping session and experiencing the release from it made me realize how interconnected we all are. I have been ‘off’ for a few days and wasn’t sure why. Doing the tapping brought direct knowingness of the impact of resonance regardless of distance. The heart opening I experienced, I know, was not only my own. Thank you … you are such a gift to this world!

  220. Véronique says:

    Merci beaucoup for the world!
    Love, Light and Peace to all of you

  221. Mike Nadeau says:

    Thank you. Doing the emotional work is so important. Hopefully we can use the inspiration from this emotional work to do everything we can to change our personal and national energy policy. Let’s all do what we can to work towards renewable energy in our homes.

  222. Steve says:

    Thank you very much for your beautiful audio. I felt a lightening in my heart (and lots of yawns, too) while tapping along. I greatly appreciate your audios.

  223. marilyn says:

    Thank you both for a way to direct positive love, peace, light and financial support to Japan and other troubled areas of the universe. Jessica that was beautiful. Thank you.

  224. Ani says:

    This is gorgeous! Thank you, Jessica and Nick. It felt very profound to “tap into” the uncertainty and lack of safety…. and the safety to love….

  225. Pia says:

    Thank you Jessica, that was beatiful.
    I felt so sad and helpless for the people in Japan (I was in Phuket Thailand when the big tsunami came 2004.) We should not forget that everything comes from God, love, light, peace

  226. Marianne Krüll says:

    Thank you!!

  227. artemis says:

    Thanks Jessica! I thought I had too much sadness in my life to be much help, a dear daughter is ill and 2 recent bereavements in our family. … I now see that it is love that moves us to care, to tap, to change. Everything else is just decoration.

  228. Loren says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this tapping session. I will share it with others. Please share with people that if they want to know more about the nuclear issues in Japan, here at home and get involved they can go to http://www.nirs.org. This is a grassroots organization the distributes information, educates people about the dangers of nulcear power, and works to end the nuclear age. So many are suffering in Japan. Now is the moment to turn their suffering to good on behalf of all the planet.

  229. Sandy says:

    Hi Nick & Jessica,
    Wonderful! I’d love to be able to download this so I can listen over & over on my Droid & iPod..would that become an option? I’d also like a link to post on social media.
    Thank you, I found it to be very helpful personally.

  230. Liza says:

    Thank you Jessica. Your audio message with tapping is just like a prayer. Your voice is so peaceful, comforting and full of hope. It would be hard not to accept making a donation for
    It has reached me even here, in Canada . I retained especially these phrases : A crisis brings out leader and I am a leader. I am more powerful than I never realized. The more I feel these feelings, the more I can help others…and so on.
    Continue your good work in helping others and I will too.

  231. Nan Betz says:

    Thank you, Jessica. This was much needed & I will share with those who have wondered what they can do to help! Nan

  232. Patti says:

    As I was going through this series you offered, it trailed off into childhood abandonment that I stayed present with. I know that with intention whatever we are tapping on can be for all those in need. I think of all of those feeling abandoned, lost and hopeless right now and know that in healing my own wounds I am reaching to others. Many Blessing to you for all that you are doing for the Whole, “Oneness”.

  233. I love you people. So enjoy Jessica’s other recording. It has helped me so very much. Thank you for doing this. catherine

  234. Glenn says:

    Thank you, Jessica, so much for that lovely meditation/tapping session for bringing peace, love, and healing energy to not only those who are suffering directly from these recent catastrophic events, but for those of us who are suffering indirectly from worry, and fear. You are such a bright light in a dark world! You are one of the loveliest souls that as come into my conscious awareness. Bless you, sweet Jessica, and the wonderful work you are doing.

  235. Sue says:

    Can you make the audio downloadable on the Tapping Insiders Club site for those of us who are members?

  236. Yvonne Kondor says:

    Thank You!!!!
    Christ’s Peace be with you; and may God’s Love and Graces shower upon you.
    Your work is a blessing and treasure to all who are lucky enough to take part in it.
    Yvonne Kondor

  237. Mickie says:

    Oh so very powerful, Jessica! Thank you!

  238. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful. Thank you Jessica. I am going to use the last taping period of Love etc as a nightly prayer.
    Love Lindsay

  239. LaNae says:

    Thank you for your gift of peace; it helped calm my troubled mind.

  240. yvette says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So soothing & empowering. Thank you Jessica, that’s inspirational and more helpful to me and to our japanese family than I could’ve imagined. Keep up the amazing work xx

  241. Angel says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick! This is so beautiful and I posted it on facebook, hoping alot of people will join! Btw, I love the music in the background of Jessica’s surrogate tapping. What is the name of the CD?
    I am a psychologist and I dream of training in EFT and then be one of the therapists to travel the world to help the people with trauma like in Rwanda! Keep up the good work

  242. Aditi Sengupta says:

    Thanks for such an wonderful effort.
    Aditi M Sengupta
    “In this life we cannot do great things We can only do small things with great love.”~Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

  243. Sue says:

    Thank you! This brought great peace and oneness. Thank you for reminding us who and what
    we really are. The greatness we can bring to the world. Come on everyone join in and lets make some Peace (for peace is love) in ourselves and the world.

  244. Jo ann says:

    It is such a blessing to get this from you today, Nick. For days now, I have been doing surrogate tapping for Japan, and hearing Jessica again addressing this specific situation, has moved me to tears while following the audio. I have friends in Tokyo suffering from trauma, sleepless nights, and fearing their lives as aftershock after another rock their country. I stopped watching the news.

    I am making a commitment to share tapping as I come across people who would like to help Japan. As the tears fall from my eyes, I cannot doubt the stream of energy that I was feeling while doing the tapping.. It is incredible.

    Thanks so much for heeding our tapping request for Japan!

  245. Kaye says:

    Wow guys, Thank You So Much. What a gift you are Nick and Jessica. I am grateful also to your parents, who raised you to be so beautiful.

  246. Danyan Schnurr says:

    The audio was amazing thank you. I was wondering if there was a way that that I could post that on facebook with an included intro to EFT for those that are not familiar with it yet. I didn’t know if you maybe had a video of the above audio, that could be posted on FB?
    Here are two links to disaster relief organizations http://www.airlineamb.org or http://www.amma.org
    Light & Love

  247. Lynne says:

    My qigong and taoist meditation teacher, Masahiro Ouichi, is currently living and teaching in Tokyo. He and his students are praying and meditating for Japan’s healing from 11:30 to midnight Japan time. That would be 10:30 to 11:00AM Eastern Daylight Time. He has asked his students from around the world to join them in whatever modalities they feel is appropriate to practice. I am sure that tapping would be most welcome. Masahiro’s group will continue this practice through March 20th. Thank you all.

  248. Mariann says:

    This is lovely and so needed. I have posted to my FB and sent on to my friends. I thought I had it pretty well under control observing without emotion. This mediation sure made my brain buzz meaning I had more emotional investment in the event than I thought … which was certainly limiting the healing, love and compassion I am sending to Japan and the rest of the planet. Thank you.

  249. Karen Kahn says:

    Thank you, Nick and Jessica. This is a lovely way to focus constructively on the situation in Japan.

  250. Meadow says:

    I hadn’t realized how I’d closed my heart completely to avoid the pain. Thanks for cracking that ice in a healthy way.

  251. Jim says:

    Thanks Nick.. I think this is a great idea and will help a lot of people.

  252. kathleen says:

    Truly helpful, thank you so much. I hope many others will join in this awesome healing effort.

  253. sandra says:

    I have had much sadness and upheaval and death of loved ones since January of this year but since attending the 2011 telesumit on tapping my life has been much more peaceful. Whenever I feel stress or the merrygoround of thoughts(especiall at bedtime) I now do COUPLE OF ROUNDS OF TAPPING LYING IN BED IN THE DARK and find my self falling into a peaceful rest. I will continue this tapping with Jessica as I firmly believe I am helping Japan and the universe as well as myself. thankyou and namaste

  254. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing that wonderful tapping for Japan and the world. It makes a difference in how I am feeling. It can also be used for so many other troublesome issues in our lives. I am really finding that tapping is working in my world.

  255. Carol Straw says:

    This was beautiful. It is just what we need.

  256. Penney says:

    thank you for this – so much needed, even if folks aren’t inclined toward EFT & tapping, Jessica’s words about watching where our emotions (and I would add thoughts) are and how they impact the world are so important for more people to really understand at this time. You have made a poignant point concisely and clearly. Namaste.

  257. Wow, I really appreciate this audio. I’ve been asking for people to pray. On our Tao class last night, we talked about how to assimilate our Tao teachings and what is happening. Thank for for another great tool to share!

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