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Can you not complain for 24 hours?

Published by:
The Tapping Solution

Written by:
Nick Ortner

Do you consider yourself a complainer? Do you feel like you’re somebody who complains a lot, or do you feel you make a conscious effort not to?

And I’m talking about all forms of complaining: Do you… protest, grumble, whine, make a fuss, object, criticize, find fault, kick up a fuss, raise a stink, bellyache, moan, snivel or gripe? 🙂

Complaining can be really powerful to release some emotions… when you’re tapping, but the rest of the time…not so much.

I’d like to invite you to explore just how much complaining may be affecting you, and how much better life can be when we take out the complaints, with a special 24 hour challenge…

Are you up for it? Better said, are WE up for it? I’m joining in as well! 🙂

Check out this quick 2 minute video with Jessica to learn more:

It’s only a 24 hour challenge. I know you can do it. Watch the video and join us. 🙂

Until next time…Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner
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Are you up for the challenge?
Let us know by commenting below. Then make sure to come back after 24 hours and let us know how you did and what came up for you. 🙂

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84 Comments on this post

  1. Julie Corrine Audino says:

    Do I really have to not complain for 24 hours. Haha. Just kidding, great idea. I will take the challenge!

  2. Jenny says:

    Yes am up for this change love the tapping

  3. Shauna says:

    I’m up for it!

  4. Robin PAbst says:

    Just saw this challenge – you are on. I will report back tomorrow

  5. Janet says:

    Fabulous idea! Thank-you! My daughter was crinkling her nose at me yesterday when I started complaining about something that was dumb.

    I am doing the 24 hour no complaining, starting now.

    Again, thank-you!

  6. DeAnne Girton says:

    I find that what I complain (in the form of criticism of others) about is what I am most insecure about in myself. Growing older, age 51, and with so much presure on women to remain unwrinkled, skinny and in shape, “perfect,” in other words. I find myself criticizing, models, actresses, news anchors and reporters as those on TV are always expected to be airbrushed perfect. I love it when I find a REAL (not photoshopped) photo of a famous women where you can actually see her wrinkles or bags under her eyes. I feel so mean but too much pressure is on women to look good no matter what the age — nevermind that we can’t all afford spa trips, facials, facelifts, botox, liposuction and other expensive cosmetic procedures like the rich and famous can.

  7. MaryAnn Lowe says:

    This is a great idea and a great awareness tool! Thank you! Starting now – 9:05 AM. 9/18/13

  8. fatima says:

    Idont know eng lisg very vell listening is very hard for me but i follow your video and love your programs

  9. LILIAN says:


  10. suz says:

    so it’s almost up… my 24 hours. first 6 or 7 hours were easy… i was sleeping! 😀

    walking dogs at the park early this morning… normally peaceful and quiet woods.

    yesterday morning, we delayed our walk to watch a family of deer cavorting in the soccer fields next to the woods. babies and mom bowing down to challenge each other, then popping up and running toward, then away from each other. jumping around, often backwards(!)like kittens or puppies playing. hilarious! never saw anything like it.

    today some group was setting up for an event… pounding music blasting from a temp canvas shelter … yadda, yadda… BIG contrast is the point.

    Boy did i complain about that to my hubs as we walked in the woods! it was likely only today. i’m sure tomorrow morning, it’ll be back to the quiet, peacefulness.

    so what was the big deal?? other people are allowed to have an athletic event! it’s not MY park! yikes!!!!! 😀

  11. janet y devore says:

    I have tried tapping before and it works. It is simple , easy, quick and fun to do and be!

  12. Laura Johnson says:

    Well, this was an eye opener! I thought I was pretty positive, but I actually complain to myself quite a lot. Will continue to work on it.

  13. Brandon says:

    I am a big complainer and sometimes catch myself. I certainly would like to stop. Thanks for the suggestions. You are beautiful btw.

  14. Robyn Langhorst says:

    What an amazing exercise! Living in (somewhat) rural Maine, I spend a lot of time in my head. I found that my complaining shows up, not just in conversations, but in my thinking process. Doing affirmations
    helped take my mind off the complaining thoughts, and when I was in conversation with someone else, I
    shared that I was doing this 24-hour challenge. It not only helped me stay on track, but I think others
    were inspired by it, as well. I am trying to keep it going – taking it one day at a time. It is truly
    challenging, but eye-opening, too. Thank you, Jessica. : )

  15. Sharon Fattor says:

    Complained only three times, but caught and stopped myself
    at least five times. Great idea! Going to try to implement this
    daily. Forgot to tap on it when I slipped but did at end of day.
    I think one time was justified, I tipped over my vegan protein
    shake all over livingroom table and some on tv remote and my
    iPhone!!!!! >: [ I think phone is ok.

  16. Linda says:

    I am going to take the challenge. I hope I can do it.

  17. rebecca says:

    Complaints draw us to what is not working well in our lives. It alerts us, so that we can choose to focus on solutions.
    One way is also to write out the complaints and its accompanying feelings.

  18. Monica says:

    Well, complaining is almos a national sport here, so I’m totally in. For 24 hours I will be aware (or try to)of not complaining

  19. suz says:

    excellent idea! starting now! just after midnight… now Sat morning, Sept 14.

    thanks for sharing this, Jessica! 😀

  20. Winona says:

    OMG I am such a complainer…I try to be conscious of it but holy cow…HELP!

  21. Cynthia Smith says:

    Great idea! Creating a more positive world is always a good thing! Complaining can be contagious!

  22. teresa says:

    I,m up for this challenge. I will be at work and with one of my children who is a colleague. Hoping we can make this real fun!!

  23. nancy says:

    Great idea — for both reducing various forms of complaining and for identifying things to tap on . . . thanks, Jessica!

  24. Marie hudson says:

    I promise to do this without comparing myself to others or asking them to do it too…and keep the list to use constructively to help with my instant judgments of self and others

  25. Nicolas Massu de la Carrera says:

    Hi there:

    I always have a reason to complain with many people but specially with my mum. If I can stop all the things that she has done to me and the things she still doing to me I might not have solve the problem but I will know how to tackle the problem if I don’t complain and don’t think about the problem for 24 hours. Then I might know how can that 24 hours not complainig did to my brain and well being so that I can focus on the things I can change not on the ones that seem imposible to the human eye to solve and change.
    Thanks Jessica ane the Tapping Solution

  26. Shirley says:

    Great idea. I’m ready, starting now!

  27. Catherine says:

    Ahhh… I couldn’t believe it. I lasted a few hours – like six and then out it tumbled!!! I shared with my husband that I was participating and he was delighted. He seems to be the main point of my mumble grumbles as … and I’ve had a real problem just …(deleted text). Hell, am I complaining again? Bummmer, huh? OK, so I’m starting again. A new 24 hours until I can get it. Good luck one and all.

  28. Caryl Hill says:

    What a great challenge. I am in.

  29. Rose says:

    Okay..starting at 9:00 P.M. Sep 12, 2013. My last complaint: There’s NOTHING to talk about without complaining. lol …omg

  30. Paula says:

    Willing to give it a try! Here’s to 24 hrs. of no complaining.

  31. Diana Lampkin says:

    I’m guilty…from the weather to the workload, I can easily expound on the “downsides” of things. Thanks for shining the spotlight, helping us to be mindful of this negative banter.

  32. mary ann purnell says:

    Starting now!

  33. marilyn says:

    Excellent idea. I am the world’s expert at complaining. Often it is to fill in a gap of what on earth to say next, but sometimes out of frustration that my idea of the world does not match reality accurately enough!

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