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As promised, here are two short but information packed videos of an interview we did with Bruce Lipton. He has a fascinating way of explaining things that completely changed my paradigm. Enjoy…

I hope you enjoyed the Bruce Lipton videos!!

Your question: What did you learn from Bruce? How might you use this information to change your life today? Post your comments below!


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  1. Neranja says:

    Dr. Bruce Liptons videos are well worth and those are priceless. So excellent.
    Thanks for all the videos of Dr.


  2. Robert Mariotti C.CHt. to my coll says:

    Dr.Bruce Lipton is so right on. I make it a point to listen to part 1 and part 2 twice a week his explanation’s are electrifying. I have his book “the Biology of Belief” and has become my Bible. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and I have used his explanations in my practice to educate my clients and I have promoted his book.
    to each and everyone of them. I also use EFT along with Hypnotherapy.

    Blessings Robert

  3. nice video. thank you for sharing this one.

  4. Melanie Paris says:

    Every time I listen to Bruce lipton it resinates with an inner knowing of TRUTH. Thank you. Melanie Paris

  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you for that video with Bruce. He gave good and clear explanation. It make me understand better how to work with my thoughts. WOW, what a great gift for the new year !!

  6. Bill McDougald says:

    I am more impressed with Dr. Bruce Lipton every time I hear him speak. I had already experienced how the mind can control the weather simply by picturing the weather you want for 30 seconds each day. So similarly we should imagine the way we want to be, to line up our genes to effect it. Now we can choose to be healthy and believe it and will be so. Sounds like a religion.


  7. Pat Bellamy says:

    I would love to watch the entire interview with Dr. Lipton. Is it possible for you to provide it’s location. Great videos – thankyou for forwarding them to us. Pat Bellamy EFT Adv

  8. Allana says:

    Thank you for pushing the envelope and being willing to buck the tide of the stodgy mind set of the medical world, who think they have all the answers. Hardly! I appreciate the information which affirms what the Bible, God’s word says that God is dynamic energy and that God used that dynamic energy, his holy spirit, to create all matter in all the universe. Isaiah 40:26-31. What a powerful force that we can tap into for good. EFT helps us to use that knowledge to bring us to a healthier state. Thank you again.

  9. Kathryn says:

    Ah, ya gotta love the nay-sayers and dis-believers, because it causes the rest of us to value where we are in our belief systems. Thank God that I am open to what works, and not just what the “establishment” tells me what works (science, medical industry, drug companies, etc), and that I believe in the possibility of “invisible” things.

    I met Bruce 18-20 years ago and have a copy of his “original” Biology of Belief, as well as the updated one. For the people who don’t understand why he does not talk more about EFT, it is because Bruce leaves the METHODS to those who are studying the various energy-healing modalities such as EFT/Tapping, Psych-K, Edu-K (Brain Gym, where Psych-K came from), and whatever else works to interrupt errant electro-magnetic signals and paths that keep circling our emotions. I started with Hypnosis/NLP, went into Brain Gym (Edu-K), then Psych-K with Bruce and Rob more than ten years ago, and have moved onto EFT (which I originally learned thru NLP 20 years ago as “Thought Field Therapy”)–it’s MUCH faster and more direct.

    Bruce did not really “believe” in the Psych-K work when he was first introduced to it, but he was OPEN ENOUGH to use it for some personal issues in his life…and when he got fabulous results with it, and also saw others in his life getting incredible results with it, he joined with Rob to promote it and couple it with his work. Truly, Bruce radically changed his life with Psych-K–physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially! So, I suspect that the reason the video was so edited, with so little about EFT, is because Bruce probably talked about the OTHER forms of energy-healing that can be used, but the folks here did not want to put in the video, since it was specifically being presented with EFT.

    Yes, Virginia, there ARE other modalities (such as I have studied/mentioned) that will achieve the SAME results as EFT/Tapping…but, in reality, WHY would anyone want to complicate their lives with other methods that take longer to do? If someone is NOT getting results with an honest effort at tapping, then I would suggest trying other energy-modalities. The best thing to do is to be OPEN to ALL POSSIBILITIES!

    BTW–with ALL of the energy-modalities that I have studied/used, I have used them as surrogates with animals with absolutely incredible results! In an advanced training session of Brain Gym back East many moons ago, the owner of the house we were at had a cat that was FIERCELY protective, and would perch herself on the top of the sofa near the door, and “attack” who ever entered the front door. The owner decided to do a surrogate “balance” on the cat for being calm and NOT attacking people entering her home. Literally, 2 minutes after we finished the task on the cat, someone walked in the front door….and the cat looked at the person, and continued to lay there and PURRED INSTEAD OF ATTACKING! It continued the rest of the night and the next day until we left and returned to our homes. The owner later sent us a note saying that the cat has continued to “chill out” and no longer attacks people coming in! So, this was done TO a cat VIA people (surrogates). One could just as easily use Tapping to achieve similar results with animals.

    Some may respond by saying that the subconscious minds of the people changed the cat, and that would imply that our minds have a direct link, which would need Quantum Physics to understand that. Others could say that it was a “fluke”…except that I have personally achieved similar results with my cats and animals of my clients…with spectacular results, using EVERY energy-modality that I know! 100% effective on animals! They don’t have the conscious, critical minds to negate it, as people do.

    Tapping/EFT is ONE energy-modality that can short-circuit our energy-loop system to achieve what we want…and it happens to be MY personal modality of choice at present because of its speed.

    I would highly recommend that people purchase some of Bruce’s books/videos to explain energy-healing to others, and to show others who refuse to believe in Quantum Physics and energy as a whole. His videos are quite educational and extraordinarily interesting. Bruce makes his own slides for his personal presentations, and video clips, which I think is quite a feat in itself! He has been chipping away at the medical industry and the public awareness for more than 20 years!!! 10 years ago I asked him how the battle was going (with the medical industry), and he was so excited that a few doctors were coming up after his lectures to talk with him…NOW look where he is and what he has done! I give Bruce gold stars for Tenacity… so that WE ALL CAN BENEFIT FROM HIS SCIENTIFIC EXPERTISE, no matter what energy-modality we use.

  10. Ulla says:

    Thank you for reminding me of what a fantastic method EFT is and how it works.

    Best wishes

  11. I first heard Bruce Lipton speak about this new perspective of environment shapes evolution in 1988. It is wonderful to have his book and these excellent videos to spread this shift in our thinking to others who are looking for answers and are ready for changing from the inside out. Thank you so much for making these clips available. Your work is essential to saving the planet one person at a time.

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    Andy Katz,
    I respectfully disagree with your “conclusion” (which didn’t follow a true path of reasoning anyway) that EFT only works if you believe it works. That idea has been disproven over and over again with people who didn’t believe it could work for them but it did! As well as with people who didn’t even know surrogate tapping was being done on their behalf.

  13. Betsy Dunda says:

    Wow, another piece of the puzzle or another clue on the treasure map. Didn’t realize that the subconcious mind was in control so much of the time. Everything I’ve been doing has helped me be more concious of the subconcious programmming, from Eckhart Tolle’s writings, the Jerry and Esther Hicks’ writings, and being able to listen to the daily audios during the Tapping Summit 2010. The way Bruce Lipton used imagery, such as the thoughts running like a faucet from you subconcious mind was helpful, created a picture of something that you normally can’t see. What he had to say built well on the information I’d already received.
    I belong to a book club and can see the value of purchasing the Tapping Solution DVD for others to see because it would be a good introduction to Meridian Tapping along with Patricia Carrington’s book. That book looks like a good choice to focus on for our next book selection in May.
    Thank you so much!

  14. bb says:

    Bruce is telling us about how the environment drives us. The particle gets driven and managed by the field around it. Not the invisible matrix but the Divine Matrix that governs all life. How the environment in the cities is all about 70% negative thoughts. No positive thoughts. Even if a person consiously wants to do something good then the thoughts in the sub consious which could have been put there by peer pressure and other environmental inputs could stand up like a Great Wall of China.

    Bruce opened up the quantum physics model where the mind and subconsious could work together to bring in more harmony. Tapping alows us to clear ouselves of the negative imprints in our subconsious from of the environment.

    Its no longer about ‘ u are what you eat’ its more like ‘ u are what u store in your subconsious’.

    Put is more simply Mom and kids go to the super market and pick up a trolley. Mom is the consious mind and the kids the subconsious mind. Mom puts in what she feels is the right choice for the family (brown rice health foods etc…) while the kids grab at whatever they want. At the counter we see 40% Mom stuff and 60% Sugar Candies, wafers, junk food, and all thats kids stuff.

    This is in sync with whats put up on the Quantum K site. Very good Stuff. And i want to try it on young boys and girls to stop mastrubating and having sex at a very young age. There is a lot of sexual subliminal messages that we are exposed to and these rule the subconsious mind. Example : Nescafe ads are always about two couples having coffee, so next time you meet your date you would say “coffee ?” Looks like he is asking me out for coffee is as good an invitation into his heart. EFT can be used to remove these subliminal messages from our youth. Next time my kid asks out some girl it might sound like “Natural Juice or some organic salads ???” . I hope they ask each other ‘do you mountain trek’, rather than asking ‘do you tweet’.

  15. Marianne says:

    “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy” – Hamlet – maybe the quote is not exact as it is done from memory. Yes Burce Lipton has much to say, is dynamic and honest. All valuable things. I followed the world tapping summit and it is still too soon to make earth shattering statements, but the thing that I note that is of the greatest impact is the self-responsiblity, the learning to come to grips with ourselves and the immensity of the moral implications this will have. Man has reached a stage in his development where this is essential. Love is a big and little understood word, but in a certain sense this is also love.
    I live in Rome although I am not Italian but an African born Anglo/Celt (with other like cultures thrown in) and every day am faced with the impact of the pros and cons of a powerful religious structure on what happens around us here, a Europe that is tired and egoist and the constant migration of peoples that is taking place – sometimes tragically.
    We have moved into another realm and dimension of existence, pushed almost into lack of humanity in the technological drive that is taking place and I see tapping as a means to restore some of us to ourselves. However there are many things taught in the deepest of the mysteries that relate to this “technique” and often the teaching of great minds and saints, humble men and mystics is not so far – or perhaps further ahead.
    I have been impressed above all by the generosity and impulse to share that seems to dominate this entire school and that in itself is wonderful.
    About Dr. Lipton: he makes no mention of the super-conscious although the awareness of it is present in the way he talks, although not stated. However we are facing a young generation that is born psychic and that too needs proper training in Cosmic terms.
    Thank you for your sharing.

  16. Steve A. Kozma says:

    May I add to “Carrot On A Stick”
    “Would it work on you?” The same question applies to placebo/nocebo effects.
    I hope this does not come across as patronizing, but it is easily missed.
    When a person believes sugar pills are medicine, they don’t recognize the duping.
    When we unwittingly believe our images are “real”, we don’t recognize the duping.
    By virtue of using language, we easily ‘cross the line’ to reacting to our images as if they were ‘more’ than proxy; we often substitute/surrogate them. We often “act” as if
    The map ‘IS’ the territory, even though we profess otherwise. So “knowing” is not enough, we need to ‘experience’ the insight.

  17. Hi Jessica:

    This work is wonderful! I am still awaiting my Summit package to arrive.

    Thanks so much for all that you do.


  18. Ginny Ciszek says:

    Great Material, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Pam Bruner’s message is so congruent to my blocks and self sabotage right now. I have signed up for her course and am excitedly waiting for Tuesday’s first class. Thanks for sharing these great messages. and a note for LoAnne who was having trouble signing up for Pam’s course, did you put all 4 numbers in for your expiration date year? I made the mistake of only putting the last two numbers and it wouldn’t take my card either.You can write to her at Good luck, I hope to “see” you in the course.

  19. Hi all
    I’m still working through my tapping package. I have a whole lot to tap on! But change is slowly happening. I have more inspiration, choices and joy in my life. But I still have huge resistance to making money, to trusting myself and my abilities. To even trusting that I have anything to offer and yet I have these huge feelings of excitement and an awareness of possibilities.

    So whilst I am hugely appreciative of the gorgeous and invaluable tapping package that I have I just wanted to say wonderful stuff guys thank yoooo! But also this audio link with Jessica and Pam is awesome. So yep if you’re a gorgeous woo woo practioner and struggle to bring an income in – do listen to this link. It’s great and potentially transformative! Click it, click it!

  20. Gladys says:

    Bruce Lipton could not be more correct. Had I listened to convential medicine I would be post-op convinced I had cancer.

  21. Sharon Yarborough says:

    Thank you guys for all you do. My EFT has taken a huge step up thanks to your work. Thanks for carrying on Gary’s wonderful work. I love my 2009 and 2010 world summit CDs.

    Bless you and keep up the good work.


  22. Charline says:

    Thanks to Jessica & Pamela. I was going to listen to Dr Lipton’s works & came upon Pamela.There are no accidents! Just what I nneded to hear! As a Biblical Life Coach, I am working on integrating energy medicine along with tapping into my practice.As I heal my own issues, I am able to be a better servant! Bless all that are involved in bringing these gifts to us Transformational workers!

  23. LoAnne in Tokyo says:

    My husband had found and was listening to Pamela yesterday morning when I came into the computer room. I related at such a deep level with what Jessica and she were discussing that I determined to get the new course and really apply myself.
    Easter and it’s joy and busy-ness have passed, my first task was to purchase Pamela’s course today.
    For some reason, in all the configurations I tried, my credit card and my husband’s were said to have expired, etc.
    I called my card company and they said all was in order. I tried to find a “contact us” click on Pamela’s site but couldn’t. So I’m writing in this more public forum. I’m just wondering if there is a glich that could be corrected so I can purchase the course. Or maybe another way of getting an order through….
    I have things I really want to do — but I feel the blocks to accomplishing those goals. I am truly interested in moving ahead!
    Thank you again to Tapping Solution for putting such valuable material out there for us to experience! I’m looking forward to the adventure unfolding.

  24. Douglas Bonar says:

    I’m a bit amused and a bit concerned by the last entry – that Bruce’s work is “only a hypothesis based on speculative conjecture” and “all we really know is that tapping works.” Um, no. We really need to know more than this to sound credible to clients and to represent the discipline well. Yes I know that tapping works – I use it on myself and clients. (I’m a counselor.) And Bruce’s information is far more that conjecture. If you take the time to read his books, and many other books on the subject matter, it is now recognized that his information is based on sound science. Oh, by the way, I strongly recommend the book Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church to further relate what Bruce is saying directly to tapping. It’s a fascinating and vital read if you intend to understand the deeper science of tapping and other energy work. We really do need to be credible, vocal and in integrity. Blessings all!!!

  25. I have had the pleasure of being at several of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s seminars. I also took my Psych-k training with Dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams. I have been using Psych-k in my coaching practice for about 9 years with great success. I often use Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video “The Biology of Belief” as a lead in tot he work I do. He has amazing energy and a great scene of humor. Barb Harris Psych-k Facilitator

  26. R. says:

    There’s really no contradiction between the “central dogma of genetics” and the energy-field theory, if you think about it. All the stem cells have the same set of genes, but not all genes are activated in each cell. Which part of the genome is activated, depends on the environment, just like the presentation said – so in fact you have information flowing both ways. The external environment (or energy field) tells the cell which part of its genome to activate, and then you get the DNA-to-RNA-to-protein sequence that turns the cell into a muscle cell, skin cell, bone cell, etc., depending on what’s needed. There’s no contradiction in my mind between the scientific worldveiw and the metaphysical worldview; each one alone is incomplete, but expanding both to include the other, will give us a complete picture of the nature of the Universe.

  27. Ishan das/peter levine says:

    Yesterday, I listened to Bruce’s 2 short tapes. He didn’t seem to be saying to much about tapping. Then I read people’s comments, and for the most part, people were raving about what he was saying. So I decided to listen again, today, and take notes. And basically this is what Bruce said:
    1) Heredity vs. Environment: Environment can influence the way in which cells develope into different tissues.
    2) Quantum mechanics vs. Newtonian Physics: Quantum mechanics is about invisible force fields, and these invisible force fields is what actually makes the body what it is.
    3) These force fields are actually what metaphysics calls “spirit”.
    4) The placebo effect demonstrates that the mind’s expectations have a part to play in how the body responds to medical treatment.
    5) This same paradigm applies to both positive and negative thinking.
    6) Conclusion: The mind can heal the body, but drug companies would not want us to know this because they make money by selling chemicals.
    7) Positive thinking is not enough. This is because the real force in shaping our lives comes from the unconcious mind.
    8) Thoughts are the energy/force field.
    9) The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious
    So, in review – force fields shape and govern the body. (#2, above)
    – “spirit” is equivalent to force fields. (#3, above)
    – our thoughts are a force field (#8, above)
    – the subconcious is the stronger field (#9, above)

    According to the above statements:
    thoughts = force field = spirit ( #3 and #8 )
    10) Tapping = “pushing the record button on the subconcious mid.”

    My conclusion: The theory that Bruce presents doesn’t harm anyone, but it is only a hypothesis, based on speculative conjecture. People are raving over the emporer’s new clothes. All we really know is that TAPPING WORKS!

  28. Steve A. Kozma says:

    Carrot On A Stick Ploy : Would it work on ‘you’?
    Daily; not only do you not recognize it, you do it to yourself.
    “Shift up” to the perspective from where you “see the forest for the trees.”
    You know your involuntary reacts to perceptions,(adaptation, survival, etc).
    What would it mean if you could ‘make’, simulate, counterfeit perceptions that your involuntary could not differeniate? Your involuntary would react to them.
    When you UNWITTINGLY BELIEVE your images are ‘real’, your involuntary reacts to them as automatically as it does to perceptions of/from the environment.
    Look at the placebo/nocebo effects and emotional suffering and/or dysfunctional behavior in this light.
    (If you don’t ‘see’ it; your still at the level of ‘doing’ it)

  29. Carole says:

    As a Christian Scientist I have learned from an early age, of the power of thought and beliefs to influence your experience including your health, and also of the power of Spirit (God) to heal. I was delighted to hear Dr. Lipton’s comments on his discoveries and findings from a physical scientist’s perspective. Thanks so much for sharing it. It is an exciting age we live in.

  30. Lorraine Nel says:

    A great big thank-you to all those involved in bringing this information to “us” the listeners!! How wonderful to hear what Dr Lipton has to say and read what the listener’s responded with…it all made for very exciting inner revelations and feelings…I am new to EFT and live in a household where I am considered to be “looney” but it has already helped me in my quest for self healing…slowly but surely. The recorded phone conversation between Jessica and Pamela made me want to become a Transformational Entrepreneur…and by jove I think I will embark on this new and wonderful journey to find out how!! Thanks again to the EFT team for bringing all this information into my home for me to “tap” into.

  31. Kathy Marcotte says:

    That Bruce Lipton is a great speaker. He makes complicated things understandable. I really enjoyed his 2 video’s.

  32. Dr. Lipton makes sense of a paradigm that we are only now beginning to understand despite the fact that it has always been in effect. I would like to suggest that anyone who does not believe that Energy Psychology works, has perhaps been in their “Fight, Flight or Freeze Response” which I have found to be the only thing that can override EFT and other cutting edge techniques. Interestingly though, I have found that if we tap on being on edge, ready to fight, running too fast or in hyperdrive (as I like to call it) we bring ourselves out of this involuntary response and then EFT and other Energy Psych. techniques work extremely well. Simple!

  33. fran says:

    All I can say is Thank you Bruce for sharing this information with all of us. For me I want to know more and more.

  34. Gail Robertson says:

    I thank you profusely for your generosity and wonderful information.
    I ache inside because I so know I can help others to a better understanding of
    how they can help support themselves, but I am working through all my
    blockages and barriers, I feel so happy, I know no matter how long it takes
    I will not give up, it is all bigger than me, and not about me, I will succeed
    what a fantastic journey of self discovery, so much I have gained from
    your tapping summit and all the extra posts I truly thank all involved.
    Love and Blessings Gail

  35. PAUL says:

    i think our subconscious is somewhere in our breath,,,,,we need to exhale with healthier intentions…………. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  36. Devra says:

    Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief”, is a great read for everyone, and nicely distilled from all the of the articles he handed out in class ! : )
    He is as wonderful to listen to now as he was many years ago. Hopefully he knows how instrumental he is to all who are learning to become more Conscious and Aware. I am glad that EFT has utilized his clarifying insights as a valuable resource.

  37. nohra says:

    What a pleasure to learn this easy techniques. It was worth the time I spend listenning.
    Thank you for giving so much value. You guys are great in making a difference in the world.

  38. Irena Mickunas says:

    Thank you, so much for sharing the Wisdom of Dr.Bruce Lipton and all the beautiful videos. In celebration of Freedom to different Way of Being and Seeing, I wish the sender of this latest e-mail a very exciting Spring. Efectionatly, Irena.

  39. Liseth Marroquin says:

    Dear ones:

    Thank you so much for making this information accesible. May the Light of your Souls keep on guiding you!


  40. Lesleigh Lippitt says:

    There are so many, many ways to ‘succeed’ at using Tapping…ALL enhanced by our aggregation of ideas, concepts, applications.

    From my dad to his young daughter Lesleigh (originated by someone else I suppose) “The larger the Island of Knowledge, the longer the Shorline of Ignorance.” He honored my questions as we honor our growing ‘informed ignorance.’

    What a Total, Lifelong, Relief!

    I am so grateful to have this Tapping Platform as a ‘vehicle’ upon which to add and build healing, thriving, exploring to my own life and those with whom I share this gift.

  41. Christine says:

    WOW thanks soooooo much…. that interview of Jessica with Pamela hit all my issues that I haven’t even thot about addressing! I just loved how it’s not about me but them!!!! That was so fabulously helpful…. I can’t thank you enough!

  42. Linda says:

    To those who find this hard to apply ( as I do at times!), particularly Anton who said “If only I could change my subconscious mind program and work my way back to health,” I
    (Comment by Anton — April 2, 2010 @ 6:43 pm), part of the secret to that is dis-creating those old programs through Self-Parenting and what I do called the Validation Process. Just as there cannot be two things in the same place at the same time ( I can’t park my car in the spot you park yours), so too, I cannot think postive thoughts while my subconscious is playing its old negative tape of 30 years ago! The Validation Process acknowledges what we experienced whether it was good, bad, or not relative to what really happened. Self-parenting is the present time person talking to that “inner kid” that ” I know what you went through and I am here to keep you safe, sane, and secure.” By doing affirmations appropriate for the age that we got “stuck” ( infancy, school age, adolescent, etc.) we comfort that child by saying “You don’t have to do the work anymore, I’m taking over. You’re safe now.” In essence, we are being acknowledged for our past experiences ( even if they weren’t true, but we percieve that they were true) ; then gradually we are ready to let go of them and replace them ( ready for acceptance of the true “you,”) with positive thoughts which lead to positive beliefs which lead to positive actions/behaviors/habits. Linda from

    I, too found Bruce Lipton’s words to be clear, concise, and informative. I know this “stuff” and he clarified it even further. Being a life coach who wants to integrate Tapping into my practice, I found his words to be a vehicle to use with them.

  43. Eveline Porter says:

    Wonderful – very clear and precise explanation on how our subconscious leads our lifes and plays “puppet” with us. But the thought that we can consciously be aware of this and tap-in the problem away and then induce the right programming the same way is just absolutely fantastic.
    Imagine, homeopathy is the same principle. You use the poison to destroy the poison and it works. This is just an energy principle. I thank you all for bringing these wonderful interviews and testimonials to us all over the world.
    Taking this time to wish you all a Happy Easter Holiday!

  44. Maria says:

    Very interesting interview. I am glad that more and more people are endorsing EFT, because they are doing the world a great favor. I read a comment about EFT working only when you believe in it. Thank Life for the fact that it works even if the person does not believe it will, it is fantastic for tapping into the subconscious and helping people grow in the right direction. I use it even with animals, for helping them heal, and they do not believe or disbelieve.

  45. mary says:

    this all makes so much sense, i have always thought, energy is more powerful than we believe, since i started tapping i have had some strange changes, less fear, and my intuition has gone from strength to strength, i feel like i am on a quest to find the real me, look at my core beliefs and work on them, Bruce lipton is brilliant he explains things so easily, i hope he visits the UK more .

  46. lpfoong says:

    I’m sending these videos to friends and family.
    Bruce Lipton’s explanation is concise and so easy to understand. He has brought spirituality and science together, thus connecting us all and encouraging us to see that we really are on the same boat, just looking at it from different angles.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  47. george says:

    mr lipton is way behind in his knowledge of the mind the answer to his problem of the conscious and unconscious mind lies in not having these thoughts or the programing that he says other people put into us in the first place.Stillness is the way dont think stop the thought processes which build our library in our minds of our programing which the thinker the unnecessary mind movement which people believe comes up with the answers.When it is the mind itself that produces the answers from our experiences to date not the thinker .Thinking is an unnecessary process the mind does it all try it and see for yourself.look it up on the net ” stillness is the way”

  48. Janis Seyler says:

    I’m a cheerleader for this way of thinking. I’ve posted comments about Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden on my blog so my family who is still stuck in the old way of thinking may be encouraged to think in new ways. Our family is full of doctors and nurses, and are religious Fundamentalists. So thinking outside the box does not come easy for them. But I am encouraged when Bruce and others speak up so eloquently on this subject.

  49. jb says:

    Love Dr. Lipton and his messages. Comment to those who are writing here about trying or wanting to convince others about energy therapies, EFT, quantum physics, etc. I’ll be straight and to the point. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR THEIRS. In other words, “Tend to your own knitting sister/brother”. People come across this information in their own time, who are any of us to interject into another’s path. A man convinced against his will is not convinced even still. Have respect for everyone’s path. We must be the change ourselves. NAMASTE

  50. Ann says:

    Oh my goodness–what a wealth of inspiration and information. While I enjoyed Dr. Lipton’s two videos, I need to spend more time thinking about what he said to comment intelligently, although I have to say that I found the information interesting and potentially transformational.

    Then to follow it up with Pamela Bruner (who I almost skipped because I thought it would be boring–my bad). What a great audio–easy steps to transform our marketing lives. Yikes, and to think I was going to pass on it.

    Thank you, Dr. Lipton and Pamela Bruner, and thank you, too, Jessica and Nick for all you do to offer such valuable material as a bonus.

    Blessings to all.

  51. Colin Smith says:

    My subconscious mind was changed by a2-week Hospital Live-In Group Cognitive Therapy Program, followed by a Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life Weekend Workshop’

    I was released from my former self, which was blaming outside forces for my life situation.
    However, the time it took from the time of the initial ‘trigger’ to the panic attack was over 11 years; during this time, I was suffering from unexpressed anger, anxiety and depression.

  52. Rosalba says:

    This is valuable information. Great service Dr. Lipton. Thank you.

  53. Chuck says:

    Dr. Lipton has very good informantion about “dogma” which is used to RULE or CONTROL others under the guise of “faith” or “belief systems” in most religions. No one is able to open up to what is within his ‘subconscious mind’ through other means like EFT or study of Quantum Physics which gives you the knowledge of many other universes existing AT THE SAME TIME as our present state of consciousness. Getting away from the “dogma” of how we are, how we should ‘believe’ and how we should act/react to circumstances is the best way for the person to unravel his problems that occur due to our so-called “belief system.” Many can avail themselves by using EFT, or study of Quantum Physics to realize the falacies of the mainstream methods of dictating what we should ‘believe’….There are few concepts that are available/taught to us which can open our Conscious Mind to re-program our Subconscious Mind to change or repair the false concepts ehgrained therein by either heredity, envinronment, or whatever else keeps us from Healing/Curing ourselves of Sickness/Illness or other ailments we have acquired……

  54. George M says:

    I liked Bruce’s explanation of the difference between Newtonian medicine and Quantum Physics based healing using our own powers for healing. It validates everything I have learned in the last 14 years about how our Medical Field is only interested in healing that can be done using medicine made from chemicals or drugs. The AMA controls what doctors are taught and the Pharmaceutical companies run the AMA. (They are on the Board Of Directors) After the financial disaster created by the curing of Polio, the AMA vowed never to let that happen again. That is why they won’t allow the curing of anything.
    As for the Law of Attraction and why just repeating affirmations doesn’t work, Bruce’s friend Greg Braden, which he mentions in the above talk, explains how the marriage of our emotions combined with our thoughts are what create the energy to influence our outer world. There are six videos in Greg’s presentation. You can access his videos on my blog

  55. eanlai says:

    Can you go into the notion of ‘superlearning’ more indepthly?
    Bruc Lipton mentions it at the very end of the video and I was very interested in what his notion of superlearning actually is.

  56. ORAH EL says:


  57. Karen says:

    That was excellent, thank you so much for sharing that interview! I now understand perfectly !!

  58. Tomas says:

    Great interview. Thank you for posting it.

    What Dr. Lipton says makes perfect sense. But he talks about concepts. Is there any material from him that is more “how to” oriented? How do I apply these concepts in my every day life?

  59. Cheri Regan says:

    Thank you for making this information available. It is so great to get more of an understanding of the mind chatter. I am just learning about EFT and I really appreciate the efforts of all of you that are getting the word out.

  60. Lynn says:

    Excellent! Thank you so much.

  61. Bruce Hinson says:

    Again, many thanks to my namesake. From all of us in Eugene, Or., thanking you for airing this. He’s very clear on the nocebo effects, and this is one of the first things EFT tackles. The first thing I learned from Gary’s videos was to really bring up that energy from old beliefs and to tap that out (ending the nocebo influence). Great synopsis from a leading advocate of common sense.

  62. Lloyd Taylor says:

    Bruce is an awesom gift to humanity and the planet. What a transformation would occur if this awareness was mandentary training in the medical profession. Thankyou Nick & your team for promoting Bruce & for your wonderful EFT training. Blessings Lloyd Taylor.

  63. Gini says:

    I am always delighted and surprised each time “new” information shows up in my life; even though I have been asking for it!! I finally GET that the subconcious mind must be RE-PROGRAMMED for the changes I want to make in my life. It took so many different and amazing people and many years for this wonderful information to break through my mental barrier! WOO-HOO!!!

  64. Anton says:

    If only I could change my subconscious mind program and work my way back to health

  65. Marilyn says:

    Dear Bruce,
    I thought it was powerful info, some of which I was familiar with before, but you gave it backbone. I wonder if it is possible to distill this info into something that a bright 9-year-old could understand and benefit from. She has been told that she has many negative thoughts (probably mostly relating to her Type I diabetes), but doesn’t seem to realize what they can do to her, or what positive thoughts and feelings can do for her. I have only just introduced her to EFT, but I am her grandmother and a newbie in EFT. I live 2 states away so I don’t see her too often and can only help her from a distance as I learn. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Please do not publish my real name as I would not like for her to learn of this letter.

  66. Love the Bruce Lipton videos. Not only is the information succinct and infused with deep insight and great value, but his presentation is energetic and authentic. It was a pleasant experience hearing and seeing Dr. Lipton reinforce so much of what I believe. I can feel the information resonating through my body, lighting me up and making me smile. This is definitely something I will share with friends and clients. Thank you!

  67. Ishan das/peter levine says:

    Re: Bruce Lipton’s thoughts. In science, a theory is accepted as true until it cannot account for new “facts” that are coming to bear. Then a new hypothesis is put forward to encompass the latest findings. In this way, empiric “science” continues to evolve. In fact we know very little about natures ways. Empiricism means that which we can observe with our senses. And our senses are too limited to grasp the overall reality.

    Just as a car can be driven by someone who does not know what makes it work, so, similarly, tapping can be performed by someone who does not have a total understanding of how or why it works. And this does not in the least detract from the benefits to be obtained from tapping.

    For the present, meridians are postulated, but the average person cannot see them. I predict that equipment that can sense meridians (and chakras, for that matter) and forward the data to a computer screen, will soon be available. At that point we will be ale to observe the meridian changes that occur while tapping. And that will be very exciting. But we still won’t know what meridians are. Just like electricity. We can manipulate it and calculate it, but we still don’t know what it is. Putting a name on it (electrons, etc.) does not enable us to understand where it comes from and what it really is.

    It is interesting to note that the placebo effect, which shows how thoughts can influence the workings of gross matter within our bodies, also has shown that – the results of scientific experiments can be influenced by the expectations and concepts of the scientist doing the experiment ! So this raises a lot of questions regarding the acceptance of scientific theories.

    It appears that ancient and present indigenous cultures have had, and do have, a far greater capacity to manipulate subtle forces which precipitate gross results. Therefore we have the mystic powers as outlined by the yoga system, the eastern monks who can dry a wet blanket while sitting, otherwise naked, on a glacier (tumo), the shamans of South America who can communicate with plants in order to learn which herbs can heal us, etc., etc. Even the science of meridians itself, dates back to times when so-called modern science didn’t even exist.

    But we love tappping! And tapping works! What profoundly interests me ( and I have not heard about it to date from any of the summit presenters) is an in depth discussion about the volitional self-inducement of different brainwave patterns (alpha, delta, theta, etc.),and how these different levels of consciousness influence the power of the meridian-tapping process, and the power of vizualization and manifestation. These different brain wave patterns are clearly observable by modern processes like EEG (electro-encephaligraphic charting). New Thought and the various movements that evolved under that umbrella, such as Science of Mind, have stressed to various degrees that effective vizualization, for whatever purpose, has more power if we can go into deeper states of conciousness. So when we say “Even though………. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” , or, “I deeply and completely bask myself in the rays of unconditional love emanating from the Godhead.” – how much more power does that add in conjunction with the Tapping of these meridians? This force of the love-vibration, whether we speak of “inner child work”, or other similar processes that enhance our physical , emotional and spiritual well-being, seems to invoke a very significant power to implement change. So, if, tappping by itself, accompanied or not accompanied by the parrot-like recitation of “Even though………..I deeply and completely accept myself.”, produces good results, then how much more powerful would tapping be if it was combined with the ability to actually go into “meditational states” (like alpha or theta waves)?

    My hypothesis is that when one is vibrating these enhanced EEG waves, all of our energy patterns are enhanced, more open, and more caplable of connecting with greater cosmic fields of the love-vibration, which is always there, but only sensed by persons who know the art of how to vibrate at such frequencies. By people who can really feel the reality of deeply and completely loving and accepting themselves.

    Therefore it is my assertaion that this aspect of the meridian tapping be given more exposure. Let the practitioners develope techniques for imparting this kind of inner knowledge, so as to enhance the meridian tapping process for their clients.

    As to determining the efficacy of consciously combining these two powerful techniques, I turn to Dr. Carrington. She is in touch with such fields (no pun intended) of investigation, has the equipment at her disposal and can run control experiments. If self-love and self-acceptance actually enhance the meridian-tapping technique, then demonstration of these positive factors as most worthwhile facets of the overall process would be invaluable. Not only as an all-or-none addition, but how DIFFERENT DEGREES (of voluntarily invoking the aid of enhanced vibrational states) influences the results of the tapping process.

    These questions have been on my mind since first being introduced to the tapping process in the last two months. First I pondered, “What does that mean, to deeply and completely love and accept myself, even though I have this headache, or whatever?” “What is the connection between the two parts of this statement?” “Why is there no comentary on this most subtle aspect of the process?”

    So I have begun going into such meditational states, according to my ability, as my container for tapping, and I have found that doubts about the reality of the tapping process, simply evaporate. Also that distracting thoughts do not seem to enter my mind. In such a state I find that I can give my heart and soul to the tapping process. And, of course, this idea is not my invention. This idea of manifesting self-love and unconditional acceptance while engaged in tapping has come to me from the tapping community!

    I know that this is a lot of input for this forum. But I am thinking that clear feedback from the tapping family may be of vast importance to all of us.

    Thank you for listening. Thank you for all of your heart-felt gifts.

    Sincerely, Peter Levine / Ishan das

  68. Hannah Shine says:

    Wonderful insights into the power of the subconscious mind!
    Thank you very much!

  69. Christina says:

    So refreshing and wonderful! Thank you!!

  70. alma jean says:

    I have been studying Dr. Lipton’s work for three years. He has changed my life. AJ

  71. Madeleine says:

    Love these information packages. They are short, informative, and “user friendly.”

    Thank you so much!



  73. Steve A. Kozma says:

    The beliefs in subconscious supersede those in conscious;understood. The placebo effect is based on “duping”, that is “unwittingly believing”. Doing it by/for oneself is not clearly stated anywhere I know of. For example you can’t say; “I’ll take these sugar pills and believe they are medicine and get relief from pain and heal;” and get results. Repeating affirmations ,attempting to do on purpose what works spontaneously; thats why “unwittingly believing” is why nocebo is more common that placebo. It’s as if “believing behind-the- scenes” works better than deliberatly making ‘beliving’ work.

  74. Cheryl says:

    I am sending this very informative video to my college kids to try to convince them to use EFT in their lives. Thanks for sharing this video.

  75. Barbara says:

    Really good explanation of what’s behind EFT. Makes me think that I can talk to my PhD. in Physics brother on the subject. (I’m pretty sure he’s Newtonian in orientation) I’ll have to tap on “Even though I’ve never been as smart as my PhD. brother…” and he’s going to be visiting in a couple of weeks. No one in my family can figure me out, they think I’m an “airy fairy” but they seem to be curiouser and curiouser.

    Thanks for the fresh subject matter.

  76. Diana Dent says:

    Brilliant! Such an interesting way of looking at things. Thank you so much for sending me the Bruce Lipton clips… they explain so much.

  77. Andy Katz says:

    The second video was edited so much that I am not trusting that. Bruce Lipton is one of the clearest thinking and respected scientists, so I am glad you have him here. His points about environment affecting life, and about quantum physics being about the fields, is of course true. His points about the subconscious is the dogma of the human potentials movement. But he only endorses EFT for a few seconds. He spent much more time pointing out that if you believe something will work, it will. So, I conclude that EFT works if one believes it works.

  78. I believe this information is foundational to shift our society into the truth of how the body heals. Bravo! Thanks for sharing! This will change the old belief that keeps us sick and stuck.
    Uncomplicated information, simply communicated!

  79. I love Dr. Lipton’s ideas! Am currently reading his 2nd book “Spontaneous Evolution”…great revelations! …Leading thought step-by-step away from limited, material thinking and thoughts…to Idea! And, it’s interesting to hear what he says about EFT.
    Thank you!
    Bobbi Jo
    PS- Is he married? Dadgum! I could spend some time with this man! LOL!

  80. Dr. Lipton is proving to be one of the most refreshing and influential voices to date in the field of energy health. I have read Biology of Belief ( and plan to re-read it) and have used Dr. Lipton’s ideas in helping my clients understand how powerful is their mind in influencing their mental and physical health.

    I would enjoy hearing more of Dr. Lipton and learn of any upcoming public presentations in the LA area.

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