Manifesting quickly with EFT

How to Manifest Quickly Using EFT Tapping

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The Tapping Solution

Written by:
Nick Ortner

The best dreams happen when you're awakeAll too often, our goals consist of little more than a “list”…

  • Make a million dollars
  • Get my book published
  • Travel the world
  • Support my favorite charity

…and so on.

It’s certainly a great start to write them down, but if you don’t dig deeper, they’re unlikely to happen as quickly and completely as you probably want them to.

I’m sure you’ve read plenty of information on how to improve the goals: add emotional value, visuals, expand on the feelings you’ll have when you achieve the goal, sometimes timelines, if that works for you, look at them more often…

…etc, etc.

And all of those ideas are great, but if you’re not in FULL alignment with your goal in the FIRST PLACE, you’re basically wasting your time.

Remember, alignment isn’t just a surface, conscious alignment… you need to be aligned at all levels. You need to address your “What ifs” and “Buts” about the issue fully.

When you do that, you get out of your own way and can make things happen without those patterns of self-sabotage that are all too familiar.

Here’s a process with tapping to help you. This process involves having a general understanding of the Tapping protocols. If you’re new to Tapping, take a moment to read about the basics of EFT Tapping and how to use it.

Remember, the more issues you address around all aspects of your goals, the better your results will be!  Perhaps commit to working on one goal or issue a day for 30 days and see what happens!

Step 1: Write down your goal, dream, or aspiration

You can make this a specific goal like: I want to earn a million dollars a year

A more general goal: I want to bring peace to my relationship with my mom

Or it can be stated more as a vision: I’d like to create dramatic social change

With this process, don’t worry about getting it right. Whatever language pops up in your head first, that’s the right language. But DO make sure to write it down.


Step 2: Write down your immediate gut response when you read that goal

How do you FEEL?

Are you 100% in alignment with it?

How does your body respond to reading it?

For example, you might feel and write down, “I feel uncomfortable when I read this, I’m excited, I’m anxious…”

Be specific in your notes and give every feeling a 0-10 rating.

So if you’re feeling anxious as you read the goal, write down, “I’m feeling anxious” and then put a number of its intensity next to it. “8” for example.

You can write down more than one emotion or feeling. Be as specific as possible.

Do you feel tension in your stomach? Write that down.

Are you slightly nauseous? Write that down.


Step 3: Write down what other people would say about your goal if you shared it with them

Friends, family members, society, co-workers, etc.

Whatever pops in your head first, write that down.

So if you think about sharing your goal with your mom, and you picture her saying, “That’s a silly idea…” then write that down, PLUS how you FEEL about her thoughts.

Be specific and give it a number of intensity, as described above.


Step 4: Write down YOUR beliefs about the goal

For example, “Part of me thinks this is impossible… I’ve never been able to do this before… Who am I to think I can achieve this…?”

Note the feelings this brings up and write those down as well.

Be specific and assign them a number of emotional intensity.


Step 5: Systematically tap OUT all of this RESISTANCE and tap IN, positive feelings & expectations!

Go through each item that brought up an emotional response, and tap on it until you bring the feelings around it down to “0” or a low number.

Be sure to keep note of anything else that comes up through the process.

You may not be able to do this in one session, so take your time with it.

When you have tapped through all the issues (and make sure to keep digging for more hidden ones), you’ve then cleared the way for your goal to become a reality!

Tapping Script Example

Let’s go through one example of what this might look like together, so you can tap along.

I’m just making up potential responses so you can see how it works…

Step 1: Write down the Goal

EXAMPLE: I want to earn $250,000 a year

Step 2: How do you FEEL?

EXAMPLE: Looking at this, I get a little nervous. There’s a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and pressure around making this work. When I close my eyes, I feel this sinking feeling at a 7.

When I ask myself what this feeling is, it’s anxiety. I’m going to do some tapping on this now.

Karate Chop: Even though I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I have this sinking feeling about making $250,000, I choose to relax now.
Karate Chop: Even though I feel uncomfortable in my body when I look at this goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow: This sinking feeling
Side of Eye: I’m feeling a little nervous
Under Eye: This sinking feeling
Under Nose: In the pit of my stomach
Under Mouth: I feel pressure around making this work
Collarbone: I feel this anxiety in my stomach
Under Arm: All this anxiety
Top of Head: All this sinking feeling

Keep on tapping around the meridian points on whatever comes up until you bring it down enough to find some relief and feel ready to move on to the positive.


Eyebrow: I chose to relax now
Side of Eye: And release this sinking feeling
Under Eye: I let it all go
Under Nose: From the pit of my stomach
Under Mouth: All this anxiety
Collarbone: Releases now
Under Arm: All this fear about making $250,000 a year
Top of Head: Releases now

Step 3: Write down what other people would say about your Goal if you shared it with them

EXAMPLE: If I told my friends I wanted to make $250,000 a year, half of them would laugh at me and the other half would tell me I was being greedy.

When I think about telling my friends, I just feel small and not confident at all. This feeling is at an 8.

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t feel confident telling my friends about my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I don’t want my friends to know my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I know they’ll judge me if I tell them my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow: I don’t want to tell my friends
Side of Eye: When I think about telling them, it makes me feel small
Under Eye: This feeling of being small
Under Nose: I’m worried that they’ll judge me
Under Mouth: I’m worried they won’t like me
Collarbone: I’m worried about what my friends will think
Under Arm: If I tell them my goal
Top of Head: Or if I achieve my goal!

Keep on tapping around the meridian points on whatever comes up until you bring it down enough to find some relief and feel ready to move to the positive.


Eyebrow: I release this feeling of being small
Side of Eye: I chose to feel big!
Under Eye: I’m confident in my goal
Under Nose: And I release any anxiety about it
Under Mouth: I’m confident in what I want for myself
Collarbone: And I’m confident that the right people will support me
Under Arm: Feeling strong and confident
Top of Head: Feeling strong and confident!

Continue on to Step 4 and 5, rinse and repeat. 🙂

Seriously, the KEY on this process is to get specific on your issues, on your feelings, and to be SYSTEMATIC about it, going through all the different ASPECTS of the issue.

I’d love to year your results! Please share them below!

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130 Comments on this post

  1. Phillip says:

    Awesome,this is great ,I’m left speechless n my confidance shot up,i feel great already,like a
    millionaire Regards Phillip

  2. Camille says:

    I am scared, so frightened. My financial goal will never happen. I don’t deserve it. Am I really worthless? Tap tap tap…

    I am beginning to feeling stronger about reaching my goal. I am confident. I am doing it. I am happy and joyful that I now have the faith in myself to succeed. : )

    This one is a hard one.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Great to have this tapping available, feeling emotional just writing this. Its the only course on self improvement that I have actually cried! Its definitely hit a nerve! So, I’ve started the process of actually writing down my goal and feelings around it. Although I feel its going to be impossible to achieve this one goal that I have set myself, I’m tapping all my negativity out! Feeling good & looking forward to the change in my life.

  4. Dianne Miller says:

    Thank you Nick for all that you have given to me. BEcause I do not do Facebook I have been unable to leave a message. I have purchased two programs already from you and looking back I believe that it has been the best investment that I have ever made.. I am totally hooked even though I am a total skeptic . HAving been a Shiatsu Therapist it makes total sense.
    Dianne Miller

  5. Karen says:

    Great stuff. I know Dr. Mercola is a big fan of EFT, and I have been thinking of doing it for myself. You make it very accessible. Thank you

  6. Gary Sheridan says:

    Seriously amazing! Just reading thru this as an email before even actually trying it already inspires me to take my financial-feelings issues and tap on them as an ongoing life project, a little every day, until negatives are uprooted and positives substantially replace them! The main issue is money but I would think that anybody for ANY main issue would love this manifestation outline!

  7. Marie says:

    I loved this! Thank U. I was at a 9/10 on everything. After a couple rounds, I was down to a 2. Wish everybody knew how vital tapping is.

  8. David kaffo Alpha says:

    My own changes started in just two days,i was suprise when it first started.
    I really notice the difference between the past self and my present self.My business is moving from levels to levels.
    I’m from Africa where people don’t believe in these things. But i think it deserves a %1000,not %100.
    I love Nick Ortner and my next goal will be to meet him.

  9. Joss says:

    Love love love how my wonderful life is working out due to listening to Nick, Abraham Bentinho.
    Everything always works out for me. Everything. I have no doubts about not being fufilled in any way. My life is all ways working out for me. Much Love to one and all. Joss Brown, fb New Zealand

  10. Nick Ortner says:

    Hi Andrea. We are happy to hear you are interested in trying tapping again. Although the tapping sequence that we use doesn’t use a point on the solar plexus, you can find other tapping sequences or tapping point suggestions. Follow your intuition on what feels best to you. We wish you all the best!

  11. Andrea says:

    Hi Nick.
    Should you ever include the solar plexus when tapping.
    I don’t know much about tapping. I tried it years ago, but
    just once. Like yoga…I didn’t have patience with it. Lol.
    But I will try again.


  12. Nick Ortner says:

    Yes, getting clear on your goals is an important step and getting the sleep to feel your best is so important as well. We have some other resources about those two topics that you may find helpful. Here are the links:,, and I hope those help. We wish you all the best!

  13. Amy-Jo says:

    Thank you ! It is so very helpful to have a specific guideline like this.

  14. NHP says:

    What I need is to figure out exactly what my goals are.
    I’ve been unemployed for over a year. I need income, but I’ve come to hate the office jobs I’ve been doing for decades. I don’t know what else I want to do or can do. I’m also an insomniac. I need sleep. Regularly. Nightly. That’s something specific I can work on. But I feel lost and useless, generally, in my life. I don’t know what I’d tap for, specifically, to make myself feel better.
    I discovered tapping a long time ago (maybe ten years or so?). I know it works. When I have anxiety (about my situations), I can take care of it with tapping. I’m thankful I have this resource. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for the encouragement.

  15. Judy says:

    Message for Rosanne Feneley: a wise teacher once told me you don’t need to know it all to begin. The knowing comes from sharing.
    Assuming it will take ‘many years of study’ to realize a dream is after all just another belief, that if it dis empowers you, is worth considering if it’s a keeper or not.

  16. Judy says:

    Message for Sue Crawford: try making a recording in your own voice reading the above dialogue and listen to it through the tapping. Listening to your own voice is very powerful. Hope that helps.

  17. Lisa Hyland says:

    Another turning point for me! I had previously worked on self-belief in relation to my business and was able to manifest a belief in myself which felt and still feels great. This article prompted me to look more specifically at earning potential, work-life balance and the success of areas of my business. My belief around these apects was not aligned with my goals and now it is plus a thought of not deserving came up…wow! I actually felt a vibrational shift in my energy having completed the tapping.
    Thank you.

  18. Rita says:

    I have been practessing this for a few days but I get this urge to cry, it get dipper as it continue, i try to pull together to finish

  19. Cathy says:

    Dear Nick, What if the only goal one wants is to see someone else happy?

  20. Sue Crawford says:

    I love your step by step process but I wish it was in a video. I can’t write, read and try to tap all at once. I loose the concentration. I signed up for the 2016 Tapping Summit and loved every minute of it and I have been listening over and over again to the presentations but now I need to take it further. The videos are extremely helpful. Wish I had a place to go to get more guided tapping.
    Thanks for bring Tapping to all of us. I believe it is the future of resolving all of our issues.

  21. siobhan : ) * says:

    Thank you so much Nick for your free quality work…much appreciated : )
    I am starting the 30 day eft work out so here’s to huge results!

  22. happysmile^-^ says:

    Thank you so much!
    You are so good at giving.
    So you are very successful!

    It is truly nice to know someone like you existing on this earth.

    I will try this. Hope this works.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Wishing you a great happiness (*´▽`*)

  23. Shar says:

    I have several goals. I became aware of one that I have been seeking but the opportunity was not available until I noticed that opportunity early morning (when most people are sleeping).
    I found that the process of stating the goal and the feelings surrounding the goal had many thoughts of “what if”. I continued with the process outlined through tapping.
    I decided that within the next 24 hours, I will at least put my shoes on and walk through the door regardless of the outcome.
    I appreciate EFT very much and find myself getting in touch with deeper layers that I am ready to deal with and let go of.
    I appreciate the opportunities that have come out of the program on an individual growth level. I am recommending tapping to my friends and family. I was even able to do some tapping with a person who is normally defensive to suggestions. That person, about 1/3 of the way through started tapping with me. With love and peace!

  24. Pam says:

    I want a job making $12.00 hr. in Johnson County where I live I know I’m worthy of it, but I just can’t seem to be able to believe in myself enough. I use the excuse that I’m too old (60) and employers want young people. That excuse is starting to get might old. I feel tension in the back of my neck and shoulders. I deserve a job closer to home making more money and I want it NOW!

  25. Rosanne Feneley says:

    Thank you, Nick.

    I’ve successfully released the sinking feeling in my lungs & anxiety around my (outrageous) goal.

    Now, I’ll let myself think clearly as to the pros & cons of running with this goal & whether it’s still right for me to aspire to at 55 years age – there is an unsung song within me, I’d like to realise. However, it will take many years of F/T study to make it a reality.

    Now, I’m in a better space to reflect on it again. So I can look at it more clearly & with certainty my intuitive mind will help me make the final clear-headed decision.

  26. Anusha Gowda says:

    thank you so much Nick……. I will be reached my goal through tapping . i love to do tapping daily.

    thank you thank you thank you,,,,,,, Nickkkkkkkkkkk

  27. David says:

    I am not sure I care what others think about what I do except maybe my wife or Dad. Even then I am not sure if it makes much difference…

  28. Moon says:

    You are my spoon full of sugar, my magic wand.
    Thanks to you I cross rivers on daily basis. I didn’t even know I had all that bs hidden inside. Thanks to you I’m cleansing everything out bit by bit.
    Thank you with all that I am. <3.

  29. Noel Bangaza Cleopas Aniongo says:

    Before I do the actual exercise., I am very pleased and I believe I am going to improve a lot.
    Thank you so much.

  30. Patricia says:

    Of all the things I have tried the tapping solution resonates with me! Over the years since my daughter died tragically I lost my wiil about life…I am writing and crying at the same time,the pain in my heart is overwhelming….I have tried to be strong.She died more than 2 decades ago and I have not discussed this tragedy with anybody!!! Today I tried tapping,my financial situation is diar….After tapping my body has not felt this ease.From 9 to 7 is like a burden has lifted and the tears are just flooding down my face.,.God Bless you Nick.I have ordered your book in South Africa….that is where I live.I will one day afford your 7,week course and do it…..till then blessings.fond regards Patricia Unger

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