Thank You For Joining Us For The 2013 Tapping World Summit! The Summit Ended on February 14th and Replays are No Longer Available. Please Read Below to Learn about Upgrading and How You Can Gain Access to All the Information from the
2013 Tapping World Summit
Discover How You Can Get Unlimited Access to these Candid Tapping Expert Interviews and Training Sessions to Keep You on Track to Health, Wealth, Abundance and Emotional Well-Being 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!
From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner

Dear Friend,

I'm excited that you've made it this far...

You're about to be part of Tapping history.

This group of experts is going to be revealing some of the most astounding and life-changing information and techniques.

How do I know this is true? Because I know the power of Tapping, and the integrity of the Expert Team I've put together, and because I've received an unending number of emails from people who attended the event who agree!

This online event -- the "Tapping World Summit"--is about giving you answers to your most pressing questions about Tapping as well as expanding your consciousness and understanding to take you to new levels of emotional and physical health, abundance, and overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you for years.

I've seen many people fail while trying to achieve this level of personal well-being... and I've also seen people succeed. The difference is actually quite simple. Those that succeed continue to learn and tune into events like this.

They don't rest on their laurels. They don't just listen once and then file the information away.

They devour any new bit of information they can and they learn from the very best. And that's what we have provided for you, the VERY BEST...


The good news for you, is that this program will bring the very best to you -- in the comfort of your own home! No travel needed!


The Tapping World Summit is a rare collection of interviews from the experts that teach and live daily with the Tapping tools, applied both in their own lives and those of their clients. In fact, we're going to be interviewing them candidly -- one-on-one -- to extract every bit of information from them.

The Tapping World Summit will also give you real-life insight into the experts' personal lives and how they utilize Tapping in their daily practice.


They will reveal things that they've
never shared in a live event before...


You'll be able to listen on the web (or have the audios delivered to your door) to get all this information which will give you insight into their lives, let you tap into their strategies, help you live at the highest level that you can while you also help others reach the level of emotional and physical health and wellness that they deserve.

It's going to be an amazing ride with a TON of great information and practical "tap-a-longs" for you to use right away!

The Tapping World Summit will give you the information you need to be at your best for as long as you possibly can be. It will give you tools to overcome barriers that may have been following you around for your entire life. And it will give you the tools to create change quickly (and simply).

There's new content, different energy, more personal and in-depth interviews and a whole bunch of incredible information revealed in over 16 hours of education.

That's my promise to you.

So, I'd like you to make a small promise to me.

Promise that you'll participate and listen to these interviews. Promise that you'll listen to them with intention and passion. And that you'll listen for those who you care about as well. This material is potentially life-altering and this may very well be a moment you look back on as one of the most pivotal experiences of your life.

For your family, for your children, for your coworkers, employees, friends, pets, brothers, sisters, and everyone else around you (Please be sure to tell them about it too!!!!)...immerse yourself in this Tapping World Summit experience. You will remember this event...


Here's the structure of this program
and why you need to participate in
this event...

Here's the story:

The Tapping World Summit is a Virtual Online Event that uses an...

Online Audio Player


The event itself ran for ten consecutive days between Monday, February 4th, through Wednesday, February 13th, where there were 2 presentations every night (I hope you were able to attend the live portion of the event!)

These sessions were made available for ONLY 24 HOURS for free after their initial broadcast.

The reason I structured the event this way was because I wanted everyone to be able to access this information regardless of time zone or financial ability.

It was all available for FREE...

But here's the thing...

If you missed the free portion of the event
Or If you attended the free portion of the event but think you'd like to listen even just one more time
Or if you missed any of the interviews
Of if you want to be able to access the workbooks, transcripts and bonus audios that were not a part of the free event

You will only be able to do so, if you take advantage of our one-time Special Upgrade Package offers.

"Put away your skepticism this really works. I have worked with Nick Ortner and had great results with tapping in my own life."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer



"I went from being a tired slug of a person to a human dynamo! I've undergone this HUGE metamorphisis! I listened to the event two months and in those two months I have accomplished more than in the previous year. I'm empowered - freed - released! The difference is so apparent, that my grown daughter now to refers to me as her "new" Mom. I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about tapping! I'm convinced that if everyone knew about it the world would be such a better place. It would signal a huge spiritual evolution of the human race!!! Everywhere I go I wait & watch for that sign, that someone is ready to know & I'm off about tapping!"

Sea Miller




"OMG this is so fantastic!!! I am so thankful to you for this wonderful World Summit. I could not in my present situation (which is only my current reality and now changing thanks to EFT and my persistence) meet with all these talented and gifted folks. What an awesome, kind and most loving thing you have done for people like me. I truly am thankful for all this wonderful and so much needed info all compiled together in a wonderfully formatted package. So many topics, so much guidance....WOW!!!! I am just blown away!!"

Joana Mathews




"What an amazing program you have put together for this symposium. The information presented is so varied and brilliant. I'm almost on overwhelm. The speakers are exceptional. They have so much to offer. I'm learning a lot... and we're only half way through. Yikes!

I'm 71 years young, dear heart, and so excited to be deepening my experience of EFT through this wonderful symposium. As a pensioner on a small basic income, I likely would not have attended such a fabulous event. Bless you for offering it 'gratis' to anyone and everyone ... and what a great response you've had. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow! Happy tapping! In Joy and Wonder,"

Anita Arsenault - Golden, British Columbia, Canada



Here Are All of the Presentations You'll Receive
in CD or Digital Format...


- Introduction -


The Basics - An Introduction to Tapping

Nick Ortner
How to Get Started with the Tapping World Summit


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • How to take advantage of this event to get the best results
  • A behind the scenes look at the Ortner siblings and their passion to spread this technique
  • Tap along to begin the event feeling ready to take your life to the next level

Carol Look
How to Tap: Basic and Advanced EFT Overview


In this amazing session, you'll learn:
  • Step by step instructions on how to tap
  • Why one technique can help with so many different challenges
  • What to do when you aren't getting the results you want
  • How to know what to say and focus on while you're tapping

David Feinstein
Why Tapping Works: The Science and Research


In this eye-opening interview with the noted pioneer in energy psychology, you'll:
  • Learn about the exciting, cutting edge studies that have revealed the proven power of tapping
  • Discover how EFT may revolutionize the health industry
  • Hear some of the most remarkable case studies in Tapping history


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- Day 1 -


Tapping and Finances

Nick Ortner
How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping


By the end of this enlightening interview, you'll learn:
  • How to break free from your limitations and turn your passion into a profit
  • A incredible tapping routine that will reveal the elusive first steps towards your grand vision
  • The amazing technique that will supercharge your empowering beliefs

Carol Look
Ending the Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Block Success


Under the guidance of EFT's most renowned trailblazers, you'll:
  • Discover the most effective way to conquer your fear of failure
  • Easily identify and eliminate your most common self-sabotaging habits
  • Use a Tapping routine to overcome the final hurdle between you and the success you've always dreamed of


- Day 2 -


Weight Loss

Jessica Ortner
The Key to Weight Loss & Body Confidence: Why Nothing Has Worked Before and What You Can Do Now


In this breakthrough bonus session, you'll learn:
  • Why your emotions can have a bigger impact on your weight than dieting or exercise
  • How to end your frustrating yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain
  • An unbelievable tapping routine that will help you shed those pounds once and for all!

Paul Scheele
Tap Your Way to Easy and Empowering Weight Loss


In this empowering conversation, you'll:
  • Discover simple routines is to tap through the feelings that fuel your emotional eating
  • Tap away those cravings for foods that pile on the pounds
  • Learn a tapping routine that makes choosing healthy foods ridiculously easy and fun


- Day 3 -


Self Love and Self Care

Cheryl Richardson
Tapping Into Self-Care: Finding the Power to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself


In this heartfelt conversation with the New York Times bestselling author, you'll:
  • Find the astonishingly easy way to have difficult conversations with those you love and work with
  • Learn how to create the personal space you need in your life to flourish
  • Tap away the clutter in your home, work and heart to make room for miracles

Margaret M. Lynch
The Spiritual Power of Being Sexy!


In this surprising and fulfilling interview, you'll learn:
  • How to tap into your pure, sexy goddess energy
  • Why embracing your authentic sexual energy will power you towards where you need to be in your life
  • A special tapping routine to banish that negative, unsexy self-image that haunts you!


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- Day 4 -


Pain Relief

Gwenn Bonnell
The Simple Way to Tap Away Those Constant Headaches


By the end of this exciting segment, you'll:
  • Understand why your pain medications might be making your headaches worse
  • Uncover the hidden stresses that are probably causing your migraines
  • Learn how to use your soon-to-vanish headaches as stepping stones to new successes

Rick Wilkes
Put an End to Your Pains with EFT


In this insightful interview, you'll:
  • Hear how Tapping can ease stored trauma in any part of your body
  • Tap to relieve "sticky' emotions that could be causing your most chronic pains
  • Gain insight into how you can use EFT to finally get over the limiting belief that you'll never be healed


- Day 5 -


Making Change Happen- Fast!

Mary Ayers
Overcoming the Fear of Change with Tapping


In this inspiring bonus session, you'll:
  • Rid yourself of your crippling fear of change
  • Learn a tapping routine that will ease your fear of losing control
  • Discover an unshakable stillness and calm within you to confront any change in your life

Pamela Bruner
Tapping Through Your Money Myths for Heart-Centered Business Growth


By the end of this astounding session, you'll have:
  • Determined how to double or triple your rates while attracting even more clients
  • Learned a tapping routine that will demolish the limiting beliefs keeping you from absolute entrepreneurial abundance
  • Revealed how to expand your business to match your grandest dreams


- Day 6 -


Exploring Tapping Further

Steve Wells
How Your Children Can Conquer Anxiety with Tapping


Through this remarkable session, you'll:
  • Understand how social media like Facebook could be increasing your child's anxiety
  • Figure out a quick, reliable method to tap to calm yourself down and also your children
  • Learn a simple technique to make tapping a fun and exciting activity for your children!

Pat Carrington
The Incredible Power of Choice-Based Tapping


In this revealing session, you'll:
  • Learn the exciting Choices-Method that addresses your overpowering negative thoughts
  • Use the power of your most beautiful memories to create an abundant future
  • Discover how positive thinking might be working against you... and how to fix it


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- Day 7 -


See More Clearly! Your Eyes and Your Life...

Eleanore Duyndam
How to Improve Your Eyesight with EFT


In this literally eye-opening interview, you'll:
  • Learn how your state of mind can influence your eyesight
  • Discover a tapping routine to lessen the strain on your eyes that might be impairing your vision
  • Experience how deep relaxation can help regenerate your eyesight

Lindsay Kenny
Get Rid of the Clutter in Your Home and Heart!


Over the course of this breakthrough session, you'll:
  • Experience relief and release from the shame and guilt about your cluttered home
  • Learn how to tap into and ultimately out of traumas that have made a mess of your life
  • Feel clarity and the first waves of exuberance as you create fresh new space in your life


- Day 8 -


Relationship Day

Donna Eden
Reboot Your Relationship with Energy Work


In this revealing session with one of the world's leading experts in energy medicine, you'll:
  • Learn how to finally end those endless arguments that leave you sad and confused
  • Discover your energy type, as well as your mate's
  • Unlock the energetic pathway that transforms relationship stress into lifelong satisfaction

Dawson Church
Enriching Your Relationships Through EFT


Let this inspiring interview teach you how to:
  • Heal the hurt from your past relationships so your present ones can truly bloom
  • Finally quiet the nagging voice of that inner critic that's always bringing you down!
  • Uncover your attachment style, as well as your partner's


- Day 9 -


Vision of the Future

Brad Yates
Create and Crystallize Your Most Powerful Vision with EFT


In this empowering interview, you'll:
  • Use tapping to unleash your hidden power of deliberate creation
  • Learn how to become the abundant, radiant person you've always had buried inside
  • Tap away the blocks that have been preventing your mightiest visions from manifesting

Carol Tuttle
Deeper Faith: Let Tapping Lead You to a More Profound Spirituality


In this inspiring session, you'll:
  • Find out how Tapping can lead you towards your true purpose in life
  • Discover how EFT can deepen your devotion and faith... no matter what your religion is
  • Learn a Tapping routine that will help you to let go of your fears and truly surrender to the divine


- Day 10 -


Integration Day

Jessica Ortner
Integration Day


Take everything you learned in the summit and integrate it at a deeper level by tapping along with this audio. When you need a reminder of all the amazing things you learned in this summit revisit this audio and reignite your passion to create the life you deserve.


  Personal Peace Procedure


In this revealing audio you will be guided to answer questions that will help you gain clarity on what is holding you back and what to target with your tapping. This powerful process will help you create an action plan to clearly identify and clear what is limiting you. You'll leave the Tapping World Summit having not only made miraculous changes but also with a clear understanding of how to use EFT in your future for lasting personal peace.


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"For those seeking a prescription for eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear, anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further than The Tapping Solution. The scientific data proves that the body is equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that can be flipped on or off by practices that turn off the body's stress responses and turn on the body's relaxation responses."

Lissa Rankin, M.D., author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

Plus, these SIX Bonuses If You Choose
Either the Platinum or Gold Package . . .

Pamela Bruner
What to Say When Tapping
MP3 Audio Interview

How do I know what to say when I tap? Year after year, this is the most common question we receive. Many people's fear that they won't be saying the right thing or tapping correctly can keep them from even starting.
In this presentation you'll learn how to get clear on what to say in your unique situation and how to get the best results.


Al Rodee
Experience Unbelievable Phobia-Freedom with EFT
MP3 Audio Interview

Through this liberating session, you'll:
  • Finally get to the root of your tiresome fears
  • Learn how to tap away the disturbing, buried memories and emotions that created your crippling phobias
  • Discover a lighter, liberated new you!


Julie Schiffman
Gas, Indigestion, Bloating... How Tapping Can Ease Your Tummy Troubles
MP3 Audio Interview

In this amazing session, you'll:
  • Discover which emotion is most likely causing your stomach problems
  • Find relief for your painful and embarrassing digestive issues
  • Learn a powerful tapping routine that will prevent your gut pains and problems from returning


Stacey Vornbrock
Tap Your Way to a Great Night's Sleep
PDF Article and Tapping Script

In this special report with guided Tapping, you will discover:
  • How to release the unprocessed emotional chemicals that get in the way of your ability to sleep
  • New bedtime routines you can use right now for a sounder sleep
  • 3 surefire Tapping protocols that will get you on the right track to catch your zzz's


Rue Hass
Advance Tapping Techniques - Tell the Story and The Movie Technique
MP3 Audio Interview

If you've learned the basics of tapping, then you are ready to take the next step to learn different strategies to improve your tapping experience.
In this interview, you'll learn two tapping techniques. One is called Tell the Story, and the other is The Movie technique.


Printable Wallet-Sized Tapping Cards
PDF Image

Have easy access to the tapping points with this printable wallet size image. An easy way to remember the tapping points and share tapping with others.


. . . and these EXTRA BONUSES if you choose the Platinum All Access VIP Package:

Jessica Ortner
Tapping to Overcome Financial Anxiety & Overwhelm Meditation
MP3 Audio Meditation

This easy, effective tool will help you eliminate your negative emotions, judgment, fear and anxiety around money so you can become more resourceful and make better decisions about your finances!
In this Tapping meditation, you will:
  • Release stress about money and your financial situation
  • Eliminate the most common negative emotions about money, career and personal fulfillment
  • Stop the cycle of fear and create a calm, empowered approach to your finances


Jessica Ortner
Eliminating Past Weight Loss Failures & Setting Yourself Up For Success Meditation
MP3 Audio Meditation

If you've attempted to lose weight in the past, it's critical to remove negative associations with past weight loss failures and set the stage for real success!
In this meditation, you will tap your way to:
  • Removing the emotional blocks that keep you from believing in yourself
  • Stopping the vicious cycle of stress, strain, exhaustion and frustration around weight loss
  • Creating a successful switch in how you think about yourself and your body
  • Making weight loss an easy, enjoyable experience


Carol Look
Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working For You
MP3 Audio Interview

In this surprising session, you'll:
  • Discover the missing key to the law of attraction
  • Learn why trying to think positively might be doing more harm than good
  • Break down your blocks to receiving true abundance


Carol Solomon
Part 1 - Dissolve Your Stress With EFT
MP3 Audio Interview

In this much-needed bonus session, you'll:
  • Learn a calming tapping routine to tackle your inescapable anxiety and overwhelm
  • Tap into an "untapped" wellspring of energy and banish your exhaustion
  • Discover what has really been draining you


Part 2 - Banish Your Emotional Eating with EFT
MP3 Audio Interview

During this enlightening interview, you'll:
  • Discover a simple method to tap away your awful "auto-pilot" overeating
  • Find out why willpower may be working against you
  • Learn how to end your inescapable cravings as well the exhausting battle against them


Marie Forleo
Conquering The Start-Up Blues: How To Bring Your Dream Business to Blossom
MP3 Audio Interview and Meditation

Through this inspiring conversation, you will:
  • Change your nagging fears into potent fuel
  • Learn how your emotions might be the most important part of your business
  • Uncover how to turn your secret entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving, abundant reality


Jessica Ortner
Tapping for Stress Relief CD
CD Hardcopy and MP3 Audio Files

In these breakthrough sessions, you will receive:
  • Tips to rid yourself of the stress that is adversely affecting your life
  • Tapping science for how to get the best results when you tap
  • Guided Tapping meditations to clear stressors and set the stage for an ideal day
  • Guided Tapping meditations for the evening to remove the day's stress and invite a positive, peaceful night's sleep.


Sandi Radomski
Believe Your Way to a Healthy, Trim Body
MP3 Audio Interview

In this enlightening session, you'll:
  • Finally understand why you haven't been losing weight despite trying every diet and workout under the sun
  • Discover how you can increase your weight loss simply by changing your beliefs
  • Learn how to use the powerful "Ask & Receive" technique to achieve your ideal body size


Mary Ayers
Tapping for Focused Change
MP3 Audio Interview

In this helpful companion Tapping session, you'll:
  • Dissolve your nagging, confining fear of change
  • Finally surrender your fear of losing control
  • Re-train your body's fight or flight mechanism so you can freely envision and embrace positive change



"I believe Nick Ortner's teachings are easy to use and practical but work like magic. He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of Tapping."

Louise Hay


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90 days

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