Nick Ortner on How to Rewire the Brain with EFT

by admin

Posted on April 6 , 2012


Have you attended the Tapping World Summit before? Are you excited about this year’s event? Are you ready to finally experience the change you’ve been waiting for?  What did you learn from the video?

Leave your comments below and be entered to win a free (Winner will be announced on May 7th – Day 1 of the 2012 Tapping World Summit).  :)



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  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks…It helped with the pain meter…also brought up an issue, I had not thought about….going to work on it…all the best at the summit

  2. Troy Ottwell says:

    Wow..6 months ago..I first ran across “Tapping”..I thought “what a bunch of bunk”…well..after 7-8 hours of research on internet etc..I now note the similar points of reference:
    1)tapping points are closely aligned with the classical meridians of traditional Chinese Medicine
    2) Pairing tapping with positive mental talk about good..better..mental images is classical
    psychological/counseling types of’s hard for the brain to re-inforce old negative
    pathways when paired with new positive pathways
    3)This tapping procedure re inforces the patient or clients “self control”..I don’t have to give up power to have a Dr.”fix” me..I can do it myself.
    4)There is a strong science/physical basis for the “tapping experience”

    As a Cold Laser Therapist “lay person” type researcher without the benefit or trappings of a Medical Degree or PH D..shingle…I think there is a great deal of useful stuff in this “tapping” approach.

    Check it out…

    Troy Ottwell..April 14, 2012..Dallas,Texas Cold Laser Therapist..

  3. Nick,

    You and Jessica have done a superb job of giving the most important aspects of EFT here in this short clip. I know it is an introduction to the summit, but if you don’t mind, I am going to copy it and show it to others to introduce them to EFT. I am a physician in private practice (internal medicine) and I occasionally use either EFT or a version of acupressure tapping in my office, both with patients and with my office staff. This would be a wonderful resource to give out to my patients so they can quickly and easily learn EFT. You guys do great work! If I don’t hear from you, I will assume it is ok to copy and give out DVDs with this clip on it.

    Thanks for all your work,

    Chuck Gebhardt, MD

  4. Jessica, You look better and better on video! I’m sure you have done a lot of tapping.

    I love tapping along. EFT is fun. I sometimes tap when I walk. People look at me, but I’m not sure why they do. Maybe it’s just because I’m just good looking.

  5. Cari R says:

    Yes I attended last year and I can’t wait for this year’s summit. I excited to learn more information and a way to incorporate tapping into my daily life. I’ve learned that just tapping in one area can affect another area in my life.

  6. Alison Thornton says:

    Even though I practice Traditonal Chinese Medicine and know many things about the specifics of meridians and points.
    I used to be skeptical about Tapping because it seemed too simplistic I just read the transcript of “Rewiring the Brain ” and I felt much better.
    Go Tapping it makes the use of meridan more available and you don’t have to go to school for years to do it.
    And although we treat emotion it is never in my experience needling or pressing a point and saying ” I am stressed about money and I feel.
    Thanks, Alison

  7. Denise says:

    Thanks so much Nick and Jessica. I started tapping during the 2011 Tapping Summit. I was suffering with panic attacks which were greatly interfering with my life. They weren’t stopping me from living my life but definately slowing me down. I still have panic attacks occasionally, however, they show up less and less and when they do, I am able to release the panic and pain in my body (from the panic attack) usually within 5 to 15 minutes. Amazing! I am definately a believer in tapping and I am so excited for the 2012 summit. Thanks so much to both of you for spreading the word about this wonderful technique. I am so very grateful. Blessings to you both!

  8. Carla Wynn says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am in private practice and beginning to introduce EFT to my clients as adjunctive treatment. This video is a great introduction, explanation and demonstration.

  9. Nanette Stafford says:

    Felt much better instantly, thank you

  10. Heidi says:

    Thanks for the video. I am still learning and intrigued about EFT and its potential. Looking forward to seeing results!

  11. Carol says:

    I am so grateful that this amazing Tapping Summit is offered Free to those of us that cannot afford to purchase the series. I have relieved so much stress and anxiety from practicing with last years Summit, and look forward to the 2012 Summit. I am learning so much from you, and cannot thank you enough.

  12. Loretta says:

    I was a non-believer until I tried “tapping” …following
    one of your newsletter sites because of severe pain in
    my knee … I followed using the “mountain” of warriors going down to fight the pain … It worked!!!! Interestingly, after several months it hasn’t come back, either and I’d been bothered by this for quite some time. Now, I had also been to the gym but I truly believe that the combination helped … I’m still skeptical but am watching and learning more and more…You may have yourselves a total believer, in time :-)

  13. Janet says:

    Thanks for this you guys

    I have a question

    Is it possible to have EFT solve the “inner” issue and yet I not feel it or not be aware of it?

    Thanks again

  14. Leonie Bianchi says:

    Dear Nick and Jessica, you two are STILL my favourite people! I have been following you and your amazing work for more than two years now and have used your techniques and audios on many issues during these two years and there is one, Jessica’s 16 minute ‘surrogate tapping’ which is loaded permanently onto my desktop and I use it over and over.
    I have your books and DVDs and lend them out to people and forward your emails to so many people to get them started on releasing stress, pain and old persistent issues.
    What I really love best about the Surrogate Tapping audio is that you can apply it to any situation and there is always an IMMEDIATE result, because it transforms the way the person who is doing the tapping is being, so they see the situation in a different light and the results are different. Its like you have moved from the position you were always standing in – lets say a north point – to a south point or east point, and suddenly you are looking at a different picture, and the person in the picture sees you in a different place too. You start with the other person in mind, but it is really YOU you are working on.
    But without the tapping, it is very difficult to move from that fixed point of vision and opinion.
    My question is this – how do you make a person who has constant back pain which gets worse with stress – funny that! . . . take on the tapping. I have discussed the possibility of her ‘self sabotaging’ and even though she kind of accepts that this is possible, I feel she NEEDS this back pain to give her an excuse to NOT move on – to hold her back – and she has SO MUCH potential.
    Coming back to the Surrogate Tapping audio, I feel that it actually saved my life in September 2010 when I was fighting three separate health issues and I was alone in the house at the time and could not call anyone because it was 1.30am and the crushing pain I felt in both temples, plus the inability to take a full breath was overwhelming, and of course the resulting panic exacerbated the situation and I was in full flight mode but there was nowhere to go.
    I played jessica’s audio twice through, with the tapping and breathing, so by the end of the 32 minutes, I was calm enough to start breathing again, and start thinking clearly. I got up and had a lot of water and was able to sleep.
    So thank you both again and again, I truly love what you do for humanity and you both deserve all that the Universe has to offer.
    And, Nick, I often share the fact that in the early hours of one morning many months ago you answered one of my emails in real time, and that we had a few real time exchanges and that so impressed me, that a person who is so obviously occupied with a HUGE business, could take the time to answer one small voice in Sydney Australia. You are both amazing young people and your work is invaluable. Leonie.

  15. great information. thanks for sharing

  16. Sandra says:

    Was good to show people how simple and profound this technique is.We tried combining this in San Antonio with a PTSS clearing method for military wounded including dogs with great success and are still experimenting and gaining knowledge.

  17. Justin says:


    I’ve heard about tapping a few years ago from my acupuncturist and been trying to apply it pretty much every day on the main points such as my hands, elbows, underarms, head, temples, fingers, palms, etc. Since I’m a brain cancer survivor (02′, 03′) with many years of chemo/radiation, bone marrow transplant, and surgeries, the signals in my bran were damaged causing ongoing symptoms such as overactive bladder symptoms, insomnia, side effects, etc. I try to use the tapping method every day in the bathroom but still have the urge to go pee every so often. When I do the tapping I use this message such as, “even though I feel the urge to go pee, moments after I urinate, I deeply and completely accept myself now.” Or “Even though I feel the urge to go pee, moments after I urinate, I accept, and love myself now.” My acupuncturist said to try and focus deeply on the bladder urges along with the tapping to make it react but it just doesn’t seem to be working for me? I can sure use some serious help? Thanks!

    • EFT4MeDebi says:

      Justin When you mention urinary problems I seemed to remember a traditional Dr.of Urology who was involved with the EFT community a few tears back. If you go on YouTube and search for… Eric Robins MD Discusses EFT…Maybe U can get an e-mail address for him there or Google. Since your recovering from some heavy duty challenges, I wish U the very best. Yours sounds like a situation where you’d want to continue consult with your Primary & use the EFT for the emotional component. Since this man is an Urologist & EFT professional he might be a good source for U. Blessed Be EFT4MeDebi

  18. Joanne Yankovich says:

    I attended last year’s Summit and this info changed my life. I also assist veterans in transition, and EFT is an amazing resource for them.
    It is unbelievable that you offer so much content for free. You are living in abundance, and role modelling that for others.
    Thank you so much for all you do!

  19. Bon says:

    I enjoyed last year so much; I’m excited to begin!

  20. DJ says:

    Been doing this since introduced to Brad Yates programs. Nothing short of WOW! I did not try eft for the calming effect it has, rather, I was looking for RESULTS! I’m STILL getting results. I love it. It works!

  21. Lorraine says:

    I have participated in past Tapping World Summits but haven’t put enough time into them. This year it will be all out. I know this stuff works and looking to make dramatic changes in my life. This is the year of working on ME!

  22. Sterre says:

    Thanks Nick and Jessica! I´m looking forward to the summit! I joined last 2 years and it helped me going forward in all different parts of my life! I´m a EFTpractitioner myself, but it is always helpfull to tap along with someone else, it gives you more motivation to go on, to go deeper. And even though it is not your own focus, it helps you. Gary Graig, the founder of EFT, also talked about borrowing benefits. If you focused on an issue before you tap along with someone elses problem, your own number will go down, almost every time!
    So, i can highly recommend subscribing to this event!
    And by the way Nick. It is even funnier when you let people tap on top of their head and on the spleenpoint/under arm….
    love and blessings,
    Sterre Groenendijk

  23. Such a simple yet powerful technique. I remember being deeply moved after seeing the video about using tapping with vets, to help clear the deep scars of PTSD. The two of you are offering a great service to the world, with your gentle, confident sharing.

  24. As usual, I love you guys!!! So happy to be part of the summit again this year!! great video:)

  25. Marc says:

    I am a huge fan of tapping and have learned a lot from listening to Carol Look, especially. Sometimes I’m a little blase about these events and even bear some antipathy to a presenter, only to find myself learning and opening further. So, I’m with Nick on tuning in to any of the subjects, even if they don’t seem to apply. You never know what blessing you might find waiting for you.

  26. jackie says:

    It’s a great summit; am looking forward to it and referring to my friends.

  27. Shay says:

    So Stoked for EFT 2012 summit – I can’t wait to supercharge my transformation and connection to my true self

  28. al tao says:

    In the future, the best therapy will be simple and elegant, and most importantly, it will be effective. Oh wait, the future is already here.

  29. Mags finn says:

    Very goog video keep up t good work ”

  30. Ila says:

    I’ve been working on using EFT daily for my personal growth and sharing it with anyone who is open learning. Thank you.

  31. Chris says:

    I’m actually feeling less pain and a lighter mood after doing this.

  32. Colleen Powers says:

    Thanks for this demonstration. I learn something new each time I watch a tapping demonstration and the way you present it helps me share it with others. I watched several clips from the World summit last year and have used it to shift pain and worry about injuries and finances. It works and am so thankful you are spreading the word about this so everyone can benefit with this easy technique!

  33. gina says:

    I’m very excited to attend this summit! I’ve known about tapping for a few years now, but want to really learn more and give it a fair shot. So really looking forward to this event. From this video I learned how much tapping really can help….especially the emotional issues behind things. And I also did feel a shift in how I was feeling by just following the routine in the video.
    Thank you!

  34. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for making this available for so many people. It’s wonderful to experience how to take something negative from our past and turn it into something so positive and healing for our present and future! I’ve learned and benefited so much from the last two tapping summits and I’m looking forward to learning even more this year! If ever the world needed healing, it’s now!

  35. GUSTAVO URREGO says:

    Very interesting video, thanks for it. It is really usefull for me and my pacients.

  36. Fernando says:

    I started to learn EFT/Tapping last year while I was going through a relationship breakthrough and I believe it helped me to let go of all the emotional pain and stress, doubts, self stem issues.
    This year I want to dive deeper into it for my financial situation and a physical/emotional/spiritual pain I have in my neck that drives me crazy and sucks all my energy away. During the presentation I did feel a little better but I definitely need more.
    I am also planning to start to work as a Personal Life Coach and Tapping can be a great tool to teach the clients and work with them.
    I am looking forward to the Summit.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Janet S says:

    I found the video to be very interesting. When I did the tapping, I started yawning however, I did feel a shift in the atmosphere.

  38. Kate says:

    point perfect! thanks Nick.

  39. Staci says:

    So excited for this years Tapping Summit. Thanks for all the great work you do.

  40. Barbara says:

    I watched the video and I was impressed with how simple it is for someone who is a novice to pick it up. Thanks for all the great info. Looking forward to learning lots more at the summit.

  41. Pat Grant says:

    Tapping helped relieve stress that I was unaware of.

  42. kathleen schleehauf says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video. I am new to this tapping and I am very eager to learn more. The situation of what has happened between the ages of 1 to 6, in my case I was adopted to another family. I was told that I would be getting back with my parents one day but when I was 13 my Mum died suddenly and I think the reality of what was going to happen next really upset me. I now have been battling Multiple Sclerosis for the past 7 years(I am now 59)I thought that I had put all this behind me. Thank you for your time. Kathleen

    • tonda says:

      hi kathleen,

      please look into low dose naltrexone to help you with ms. many people have had amazing results with this substance. look on the net to read about it!

      cheers, tonda

  43. Sharon J says:

    I just reviewed Carol Look’s 2011 audio/transcript Vibration for exceptional health. Awesome!! Recommitting to make this part of my daily tapping. I tap for stress regularly.

  44. Rosemary says:

    Love what tapping does for us! So very grateful to learn this simple way to clear out negative things that I have been holding on to over the years. Such a gift! Such a relief! So looking forward to what this year will bring to us. Thank you for putting this all together so that we may become better in all ways – starting with our health!


  45. Diane Orton. Australia says:

    Thank you. I needed this reminder to make tapping a regular response to pain and conflict/stress. I’m enrolling again this year.

  46. Pauline says:

    Hi Nick & Jess
    I have only been tapping for a little over 18 months now and have had some incredible results with my dog – he is 16 1/2 years old now and was not able to walk or in fact move himself around because of spinal lesions. He had been treated for a number of years with pain killers and Cautersone but finally reached a point where he was not able to move. He lived in a washing basket so I could move him from place to place, he wore doggie nappies as he had no control over his actions and if no one was at home or nearby he was not able to get himself from one end of the basket to the other to get water or food. We were at the point of having him put down but then I found tapping. I had nothing to loose so I found some info on the net and did some surrogate tapping for him. Three days later he started moving and although shaky at first started to walk and then to run after the other dogs. He is my miracle boy. I have found many good and great results in my own life, but not to the degree of my dog Prince. I have found some of the underlying issues that limit my life and am still working on finding and diffusing the others so that my own life will take off, just like my dog Prince. Keep up the wonderful work, Pauline, Australia

  47. Cedric Long says:

    Very informative video.

  48. Jeanne says:

    I think you are doing a wonderful job in helping so many and just think!!! another summit this year…..retained so much from last years…..really looking forward to May!!

  49. michelle gee says:

    Really looking forward to the 2012 Summit.
    You never fail to have such interesting guests with heart felt stories to tell and genuine techniques to share.
    Thank you very much for your commitment to a better future.



  51. Paul Siromoni says:

    Thank you for reminding me about EFT again. I have been practising it, using the EFT Manual. Now I will use the EFT again and also share it with others.

  52. megs russ says:

    This looks great!!!! I’m so excited to be a part of such an amazing event!!!!!

  53. Jean Mc Alpin says:

    I think EFT is the greatest tool you have given me I have been able to release grief,extreme pain in my knees due to surgery and artrosis, I have also become a better teacher because I help my students to release their tension in class so they are able to learn better.Thank you so much.

  54. Kerri Hale says:

    I am creating me with tapping. For this I am grateful. Thank you xoxo

  55. lorie says:

    This will be my third year of attending the Tapping World Summit. Each year it keeps getting better and better. Every year I develop a stronger trust with Nick Ortner and The EFT experts. It is a simple effective technique that shifts energy that frees us from problems. I met Nick over three years ago, he is honest and when he shares his past and present experiences with EFT it helps clarify what I will experience and what other people around me might experience.

  56. Kim says:

    I’ve had a severe neck pain for 6 months that was cut in half just from working on it during this clip. With gratitude -thanks for the relief!

  57. Kathy Thomas says:

    This is so cool. I know from personal experience that it has helped me with my weight problems and I have urged my readers to be open to experiencing tapping for their weight issues.

    Thanks for an excellent introduction video Nick and Jessica!

  58. Elissa Rattigan says:

    Looking forward to listening to the summit. Thank you.

  59. Anna Rizk says:

    I attended the previous summit and decided to give it a try (to tapping) The issue I chose to address was quite challenging: quitting smoking! First of all I honestly took the decision that I do want to stop smoking (ar. 40 years!) Then I created the “wording” and off to attack! After a couple of weeks I used to try a cigarette (the habit!!)just to put it off after the first puff. This went on a couple of months until I was finally free! Its been soon a year.
    (since the last summit) It was so easy. I just can’t believe it. I did not even need to compensate the lack of cigarettes with food or anything else. I’m so grateful Nick!
    I have several other issues to work on. One of them is tinnitus, which is extremly difficult to live with. It is an injury with hearing loss from a blast. Nick, please could you help me with this one; how to create the wording?
    I’m looking forward to the next summit with the intention to learn as much as possible.
    With thanks and appreciation, Anna
    P.S. I bought the combo package, but didn’t find there something to use for the tinnitus.

  60. EFT4MeDebi says:

    Over 3 yrs & still no nightmares. You’ve done such good work Nick & Jess, keep it up! Peace EFT4MeDebi

  61. Shirley says:

    The topics and speakers look wonderful! I’ve been with you from the beginning and am amazed at how well you structure this event each year.

    Haven’t found a place to actually register yet, just to purchase…is there another email yet to come?

    Thanks for the great intro!

  62. Tamara P. says:

    I’ve just started EFT but feel that I’m blooked. Im trying to use it for weight loss and eating at night. Do you have any suggestions? I’m excited about the event.

  63. I am very interested I missed last years event looking forward to paticipate this year .Hope I can get positive results for my back and leg pains.

  64. Jennifer says:

    The Tapping World Summit is an invaluable resource for creating what you want in your life. I’ve listened for two years, and I wouldn’t miss it. Thank you Nick and Jessica Ortner!

  65. Nedy Aberdeen says:

    Nick and Jessica, Looking forward to your World Summit, thoroughly enjoyed it last year and learned a great deal. I am a mental health therapist and use EFT frequently and find it extremely effective. I think it is wonderful that you make this technique available to so many people through your World Summit.Your work and links provide so many individuals with the opportunity to take charge of every aspect of their lives for wellness and abundance. I definitely will be purchasing your program to enjoy at my leisure. Thanks again, Nedy Aberdeen, Canada

  66. Fiona Collins says:

    I have attended a previous summit and got some great results. Looking forward to the next one to move on some more. Thank you

  67. Bernadette says:

    I admit when I came across EFT I was a complete sceptic, but it did the tapping just to prove it was nonsense. I had a change, not dramatic but definitely a change. How do I know it was due to the tapping and not co-incidental? That’s why I’m going to participate in the conference this year, and I’m very excited to see what happens.

  68. Parul says:

    Thank you so much for introducing this technique. Even though I am new to this but I KNOW this will change my life for better! Can’t wait to tap! Thank you Ortners :)

  69. This will be the 3rd summit for me, although I’m never able to catch all of the presentations. Each one I do catch, however, is informative and transformative in its own way. I work with parents of children from hard places (mostly adoptive and foster parents) and I intend to bring tapping more front and center as I help these parents maintain their own well-being as they help their children heal.
    Looking forward to what’s coming this year! (And, I plan to tell a lot more people about it.)
    Thanks for continuing to empower all of us in our healing journeys.

  70. Can’t wait for this years Tapping Summit – I always learn so much. EFT is one of the tools I recommend and teach to the parents I coach, it is such an easy tool to teach to children and they respond so quickly.

    Thanks to everyone on the Tapping Solution Team, you are doing a brilliant job of spreading this fabulous tool, and your summit’s are always brilliant.

  71. Ann Miller says:

    I am so happy to say that I have attended all of the World Tapping Summits (including the Pain Relief Summit). I have been absolutely hooked from the beginning on the amazing healing (emotional AND physical) benefits I have personally experienced.
    I am SUPER excited about this year’s event because every presenter has their own unique take on tapping and each expert always has wonderfully distinctive aspects that they have added to it; lending even more to the Tapping with their own creative applications.
    I felt that the most interesting aspect of this video, besides the heartwarming story of success, is the concept of how tapping calms the fight-or-flight response. I had heard some scientific research on how tapping benefits the body, but this was new information to me. It makes complete sense though, because for the past 17 years, I have had major physical issues regarding my adrenal glands (the ones responsible for the fight or flight chemical response) and since I have been Tapping, I am working through not only the physiological aspects of this disabling condition, but also the psychological/emotional issues as well. I am not sure words can convey the gratitude I feel for how much Tapping and these World Summits have helped me to stay on track, have added significantly to my knowledge base of personal emotional responses, along with an awareness of my own thoughts/feelings and biological responses. Tapping has forever changed my life in so many ways. Your and Jessica’s work to bring Tapping to the public is very much appreciated . Ultimately, Tapping helps me to open up to my creativity, brings about a heightened consciousness of ‘self’, and helps me to feel inspired. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of it all.

  72. Evan says:

    Loved last year’s summit and excited for the 2012 summit. Keep up the great work!

  73. I first learned about EFT 8 years ago, but you and Jessica have done so much to bring it into focus on such a huge worldwide scale, Nick. Bravo!!!! I will be watching and so gratefully participating in this years summit…which starts on my birthday!

  74. zenit says:

    Thank You

  75. Lyn W. says:

    I’ve never been able to attend a Summit, but I did buy the workbook and CDs which was an enormous help to me. Now, nearly 3 years later, I have my own dream project underway in WashingtonState. Our goal is to get veteran
    who are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, suffering from reoccuring nightmaires into community-based groups working with EFT to heal one another.

  76. Montse says:

    Thaks another year for this opportunity. I adopted EFT as a personal use in my lyfe and it’s as useful and easy as brushing my teeth. I wonder if there’ll be transcrips for all the presentations, thinking about deaf people, who also could benefit.

  77. Matanato says:

    i love EFT, Thank you so much for introducing this technique.i llike to know much about it.

  78. Jeanne says:

    I bought 2010 and 2011 summit and listen to CD’s from the summits frequently. I have taught many friends to use this process. It works.

  79. I fell yesterday and bend two fingers back. My hand and fingers were very sore and swollen. After tapping I couldn’t believe my eyes as the swelling and pain subsided. I then watched the clip and followed the tapping procedure and managed to reduce the pain I had in my neck that was giving me headaches in a matter of minutes. After much manipulation and massage that didn’t help. I am totally amazed and fascinated by the effects. Wow thank you.

  80. Looking forward to it. My research confirms EFT is a legitimate and phenomonally effective technique. Anything that can educate me further I want to be a part of.

  81. Prakash says:

    Hi Nick,
    I saw ur video, it gave me idea to reduce stress.
    Since last month I was suffering from heavy Migrane.
    I saw ur video and did EFT. while doing EFT some thing came to surface, again I did EFT using new statement, I continiously did it for 2 days then my headace stopped.
    Last 30 days none of the medicine done so good job.

  82. isma says:

    Can EFT heals teeth abscess?

  83. Joseph says:


  84. I am excited, this will be my very first tapping summit, and I expect to learn much from the event.

  85. I am trying to make things work out for me . But still don’t know how to use EFT properly.

  86. Heather says:

    This summit will be great, anything that adds to our sum of knowledge about tapping is valuable but especially to hear about some of the science backing this up. It makes it easier to persuade a skeptical person to have a go if you can quote science at them! EVERYONE needs to know how to do this.

  87. Pauline Hince says:

    This is my first time with tapping. I can not believe this wonderful tool. I will certainly start using it on a daily basis and share with others. Thank you so much for having shared this with me; you have made a difference in my life! It is as simple and wonderful as that! Awesome!

  88. Andrea says:

    Interesting concept. Will we receive an e.mail to remind us of the summit presentations or do we come to this site on May 7th?

  89. Amy Johnson says:

    I’m new to tapping, I hadn’t heard of it before and I’m excited to see what kind of results I will have!

  90. Juli says:

    Great clip! My sinuses were really congested and as I tapped on it my head cleared almost completely! thanks Nick! All the best with the Summit!

  91. David says:

    EFT works! Just have to remember to use it!

  92. Dori says:

    I love tapping, and the Tapping World Summit is a great way for me to get new ideas and reconnect to all the good tapping can do for people!

  93. Susan Lucci says:

    I have read the book, watched the movie, did the first summit and AM so excited to attend this year’s events! I love teaching this technique to friends and watching their success too! Thank YOU! happy tapping!

  94. Sara says:

    Excited for the Summit. I believe in the effectiveness of EFT.

  95. Susan O'Banion says:

    Great video, Nick and Jessica. I’m looking forward to the summit! Thank you for your passion and work.

  96. Nattasha says:

    I first came across Eft with the Tapping world summit hosted by you guys in 2011. My life was a mess at the time…this summit introduced me to all the ways i could use Eft…its been a year now and i can truely say my life isnt the same.;-) Eft helped me so much that i decided to get certified and am the first one in India to be certified to Level 3 by Aamet. I use Eft for almost everything that still troubles me…everyday..Like you guys all say.’TRY IT ON EVERYTHING”!:-). I am able to offer help to others who need it with this beautiful modality.
    And to give true credit where it is due…i owe it to you guys for the awesome work you,ll are doing.. Thank you …you guys and this summit rocks:-)

  97. Anne Newell says:

    EFT found me in 2002 as I was seeking alternative healing methods for breast cancer. Though I’ve been guilty of using it only sporadically and only when issues arise, it has truly helped with so many of those specific issues over the years. This year, I am focused on finally incorporating EFT into every day. PS – Every summit has been wonderful and I am looking forward to this one as well!!

  98. Tanya says:

    I am excited for the opportunity to attend this years Tapping Summit event. I attended last year and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have subsequently been studying and utilizing tapping as well as turning others onto it! I look forward to “meeting” with everyone again this year! Thank you so much!

  99. Antonella says:

    It’s fascinating! I look forward to hearing more about it and I’m glad to see that you are working in such a special way for the wellbeing of so many people.
    All the best!

  100. Gwendolyn Gail Stenersen says:

    What a great concept….

  101. Dee says:

    Awesome information, it seems a little “out-there” at first, but simple and effective :)

  102. Linda says:

    Great tapping! This technique is sooo good!

  103. banwari says:

    Brought to the suffering world,by your philanthropic attitude that to so freely at no cost,to alleviate their misery is a priceless gift and a boon to the millions ,particularly to people of the poverty stricken parts of the world without resource or even knowledge.What is most required is to spread this easy and useful knowledge as widely as possible and create centres with dedicated workers to this end.May your mission to create a pain and disease free world be a marvellous success .story

  104. Lisa says:

    I’m excited to learn more about tapping!

  105. Louise says:

    Thanks for the simple explanation & in just those few minutes, I was able sooth the sore throat I woke up with this morning.

  106. Grace says:

    I really have just heard about tapping, and find it to be very interesting and effective. I have many issues that I would like to release and know that this is a way to do that.
    Thank you for the informative video that explains this method to improve our lives.

  107. Verdell says:

    Wow!!! This is so awesome, I’m almost speechless! I encountered the EFT concept before, but not with the simplicity & clarity that Nick and Jessica presented it. I watched the video multiple times and tapped on 3 different issues. Afterward, I went into a yawning frenzy. By the end of it all, I felt an unexplainable peace of mind due to the shift that took place. The pains in both areas of my body diminished. I now await the opening of financial doors. Thanks a million!

  108. Leslie says:

    Great video! Thanks.

    I’ve tuned into all the summits and look forward to this one, too.

  109. Maire says:

    I was first introduced to EFT last year during the Soulmate summit led by Claire Zammit and Arielle Ford. Nick was one of their guests and I was completely blown away by the simplicity and power of those few minutes of tapping. The 2011 Tapping Summit was hot on the tail of this and I was hooked. My marriage was being held together by a thread but during this 10 day summit my husband and I sat side by side on our couch as we tapped along and found shimmers of hope and possibility shine back into our lives.
    They say life’s a journey and this is definitely one hell of one. Tapping alongside meditation are now permanent features of what that journey looks like for me on a daily basis.
    As a member of the Tapping Insiders club I’m also getting lots of useful tips, insights and scripts that I can adapt and play with. YAHOO!!! 2012 Tapping Summit has finally arrived. Really looking forward to it.

  110. Thanks for doing this Summit every year! I love the notion of rewiring your brain, just like brain surgery without the scapel. You can be your own neurosurgeon!

    I recommend EFT Tapping in both of my books, HCG Diet Made Simple and The HCG Diet Book of Secrets (for those who had trouble maintaining the new weight reached with hCG) because I have seen miracles occur with EFT that I haven’t seen with anything else…

    Love with Blessings,

  111. Danny Morgan says:

    I Think This is excellent & works GREAT my old DR, well She used too Teach me This along with “THE SECRET” & more of this type Of THERAPIES!!!

    It turned my life round from a living hell, to a paradise, over time i’ld stopped using all these therapies, now have split up from a relationship…well i will be back in too this!!!! Thank you.

  112. Cindy Chin says:

    Wow! So simple, but so effective. I’d never heard of tapping and I’m totally intrigued!

  113. Chemain says:

    I have benefited so much from the last two World Tapping Summits and am looking forward to this one!

  114. Ingrid says:

    I use this for myself & have taught it to many others……easy & effective.

  115. Nezumi says:

    new to this, and the third tapping i did really opened an emotional block for me.. looking forward to 7.05.2012! =]

  116. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us!

  117. I love EFT – I use it on everything, taught it to my kids, who both use it and they are only 3 and 6, both are experienced energy workers now! I have watched my ankle literally go back to normal in one session after a year of swollen, painful, sprain that would not heal. The summit last year was amazing, can’t wait til this year.

  118. Bill says:

    Thanks for all your work in this area.

  119. Vicki Jensen says:

    I received an email from you today and watched your video on Tapping. I know several people with fibromalgia that this will be beneficial in relieving their pain..Also I am excited about Tapping and appreciate your instruction video. Thank you! Vicki

  120. Robert McWilliams says:

    I was always looking for pre-made scripts in order to “do it right”.
    I now realize that the best way to tap is using your own thoughts.
    This is probably the only way to access what is truly holding you back.

  121. karen sobolewski says:

    Karen sobolewski
    I have been following nick for a few years. He is truly gifted and one day I would be honored to meet him personally. EFT is a fascinating science and, yes, is rather simple and very effective. I believe in his mission and work. Thank you for your vision and sharing it with the world.

  122. albert nairn says:

    I’am very interested in rewiring my brain, sounds great can’t wait to get started building a new me.

  123. eva says:

    I love EFT and am looking forward to learning more and more!

  124. LJ says:

    The 2011 Tapping World Summit was awesome. I experienced countless improvements in my life. Looking forward to the 2012 Summit.

  125. Rosa says:

    Amazing, truly believe in the healing benefits of EFT
    and have passed this information on to family and friends
    to experience as well. Looking forward to the summit

  126. Manuel says:

    I’ve learnt a lot with this video. Thanks a lot.

  127. IJEVA BAMBRIDGE says:

    It’s terrific to find natural relief for your body!

  128. C. says:

    Having attended previous tapping summits, I am looking forward to attending the 2012 tapping summit. Thank Nick and team for continuing to have this event. The collective of this uplifting energy in the world is so very freeing.
    Thank you.

  129. Diana Georger Jackson says:

    I found you through Healing With the Masters. I am familiar with tapping for anxiety but am interested in your more current or different approach to use with incarcerated juveniles and children who have experienced trauma from being in the NICU, and children with autism and neurological systems not yet organized. Thank you. And I don’t have an ipad!!

    • gloria says:

      wow!the video was awesome.i have learnt to tap and tackle stress,especially the M.P.I.Tapping really helps to live a good quality life.

  130. D Marie F Hennequin says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica

    Your little 3 mins round of EFT for releasing pain really relieved me of a head and neck pain that I had been having since this morning. Why did I not think of EFT which has always been so helpful to me for many issues. Guess it was that I had to look at your great video and get reminded of how extraordinary and so very simple EFT is.

  131. NORMA says:

    I work in the OR and was having trouble with the masks, sneezing, eyes burning and irritating smell. My acupuncturist recommended tapping my mask before putting it on and voila’…..a miracle. There has been no more sneezing nor eye watering discomfort….I love it!

  132. Susan Parker says:

    Never heard of this before today – tried it – back pain is gone that I had before!

  133. Eugenie says:

    Video was very informative, educational and interactive.
    Informative – introduction to Tapping
    Educational – Stress/Cortisol/’Holding onto weight’triangle
    Interactive – Opportunity to personally experience Tapping

  134. chris says:

    I have heard that this is great. I tried to start it before but didn’t get any where. This time I would like to try to get it right where I can at least use it when I need it. Thanks for another opportunity!

  135. Fay says:

    EFT is truly life changing! We all have “junk” from the past…but don’t let it ruin TODAY !!!

  136. Stacie Keezer says:

    Thank you for bringing the world’s attention to such a deceptively simple, yet effective, way for us to heal. :-)

  137. afia says:

    Nick,Jessica and all the other s who are involved in teaching and promoting ‘Tapping’ have such powerful energy that just listening to them raises my vibrations. They are the best part of EFT for me.May God bless them all.Afia

  138. Pete says:

    A really TRULY powerful EFT video that created instant change in my body – I felt it after only 1 round of tapping; then after 4 (in total) it took me down to a ZERO on “money issues” WTF – this stuff is brilliant!!!

  139. Derek says:

    Sounds exciting.

  140. marie s says:

    I am so looking forward to this year.
    Thanks to you and Jessica for all you do!!

  141. afia says:

    The wonderful people who practice and promote Tapping’ are the best part of EFT.Their incredible energy comes through and energises. God bless them all. Afia

  142. Amalia Camacho says:

    I really enjoyed learning this technique of releasing stress and acknowlegdment of self awareness and acceptance.

  143. Nancy Best says:

    I am hooked on these summits. I am so amazed at the results I’ve seen in myself and my chronic physical pain. I’m starting to get the emotional connection. Wow!!

  144. Shari says:

    Wow! I’ve done some tapping before and I think I’m like Susan where there are childhood things to address first with tapping to get the success I’m looking for. Why do I say that? My experience with tapping prior to today hasn’t worked and in the couple minutes of tapping on pain in my body I went from a 9 to a 4! Wow! I am so excited to explore tapping more.

  145. elkana says:

    I tried tapping for allergy and started to feel difference.

  146. Maria says:

    Itis really an amzing feeling when you are taught how to manage stress when you most need. Great exeriene. I trireed 3 different stressors in on sessiom, and the three were 100% resolved. :et’s see what hapems next, in our daily lives.


  147. Barbara says:

    I am a believer in EFT after being a skeptic. It has worked wonders with my feelings of financial stress, headaches and anxiety. The results are immediate. I have read some positive medical reports that are impressive.

  148. Tisha says:

    I am SO excited about the summit! Can’t wait to learn more!

  149. doris says:

    I have learned more ways to help myself in such a short time. I never thought It possible to be able to help myself with this tapping. I have even done it in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. All these little voices in my head went to sleep with the tapping.

  150. Gale says:

    Tapping helped save my life after I lost my husband. After I found EFT, I got a sense of calm and control over my life, and led me to not only use EFT, but Quantum Touch, Energy Medicine, NLP, RET, chakra work and vibration work.

    I believe this should be taught in grade schools, to give kids ways of coping and concentration.

  151. Nicole F says:

    I really like using EFT, it`s work so well. Thank you for the Summit and specially to share it for free.

  152. karen eakman says:

    Can you let me know how this tapping helps people who have dementia. My husband within the last few years has had three major strokes. He now has little recall or short term memory.

    thank you

  153. SHELLI says:

    EFT is an incredible tool that has helped me bring forth miracles into my life. I have not attended the tapping summits in the past but am looking forward to the May 7th tapping summit. Thanks for the awesome uplifting video!

  154. Aluna says:

    This is absolut phenomenal, fantastic, wonderful! Thank you soooo much!!!!!!

  155. I ought to use EFT and told others about it, but what they don’t know they dislike. For me it works perfect.
    Use it from time to time.

    • Diane Ewing says:

      I am most interested in learning how to apply this in my live! Thank you for bringing it to us!

  156. Heidi says:

    Last Yrs “ROCKED!!!!”

  157. Sundar says:

    Greeeaaaat one. I got a real shift while doing along the video

  158. Shahmay Smith says:

    Hi there,
    1st time I have ever heard about tapping so here i was 5.45am in the morning (because I couldn’t sleep) tapping away following the video clip. Really keen now to see what more information I can learn from the summit.
    thanks Shahmay from New Zealand.

  159. Rogelio Merida says:

    just two words: IT WORKS!

  160. Mary says:

    I can’t believe it,I have fibromyalgia I’ve had alot of pain and stiffness in my neck I was thinking of seeing an osteopath.I did tapping with Nick on Saturday April 14th 2012,my pain was at an 8.It didn’t shift and forgot about it,the next day in doing my yoga,I was able to move my neck without as much pain.It was down to a 6.I did it again on Sunday.Pain was the same.I noticed this morning doing my yoga I had much less pain.It’s now at a 3.I did three rounds with Nick today Monday,no change yet waiting to see what happens.Thank You for making this available to everyone. Mary

    ing to see what happens.

  161. KATHY says:


  162. Audree says:

    Wow. Sounds interesting. Worth a try!

  163. tom e. Ghan says:

    I first got interested in ‘tapping’ last year(2011 summit). I tried it for a month without any visual results. However I am looking forward to trying it again. I really think it’s great to see how passionate you two (Jessica and Nick) are about ‘tapping’. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  164. Mairead says:

    How amazing if this was commonplace and encouraged in surgeries and even funded.

  165. B says:

    These Summits are the best. I have attended (and purchased the DVDs) the last two and they keep getting better each year. There is always something new!

  166. Melanie says:

    No one should miss any of Carol Look’s talks. This is a wonderful resource, and she is an extraordinary speaker.

  167. James says:

    I like this,yet Emotions are not Mental.

  168. susanna says:

    Why are people so enamored with the word “scientific”? Do we always need outside proof to believe in our own experience?

  169. Jeff says:

    I am really looking forward to this summit and seeing how another teacher performs EFT. I just found EFT a few months ago and it has really resonated with me. Thank you for putting this on!

  170. DAWN C says:

    What a BLESSING!
    Thank you,

  171. kenneth says:

    It`s so simple and the results are faster than don`t have to worry or decide if you want to do it and you dont have to find the time “just do it”.

  172. Maryann says:

    I have heard about EFT but have not used it much in my own life. I keep hearing more and more and keep being drawn to it. So I am commiting to the Summit series and we will see what affect it has on my issues.

  173. LEONOR says:

    where can i get this information in spanish

  174. As a psychologist/coach, I have found EFT to be one of the best “gifts that keeps on giving” for my clients. It helps them feel empowered with being able to “heal themselves.” Started all this several years ago with Gary. It’s so great to see another generation bringing it forward. Thanks. I’m looking forward to this next summit.

  175. ivan says:

    the stranges thing that happen to me last night all i thought of was a girl i love and i commit myself to her now i see thing more different now that i have something to fight for

  176. Elissa Griffith-Johnson says:

    I am thinking of so many people who would benefit from learning how to Tap. So many people who need this information to be able to move to a new level of life.
    There are so many who need to free themselves from those thoughts and feeling that keep them rooted down in one place.
    May 7th seems so far away- thank you for the opportunity.
    FORWARD TO THE 7th! See you there

  177. Sharon says:

    I am looking forward to 2012 World Summit. I missed last year. Keep up the good work bringing healing and success to the world.

  178. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and have always sought faster ways to help my clients make the changes they wish to make. In addition to more mainstream approaches like CBT, I use Ericksonian hypnotherapy, NLP, and Tapping. I love the results and the universality! I’m also an Interfaith Minister, and find spirituality a wonderful addition to the effectiveness of my practice.

  179. gypsi says:

    I’ve heard of tapping before and all it’s many benefits but never actually use it. Just following along to this clip wowed me. I got 3 hrs of sleep this morning and just got back from a full day of classes ready to take a nap and even though I will still take a nap :) I am a lot less stressed. I started with a general issue I am having and by the end it came around to a bigger issue I need to work through. I’m happy this found me at this time!

  180. Eustace Bailey says:

    I had signed up for a previous summit but was unable to attend due to my work schedule, which is from 4pm to 1am Sundays to Thursdays yet I am hoping to attend this one. I am a beginner and I am willing to learn. I purchased book and the DVD but leaned so much from this short display by Nick Ortner. Thanks for all your help. I really would like to overcome my lack of consistant discipline to finish evrything I put my mind to.

  181. Max says:

    Wow this looks amazing! I can’t wait to check out some more tapping material from the world summit content! Thank you Bob Proctor for sending me here!

  182. Anita says:

    I have been looking for new ways to improve myself in mind, body and spirit, and this is a great tool to add to my toolbox and to my daily routine! I would love to learn more!

  183. Theresa Schlachter says:

    Nick, I just tapped along with you in the video. Have numerous issues but I zeroed in on my severe shoulder pain which the dr. says will take lots of therapy–and I don’t have time for that!!! My numbers went from 10, to 5, to 2 in the 3 minutes!! I KNOW it works and I listened to the Summit last year. Do you know what my problem is!?!?!?!!???? I allow all that overwhelm, life stuff take up my daily valuable time and say “I’ll get to the tapping later”. You know “later” never comes!! So, Nick Ortner, I am making a promise to myself that I WILL put myself FIRST and Tap daily. I am struggling to restart a business I know I am good at, but “stuff” keeps knocking me down. I was born with a birth defect and even though I say I had a good childhood, I do believe it’s my childhood issues that I have been avoiding!! Looking forward to the 2012 Summit. I appreciate you and Jess so much, and I believe Tapping will be the choice used of getting back to health and maintaining it in our near future.
    ps –When I do take the time, Tapping always works, but it usually relates to physical pain and not limiting beliefs!! So, I gotta get brave and go deeper!!

  184. Sean Donovan says:

    am feelling that space already

  185. Elizabeth says:

    I have been part of every Tapping World Summit but the first one and everything else you have produced. Tapping has changed my life beyond any expectation I had. I am so excited to be part of this year’s summit. I am trilled to start learning the science behind it. When I share info about tapping now I will be able to include that extra scientific info that many people seem to need to hear before you REALLY get their attention. You guys are doing such great work. Thank you for your consistent perserverence in this wonderful energy work.

  186. Lynn says:

    this is such awesome information
    my back pain went from 10 to 5 & then about a 1
    I love this … can’t wait to learn more..
    thank you!!!

  187. RobinBeth says:

    I feel silly doing the tapping, maybe I’m not doing it right as I don’t feel any different.

  188. Karmell says:

    Fabulous video!

  189. randy julien says:

    i was unaware before today that tapping was a great energy releaser. I did the exercise twice and felt the shift of energy being released. The second tapping was even stronger than the first. much appreciation for bringing me into the world of tapping:);)

  190. lill says:

    I use it to relax. no question,it works

  191. Russ says:

    This subject has fascinated me for a few years now. In fact, I bought a course named The Healing Codes several years ago, but only BEGAN to study it a couple of times and then eventually put it back on the shelf. Maybe I should pull it back down and go through it all this time? That is, if it’s still current, regarding the use of the technique.

    I also wonder if tapping while verbally saying Hoʻoponopono statements would somehow enhance the whole mind/body/universe connection and effectiveness of the tapping. I doubt it could hurt…

    One thing is for sure, I LOVE the evolving understanding we have of our bodies, how they work and how they connect to all other energies. And this discipline seems so esoteric at first glance, it’s no wonder it hasn’t caught on like, for instance, certain diet and psychological “medications”. The bulk of humanity is so programmed that taking a pill is the solution to everything, tapping still has a pretty steep hill to climb to get the recognition it deserves.

    Kudos to Nick and Jessica for being the ambassadors for us “hill climbers”!

    Be well all.

  192. Mary says:

    Just tapping for a few moments with the video relieved some persistent back pain! Very impressive…

  193. I often use EFT in my hypnosis practice. It’s just one of those tools you need for most jobs.
    Nick and Jessica are on the cutting edge of teaching this tool and very generous in sharing the information.

  194. Sarah says:

    I was feeling quite empty after doing bodywork due to personal problems. I have always said that of the healing tools I have in my possession, the one I loved the most was EFT, and I have been working with it every day since 4 years ago due to my husband’s loss. Non the less my emotional upset seemed stronger than my capacity to work on it today and I got a back ache from the bodywork I gave. Looking into my e mail I saw World Summit and became interested. I saw your video promising scientific explanations, I listened to it. What happened that I was not expecting, was that the sense of emptiness disappeared and my joy of being immersed in EFT rekindled. Thank you Nick

  195. thomas duffy says:

    i had a niece that was a ensign in the navy and had a tough childhood use the elf system and she had a great break through for little while

  196. Don Berry says:

    This is all very awesome and exciting! My wife Mary and I are
    happy to be finding this very simple way to ‘tap’ our subconscious
    and meridian energy pathways to change what limits us! Thanks for the encouragement! DB

  197. Pauline says:

    Once again, brilliant explanations from yourself, Nick, and good questions from Jessica. I purchased the recordings, etc last year on the Pain Summit and it has been really good to also share with others. I am really looking forward to this year’s summit and making the most of the ‘tapping’. Good Thank you for all your time and energy!

  198. Simple tools are often disbelieved and so we don’t even try them. Thankfully with EFT, we only have to believe enough to use it to see results. Many thanks to all those who work to keep this powerful technique before the public.

  199. Jenny says:

    Wow! Can’t wait for the summit! Amazing stuff, and I can’t wait to learn more.

  200. Mary Colborn says:

    I love EFT. I stumbled upon the work of Margaret Lynch in a most miraculous way when I was struggling with issues of poverty consciousness. I tapped through many of my money blocks and watched magic happen. Since then I attended the Tapping World Summits, have watched and shared the Tapping Solution with many people and have attended a training on EFT. I am excited about what more you have to offer. Congrats on all the great work. Blessings,

  201. Gail says:

    I never knew this even existed! Thank you for the enlightenment! Amazing how much emotion surfaced as a result of stress and overwhelm and how quickly it was released!Feel I could benefit so much further still with learning more about this amazing technique. As a Holistic Health Coach, I think this would be so wonderful to offer to those I serve. Much thanks again!

  202. Michele says:

    Hi – I know about EFT and think it is amazing – and I would love to get the free IPAD-thanks – Michele

  203. richard jethrou gorly pettit says:

    amazing i have brain damage and spinal trauma and found mself tapping where skull meets spine upper facets !! spoken affirmation and release is one healing but coupled with the action is amazing thank you

  204. Karen Moloney says:

    I forgot how good this stuff is. I have the book about Tapping and need to revisit it and get going. I love this stuff! Thanks for the great video.

  205. Helen-Allene says:

    Have had some success with EFT, and am so looking forward to the 2012 Summit. Thanks for keeping it free!

  206. Colette says:

    Thank you Jessica and Nick. I’ve recently starting learning about tapping and want to offer it to my nutrition and wellness clients to help with addictive habits. Looking forward to the summit.

  207. Ellen Goldfarb says:

    this is fantastic. I have used it before and would like to use it again.

  208. Robin says:

    I know, first hand, what stress can do to the body . . . and using the techniques shown in this video have shown the importance of using Tapping . . . I would love to go to the summit and thank you for having making this video and having it available. I am going to share it with others. Blessings ~ Namaste.


  210. Mary Jo Reimann says:

    Nick and Jessica,
    I have been using EFT ever since I learned about it (4 years now) and I have participated in all the Tapping Summits. I loan out my CDs regularly. Thank you for the wonderfully clear video. I’ve been looking for something to ‘prove’ that tapping works for those who think the work I do is hokey. This is it! Thanks!


  211. Diana Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I used EFT in my Bowen Therapy clinic for several years with great success. I also used it for weight loss. I love the insights you get whilst doing EFT. I had some powerful statements just come to me whilst doing the tapping.

  212. Watching the video now. Thank you

  213. Marilyn says:

    I love how I feel after a round of tapping. I am relaxed and can get more done because it releases so much stress.

  214. marta maria says:

    Muchas gracias, todo lo relacionado con esta maravillosa técnica es muy importante, solamente que yo tengo el problema de no hablar inglés, si tuvieran la tradución sería fantástico. Atentamente Marta María.

  215. Again Nick & Jessica are at the forefront of amazing development in the EFT info. I was trained in kinesiology 30 years ago and have used it in my practice and teaching off and on. It wasn’t until I saw Bruce Lipton,s CD on EFT and then “The Tapping Solution” that I got excited and ordered Gary Craigs teaching/training programs and I’ve been flying ever since! Of course it works! And it is now simple and easy to learn.

    We tried years ago to help people with their issues and problems, doing the muscle testing and body/balancing to help them make the changes they needed. A long and difficult process. But with all the research that has happened in recent years, I, as a therapist and teacher am helping people rapidly make the changes and end years of suffering and frustration. Nick & Jessica, of course I will be tuned in to all the great teachers. You have all helped me so much with my own problems and my clients. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Marti Galione, certified Flower Essence Counselor, Herbalist & Teacher.

  216. Again Nick & Jessica are at the forefront of amazing development in the EFT info. I was trained in kinesiology 30 years ago and have used it in my practice and teaching off and on. It wasn’t until I saw Bruce Lipton,s CD on EFT and then “The Tapping Solution” that I got excited and ordered Gary Craigs teaching/training programs and I’ve been flying ever since! Of course it works! And it is now simple and easy to learn.
    Thank You, Nick & Jessica for your helping so many.

    Sincerely, Marti Galione, certified Flower Essence Counselor, Herbalist & Teacher.

    • I had “some” exposure to EFT many years ago, but I was NEVER given the level of expertiese these young people have about this incredible science. I am really anxious to have this experience offered to me again in my life, and THIS time I am paying ATTENTION and really being involved. I have printed out the session with Jess and Nick and I have walked through it with them twice now. I am now ambarking on my third round with them and I will be at the sessions next month. Thank you

  217. Sharon Foster says:

    I am new to this tapping stuff. I am curious to see if I can have a shift in my life personally. I have my doubts, because so much of my stress issues are beyond comprehension to others. I hope to see some positive reassurance from this whole experience.

  218. Morella says:

    Have loved these summits every year and every year I learn something new that I implement in my hypnosis and holistic health coaching practice.

    I’ve personally experienced significant breakthroughs, and profound insights that have led to physical and emotional healing in my life.

  219. Marianne says:

    Very excited if the other years are anything to go by. Thank you.

  220. This looks too simple to be true but generally- most simple things are the things that work! I think life has become far too complex and this simplifies it a lot. Thankyou!! x x x

  221. Gordon J Berry says:

    My mother left me when I was 13 years old. I buried the pain and protected her name. However, I have never truly been able to let go of that sense of abandonment and feeling unloved or unworthy of love. Since this has happened my relationships have all failed. The reason I am here now is because I finally fell in love with the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. I finally, with her, let down my walls and allowed myself to become completely vulnerable. I freely gave her my heart, through our discussions and my trust in her and the fact that she would always treasure my heart. However, it is apparent that I am still on some level repeating the same patterns, because this woman who asked for and accepted my heart has abandoned me and left me feeling unloved. I need to release this energy that I have been carrying for some 27 years. I am going to therapy, I am meditating, I am reading, I have done Reiki. I am trying to do everything I can to survive. I truly hope that this helps. Thank you for another tool that I can perhaps combine with all the others I have, to release this pain and stress. and finally allow me to breakthrough and achieve my ultimate success.

  222. Roosevelt says:

    This was awesome ,,In my business It helps people lose 2-3 sizes in 10 minutes and improve thier apperance and self esteem! Tapping does the esteem and way more … keep tapping for life love and success!

  223. rodney pete says:

    it was a great vedeo

  224. Pamela Ray says:

    I love this.

  225. Thanks ! For This Video ..Dear Friends .

  226. Rustom K says:

    OK lets be honest I’d love an Ipad. However the truth is I have been carrying emo baggage for so long, & it is sad. So just hearing & tapping with the video gave me a shift. I am so excited to learn new ways to grow & develop. We really need education like this to make our lives happy & stress free. Thank you for helping people like myself.

  227. Dear Nick and Jessica,
    I watched the video and just referred a friend to it who has stomach ulcers recently diagnosed to give her a tool to empower herself to heal.
    For those who say they don’t ‘feel’ any different – healing like this begins from the inside out. Like the lady with neck pain who didn’t notice a difference at the time but noticed a change the next day, it may take more time with you.
    Another powerful teacher has written a series of books called the Soul Power Series, beginning with Soul Wisdom book. There is a chapter in this book called “Soul Tapping.” He teaches that soul is the boss. Soul mind body blockages are at the root of our issues. If we don’t address the level of soul we may not notice a change. For those with ‘lighter’ blockages you will experience instant or almost immediate results. For those of us with much deeper, karmic issues it could take longer. Adding the component of soul to the tapping process could begin to touch these types of issues.

    Another component I have found helpful is to introduce forgiveness practice. I believe in reincarnation but you don’t have to believe or cfhange your believe to benefit from adding forgiveness component. There are many practices teaching how to do this in the book, Divine Transformation (red book), released in 2010, also a Soul Power Series book. They are written by best-selling NYT author and Soul Leader, Tao Grandmaster, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. He does not teach religion. He teaches folks how to connect to their own soul to release soul mind body blockages, and to self-clear karma (forgiveness practice).

    Thanks Nick and Jessica for doing such wonderful work in offering many free programs to assist Mother Earth, humanity, and Nature in this time of great change and transition. Love you both!

  228. Beams says:

    Went from a 6 to a 3 discomfort in my neck in just ONE session. Fantastic. Will follow up. Thanks

  229. A J says:

    Tapping EFT point away everything

  230. Anne-Marie Coppen says:

    so glad to have found this information and I AM looking forward to many positive changes that I am expecting. bless you for sharing this important information.

  231. Carey says:

    Yay! I discovered the 2011 Tapping World Summit in the nick of time and have been looking forward to the 2012 event! I have personally experienced wonderful shifts and have shared tapping with many friends. Thank you!

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  233. L. S. says:

    This is the forefront of the energy revolution; and am excited to be involved in the summit.

  234. Saundra says:

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  235. charlene says:

    Who knew we can tap away, sway and play today for relief of all grief. (-;

  236. Claudia says:

    I am so excited and grateful about this opportunity! I can´t wait for the summit to start. I noticed someone wrote saying she does not speak English, and I am a certified Spanish interpreter and translator, and willing to help!
    So let me know how I can do it! All the best for the summit!

  237. jackie says:

    I’ve attended the summit before, and it was amazing. I know from a brief personal experience that EFT does work; why I haven’t done it on my own is beyond me! This year, though, I will.

  238. Jean says:

    I am so happy to get your message I haven’t been doing my tapping and I really need to go through it once again you are so very good at explaining it. Thanks and I hope to get to see the summitt on line. You are a wonderful teacher. I am older but not to late to learn from you.
    Thanks keep it up

  239. Ellen Neal-Jones says:

    I just lissened to your presentation and followed along. My neck pain is gone!

  240. Jennie says:

    I love how the tapping unblocks passages to better the functions of mind and body. It simply works!

  241. I left a reply, but I don’t know what happened to it, sooooooo
    I’ll try again: I had this method of therapy introduced to me several years ago, but I did not continue it for very long. After several years of not having any better success with anything else, I find myself exposed to this technique again. Sooooooo, her I go again. THIS time I am determined to keep this technique going to give it and myself a chjance top help me out of this very deep ugly SLUMP. Thank you so much. GM
    Geraldine Morrison
    April 16, 6:00 pm.
    Vacaville, Ca.

  242. Sue Haebig says:

    Making room on my schedule….. so excited to finally learn more about Tapping!

  243. Deb says:

    I joined the summit for the first time last year. Great experience! So many wonderful speaking with interesting and helpful advice. Looking forward to this years’ summit. Thanks guys!

  244. Ky says:

    I have been so excited about tapping!!! I have tried it and it feels wonderful, however twice it has resulted in pain that wasn’t there before I tried it that gets trapped in my neck. I tried tapping away the pain but it wouldn’t budge. I went to the chiropractor and he released it. Why is it causing pain and how to I get it to move?

  245. Michelle says:

    I read about tapping in Dr. Joseph Mercola’s web letter. Watching YouTube videos taught me how to use tapping in my everyday life. Now I make up my own. I’ve used tapping for pain, sleep, relaxation, new beliefs, and much more. It even works when you tap in only one place and make a statement. For example: Working on my knees in my garden, I wanted to sit back on my feet. I hadn’t been able to sit back on my feet for years. Too much pain and cramping. I sat down and tapped above my ankles stating how good it felt to sit on my feet. This took about 30 seconds. Then I returned to my knees and sat back on top of my feet with no pain at all. I can still sit like that with no pain after almost two years. Tapping has been an amazing energy healing tool for me and I wish everyone knew how to tap. I have taught several people what I know about tapping and they love it too. I’m grateful for all those making tapping so available.

  246. Minta says:

    I tried this a little while and I do feel a little relief in my neck. Thanks so much for the video.

  247. This will be the first time that I have experienced a tapping summit and am looking forward to it. I have only recently learned about tapping and am simply awestruck by how incredibly effective it is. Thank you so much for presenting this! :o)

  248. maria says:

    i like it so much thank you

  249. Robin V. says:

    I would so like to believe in this and believe it works but it really DOES seem like a cult, like the “placebo effect” and as if it’s just too good to be true. I’d just LOVE to see it work, so…. here goes!

  250. Deana says:

    Interesting…still skeptical since my pain did not change.

  251. MOLLY says:

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  252. Tina says:

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    That was the most relaxing one I ever did… good job.. it made me deep breathe and yawn… no kidding !! very well done, my dear.

  254. Angela says:

    I have not attended any of the summits but I’m very much looking forward to the 2012 summit. Really enjoyed the 20 minute video.

  255. Katarina Kovacs says:

    Thank you to teaching me how to get rid off of my back pain. After 2 rounds tapping the pain fall from 7 to 2. I’m going to tap every day!:-)

  256. Carole says:

    I sooo love tapping…it does work. What a great gift the Tapping World Summit is! Last year I enjoyed…and worked with…many of the videos. Thank you Nick, Jessica and to all of your super guests.

  257. shmuel says:

    I cannot wait until the great event I want to get unstuck and soar!!!

  258. Kelly Graybill says:

    This has been great. I am a NAET Practioner and for self treatment EFT has helped me move forward where I was stuck with some personal issues. After months of working on this issue EFT helped me in just a few tapping sessions. Thanks for helping me getting over my hump!

  259. Sara Morgan says:

    This sounds very interesting and exciting. I want to look into this seriously. I definately could afford to make some changes in my life.

  260. Kidd says:

    I Enjoyed The Video. Its Really Packed Full Of Information.

  261. Patricia Smith says:

    I came across tapping on the internet 3 years ago and it has helped me overcome so many personal issues that were negatively influencing myself and my family. I have been blessed to find such a positive tool.

  262. Grace Glover says:

    After reading so many others responses, eager to try EFL!

  263. Cheryl says:

    I have been dealing with one diagnosis after another, one surgery after another at the approximate rate of eery 6-8 monthd. No matter how positive I am or how hard I work toward my health through aternative treatment instead of pharmaceuticals it is simply not working. I am all open or new practices that work and after viewing the video I am hopeful that I can release the illesses and have a more fruitful life focused on things I have alway dreamed of but felt like I was being held captive or stagnant at best.

  264. nick says:

    The demonstration was great, saw my acid reflux pain go down from 8 1/2 to about 5. Thanks, Nick

  265. Walter from Argentina says:

    I’d just like to say a bi,m huge THANK YOU!!! I’ts already 3 years of EFT for all of us coming from you both there. GOd bless!

  266. Bernadine says:

    interesting video, I did feel a weight lifted just from the short how to of releasing.

  267. Shona says:

    Another amazing summit on its way. You got to love technology when we can all be so connected all around the world raising our vibrations and feeling the shifts. Just tapped on a stiff neck with the audience and almost gone so off to do another round.

  268. Pauline Norris says:

    I love EFT, it is Awesome. Nick and Jessica, Thanks for being you and sharing. Looking forward to the Summit.

  269. Lisa Sommers says:

    This was very easy to follow and I enjoyed doing it tonight! I have been to a seminar before about this but never really got into it. I would like to and see what beneficial changes I could bring out in my life. Thank you!

  270. Charlie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing EFT with us all!

    As the full time caregiver for my Mother who’s 88, there is very little time to do much else. Time for taking care of myself is pretty much non-existant. After being “stuck” on soooooo many issues for sooooo long, I’m really looking forward to “making” the time to do EFT.

    I’ve known about EFT for a while now, have tried it but haven’t really had my focus on it enough to have success. This video was so well done that I’ve decided to give a proper try in an effort to be a better caretaker for Mom and a better me. Really looking forward to the Summet.

    Thank you soooooo much!


  271. Ken says:

    I love the phrase, “Try it on everything” because while EFT may take some work for deeper issues, it does eventually work, and for minor issues, it can work in one “sitting.” My wife and I even joke with each other when we find someone or something annoying or have a frustrating day, we say, “Let’s tap” and are amazed at how fast those kinds of issues are released. My advice? Try it on everything.

  272. Lynne says:

    This will be my first summit. I have heard about tapping before but not really gotten into it. I did the tapping with the video here and experienced a decrease of chronic pain in my knees, at least for quite a while. I’m really looking forward to learning more. Thanks for making all this available without charge! You are a blessing!


  273. Kirar Taraishia says:

    Absolutely fantastic way to dissolve old traumas, emotional pains and scars that I had suppressed! I did the tapping with the video, for my neck pain that I’ve been having for the past 2wks and was amazed that the scale dropped from 8 to 5 … and the second round; it dropped from 5 to 1 and during the tapping other things came up like the stress I was feeling over my daughter who had been going through her own emotional stresses these past few weeks … So I realised that I was also carrying her pain as well! Now … I will also sit with her and introduce the EFT to help her too! Thank You Nick and Jessica for the wonderful help You have been not just to myself, but to so many thousands of people using this technique!

  274. Sharon Boyle says:

    I have never attend the Tapping World Summit as I di dnot know about it last year until it was over. I am very much looking forward to this. I have breast cancer and am dealing with a lot of pain amount many other issues and I feel this will really help me get into tapping consistently. I am sure their are emotional issues behind any illness no I look forward to the tapping to help me on all levels including financially. Most of all to help me heal my body and move forward with a fanctastic life.

  275. Robert H says:

    I’ve enjoyed the last three summits – can’t wait for this one.

  276. dean esch says:

    It reminded me how effective tapping is in dealing with various problems and feelings.

  277. Holly says:

    watched this video today, new to this. Did the tapping exercise along, and it helped calm me immensely. Thank you

  278. pam says:

    I love the results I get from tapping. Quick, easy, and free! And no horrible side effects.

  279. Dee says:

    How do you sign up to participate in the summit. I do not see any place to do that and would like to refer a few friends. Thanks

  280. Hi, I´m following The Tapping Solution since 2009, and have translated your ‘The Tapping Solution’ e-book to Portuguese, to give as a bonus in my site ( I´ve been promoting EFT during all these years, and also translated Brad Yates ‘The Wizar´s Wish'(Tapping for kids), which I promote in my site also. I´d like to bring The Tapping Solution to Brazil and to the people who speak Portuguese in the world (more than 200 million). I´ve been around for quite a long time, and I think you guys could take advantage of my good will and hire me, as I´m a professional translator who loves Tapping.
    Please tell me how can I collaborate with you and the people that don´t understand English. I offered to translate the movie, as I translated and subtitled the trailer (…and up to now there are some people asking me for it. Waiting for your answer. Success and happiness to you guys! Lily

  281. Pat says:

    I am so excited to be signing up for the Tapping World Summit 2012. I’ve been with you since the first one and they only get better. And so do I. I’ve taken the information and worked with it in my own life and seen some great changes. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  282. Ela says:

    amazing! awesome to try this tapping and able to release pain, stress, anxiety or whatever we have concerned in our lives. I am going to try this from now on and teach other member of my families to do the same. I am hoping this will help them and myself to have a better life releasing whatever each one have for a moment so depressing and consume most of their time. I am glad i open this email and learn something about tapping. I must have heard it before or read somewhere but i forgot about it.

    thank you.

  283. Stephanie says:

    This is something quite interesting.

  284. Mary says:

    After watching the video, going through the short version of tapping and having physical pain relieved immediatly was nothing short of AMAZING. All in my head…yes of course.
    Wanted to participate in the 2012 Tapping Event but am having knee surgery May 1st and know I won’t be “awake” enough to really participate the tapping event.

  285. DANNY says:

    great video loved it- I learned that a lot of our problems are stress related and not always what we think they are concerning a present problem or outcome. It is amazing how problem we think is related to a certain situation is really not the whole answer and only part of it as it runs deeper than we think and the fear or limiting beliefs are most likely at the root cause and surficing in disquise as another problem and how the tapping process seeks out the culprit.

  286. Linda says:

    Thank you! I have done EFT in the past and had forgotten how easy it was. Thank you for allowing the love back into my life by helping me release all the stress that my body was carrying around. xoxo

  287. sasha says:

    I have been using EFT for years, it works! Congratulations to Nick and Jessica for bringing this simple and incredibly powerful healing modality to a wider audience. We can all be our own healers and heal others too. It is another wonderful tool to reclaim our power and empower others. We need this now more than ever.

  288. arun says:

    i am new in this and trying to learn more about this.i feeling really exited when i watched the vedio it’s a great experiance and i looking forward for it

  289. Suzie says:

    Looking forward to the 2012 tapping world summit…..
    Thank you for sharing!

  290. Alan Ingram says:

    Because of the time limit which we impose upon our selves I have often started to tap, but then stopped because I thought that I could use the time better. Many years ago I sung a song called “Who’s the fool now” now I know it is me! Many thanks for sharing and giving new insight into this way of healing!
    May God Bless You

  291. zenzia says:

    wow! i got sent this link with nick ortner
    from someone i really respect,and although
    i’ve tried a bit of tapping before without huge success,
    i’m excited and signing up for this 2012 tapping summit .
    the interview ,with mention of latest science research
    also impressed me , plus the video short clips of Nick’s talk &
    fun demo of the tapping for Hay House was awesome.
    thanks for invitation to join in this year!

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  293. Kathy Getto says:

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  294. Zsófia says:

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  296. Carole says:

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  297. Mohd Razif Bin Rahmat says:

    Did tapping in the past and reduced my stress levels from time to time.Guess only thing now is how to make it a habit just like daily prayer/meditation?Will be great to be able to follow up with last year’s event where Carol Look’s 3 video clips were great.This EFT video by Nick works just as great!

  298. Samir Adib Farajallah says:

    Readind about the EFT Tappind Influence on the Human Body, and the effect the people will have while “rewinding” the brain – gives alreaady a releive from Pain, Stress, and the big contradictions of the complicated life Cycle. Am so happy to continue the readind and Healing process of the EFT effect – tappiong wise.? will see and report the effect? First time I comment!

  299. Justin says:

    I like Dr. Callaghan’s technique and have used it successfully for things like jet lag and cravings.

  300. Gaetane says:

    This will be my third Tapping World Summit and I find it so great to participate in. It transmits a lot of hope and great examples of its benefits to all. And, most of all, guests are just so generous. Can hardly wait for the event to start. Don’t Miss it !

  301. Simone says:

    I’m so ecxited that you do it again!!! It helps me to do my work in Holland were EFT is not yet so known. Thank you Ortners!!!

  302. Gilberto says:

    Thank you for your help Nick, I’m a Physician and I did EFT for myself long time ago, but a day I stopped to do that… why? I don’t remember, my life was good, not big problem, but at the moment I have many issues to solve and today in my email I saw the invite to watch your video and after watching, I remembered that my life started to worse off, when I stopped to do EFT… so thank you for your help… I’m starting with EFT technics right now… :) Gilberto

  303. Victor Mhango says:

    Its the first time I have learnt about tapping. I am very excited BUT I have some doubts about its effectiveness.

  304. sarah verwei says:

    thirteen years ago I learned about eft at my study NLP , BUT NOW IT IS a scientific experience, it is amazing because I have been using this tool for thirteen years at my children and myself, my friends and clients, they learned to experience how it feels to feel the shifting of feeling your body, that is what this is all about. the innerlijk world, feeling safe, then we can feel safe in this world, outside, beautifull video and information, The Netherlands needs to know about this. Belgium needs to know about this that it is science now. Learing how to release the body, and no more freaking out..of the body because of all the stress..because of all the many things, My body got healthy and my mind clear and my emotions clear and feeling safe in my own body, healing the processes of the body, that is the only way I could learn this path to my children and familie, friends, and clients. We do the tapping to heal the processes, rewaining the brain..all new things opened up to us, because we feel safe in our body

  305. Miriam Rubey says:

    its really really a helpfull technique. thank you !! Regards, love and luck….

  306. Nasreen says:

    Amazing, how can we manage our brain. Due to distant, location in Mauritius am unable to participate the Tapping 2012. But really inspiring and positive. think most of the peoplea around the world must experience this.


    I’m using the technic. It is awesome: instant results.

  308. Janet Gardiner says:

    This is a very simple but powerful technique. I want to learn more abot EFT!

  309. Mano R says:

    That’s really amazing, am looking forward to enjoy this invaluable gift the Tapping World Summit is offering to the World. Big Thanks to ‘the wonderful team’, all videos and audios, presentations are ultra convincing, explicit and informative. Will come back to you after practicing. There’s no doubt about its effectiveness.

  310. KERRY says:

    what a fantastic thing, I have seen it around for a long time but hadn’t tried it until recently and it is powerful and easy to do and gets effective and quick results .. thanks

  311. Tihomir Tsankov says:

    It’s great it’s simply incredible thing.Thanks to its author.

  312. Jenn Douglas says:

    Excellent. Works for me. Thanks

  313. Jean Douglas says:

    There are no words to express the appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing. Teaching everyone how easy it is to take responsibility for their health and everything to do with their own lives and their families.Giving hope to many so that future generations may live in greater understanding of the beautiful and magnificent beings that we all are,and so creating a new World of Peace, Love and Light.

  314. Carol says:

    I keep coming back to tapping and it’s great to have someone out there to tap along with.
    I’ve learnt lots during previous summits and I’m really looking forward to this one.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  315. Juan Vieco says:

    EFT is just… Amazing Technic for everything you want and Nicolas has been a great supporter and spread it all over the world. Excellent job Nico, keep up!!

  316. Tony says:

    great information!

  317. T says:

    I discovered EFT a number of years ago and Have used it for a number of things including surrogate tapping. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the method….it works!!

  318. Alex Newell says:

    Nice to hear some more about the amygdala and tapping connection. Looking forward to the season!

  319. Laura Robert says:

    This is fascinating to me, I want to learn more.

  320. sharon says:

    I have heard of EFT before and wondered if it was real, I plan on using this daily and await the results! I do believe its possible.

  321. ryan says:

    I haven’t tried tapping before but stumbled on the summit webpage.. looking forward to checking it out

  322. Tapping solutions is really a natural stress reliever and we learn to focus on the reasons for the building up of stress in the mind and body consequently we become the solutions to our problems.nevertheless we follow the deeper understanding
    We as teachers can use this to inculcate relief from stress in students.They learn to analyze their worries and try to vent it out

  323. rose says:

    I felt a shift!!! Thank you so much. I have been a fan of eft for over ten years and I am still amazed how well it works. With gratitude

  324. Janice says:

    This was an uplifting exciting video and I want to believe but skeptical because do not know where you are located as fat ad a physical address and tele phone no

  325. Slavoljubka Zaric says:

    Thank you for your sharing all this treasures with me, and with everyone who loves to develop what he was given as a birth s present, since that time when he was born, until now. It is always good moment for good things, and I am very happy to be in contact with good things and good people as you all surely are. Love from Ljupka

  326. Slavoljubka Zaric says:

    Thank you for all this treasures that you share with others. I was happy to watch your materials. One day I ll join you somehow. Step by step , I ll learn more and more. I see how good it is and i m sure that you all are very good people, and in permanently contact with good things. Love you from Ljupka

  327. beth javier says:

    very interesting, instead of taking medicines to relieve stress, the techniques are safe and so easy to do

  328. Karen says:

    EFT helped me release back pain, that nobody else could help me with!

  329. Seana Hoynoski says:

    I can not wait to learn more about this, so excited!

  330. Denise says:

    Enjoyed the video and look forward to learning more about EFT

    Thanks Nick ,, very very interesting !!

  331. Karen says:

    Almost seems too good to be true, however I am a Reiki Master and know the benefits of Reiki and will certainly give this a try. I know of several clients (myself included) that will benefit from this.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  332. Judy Morgan says:

    Every time I use EFT I realize how simple it is to feel better… then I forget & wonder why I feel anxious again…. repitition brings older stuff to the surface to be cleared and these happen pretty quickly. EFT Rocks!

  333. bansi says:

    ya its really a new thing for me to experiment…. and now feeling little bit change in ma body….:-)


  334. Kay says:

    It doesn’t work if you don’t do it!!

  335. Sagmd says:

    Looking forward to this new experience and welcome the opportunity to learn a technique I can use to heal myself. Thank you.

  336. very, very interesting video that really shocked me as it is fitting in with alot of other information i have been hooked up with , gathering and processing in my mind!! It all appears to be leading in the same direction and is something i can utilize and most importantly am very interested in this type of self help healing if you will!! Thank you so much and keep it coming!!I will definately be sharing this with my family and friend’s!! Paula Benedict

  337. Cheryl says:

    What a great tool to improve living in a stress filled world! Thank you for sharing this technique!

  338. Evelyn says:

    I’m pretty excited about this. Thank you and I will try doing this EFT.

  339. Colleen says:

    This is great and I’m looking forward to the summit.

  340. Nichole says:

    Wow!! Glad that you care enough to offer this free. Thank you!

  341. Pamela says:

    I am so inspired! I want to use this with my son who has autism. He is only 4, but if I start now by making it fun maybe he’ll be able to use it as he get older to help with his anxiety!

  342. Beth says:

    I look forward to the Tapping Summit every year. It’s a great opportunity to discover the many ways to use EFT and apply it to various issues. YAY! I can’t wait. Thanks.


  343. debbie says:

    very informative, but what happens if you are very down and can’t put a number to anything.

  344. joanne says:

    I watched the video,did the tapping and had a physical change.I could hardly keep my eyes open,really just didn’t want to.So listened to the rest of the video with my eyes closed and felt relaxed.

  345. vivian arguelles says:

    I want to learn more about tapping. It looks exciting!

  346. Eva says:

    This will be mine first summit and I am looking forward to it, as EFT has helped me so much and would love to learn even more, or hear of different application methods, so I can use them with my clients, too.

  347. melissa says:

    EFT works!!! For all ages, it’s never too late or too early.

  348. christina Mallory-Munk says:

    Wonderful tool . I experienced instant relief. Thank-you !

  349. Christine says:

    Thanks Nick for the lesson on Tapping.. I love it! aligns your vibration with where you want to go – not where you are. The Summit sounds fantastic!

  350. Paula says:

    EFT is a wonderful tool, I am looking forward to learning new tools to help myself and become a better person, which helps create a better world. Thank you for sharing this wonderful venue.

  351. As a working artist/author I find myself interested in incorporating EFT into not only my own work but in enhancing higher levels of creativity in others. This summit just might be the starting place for this unfolding.

  352. Mary says:

    Just tapping through this video instruction today helped me through a rough spot.

  353. Donna says:

    I’m excited – just watched it last night and started right away!

  354. Helene says:

    Wow this couldn’t have come at a more important time in my life. I’m dealing with high levels of cortisol in my body and the Dr’s can not figure out why. I can’t wait to see how it works in time

  355. I learned that it works and I felt peace and felt happy for the first time in ten years. I completely felt these things completely for the first time and felt great.

  356. Joan Tremblay says:

    As an Energy Healer, I experience what some may call miracles every day. EFT is a great tool that can create miraculous healing for people. I know that many would consider Energy Healing or EFT to be too outside of the box.
    Well, I don’t know about you but…I am willing to fill up my tool box! :)
    I know that EFT and other outside of the box healing forms will be standard stock in everyone’s medical kits in the very near future.
    thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences in such a global way.
    Joan Tremblay

  357. karuna says:

    Tapping is such a powerful tool to help us take control of our lives. Thank you, Nick, for sharing your knowledge.

  358. KAREN JENKINS says:

    Thanks for the invite can’t wait for the summit!

  359. I know tapping works. I just need to pay more attention to using it!

  360. Sietse says:

    This is an interesting Technique that piques My interest on different levels. The potential that it has to improve the quality of Peoples Lives is PROFOUND!

  361. Maggie says:

    Thanks for this, Nick… more proof that EFT works!

  362. Barnettelynn says:

    i’m still new to this tapping but i’m already too excited to learn this one for i think its gonna work on me…thanks Nick…

  363. CINDY says:


  364. Jill says:

    I see you keep improving! Marvelous!!! I did the rounds with the video and started to cry and have no idea what I was crying about. I am surrounded by such negativity and have been most of my life that my results have never been long lasting or great with the tapping, I’m sure I need to go deeper. I’m glad you’re still continuing to bring this to the world and those like myself can keep on to get better results.

  365. Robin says:

    WOW I can’t believe it works, but it did. I watched the video above that nick just did for the world summit and tried it. I had pain in my neck. After going through the little exercise with him the pain went away. I’m amazed.

  366. Aziz says:

    I attended the summit last year. I had also purchased the digital version and the movie, “The Tapping Solution”. It’s all great stuff. And you guys give it away for free as well. Keep up the good work and all the best for this summit.

  367. Emily says:

    I have not attended before and only did my first tapping a couple of weeks ago. A friend introduced it a year ago but it took awhile for me to pay attention. Excited about the Summit for a quick-start!

  368. Laura says:

    I enjoyed the 2011 Everything is Energy World Summit. I am excited to become a part of this 2012 event. I have made a lot of transformation and loss of pain, and looking forward to another great year learning. This is so amazing, and I hope that I can convince friends to join in and learn. I hope to have more time and expertise to do more Tapping.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to new possibilities and raising my vibration.

  369. conny ostrom says:

    Hello! Im really looking forward to learn and get the practice to using this technique in my life. Both for myself, but also for my friends. I have issues of fear of changes since I was little, so I see that I will have to remove the blockings one by one … but I have the patience and the time to do it, so I will be successfull, now that I have found this good tools to use :-)

  370. CATHLEEN says:


  371. Julie says:

    WOW i love this

  372. Bernie says:

    This will be my first world summit. I am looking forward to it. I have started a Nutritional business and I find that my confidence level is very low. Fear has set in. So hopefully I will be able to get clarity to forge forward.

  373. iulia says:

    Impressive. It works and it seems to be more than just one solution(to surprisingly many kinds of problems), but a crucial shift in the way we understand ourselves and our own well-being. Thank you for helping so many people. iulia

  374. Devora says:

    This is incredible information! Would love to pass this on to others…

  375. Jen says:

    I love how EFT is a tool I can take with me and do anytime, anywhere. It’s helped me easily release blocks I’ve carried with me for years. I was introduced to it by a friend who had significant results and still keep coming across it even today; it really works!

  376. Rich says:

    This looks pretty amazing–does it work concerning issues with addiction?

  377. Kristen Vassar says:

    WOW !! this is the Easiest, Quickest way to shift pain, stress, beliefs that no longer serve….Have tried it on everything and anything. works every time. Thank you Nick for bringing this to the world!!!!

  378. Alyson Crispin says:

    I attended the 2011 summit and was wonderfully amazed by the difference in my perspective and shared with close friends who I care about who could use the information to shift their world….thank you for all you are doing <3 I will be attending the 2012 summit and will spread the word to allow others to experience the shift to peace and love Thank You

  379. Rita says:

    Such great news to hear that your are going to have another Summit in May!! I was introduced into EFT way back in 2005 When Stacey Vornbrock and Gary Craig introduced me to this EFT method of healing. Ever since then I have proclaimed the method to at least 3500 of my clients/inquirers. ui have always want to be an EFT Practitioner yet have been too busy and involved in my particular ministry as LieChoices Minister to many who are discerning their call and mission in life. However I have informed them all about
    EFT and spread the news to them on line and many have benefited by it use.
    Now since I am changing ministries in a few months I will be looking into becoming Practitioner of Energy Medicine which is the Medicine of the Future. It’s so exciting to read the testimonials of those who have been healed in body, mind and spirit from using this method of healing.
    We do have the power within us to heal ourselves, especailly the issues of the heart and when our feelings our fired up by our emotions and we begin tapping them away we become whole.
    I am thankful that all my many, many on line gurus are backing the May event by informing their subscribers of the May Summit!! and I intend to inform my many Inquirers !! A critical mass of interested folk will be attending and we will make a difference!!
    Thankyou for all the time and energy you are putting forth
    to make a difference!!!

  380. janelle gaines says:

    I need to learn this principle because i am in school working and trying to write a book i feel overwhelmed and exhausted! I need help badly!! I need to rewire my brain hoping it works!!

  381. Mary Graham says:

    I watched most of 2011 Summit and am anxious to learn more this year.

  382. Karolyn says:

    I totally believe in EFT and do hereby resolve to USE IT! I’ve done it periodically but not very much. I’ve started back to meditating, and I think the EFT will certainly enhance what I am getting out of the medication.

  383. Lynn says:

    Awesome information. Can’t wait for the summit!!

  384. chibunna says:

    its a very good solution but what are you doing to make it avaliable for the third world countries where it is really needed ?

  385. Ciara says:

    I’m so interested in this, I have to check this out!

  386. Charlie Garcia says:

    this is awesome!!!

  387. priyanth says:

    Awesome presentation!!!I m currently in med school..and just finished neurology and psychology…the stuff nick talks about rewiring the neurons is obviously true..
    I m hoping this tapping tecnique may help with the addiction problems!!so excited to attend the world summit!!

  388. Kerry says:

    I am really looking forward to learning more about tapping. I stumbled accross it on youtube a few months ago and never followed through. Thanks so much for reaching out to the world and making a difference.

    Kerry Werth

  389. Ryan Potter says:

    very helpful to uncover root issues and heal them!!

  390. Suzy says:

    sounds so intersting!

  391. Caroline W Tengelsen says:

    Of course I want to win an iPad :):):)

  392. jd says:

    it was exciting last year
    Still need more basic practice :-)

  393. Aleyia says:

    Great! Really differentiates between old talk therapy, and giving the body a new message, stimulating endorphins while neutralizing the charge in the body. I have appreciated greatly the last two summits. The mind has a way of keeping from awareness what it doesn’t know what to do with, so the benefits of hearing from all these different practitioners, who may share something that your mind has been “hiding and protecting from you” are amazing. All of it is stored in the body and energy field, so let’s let it go! Great to know that so many are committed to moving beyond what doesn’t work!

  394. Liz says:

    This definitely works…but it works better when I tap along with Nick…Why??? Liz

  395. Lisa says:

    I have not attended previously, but I look forward to attending the Tapping World Summit 2012 this year. I’ve been learning a lot about different ways to “fix” myself. Thanks!

  396. maha says:

    Its very impressive when we find giver people like Mr. Nick Ortner just helping and giving others precious knowledge for getting healthy & wealthy life…

    Thanks a lot Mr. Nick Ortner for everything :)

    And I want to thanks Mind Power on behalf of Mr. Greg Frost for letting me access tha Tapping World Summit 2012 » Blog Archive » Nick Ortner on How to Rewire the Brain with EFT :)

  397. susie says:

    I attended last year’s online event and got a lot out of it but I had a very emotionally stretching and growing year and I forgot to use the tapping tool.There are so many webinars and techniques and we can get spoilt for choice and lose our way and thereby not apply ourselves to using the tools we have been given. Today I watched the video and sat down and I tapped along about the most difficult and painful and ongoing issue for me and I was amazed in 2 and a half minutes every part of me got relaxed trusting calm present and hopeful emotionally mentally and physically.I mediate every day I also journal and work and explore and study to become the best me I can be – so I am not new to self help/growth yet the simple effectiveness of it was surprising illuminating and inspiring.Tapping really is amazing –
    It is wonderful that with this Free Tapping World Summit so many people from everywhere regardless of their income or location can learn how to do it.
    Now we just have to remember to use it and apply it to help us and all those we come into contact/ connect/work with be happier and healthier. Thank you

  398. Diane Joost says:

    I began using 2 scripts last summer on resistance to change & changing resistance once a month for 10 days. Two weeks ago I had the breakthrough I had been looking for for 25 years. Life is now amazing. No more negative self-talk. I attribute one of the steps to EFT. Thank U I teach everyone I know about EFT I’m also a holistic pracittioner.

  399. Hilary Costelloe says:

    I am excited about participating in this online event

  400. DiAnna McDowell says:

    I love seeing the science behind this technique. It gives this process more credibility to the general public. Thanks for your videos.

  401. michael lawler says:

    This is super! I had very real possitive change right here in the library! This has to be shared!!!

  402. Susan Bodie says:

    I want to know more.

  403. Lynn Williams says:

    Do not want to miss this..last year was wondeful, amazing.Please sign me up again….

  404. LISA PLANTE says:


  405. Jessica martin says:

    Wow, what an amazing technique
    that really works. Thank you

  406. Glenda says:

    I have had a pretty hard last year or two.I have used tapping when things got to hard.It did help,but sometimes I forget about it and go through a day or two that’s awful,then I remember to tap and it does help.I have trouble getting the hard emotions to come up some times.I have told my friends and some family too.
    Thank you,

  407. Kelly says:

    Nick you rock! Thank you for bringing Tapping into the mainstream consciousness.

  408. Rhonda D says:

    Great experience. It’s amazing how the feeling or even the energy in your body changes and improves.

  409. Thank you for talking to me through your wisdom and angelical teaching. I did the technique seating on my bed and I felt release right away. I love it.

  410. astara says:

    I am looking forward to participating in the event, and moving a lot of stuff that does not serve me out!

  411. Judtih Morrow says:

    I am glad to see that Nick is being supported by the whole integrative medical field. It is wonderful to see colleagues to the cause working together.

  412. Tapping is to good health as the Internet is to information access… only a short time ago no one knew what it was, but it is the wave of the future

  413. Bob says:

    Hey Guys! I learned tapping a few years back and forgot how much I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to get back at it. Thanks, Bob

  414. Andre Garcia says:

    It’s amazing what we can do, when we know how.

  415. Michelle Russell says:

    I loved last year’s summit and can’t wait for this years. I did only the digital last year, but lost all my recordings when I switched to “the cloud.” So this year, I’m not making that mistake. I purchased the discs as well.

  416. rupali says:

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful program. I am using EFT for the last two years on many issues – and to my surprise, I have almost come out of almost 90% of the issues with the guidance found in the world summit.

  417. Having accessed previous Sumits, I am so excited. This year looks to be even better – and I didnt think it could get any better! You could charge an absolute fortune for this, and it would still be excellent value for money.The intensity of the tapping and the variety of speakers have given me access to fantastic skills to help myself and others deal with their emotions and reach their true potential. Thank you so much for this wonderful free gift.

  418. Tlali says:

    I love it, this is what has changed my life for the best. I am looking forward to attending the next summit

  419. Mirka says:

    Anybody,is it possible to heal short-sightness with EFT? If so can anybody navigate me to where are EFT exercises for that?

    Thank you. Mirka

  420. Carol S. says:

    It’s wonderful to see how much more cleared I am from previouly feeling rather charged. And Carol Look is indeed Amazing…;)

  421. toby says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to the summit!

  422. Denise Davies says:

    Dear Jessica and Nick,
    I have friends who are EFT practitioners and i have experienced the benefits! I would like to discover more in-depth information, so am looking forward to the EXPERIENCES!
    Love and Light,
    Denise from Cyprus

  423. Kamila Armour says:

    Very informative and motivating experience. I am quite new to the EFT and still not 100% convinced, but hope to see some great result soon. I did feel more relaxed and motivated after trying the technique, which was great

  424. I lost the knee and back pain completely. Marvellous!
    I will do the seminar and learn more.

  425. anuradha gulati says:

    never attended one n am quite xited to do it …….n yes some issues hv come up after seeing this clip……..

  426. marie says:

    realise that I know tapping works, but I need to do it with someone, left alone I dont use it, so I am so happy to be encouraged along with these freely given videos. Thank you Nick and Jessica.

  427. RIta Hale says:

    Looking forward to finding out the science about tapping.

  428. Jill Caldwell says:

    Thank you so much for all you do to get EFT out there. It is such an amazing tool to have. I use it on myself and my son (12). He says it isn’t working but I believe it is. It may be subtle sometimes but undeniable!!

  429. RD says:

    I am excited to be opening up to what I believed was always there. I want to learn how to do more so I can help others and try with animals..
    Thank you.

  430. Lora says:

    I participated in the 2009 tapping world summit (and 10, 11) and loved it. My life has not been the same since. I use eft all the time for myself and others and have since learned other energy healing methods also. Eft is always my sure thing – it’s just so simple.

  431. JOHN says:

    I taught my 7 year old son how to tap years ago…now 3 years later it’s a tool he uses whenever he feels stressed! It’s amazing!

  432. Donna Harnett says:

    Always wanted to try…. and now I have – WOW. Looking forward to the Summit.

  433. Anne Baker says:

    I am looking forward to this years summit.
    As a Chiropractor/Healthcare practitioner introducing my clients to tapping is a great resource.

  434. I am so looking forward to the summit! I love tapping, and so do my clients, and it’s so great tave the opportunity to continue to learn new ways to use it to make our lives more amazing.

  435. edmund o'sullivan says:

    I just did the short demonstration on Tappy for my back pain. I was very surprised that it brought down the pain in that area.

  436. zahia says:

    thank u very much for thinking to spread this wonderful theraby, easy to do and I hope easy to function I’m looking forward to attend May summet on line
    realy it is something to be hieghly apprecciated

  437. Jean says:

    “They” say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I’m finally ready and here you all are, ready to help me deal with the roadblocks to living the fulfilling life I know is available. I’ll be a the summit. Thank You so much for sharing.

  438. Sharon says:

    haven’t had the chance to view video but I am interested in concept.

  439. says:

    I’m excited to learn more!

  440. Oyar says:

    EFT is affirmations on steroids – a great intro here

  441. wend says:

    Great stuff….. I had forgotten about this and so glad it has crossed my path again. I will definitely use it!!

  442. Sherrie Rogers says:

    Have never participated before. Am looking forward to the event & letting go of more of my stressors

  443. Noah says:

    i felt immediate stress relief

  444. Steph says:

    thank you so very much for this summit. I attended the last time and learned an amazing amount and have used this technique to help not only myself but many others. Keep up the good work!

  445. Brenda says:

    Happy to be attending the 2012 Summit! I have been trying EFT for about 5 years now on myself and others and have had a lot of great results with others. I haven’t had it work for myself yet, but I keep trying! I have a major phobia I’d like to clear that has me housebound and unemployed, and no money to afford a practitioner. Hopefully something comes up in the Summit that makes a breakthrough!

  446. Shay says:

    Wow! Really amazing stuff!! I’m excited to learn more!!

  447. Jo Condrill says:

    I learned about tapping only a few months ago, thanks to Bob Proctor. I connected with Brad Yates and tapped along with his seminar audience and later came up with words that fit the issues I needed to work on. Tapping works wonders for me! I’m registered for the summit and have recommended it to others. I’m eager to learn and participate.

  448. Birgit K says:

    Great first video – thank you!

  449. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  450. Ernesto Mardones says:

    It looks powerfull, but I´m wondering whether it is a “tool” that can be received and used until getting the desire result or more like a continous work “path” to be mantained for a long time to “keep” the results?

  451. Val says:

    Can’t wait to attend!

  452. Elaine Waldner says:

    The email I just received is the very first time I have ever heard of Tapping. I have severely struggled with my weight since I was 13 years old, I am now 51. I am a yo-yo dieter. Since I turned 45 it has gotten worse. My feet, knees, and back are in pain. I am very inactive because of the pain. I have tried almost every diet know to man and of course nothing works. My BMI is 41 which is dangerously high. I feel about food what a her ion addict feels about drugs. I know being obese is very dangerous, my fathers side is heart attacks, my mothers side is cancer, diabetes and arthritis. I feel like I am in a sink hole with no way out. I know better, I for some and whatever reason can not say no to food. Feeling very small and helpless at this moment.

    • Narcisa says:

      Elaine, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Please try the tapping over and over and over. It works on food cravings but most of all it brings up deep emotional issues while you tap. Those issues are probably related to the reasons you’re holding on to food and weight. Try tapping while you read what you said in your post. Slowly you’ll discover layers of deep emotional scars that clogged your energies over the years. While you heal them you will see improvement. You can do it!

  453. Terence Day says:

    I Have just watch the tapping video and it’s the first time i have heared about tapping i did try this but the only thing was that i’m in my local libaray so had to do this in a discret way co’s pepole might think i’m mad that’s why i would love 2 win the ipad i will watch again & try this a home thank you verymuch for the tapping video i will be watching for more on tapping. Mr T. Day

  454. I’ve listened to the Tapping World Summit for the last 2 years. The speakers are top-notch in the field. It’s great to see the focus on the science behind meridian tapping this year! I recommend Tapping World Summit to all my clients-thank you for the work you do to further healing in the arena of Energy Psychology.

  455. Marcell says:

    Very Instresting. Thank U!

  456. carole knopp says:

    I’ve been doing EFT for 5 yrs and love it’s effects and all of the Free offerings that help us keep uptodate.
    thank you once again, c

  457. Coco says:

    I’ve heard of tapping and it’s always sounded too simple- like you ought to have to have the right mindset before it can work, or you have to be at a certain level before it can work. Or that there’s some insider secret that only the experts know. It’s always seemed impossible that tapping and talking in wishful words can do anything at all. And then when I am trying it, I think, “Is that it? Am I even doing this right??” Sure, I’m going to try again, but I still have these questions and wonder if anything is even happening when I do it. I mean, I’m not seeing a billboard or hearing an announcement letting me know it’s working! Just wondering if others have these questions? I’m not trying to be cynical or skeptical, just trying to understand something concrete to go on.

  458. Melissa says:

    That really helped.I am pleasantly shocked and amazed!Thank you.

  459. Aurora says:

    Was introduced to tapping a few years back, this young gentleman has a soothing voice and a compassionate reassurance and confidence that makes the Tapping more “user friendly” and not so mysterious. I really enjoyed his presentation and information that I will look further into his offered information. Thank you

  460. Jen East says:

    I joined you for the original World Summit and have been using Tapping ever since for various issues with immediate shifts each time. Does tend to get “lost in the shuffle” of eldercare, commute, work, college, etc., but considering further study and certification since no matter what I think my job is, I tend to end up being a counselor & therapist of necessity in the process!

  461. Teri S says:

    I have found tapping to be a great release of stress and pain. I enjoy watching and listening to Nick and Jessica as they are very realistic. They are encouraging while having a great sense of humor. Thank you!

  462. Marge Heckman says:

    I loved the video. I have known about EFT for awhile and have been wanting to try it out. This is a fabulous opportunity and I can’t wait for the summit. I have not attended before.

  463. stephanie davis says:

    how do you tap and work on someone else. do you have to actually tap on them or do you think about their problem and it’s relation to you

  464. Jerry says:

    Like the video, I need more science on how this works what is really going on. Been using it for 2 months, feel lost by my self need more input or questions answered.

  465. Laura says:

    Oh I wish I could be there!!!!!

  466. Michelle says:

    This something I really need…… I have tried EFT on a very limited level but I need to really put some effort and time into this process

  467. Priscilla says:

    As crazy as this sounds to the logically trained mind, it absolutely works! Shift happens! Thanks for sharing!

  468. Lorraine says:

    Followed the video, did the tapping and it seemed to help my wrist, I am a massage therapsit also recently relocated to another state & starting again…so stress release I can use. Thanks!

  469. Arwen says:

    Hi, I did a course to become an EFT practitioner back in 2002 and had some good results. However, things happened, I moved away from the area were I lived and I forgot about EFT. This video gave me back the enthusiasm I’ve always had for the technique and I will definitely use it again! Thanks for reminding me!



  470. ash says:

    great session and video

  471. LeeAnn says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what shifts as a result of participating in this year’s Tapping Summit.

  472. Lisa says:

    Found tapping 6 or 7 years ago, but it wasn’t until last years’ summit that I really delved into it. The internal changes have been profound. I am creating a fabulous foundation on which to build the rest of my life! Thank you to everyone involved with The Tapping Solution and thank you EFT!

  473. Paul McCracken says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ve tried and it does actually relax you…

  474. Shirley says:

    I’ve been with The Tapping Summit from the beginning and I so love the benefits from it. I tend to forget to use it regularly as the time goes on so it’s always so great when the Summit comes along again and it gets me back focussed. I can honestly say it has had a profound effect on a lot of issues in my life. When I get overwhelmed or need to step out of my comfit zone now, I’ll tap for a few minutes and take the deep breathes and be fine.

  475. Stephanie says:

    Although my boyfriend makes fun of me for it, I am a huge fan of tapping and I believe it really works. I am always spontaneously teaching the technique to my friends and family when they talk about pain or problems they are experiencing. I still have difficulty getting to the core of my issues because I have a horrible memory and can’t recall childhood events that may be causing the problems in my life today. I am eager to learn more during this summit and I am hoping to have a major breakthrough in some area of my life. Thank you so much for offering this free event :)

  476. rene says:

    by accepting what the fisical and or mental pain is,you can start to heal.
    No one gives you pain.
    It is a reaction on an event that feels uncertain or limiting.
    It is therefore yours to change that feeling.
    by tapping you release the tension(you accept what is and change limit in posibillity).

    b.t.w. do the spelling controle yourself.l.o.l.

  477. Kasha says:

    Thank you for the video. I got rid of my headache. I’m excited for the Tapping World Summit!

  478. Ray says:

    Thanks for the video. I will sign up for the 2012 tapping world summit and give this tapping stuff a try.

    To Your Success!

  479. Janice Dean says:

    I first learned about EFT in 2008, the same time my daughter started having panic attacks. I tried it out on her and the panic attack subsided in less than two minutes. She quickly learned how to do EFT for herself and the panic attacks went completely away. Since that time I have tried it successfully on myself and friends for a variety of issues. It has become a very important self-care tool in my life.

  480. Mary Jean says:

    I started tapping several years ago. It helped me move forward in my life by first quitting a job that I hated. Now I’m getting my husband to try it for a physical problem. The video was helpful and easier than reading the manual.

  481. Yohanna says:

    Good to refocus on tapping… Been with you for 2 World Summits…

    Also learning about Neuro science and rewiring the brain, so am eager to learn what you guys are teaching this year. Been inspirational to watch the word get out. Thanks for all your work and enthusiasm.

  482. Polly Peterson says:

    EFT is ” Spot On ” no pun intended
    It’s fantastic, simple, and successful every time i use it.
    Thank You all you wonderful presenters involved in the “Summits”

  483. Joseph says:

    Tonight I’m going to tap to win the iPad

  484. Marian Marshall says:

    Yes, tapping works in all arenas of life! Looking forward to learning more. Thank you!!

  485. Ione Stower says:

    Very interesting. I am already familiar with EFT and think its wonderful

  486. Sunandini Kumar says:

    I did the tapping along with the video clip and WOW what amazing feeling!!! I felt the shift right away. I am sharing this video with many of my friends. I think the world would be a better place if people can understand the life can be this simple. We tend to create mountains out of little speed bumps in our lives. Back to Basics is what we need to know. Thank you for teaching me this simple method.

  487. Elaine says:

    Oh my goodness. What a difference in a short period of time! I have stage 4 cancer and significant amount of pain, as well as unfaithful spouse/break up of longtime marriage and all the other life stuff that goes on. So easy to do, a great addition to my arsenal of coping skills. One that really makes a difference tothe quality of life!

  488. Amber says:

    You have got to be kidding me. My chronic itchy throat from allergies is gone. I followed the group practice in the video, did a couple more on my own. I am skeptical, and amazed. No matter how much I try to feel the itch, I can’t.

  489. Brenda says:

    Where can one find a tapping coach if they need some extra help to implement this technique? I live in So Calif. Thanks.

  490. Mary Anne says:

    I’ve heard a little bit about tapping…sounds interesting–I’d like to learn more. I’m looking forward to the online tapping summit. Thank you!

  491. Frances Kennedy says:

    excellent, am going to keep tapping
    thank you frances

  492. jan says:

    I was told my serious medical condition would result in death; thanks to TFT, supplements and lots of support, pleased to report being alive two and a half years later; ..tapping is a strategy to use!!

  493. Sue says:

    I truly love EFT..I really enjoyed last year’s was awesome and I got a lot of benefit from it, even from a chamber that I never expected it being for me. Looking forward to this year’s summit. Thank you!

  494. Samantha says:

    I found that it has helped with anxiety and overly intense emotional reactions

  495. Have not experienced yet

  496. Jen says:

    I used EFT years ago, and somehow fell out of the habit. I’ve been promising myself that I’d get back into it . . . and this is a perfect opportunity! Thanks!

  497. Marian says:

    Nick, thank you for the video on Tapping.This morning I woke up in severe pain. Watched and did Tapping 3 times and removed most of the pain. As healers we find it hard to heal ourselves, so it is great that Tapping works on the self. Sincerely Marian Q

  498. Jo Levitt says:

    My first tapping summit was 2010. They always seem to fall when I visit my aging parents, which is a very stressful time for me so I’m really looking forward to this one which starts the day after I arrive with them. I always learn new things and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this time.

  499. Lindsay G says:

    Sounds like something Good, jut came across this stress relieving technique and will be attending!

  500. John Amen says:

    It’s the first time I tried it & I learned that it really works.Ihave suffered from lower back pain for many years now.Well I did the tapping exercise2X & I couldn’t believe it but I had no back pain.I also suffer with pain in my left foot.That pain had gone too.This afternoon I went for a 5km walk totally pain free.After I returned home & removed my shoes I just had a little ache in my foot.So more tapping for me. I’m a believer in Tapping

  501. Sher says:

    I discovered EFT in 2011 through Dr. Mercola’s website which led me to you and last year’s summit. I have learned so much about this invaluable technique. Thanks so much for all that you do to share this with the world. It can help with so many things. Looking forward to the upcoming summit in May 2012. There’s always so much more to learn. Practice makes perfect. Thanks again! :)

  502. I am a wellness officer who help and support people with chronic health conditions as well as counsel all types of cases, this technique is the ultimate and most affodable solution to all. I am most certaily looking foward to the summit and want to be excellent in tapping solution.

  503. Tom says:

    Hi Nick
    I’d be interested to know if anyone else has a similar reaction to tapping as I do.
    What I often get is a feeling of the hair raising on my head.
    It’s a bit like goosebumps, but on my scalp.
    Not unpleasant; infact, just the opposite.
    I sometimes get the same feeling when someone whispers to me, of when I listen to a guided meditation.
    Must be something to do with the emotional response, but what, exactly, I can’t imagine.
    So, does anybody else get this kind of reaction, or something similar?
    What kind of physical reactions of any type do you see, Nick, with your clients?

    Good luck with the summit.

  504. I’ve done tapping before so this was not completely new, however I did get some new insights and am looking forward to learning more.

  505. Michele says:

    I’ve heard of this but never really tried it, but will now.
    will give up-date after a week or so ! Thank you so much for all your helpful tips

  506. Rob Moore says:

    Thanks for the very informative video on the tapping technique! I found it very informative and valuable. I love it!

  507. LAUREY says:


  508. Donia says:

    This looks like a great event. I’d never heard of tapping before, but I’m excited to learn more. There’s so much more to healing than filling a prescription!

  509. Jeannette says:

    I felt a shift just listening to this clip. I can’t wait until the Summit starts.

  510. Jill says:

    Funny story…My 10 year old daughter was leaving for an overnight trip the next morning with her class and she was in hysterics because she didn’t want to go. I couldn’t settle her down for anything. I just listened to the video with Nick earlier that day so I asked her to try something for me. I asked her to rate how scared she was and she cried, “A 10!” I had her tap between her sobs. Soon she was quiet. I asked where she was and she said a 6. A couple minutes later she was sound asleep! Why didn’t I know about this when she was smaller? She woke up this morning and went off with a kiss and a smile. Amazing!

  511. Sharon says:

    Can’t wait to be a part of such a innovative event!

  512. Linda Haney says:

    I did the tapping to the video and felt more relaxed and focused.

  513. Susan Fuchs says:

    This was a great reminder of what EFT can accomplish. I tend to forget it’s in my tool chest.

    I immediately felt pain relief in my shoulder caused by a slip and fall accident I had recently.

    Thank you for a wonderful demonstration.

  514. mindy says:

    I am new to tapping. I have heard about it for years. I am excited to experience the summit and see how the different topics affect my inner and outer states.

  515. michele says:

    I have been dealing with some chronic pain in my shoulder and neck, so I am so looking forward to getting a healing relief in my body. I have learned about tapping before, but never really utilized the process. I love Chris and what she said. First time hearing Nick and I did the tapping and do feel a shift in my stress already. excited for the summit thank you

  516. Ancha Nitya says:

    a Poem :
    Taping Humanity into The Oneness : LOVE.

    Baby we have come a long way !
    Humanity finally might embody
    Their truth both as Human and Kind.

    Backwards we shall not go…anymore
    Only forward do we know Creation
    To manifest through our Faith.

    Faith in being capable to align,
    With the Source of our original Spark
    Thus re-embodying our Potentiality.

    Let us dare to finally merge
    Science’s Knowing & Spirituality’s Knowing
    One evolving always, the other perfectly still,

    In the Truth that is always True,
    Which forever we sought, evolving !
    Now we can use our consciousness righteously.

    So Taping may be the focal movement
    To improve our human aches & pains
    For each to experience the healing…

    So Now, is it not the time to step forward
    And use the only true Knowledge:
    Personal experience, To serve Humanity as a whole?

    I pray for this Taping World Summit
    To serve enough Beings personally
    To re-awaken our Human Consciousness

    To inspire us All to commit to tape as One,
    To rebirth Healing into the Hell imposed
    on all of Life On our Planet’s Communities

    To once again walk head up high in the sky
    Toes deeply rooted into the Earth,Heart open wide in balance
    Working as One, benefiting the One Life Energy Source

    I invite Us All,for I wish to be the Gift I have been Given
    Through all the Miracles that teach me daily.
    Welcome the Miracle through taping Life back into
    …a single heart beat.

    Let us Gift the Children of the Future
    Trust our intentions and a grateful Heart
    To Feel for Life’s Infinite Wisdom…

    Namaste & Sat Nam By Ancha Nitya Baumann Tel. 707 354 2787.

  517. Ancha Nitya says:

    Taping Humanity into The Oneness : LOVE. part 1

    Baby we have come a long way !
    Humanity finally might embody
    Their truth both as Human and Kind.

    Backwards we shall not go…anymore
    Only forward do we know Creation
    To manifest through our Faith.

    Faith in being capable to align,
    With the Source of our original Spark
    Thus re-embodying our Potentiality.

    Let us dare to finally merge
    Science’s Knowing & Spirituality Knowing
    One evolving always, the other perfectly still,

    In the Truth that is always True,
    Which forever we sought evolving !
    Now we can use our consciousness righteously.

    So Taping may be the focal movement
    To improve our human aches & pains
    For each of us to experience the healing…
    by Ancha Nitya ….read on to conclusion of poem,Namaste

  518. Ancha Nitya says:

    Taping Humanity into The Oneness : LOVE.part 2

    So Now, is it not the time to step forward
    And use the only true Knowledge:
    Personal experience To serve Humanity as a whole?

    I pray for this Taping World Summit
    To serve enough Beings personally
    To re-awaken our Human Consciousness

    To inspire us All to commit to tape as One,
    To rebirth Healing into the Hell imposed
    on all of Life On our Planet’s Communities

    To once again walk head up high in the sky
    Toes deeply rooted into the Earth, Heart open wide
    Working as One, benefiting the One Life Energy Source

    I invite Us All, for I wish to be the Gift I have been Given
    Through all the Miracles that teach me daily
    To welcome the full potentiality through taping Life back into a single heart beat.

    Let Us Gift the Children of tomorrow
    Trust in our Intentions and a grateful heart
    To feel for Life’s Infinite Wisdom.

    Ancha Nitya 4-19-2012 Little River

  519. alyssa says:

    Great video. I did the tapping with the group and felt two major emotional shifts. Going to try it now on my body pains.

  520. Carol says:

    So grateful that another World Tapping Summit is happening. Before your first Summit, I had been exposed to tapping, but after, I was able to really explore how helpful tapping can be in so many areas of not only my life but my clients. Can’t thank you enough for exposing us year after year to such gifted EFT practitioners and their wealth of knowledge. I have gone on and studied with many.

  521. Mary Huber says:

    I have been tapping for quite a few years. I have had things happen from pain relief to helping with issues in childhood. I also had a BIG problem with anxiety over having lots of people over for holidays, etc. I knew there was a big event coming up so about 1 1/2 weeks before it I started tapping on it. My family couldn’t believe how calm I was when it came!
    I learned from this video that I can also ALLOW myself/tell myself to let go of the issue! Will certainly try that!
    One REALLY amazing thing I did was to use surrogate tapping for my son. He was exercising one day & was planning on running a mile. He was really stressing about that mile & said he was going to “die” when he did it. I tapped for him on the issue, he ran the mile & came in the room where I was with a funny look on his face. I asked what was wrong & he said it was the EASIEST thing that he had ever done! I then told him that I had tapped for him which he didn’t even know I was doing! Awesome!

  522. KIM says:

    i’ve tried almost everything else, i’ll try this.


  523. Lj says:

    I just found out about EFT March 5th and have been using it as much as possible. It is positively life changing!

  524. Greta says:

    I am thrilled that someone has risen above their own needs and interests and is willing to share an amazing resource that will improve everyones life for FREE, ground breaking for so many reasons!!!
    Biggest thanks and congratulations

  525. Rich says:

    I heard of this from Dr. Mercola

    Great info.

  526. Jyoti says:

    It was real amazing miraculous tapping exercise. It relieves you from all the tension and health problems. I tried it, now its time for others to give it a try. Try it, life will change in a positive and wonderful way

  527. Sandra tilbrook says:

    Amazing few minutes of tapping – reduced pain in back and body definitely going to explore further

  528. Ronelle says:

    I have worked with tapping for a while now and have had tremendous turn around with Insomnia with quite a few woman.

  529. linda says:

    Nice to see how it is done. Thanks for the video!

  530. kenneth bell says:

    Dear Sir
    Could you tell me would EFT. could help me as I had a stroke in 2009,I am trying to get my health back to normal, waking with out a stick, and use my left hand normal
    any help with this situation you can give me , I would be
    very very gratfull to YOU, would you please answer this e-mail.


  531. Mandy says:

    I first heard about tapping about 6 years ago, but I never really used it often until last year. I attended the summit last year and also watched the movie and saw the science behind tapping. Still a little skeptical, I tried it with zero expectation. When I found it working within minutes, I realized how easy and effective it really is. Since the Summit last year, I have used tapping and shared it with others. I have watched it transform people, marriages, and literally save lives. I’m so excited for the Summit again this year. I hope to see it change lives on an even larger scale. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  532. Natalie Gretchen says:

    omg…’susan’ and I have quite a bit in common. I, too, desire a shift in my financial experience (I wanna create LOTS of cash!!) and I also experienced my Mom’s attempt to check out early, as it were.

    wow. thank you, Life, for guiding me to this exact moment, right now…thank you, Nick, for pointing out how very scared I was as that 12 year old kid, getting a note from Mom saying we’d be better off without her… I had to pause the video, Nick, and tap on ALL THAT FEAR… well, I am on the other side of this first session and have cleared out an initial impact ‘fight or flight’ experience. As you and Jess always suggest, I’ll continue with ‘any remaining fear or emotion from this painful episode: Mom attempting suicide’ on a daily basis for 30 days or so. And now, back to the video!! (so I may have to comment again later)
    I am so very grateful for all the gifts I am receiving.

  533. Christina Hannan says:

    I am amazed that I really felt a shift in the pain level that I have been feeling for a long time. I am so glad that I finally found something natural and free. Thank you so very much.

  534. Michelle says:

    Tapping is new to me, I have never heard of it before. I am so excited to watch the world summit on tapping. I am so excited to think that this may help me with my issues. I am overweight, have constant shoulder and upper back pain related to stress, stress has really affected my life in a negative way.

  535. Diane says:

    Have known about EFT for years. Finally feel inspired to participate!

  536. Susan Clark says:

    I love love love Kris Carr! She’s my hero. I went through breast cancer almost 5 years ago and she was my inspiration to work hard at a plant based wholistic life. I exercise 5 times a week and I’m very excited about EFT. I have had some emotional issues after having chemo and radiation. (wouldn’t do those now, wish i had learned more before) The chemo has left me with difficulties breathing, I have thickening of the breast tissue from radiation which makes it feel like I have another tumor, my right side is much weaker…the list goes on. I can’t express my appreciation and admiration for you all. Your constant dedication and drive to bring us the best techniques and information to improve our lives!
    Much love!!!! Susan

  537. It it fascinating and exciting to be a part of the growth of EFT. What an amazing gift it is to those of us who are struggling. Thank you!

  538. Nancy Lawlor says:


  539. Debra says:

    I am looking forward to this year’s summit. There is always something great that I learn.

  540. This is fantastic and I will use this treatment together with all what I do usually with my patients to come to quicker results in all aspects of life. Thanks for letting me know this technic, this is really great for all my surrounding,Dr.Edna Rosenthal

  541. Dawn says:

    Hi, I have done EFT and excited about this, I will be at the summit. I have to learn this, thank you so much.

  542. Andrea says:

    I first came across EFT in 2002, but I used it a bit and then Left it. Then I started tapping again in 2009. I must admit that I do not do it daily, but just by writing about it in my blog in the last week some emotions came out that I plan to tap along during the summit. Cannot wait

  543. We are at the new cutting edge of new science & medicine. It’s so exciting.

  544. Marie Parks says:

    I found relief with hip pain! This is awesome. I will be at the Summit, thank you.

  545. Gloria Entrican says:

    How do you sighn up for this?

  546. pat says:

    wow! free! cann’t wait for may 7th.
    tapping into a new world of freedom from the old known life slave–i’ve know all to well.
    plus get a chance to win something i hold a wish for.

  547. Tibor Rituper says:

    I just watched a video on the site..the reason im here, my relationship ended with the love of my life, and i’m still in deep love, heartbroken and depressed because of this situation. a friend recommend the solution for me so im here.
    i watched a video and did the tapping…first time i felt nothing…second time, about half way..i could not continue…i start crying very badly, about 10 minutes long,could not stop…
    before i start, i know this technique will help me…now…i will recommend everybody who i know, this is the most amazing thing ever…look forward to hear the presentations on the summit.
    Thank you for making this “wonder” available for everybody!

  548. Roseanna Ladd says:

    No, I have never attended the tapping world summit. It was very exciting to hear about. I learned a lot from the video Nick shared. I learned how to make stress leave my body and mind. It worked for me and I could actually feel the difference in my brain. I am a student and have been doing personal studies in “Brain Power,” this has really reinforced my belief’s.

  549. Inez Brunson says:

    Somehow I did not receive any instructions, but I am really interested in Tapping. Anything to bring relief to my hip without lots of meds. Thanks for the chance to enter and also to make myself well again. The summit is probably over but if not I am interested.
    Inez Brunson

  550. ginny ann jackson says:

    I am new to this and tried it once and felt an instant relief. I look forward to the summit. Thank you for sharing it.

  551. Nada says:

    I really am thankful for the tapping solution. I want my students to learn to use it!

  552. Hello.This post was really motivating, particularly since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Tuesday.

  553. Stephanie Schreiber says:

    I attended the World Tapping Summit last year and seeing this video has re-inspired me to do it again! Starting with the session led by Nick Ortner in this video, I am going to do a lot more tapping. Great video. Thanks Nick!

  554. Susan Burchett says:

    I bought the EFT book and have definitely benefited

  555. David Herring says:

    Just participating in a tapping session for that few minutes that Nick spent with us in the video systemically changed the energy throughout my body. Where I thought I felt OK before, now I’m seriously energized.

  556. Don says:

    I’ve taken many courses in tapping, but I’ve never attended a convention. I’m looking forward to it.

  557. I just want to give my LOVE and GRATITUDE to All of you for all you do for so many, sharing your beautiful gifts with others. This is what are life is all about. Reaching out to each other Loving each other and Caring about each other so much to help our brothers and sisters heal from tramatic things that have have in there lives and over coming stress, anxity and weight problems.There are so many things the list is to long. The one that really touches my Heart is the PTSD. When I see what it is doing to our soldiers who have given their lives to serve our country and what it is doing to their families I AM so grateful for the eft tapping. Ive seen how it totally changes their lives.I have been studding lots of different ways to heal people but keep finding myself being drawn back to eft tapping. I LOVE<3 this wonderful program. Again thank you. With LOVE and GRATITUDE in My Heart<3 always. LouAnn Singer

  558. Carolyn Gerlitz says:

    Thanks for your informative video. The pain in my knees has lessened as I am tapping several times a day.

  559. Sanda says:

    I have been bullied as achild as after meningitis I became fat. I also just came out of unhealthy reationship. I have been looking into ways to help myself for some time now. I listen to help Hay House Radio and read a lot of books. After trying tapping I felt considerably calmer towards past abusers. Thank you for shearing this!

  560. Slavoljubka Zaric says:

    this was my first time in my life that I use tapping together with you and all people on this video. The most pleasant calm in my body, just peace, and calm, and tranquil butterfly feeling…and after that, during the day, the doors of tears are opened, but in the most pleasant and release way…I feel how strong and good it works…Thank you so much, and I ll continue

  561. shalie says:

    This is my first experience with tapping and I find it very interesting plan to look further into it and how it works and how it will work for me.Thanks for sharing this information.

  562. Ruben P. Alvarez says:

    I am a professional Latin percussionist. Three years ago I injured my rotator cuff and was diagnosed as needing surgery. I did not have the time or opportunity to take six months to heal so I did not go have the surgery. Quite honestly it did not “feel” right then or in the present to have someone cut into my body. I think that is devine intuition guiding me.
    To make a long sort short I have been extremely busy as a performer the last few weeks. Yesterday I performed for six hours and needless to say my shoulder was hurting. I awoke this morning and my shoulder was aching. I started to address some e-mails and saw the e-mail invitation to the world summit. I started to watch the interview with Nick and focused on my shoulder pain. I was amazed that after 5-7 of minutes of tapping I could move my shoulder with no pain. After performing my second gig last night I was having trouble raising my arm to drink in a cup of coffee. There are no coincidences in life. Wow!!!! I will participate in the summit. I will tap for my health but also tap that more people are inspired to participate. Thank you for your passion to help people. God has blessed you with talent and passion I am delighted for you all you and all of us you touch that you are using this energy well.


    Rubén P. Alvarez

  563. Hello Ilike the video,but part of it i can’t uderstand because I’m from Argentina, we speak spanish and not english, please subtitle the conference.

    Thanks and excellentweek!

  564. Nancy Beegle says:

    It is amazing the simple things that can help us change our lives if we open our minds and our hearts.

  565. Frank says:

    Very interesting. Look forward to seeing how this tool can be helpful in the midst of day to day life and busyness. Keeping stress down is so critical indeed!

  566. I have been an EFT follower for a few years now… and I love it! I just stumbled across this ‘tapping’ and decided to try it. WOW! What a difference it has made in my life! Thanks!

  567. Penelope says:

    Excellent video – clear explanation of how to get started with EFT.

  568. Sean says:

    Wow! I am amazed that something so simple actually made a difference in the level of pain I felt in my back! I am a police officer and definately a skeptic, but I tried anyway (feeling very foolish, and did it where no one would see me), and I noticed a decrease in the ammount of pain in my back. There is actually something to this….

    I’m going to do it again, and try it on a few other pains, and some emotional issues that I’ve been going thru for some time.

    Thank you for this amazing simple but powerful tool!

  569. Janez Smole says:

    It was a very good presentation on what EFT is.Best regards

  570. Thomas McIntyre says:

    Having study Chiness medicine and Chi Gung, meditation for forty years I have discovered that the EFT technique is an expedient to healing and releasing the mind from its habitual restrictions and pathologies. I Have also had Traumatic Brain Injury which left me Blind in one eye; and the symptoms of PTSD. so I speak from experience regarding the benefits of EFT.
    Thomas McIntyre, Licensed Psychotherapist and Sensiesensei

  571. Denise says:

    I am looking forward to the 2012 Summit, and getting more experience with EFT.

  572. Beverly Bergman says:

    I’m looking forward to my first tapping summit! I’m already tapping and am going to make sure I do it daily starting today! I can feel the difference. Thank you for making this summit possible.

  573. Phyllis Montage says:

    I am so excited about the world summit for I have cancer pain and I know the summit will teach me all I need to know about tapping and getting rid of pain. I have tried some tapping before but soon petered out. I know that doing it with and learning from your experts will really reinforce it for me. I realize that cancer pain is difficult to get rid of but I will enjoy trying and also using it to keep a positive attitude.

  574. hcg recipes says:

    A large percentage of of whatever you say is supprisingly appropriate and that makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This article really did turn the light on for me personally as far as this subject goes. Nevertheless at this time there is 1 position I am not necessarily too comfortable with so while I make an effort to reconcile that with the core idea of your position, let me observe exactly what all the rest of your visitors have to point out.Nicely done.

  575. karen says:

    Im new to EFT ive tryed every diet inthe book but not able to lose any weight im hoping by tapping this is going to realease my fear of losing the weight cant wait for the world seminer

  576. Bàrbara says:

    I loved Cheryl’s video and yours Nick as well, really powerful and a lot to learn from both…..

  577. Diana says:

    Intrigued by video and signing up for summit. To live in peace and harmony in this life is my lifelong struggle since I have been married and became a mother.

  578. Lyn Martin says:

    interested in finding out more about ho wto make this work for me in bringing more rewarding and well paying work into my life.

  579. Nancy Sasse says:

    I have listened to each Summit with great results. I am an EFT practitioner and learn so much from the large variety of people as they use it in their own way. I have recommended this to several clients who are interested in learning EFT to use for both their own use and some as practitioners. Good stuff!~ Thanks.

  580. Rick says:

    You guys rock! And so does tapping and the Tapping World Summit! Thank you so much for sharing this information with us all! Thank you!

  581. Sandy says:

    Looking forward to learning more!

  582. jen says:

    Doesn’t matter why or how it works,it is chemical free and can be done without seeing a practitioner . Anything which creates self empowerment is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the method so freely.

  583. Miriam says:

    No I have not participated in the world seminar because it takes place in the evening when I am at work. however I do have the dvd on tapping and I use it. It really calms me down when I get overwhelmed.

  584. Gilliard says:

    The video was incredibly useful because I got to see the points to where the tapping takes place. I actually got results just with this short clip. I am very interested to sign on for the actual tapping summit.

  585. Nonie says:

    This was very helpful to learn. Looking forward to the Tapping Summit. Thanks.

  586. Hi, I have recently learned of the tapping method through a friend. I also have seen it on You Tube with Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale. I am excited about the seminar and look forward to learning something entirely new.

  587. Lynda says:

    I just watched the clip and after the second round of tapping I burst into tears – something sure happened! I will be finding out more about this for sure!

  588. Anna says:

    Very interesting. Looking forward to the Summit. I am using the technique and very pleased with it thus far. Excited to learn more.

  589. Helen Scale says:

    looks so positive would love to learn more but will be out of contact for month of May – will keep in touch upon return – many thanks again.

  590. Eleisa says:

    A few years ago I was suffering from terrible back pain. I tried absolutely everything (short of surgery). Nothing helped and I was desperate. I was a very active person and played coed volleyball 4 times per week, ran my own business and homeschooled my son. I couldn’t let my son, my business or my team down. All I felt like doing was laying on the couch all day – but even that was extremely painful.

    I did a lot of searching on the internet and came across someone who had tried EFT and said that it worked for them. I was 100% skeptical. I didn’t believe it could work AT ALL. But because I was in so much pain, I ordered the video.

    After tapping a few times, I remember sitting there without any pain. I was afraid to move and bring the pain back again. I waited for the pain to return, glancing around the room as if it was somewhere near me ready to pounce. But it didn’t return.

    So, as I sit here at the computer, checking to see when the next summit is, I’m amazed that I have been pain free for several years now. I am still extremely active. Tomorrow I play sand volleyball. I bike, walk daily, dance, and go on extreme hikes. I love the outdoors and can’t imagine what life would be like if I had not found EFT.

    By the way, I am turning 51 next month.

  591. Nayna says:

    Thanks for this Nick. I shall be using it on long-term neck pain. I am sure this will really help. <3

  592. KenDunn says:

    I have had chronic back pain for 15 months,pills and injections I have tried, tapping I have not. I don’t know why tapping would work but I am sure it cant make the pain any worse. I shall try it with an open mind and hope that it works. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  593. RAVI AHUJA says:

    phenomenally interesting!this is pure magic at its very best,so to speak!

  594. Jim Loos says:

    Cheryl is amazing !!
    And the tapping seems to be an easy and reliable therapy.

  595. Tope says:

    Thankyou Nick and Jessica for this intro pre-event video series.

    I had heard about tapping before but didnt have the chance to look into it.
    I’m hoping this will help with my art practice. As a recent graduate and single parent, I’m dealing with alot of stress, especially in this economic crisis. I hope this will help me as a freelance creative, to handle all thats been coming my way, especially my lack of belive in my own skills.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the summit.
    Good luck in the future.

  596. Valerie Martin says:

    thank you for the next magical step in my journey,tapping is so right for me just now,wonderfull

  597. Patti Pique says:

    I will be having a total knee replacement in 2 weeks. I tried the tapping for physical pain and it immediately relieved a lot of the pain! I’m impressed and want to learn more!

  598. gene says:

    I found this interesting and intriguing. However,to improve it, I put a caveat with the tapping, adding a pray of protection to St. Michael the Archangel and our Blessed Mother Mary’s Mantle of Protection, asking all be done in the Divine Will of God first and foremost, and thanking Him for all His Graces through the Holy Name of Jesus, our Christ. Science is a gift from God for His greater glory, to be used rightfully to glorify His Divine Kingdom. I would not trust this nor any human method without requesting the protection and blessing of God first, and with it. Thankyou for this method, and may it thus work.

  599. Lezlee says:

    Amazing resource tool that should be in every doctor’s kit as an adjunct to the treatment they already provide.
    Dr Lezlee P Detzler, B.A., D.C.

  600. sandy draus says:

    I have just become aware of tapping…very interested in its possibilities. I am a massage therapist of 22 years and have worked with the same Chiropractor for 20 years besides my personal clients. I’m excited for what this can do for myself as well as others.

  601. elodie salgado says:

    I want to email this video(S) or link to my friends. I ‘d like a step by step instruction for my gmail xoxlod

  602. Marjorie M says:

    I learned about tapping at a class at the Wainright house in Rye, Ny. Have been doing it for about 5 months now and it makes me feel very calm and de-stressed. A warm peaceful feeling inside. Really good.
    The video was clear and now I will ad the top of my head to the routine.
    thank you and I look forward to the summit.

  603. George Stastny says:

    I both love and highly respect EFT. I have been practicing it for more than a decade and recommending the tapping approach to all my friends. Just keep the good thing going, please!!!

  604. Helvi says:

    Thank you very much for this video. I just started with tapping and see immediate results. I’m definitely going to continue. Thank you for this great information.

  605. Linda Villegas says:

    Thankyou so much, for this ameizing gift!
    Rewire the brain? Is more that! Is a rewire whit the universe
    Energy! Is awaken of consciousness that we are conected,
    Whit everything. And every human DIVINE
    Spirit in this bless planet! We are Being of Oneness!
    Thankyou for helping me to remember!
    My Divine’ GOD BLESS YOU! 😉

  606. Irene Waller says:

    Tapping worked for me the first time and the second time I use it. This looks like a keeper. Something the whole world can use anywhere, anytime.

    Thank You, for being you!

  607. Peggy F. says:

    I saw this on facebook and am so excited the more I watch videos and the different walks of life who have engaged in EFT! I am very excited because I believe this is exactly what I have been searching for! Thank you! I have weight issues, financial issues and feelings of fear, and not being deserving and have other situations with my spouse and my new journey that I expect to have amazing results with the clearing and the tapping. Looking forward to the Summit!

    Thanks, Peggy F.

  608. I have used EFT in the past to help overcome job interview anxiety and it worked. I am looking forward to the 2012 Tapping Summit.

  609. lee says:

    I got so many emails re “Tapping” that i decided this is just another fad and don’t waste my time. But then I got a call from an old friend who mentioned how it worked and I decided to check it out here. It did work for my pain the first time.
    So I want to tell you that there is a physiological and emotional effect from tapping. I’m so glad I checked it out. I urge you to try it too.

  610. ROBIN says:

    Heard how it helped Dr Wayne Dyer with is back pain and I am really looking forward to learning.

  611. Jim Trubek says:

    Excellent presentation and a good introduction on where to tap and how to tap. It helps to actual tap along with someone a few times working on a particular thing and noticing some results even from the first tapping session.



  612. Ingrid Becker says:

    I’ve had a strong pinching pain in my left abdomimal side for several hours. It was at level 10. Then I got nausea also. Unbelievable – the pain is gone, but the nausea is still there. I’m twisting and turning my body right now to check if its maybe still there, the pain is only at 2-3. Wow! Will do the exercise again.

  613. Jane says:

    soooo much to learn, and so exciting.. if i DON’T say it right will it change anything? ?

  614. Sheila says:

    Tapping really/truly is an incredible tool for releasing and healing. Even my husband says he can feel a positive difference in how he feels after a tapping session.

  615. LINDA says:


  616. suzanna says:

    Incredibly fast and effective technique, the fact that it can be self administered is very empowering and liberating, thank you so much

  617. Tehuti Sema says:

    Thank You Nick
    You clearly explained how not having enough money can be caused by something like an emotional issue that appears to be unrelated to money or business.Now I get it.
    Keep up the good work. Keep up the good Work.

  618. samina says:

    Wow! I totally believe in this tapping! wonderful discovery. May God keep you in good hands always and may He continue to shower His blessings and give you strength to keep helping all those you touch. Thank you once again.

  619. Karen says:

    I want to lower my stress level for all the obvious reasons. But I hadn’t associated stress with weight gain. Now I have yet another reason to help myself, and without drugs!

  620. Linda says:

    I had a huge aha moment and an enormous breakthrough today after listening to Cheryl Richardson’s talk. I have been searching for freedom for years and years. I have read books, been to counseling, examined my conscience a million times to try to figure out why I am struggling with my relationship with my husband. I always felt invalidated and invisible when I am with him. Now I know why. I have not been authentic. He doesn’t really like the real me. He would complain about my likes or behaviors or ways of doing things and so because it hurt my feelings, I learned to avoid the pain of his words by just adjusting to him. I avoided the pain. I am a mother of 5 kids and I have taken on all their experiences as my own a I am extremely sensitive. I will do anything for people to make them happy and avoid any discomfort for them. I have been lying to myself. I have been a fake to myself and others. I haven’t been happy. I had to look happy or else. I chose to fake it so that I could live that dream. The problem is, I am worn out, physically and emotionally sick and tired and I can’t fake it any more. I feel free! I don’t care what he thinks, I want to take care of me. I am ready to let go. I am ready to let my kids deal with their problems and set the boundaries between me and them. I always heard that what we dislike in others is what we see and don’t like in ourselves. I have a son who is a fake and a liar. He has problems and we have no relationship. He has RAD. I am so angry and resentful towards my husband because our relationship has been fake and a lie. I see that now. I am ready to be free. I feel the freedom seeping in just by understanding this. I have been sortof tiptoeing around this for many years and today the words were put into place and I get it. I am going to tap also. I even experienced tapping when we used to take our son to therapy. It’s like I have collected pieces of a puzzle for years and today it became a picture. Thank you so much. I thank God for hearing my prayer and leading me to this knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you for your work.
    Linda Risola

    • Jana says:

      Wow Linda, I am so overwhelmed by your journey and very very sincere and emotional revelation, I am so glad you found freedom thru this tapping thing, I think your confession is sort of giving me some hope too. Thank you so much for sharing your story! JK

  621. Dannie says:

    I am looking forward to the summit this year. I have 2011 and 2010 summits. Awesome!

  622. Barbara S says:

    I’m looking forward to teaching my grandchildren the beauty of tapping. Thank you!!

  623. Gretchen says:

    I have used EFT for about 6 years and this is my first tapping summit. Can’t wait to learn some new things.

  624. Aimee Durham says:

    I love how tapping can be used in any aspect of your life and that it encourages positive feelings that replace the negative.

  625. Vijaya Gooch says:

    I am excited to listen to EFT conference.

  626. KC Morgan says:

    I was introduced to EFT several years ago, but the manner in which it was presented left me feeling like it was meant for health professionals and practitioners – not every man woman and dog; There was no tap-along demonstration, which made all the difference. I investigated a little, but at the time it felt too ‘weird’ and out there, so I forgot about it until now.
    About five years ago, my marriage was in shambles and I went back to work full-time for the first time in over a decade. Two huge life-changes in a short time, and I had major chronic shoulder pain that I was certain was due to my sedentary desk job; I sought relief via chiropractors and massage therapists. One therapist I worked with mentioned that chronic shoulder pain in women was shown to be linked to unresolved hurt and anger. Oh interesting, I thought. Then she got her hands on me and exclaimed, “Wow, you are REALLY p*ssed off, what’s going on with you?” I’m looking forward to the Summit and the healing I’m expecting in advance to deal with it once and for all!

  627. I have been tapping using Nick’s directions for a few days now. Nick, your tapping is extremely powerful,I’ve had some really big breakthroughs! Thank you so much Nick and Jess for making this event available for everybody.

  628. Kat G says:

    Wow, this is really interesting.

  629. Doris Schimek says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed last year world tapping summit

    and am looking forward to attend this year…… is
    truly powerful work and am very grateful to be part
    of such a great healing community……….many many thanks
    for every one who so gracefully contribute their time and
    and talent……..looking forward to another great summit

  630. Armando de sequeira says:

    I want to know more about tapping.
    Sincerely. Armando

  631. Nicole lewis says:

    I am wondering how to introduce tapping to people who are in pain whom I treat as a remedial massage therapist, but who are generally sceptical about unusual therapies. I am fascinated by the effectiveness on your subjects and am looking forward to the scientific explanation.

  632. Shelley says:

    What a blessing to see Tapping resonating throught the World.

    I would really love to have the Summit on a weekend day to enable MORE people to be able to participate.



  633. Tracey says:

    This will be my first EFT world summit, I’m really looking forward to learning more about EFT. I was first introduced to EFT to help manage my pain levels with an injury. I’ve since met lots of people who have had profound experiences when using this therapy. I’m so grateful for the opportunity you are giving to the world to share and grow EFT to help transform the lives of many more people. Bless thank you for this gift :-)

  634. Truyen says:

    Thank you for the summit! Mr.Truyen Pham

  635. Cherri says:

    EFT has been coming up as something I need to look into, and NOW is the time for me to get up to speed. As a Life Coach, I know many of my clients would benefit tremendously from the process. I am looking forward to the world summit.

  636. Amira says:

    I Used EFT years ago, and forgot about it! Thank you so much for reminding me, and helping me apply it in an easier way !

  637. Alice Su says:

    Although I have not heard of Tapping before, I thought the video was very interesting and informative and I like the fact that there are so many endorsers of this method. Also I trust Hay House’s recommendations.

  638. Gurley says:

    I am 62, and it seems like a hole new beginning to a very better life, I will do what it takes to get rit of 60 years of and from a very bad childhood.
    Thank you EFT is the answer.

  639. Martina says:

    it is amazing how easy and joyful it can be to move our i call them “victim-issues” by moving our bodyenergy through tapping ! i allready done it (under a coach) to several issues and the shift each time really was terrific.

    God bless you and thanks for giving the instruction for free, so it might reach out into many many lifes as a blessing !

  640. Michael Beck says:

    I watched this intro, tapped on stiffness in my neck and it immediately loosened up. A real noticeable difference. This is worth looking into deeply.

  641. Amy Johnson says:

    It has been really helpful! Thanks for the information!

  642. Catheryn says:

    I haven’t tried it and I am excited to know more about it.

  643. Allison says:

    This is the first I have heard of tapping, but I am really looking forward to the Summit and experiencing the changes it will bring.

  644. Lou says:

    I have attended all the summits so far !!! looking forward to this years,this year is such an energy packed year, Eft is needed more than ever !! Thank you !!!

  645. Pat Fleury says:

    I am an energy medicine practitioner and have had successful results for over 11 years with my clients. I then was introduced to EFT, and can not express enough what a difference this emotional release has done for my clients. They have suddenly found their life and their passion for life. The old emotional baggage has just released, leaving new energy for them to create their dreams. I use EFT in all of my work now, and teach it in my Touch of Healing Institute for the new energy healers. I love it, and what it offers to everyone of us.

  646. Pam says:

    I signed up for the free summit last week, but just used the technique this morning for a stressfully problem at work. After following Nick going through the process twice, I surprisingly found myself laughing! The stress left and I just wanted to get on with my day. I’m very anxious to start the complete program in May. Thank you.

  647. Dianna Dean says:

    I have been aware of tapping for a few years, but I never really tried it! I want to start tapping my way to a more fulfilling life!

  648. Marki says:

    I have been teaching tapping in a hospital setting for a few years now and am continually impressed by the positive results. What a lovely opportunity to see another practitioner working with a group to teach this great skill. Thanks for this gift. I’m looking forward to this year’s summit, and especially excited about the new research in order to help the skeptics be willing to give it a try!

  649. shirley zimmerman says:

    How interesting! Faith gives us power over our disagreeable and fearful thoughts. Since so many have lost or failed to find that peace that transcends all others need something like tapping, it will become their faith and belief. It is times like these that new gods are born. Beware.

  650. Louise Chambers says:

    I have been tapping for 2 years now. I have experienced so
    many miracles mini,and major in varous areas of my body and my soul. The little things that I had accepted as being me,
    feeling anxious at certain times, experienced cloudy thoughts, misperceptions about myself,others, finally noticing that IDO have resistence to being who I really am,and really understanding about the dominance of my subconsciuos habitual thoughts and how that gets into the way of everything I really want to do and be. NOW, I get(because I am tapping on everything, how I can alter my thoughts and replace them with others,true to me thoughts
    that feel like a wonderful fit, a place to hang out,and flourish. I am no longer hung up in blame or anger,simply free to love myself completely,then to love/accept the others from my past and welcome the new experiences and people who are being attracted to me now. How grateful I am,
    We really are all connected! L Chambers

  651. Kai Shuman says:

    Really reduced my Blood pressure after watching this video. Wonderful!

  652. I have been using tapping/EFT for some years and actually offer to use it with my clients who have organizing issues. I am so happy to see it become so acceptable and widespread. And endorsed by well-known people (I guess it legitimizes my recommendation of using it professionally with clients.)
    thanks so much for this great video.

  653. mindy mathias says:


  654. HARRIET says:

    I tapped with Nick, and I am becoming a believer. My pain diminished.
    Thank you for teaching me the basics of Tapping.
    I am going to spread the word.

  655. Gabrielle says:

    I have heard of EFT and want to know more. I have so much anxiety about my health. I can’t wait to try EFT to calm my fears and enjoy my life.
    Thanks Gabrielle

  656. Francesca de Matteis says:

    This technique really works. I used it back in 2010 to get over a traumatic breakup and was able to move on with my life. Today I have am dealing with the overwhelming task of reinventing myself at 40 and will watching this video is certainly motivating me to apply the technique back and restore myself back to homeostasis.


  657. Missy says:

    I learned about EFT six years ago. I order the Gary Craig CD’s. I worked with them but did not have much success. I continued to believe in it but sort of let it go because of my lack of experience with any measurable success. A year and a half later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After getting through all the medical treatments I sought out an EFT practitioner because I wanted to focus on the emotional issues that may have allowed the cancer to form within me. Ta Da! After the third session working on emotional issues I finally realized all the chronic back pain and hip pain I had disappeared. Now three years later it has not returned. I assume this release of back pain also reflects on my cancer issues. I believe EFT can improve life. Thank you for this upcoming summit. It’s a blessing.

  658. Teri Pitts says:

    I love eft and have shared it with my neighbor who suffers from chronic pain. I know it will help him.

  659. Joni says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome and inspiring videos! Really looking forward to the summit! :-)

  660. Fernando says:

    This is very interesting.

  661. Diana says:

    Hi Tapping Summit,
    Over the past couple of years I have used EFT in different areas of my life. It emerged when hitting a hugh blockage and reevaluating reality. Of course, EFT carefully chipped away at the issues so I could start living!!! Now, stumbling upon the ability to attend a gathering of such great minds within the EFT family expands my appreciation and gratitude to the universe. Thank you for providing the world with such an important easy tool and helping everyone to enhance and cultivate their lives through EFT.

  662. Fiona says:

    I’m so excited about this year’s tapping summit! I can’t wait!

  663. I am excited about the summit. I tapped along with the video clip and my shoulder area pain has diminished. I look forward to learning more and would like to be able to use EFT in helping sexual violence victims.

  664. Armando de sequeira says:

    This is awesome!

  665. Denise says:

    Hi I have to say I am amazed!! I was sitting at my compuotor with my usual tight neck pain and did the tapping with a pain level of 10 ,but even as I was doing tapping I started to notice a lessening of the tightening and tension in my neck,now about 25mins later the tension between my shoulders has gone.I see that as amazing as by now I would uaualy have to leave my desk as the pain would be a lot worse/ Thank you!!!

  666. Nancy says:

    I loved the World Summit 2011 but loose site to use tapping as frequently as I would like. Here’s hoping the 2012 World Summit will tap the habit away!! :)

  667. Lisa says:

    I would like to sign up for free tapping summit. thank you

  668. Adisak says:

    The video explaining the concept and basic technique is clear and not difficult to understand for the person who is not influence in listening English. Thank you for your information

  669. Sherry says:

    Being a mom of a three year old is far more stressful than I ever imagined…this really helped release the stress and I can’t wait to try it next time I feel the stress moving in. THANKS

  670. Sara Fellows says:

    I think this is a great way to be able to help, not only myself, but also to help others. I felt a lessening of my stress with the first trial watching the tape! I yawned right after I took a deep breath!

  671. Julia says:

    I love, love, love what Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica provide…FREE! Free to all who are willing to try something new. I have personally had relief come to me immediately from following their advice.
    I participated in last years Tapping Summit, and one of the first tapping sessions was on how to release back pain. I had had a pain in my neck that I’d tried numerous times to get relief from through massage, acupuncture, etc….and although I experienced temporary relief, it was when I’d sat and gone through the tapping session with them online…the pain in my neck was noticeably and immediately gone. Not just for a few days, but GONE!
    This is a must experience Summit! Thank you Nick and Jessica and all of the wonderful people, Carol and more, who offer this knowledge and their expertise…I’ve been wanting to let you know for some time, just how invaluable your offerings are. And now…a possible iPad to boot…I’m just grateful to have stumbled upon this. You and the Tapping Summit are a HUGE blessing…my sincere thanks to you!

  672. jayne says:

    Wow, this sounds like its just what i need and been looking for! I hope it doesnt cost too much

  673. Sandra Nohre says:

    I’ve participated in the last two Summits and have appreciated the wealth of information shared! Thank you for all that you two do to share this wonderful information with the world!

  674. bindiya says:

    Hi, wow, i am from India and this is the first time i ve heard abt tapping. I have watched all your videos. I think its amazing. I think the main thing tapping brings out in us is what we deny, ie what problems we have and do not want to talk abt. It s all hidden and pent up feeling and emotions. When we tap, we we feel a sense of security to think abt all those issues which we are tightly holding on to. I am here to change my life. Im sure this is where i am going to do it. Abudannce is my birth right and i am sure i am going to win that i pad for my kids. thanks. u guys are great.

  675. Lee Pascoe says:

    I’m a hypnotherapist and trainer, and I find using Tapping breaks down resistance and speeds up all sorts of processes. What I love is that people I meet in every day life can be helped bhy just a few minutes of tapping.

  676. Frances Carter says:

    Very good presentation on Tapping concept. Gave enough information to encourage further research on what appears to be a very simple, very useful tool. Another tool for the tool box. Thanks.

  677. mike says:

    I am grateful for the tapping resources shared during the Summit I listened in on in 2009. Unfortunately I need to participate again because I have stopped drawing on the info I know and embraced struggle once again. Thank you for the reminder that I don’t have to stay there. I am really looking forward to the gathering of an engaging healing community.

  678. I’ve used tapping with all the headliners who have come through to me on email. So grateful. I have also been using what I can glean out of Energy Medicine (there is so much!) like tapping from temple around the ears to rewire the brain. Now my son has discovered Hallowell’s book which has opened up his whole world of ADD which has plagued him for 59 years. From what I am learning about electrical and electromagnetic systems in the body and the cell biology from Bruce Lipton, I now have hope that all of this knowledge, coupled with the ADD treatment exercises will help him. Much love to all, Pidge

  679. Robin says:

    I have enjoyed the benefits of tapping for anxiety and depression for over a year.
    Canada thanks you !

  680. judith rodgers says:


  681. Kathleen says:

    So powerful. So good. Using it and it is so good.

  682. Leeann says:

    Interesting, i have been reading a lot about neuropsychology and am curious how this may overlap.

  683. mary says:

    a great tool for changing the course of your life and staying on course.

  684. John says:

    Tapping is totally new to me. It appears to be simple and that’s good. I’m looking forward to learning more. Thanks for inviting me.

  685. Cindy says:

    Thank you! Over the last 3 years, the tapping world summit has really helped me alot, its helps all of us who can’t afford to get help from the masters 😀 Thank you!

  686. Jenn Christensen says:

    This video was really well done, with amazing information. I’m so excited for the World Summit! Thank you!

  687. Heidi says:

    I’m new to tapping and as I grow in it personally, I look forward to sharing it with clients.

  688. Lynn says:

    I have just finished watching the video, had no idea about “tapping” so was not too sure what to expect……WOW.

    I have never attended a summit before, I live in Zimbabwe and stress is in our every sentence but guess what not for much longer. So excited cannot wait for the 7th of May.

    Thank you both and everyone else involved so much for the new learning experience that lies ahead.

    As I was watching the video I had a slight headache but after watching and following the clip on how to tap I was amazed,it was gone. Thank You.

  689. Joseph Carey says:

    Hi Nick & Friends,

    I have never heard of Tapping before in my life, not to mention a World Summit on Tapping.The only time i have heard of Tapping (coming from Ireland) is in the context of Irish dancing.After watching your introduction video this has all changed’i can’t wait for the World Summit to arrive.I want to know a lot more about Tapping and spread the gospel, so that others may benefit from this healing process.Best wishes to all at the Summit.

  690. Jodi says:

    Can’t wait!!

  691. JEANNE says:

    wonderful !! So glad to see this ! I have been playing with EFT for years and slowly let it go — so glad to get re interested in it !! and would be nice to know how it rewires the brain !!!

  692. Jana says:

    My back pain somewhat diminished

  693. Lori-Ann says:

    I’ve been using EFT (tapping) as an adjunct to psychotherapy for over a year and have found it helps my clients to identify and work through their core issues more quickly.

  694. Great video!

    I’ve participated in 2010 and 2011, and can’t wait for 2012’s to start!

    EFT has literally changed my life, and I’m ready to take it to the next level!

  695. Dianne Leganchuk says:

    The video clip was interesting to say the least. Practiced the tapping along with the video and suprisingly the pain I had in my right shoulder seemed to lessen. Mind over matter? I’m sure practising the issue in more detail will certainly make a change to the better. It would be very interesting to attend the upcoming 2012 seminar!

  696. Kelly McNaughton says:

    I have been following your website for some time, but never took the time to try the tapping. Recently had a devestating event, where a drugged youth travelling through the area burned down our hay barn with equipment & our travel trailer & boat & building materials stored in it. It was a huge life-altering multi-level loss & I was so angry & emotionally devestated. I chose to work with it with the tapping demo & the issue went from a 10 to being completely released, along with some other tension I was holding in my body, that I didn’t even realize. I am looking forward to the summit tremendously. I have worked as an RN in health care for over 25 years & also practice alternative bodywork such as Orhtobionomy, Touch for Health & Craniosacral Therapy, & I can see Tapping having a huge benefit for people. Thank you so much!!

  697. Robin says:

    So Cool i just watched all the videos and tried the demo which worked immediately on my belly ache. i can’t wait to dive deeper and share with others;)

  698. Isabel says:

    I heard about tapping years ago, yet didn’t practice it or understand. Recently, due to life stressors, I have began tapping. I work with traumatized adults and children and am excited about learning a technique that can help them heal faster.

  699. Phyllis Montage says:

    I have been wanting to learn tapping and become consistent with it but I have been held down with cancer all year. Really looking forward to the conference and becoming profecient with it.

  700. Catherine says:

    First time learning about Tapping and enjoyed participating in the mini Tapping session on the clip. Really excited about the World Summit! Looking forward to adding this technique to my spiritual tool box in addressing issues I am working on :)
    Thank you!

  701. Catherine says:

    First time learning about Tapping and really enjoyed participating in the mini Tapping session on the clip! Very excited about the World Summit and adding this technique to my spiritual tool box in addressing issues I am working on :)
    Thank you for this gift!

  702. Ernie Mink says:

    I respect Dr. Joseph Mercola, and actually buy some of his products and love his website. I use it all the time for Facebook posts. EFT or Tapping can be a great tool, but remember we all still need philosophy in our lives along with any methods we use to better our lives. Without philosophy and faith, especially me being a Christian, everything will be just empty solutions. They may solve some areas of our lives, but our spiritual in God will be lacking, a very dangerous prospect. There is a saying that says “Faith is the evidence of things not seen, and of things hoped for.” This is proven to those who apply it and understand it. If we are rejecting others because they don’t go along with the status quo on everything in the world, then we are only showing that we do not believe in real peace, love and hope for the world. We must always be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. I think there is a great place for EFT, as long as we have the foundation of real faith through God and have compassion for others.

  703. sam says:

    Hi I am healing myself from Cancer and have been doing about everything except tapping. I am open to it and cant wait to understand more about this healing technique. Thank you so much!!!!!

  704. Linda says:

    Thank you for personal experience of being able to participate in the healing modality that you have the priviledge of sharing in this manner.
    What I love the best is how quickly I was able to experience the transitioning results.

  705. Amos says:

    I’ve tried tapping in the past but never experienced that much difference, but am willing to try again with the 20012 summit coming up.

  706. millie says:

    EFT sounds pretty strange, but I’m interested in learning more about the scientific aspects.

  707. Emma Haring says:

    While i am looking forward to tapping through the series again at my own pace after the Summit, there is something amazing about setting aside the time to listen and tap during the Summit. Perhaps it is knowing that thousands of people are listening, tapping, being open to changing their lives for the better at the same time I am doing my own learning and growing that feels so supportive and energizing. I am putting the commitment of time on my calendar. Looking forward to being present together!

  708. Liz says:

    Hello, just wanted to say I really enjoy this video and I did the exercise and it worked at the moment!
    Thank you a lot!

  709. Pille says:

    To be honest this is the first time I heard about tapping, but it seems very interesting and I can’t wait to learn more.

  710. Barbara Scott says:

    Today was my first time hearing about this video.It was sent to me by a friend. I have Lympfodema in my right arm from breast cancer and my arm has be in agony about two weeks. I tried the tapping exercise and my arm is feeling much much better.

  711. Nancy says:

    First time I’ve ever heard of this technique. Wow, very powerful and enlightening. My headache was gone in minutes. Can’t wait til May 7th! Thank you

  712. Virginia says:

    I think EFT is great! I just don’t do it enough. I would love to do this with other people. I have to clear my blocks first. The quality of the guests during the Summit is superb. The information conveyed is enlightning. I am sooo looking forward to this years summit.

  713. Chrisia says:

    This is very interesting!!! I wonder if tapping can help my son with brain injury. I am ready for the summit!

  714. anwar says:

    It was highly good video

  715. jean mosher says:

    I can remember tapping going back about 10 years ago and should have
    continued with it. A seminar at our local Coop had a therapist there
    and he was very involved with it. I saw him privately a couple of times and he was very confident in what it could do.
    I am glad to see this and am hoping to watch the Summit and to learn more about it to relieve my stress.
    Thank you

  716. paulafulford says:

    Tapping is a beautiful process.

  717. Mark Ready says:

    I followed a few Brad Yates youtubes after listening on a
    webinar as my 1st time experience w/tapping.I am looking to
    transform many issues in my life so its great to have access to this event! I need fast & effective & this looks like an
    amazing blessing.The video with Nick was very enjoyable &
    practicle .Bless you for offering this !

  718. JOY says:

    nick and jessica’s video showed me how helpful it is to repeat and cover the basics (especially for new clients). i have begun the steps to being certified, and know that the summit will re-inspire me as it did last year, with specialists sharing the science and their voices of experience. thanks you guys, for offering this great resource. how lucky are we? joy

  719. I enjoyed the video tremendously. I had a huge revelation during the video. I realized for the first time, what might be my limiting issue that has caused me to retain weight despite all of my physical efforts. My father was a verbally abusive alcholic for most of my young years. He did manage to concur the alcohol demon but not so much his emotional issues that drove him to drink. I always yearned for my fathers love. He had a very verbal abusive relationship with my oldest sister and often called her a long skinny streak of misery. I just realized today that I internalized that father did not love skinny. I now realize that I have subconsciously kept myself over weight because I yearned for his love. If I was skinny he would not love me. Thank you for being the conduit to this self realization. I will now use tapping to release the negative emotion.

  720. Janet says:

    Really useful introduction to eft, a good one to show to others who are new to it. Each time I watch even a simple intro I learn something new. Thankyou.

  721. Bob says:

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  722. Janet says:

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    I have been extremely upset about my partners who have embezzled my investment and tapping has calmed me down so I can resolve the problem rationally instead of feeling like a victum and running on emotions. I can’t wait to learn more.

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  728. Diana says:

    I look forward to attending the tapping summit. I have heard of tapping several years ago but couldn’t get into it. I suppose I didn’t believe you could rewire your brain. It just sound so far fetch.This is my time now. I am so open and receptive to all that the tapping summit has to offer. I’m really excited! I can hardly wait for May 7th to get here!

  729. Javier says:

    I just heard about tapping a few hours about, this year summit will be my first time; I just saw the video & practice tapping (also look forward to more information about tapping) and found that very relaxing… wow, it really works!!… I’m waiting for the summit to begin so I can learn more about it & share it with people near from me! even when I’ll have to translate many things to spanish for them (I’m From Peru)… really excited about the summit & the opportunity to learn more!

  730. I attended the 2011 Tapping World Summit and found this to be an interesting and enlightening experience. I look forward to attending the 2012 Tapping World Summit and have already contacted family and friends to attend with me.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise on a tremendous skill.

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  735. I have been using EFT for at least 5 years. I have used EFT on myself for various issues and for my clients. It is SO very easy and simple and yet SO powerful ! It is a major part of my “tool kit” and I use it nearly everyday for my own healing and self-improvement as well. We don’t need chemicals in our bodies, just natural products and mind energy work.

  736. Mary Anne says:

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    I thank you for these Increadable Videos some of them discribe my state of mind!
    Im so very interested in the personal growth i want to be a new improved self independent person!unearthing creativity & new ideas? it does sound out of this world & i embraise it! i want to rewire my brain & restudy with confidence, positive atitude the old beliefs, self-douts & limitation gone once & forall!please help me for countliss time i tried studying entering courses etc. with no success of passing!!! its too much! do reply

  749. Magdalena says:

    I love the clip from your presentation. Could you please explain what you mean (or the science behind it) when you say “you look in the mirror and you see yourself as fat and then your body gets into the fight-or-flight mode and you actually get fatter.” I honestly think this is what is happening to me. The more upset I get about my weight, the harder it is to loose it.

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  756. Janet says:

    Finally tuned into this amazing gentle caring but explosive alrounder form of stress relief. I am definitely going to pass this information onto the people who popped into my mind who would benefit. I did experience a similar form of stress relief given to me many years ago and now am happy to have it explained in full.

  757. Lori says:

    I have been so very stressed and fearful for so many years I can recall very few moments of relief. I have printed off pictures of the tapping sequences and they float round the surfaces of my house. In participating in this short video clip the shift that actually occurred in my body on some basic neck & lower back stiffness & an emotional state is a wonder. I am sitting her checking in over and over again – is that stiffness really gone – do I emotionally feel relief? Astonishing. . .

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    I have been hearing about this technique for a couple years now and I am finally going to take the time to see what it’s really all about. Hopeful.

  759. What a great Team you make, especially as brother and sister. It’s wonderful to see siblings supporting each other as they bring Blessings to so many others.
    I admire what your whole Group is doing…and am looking fwd to attending the Summit. I was quite surprised by how much emotion came up when I said the statement about accepting myself. I have done a LOT of Therapy and Personal Development/Growth work, but obviously there is still some issues surrounding “Self-Acceptance”.
    Though I heard about EFT for several years I never really pursued it…NOW is the right time for me.
    I will definitely be passing this on to all my friends and family members………..Dazzling Dolly Lutz

  760. Carmel says:

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    Ideas were given to me years ago when doing Ti Chi. Not named as tapping but am glad tobereunited wih these methods.
    Great that you share so simply with the world. Much needed.

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    • Lynea Corson Hadley says:

      I had 78 pounds more than I needed and struggled to get rid of it…..Finally I learned about sugar and what it does….. it keeps us craving more sugar and drives us to eat, eat, eat more sugar. When I eliminated sugar and things that contained sugar, the weight fell off easily and has NOT returned. I am the size I was when I was in high school. I have three grown children….and a flat tummy as if I never had been pregnant ever! SUGAR IS OUR ENEMY. Lynea PS I am a healer and counselor as well as weight-loss counselor.

  768. Paul A. Overholt says:

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  769. Debbie says:

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  770. Katy DeBra says:

    Thank you for the great reminder about rating what to tap on from 1 -10. I usually forget to do this. Tapping is so awesome for anything. I’ve been using it for 12 years. And yet resistance to tapping still comes up. Or I think I don’t need to tap on this because I already have. Even following along with the general language used about stress in the video brought me physical relief and relaxation. Thank you for sharing this tool with the world and helping people empower themselves with it!

  771. pauline tan says:

    It’s easy to follow. My question is – How can we use this tapping to help our relatives and friends who are illiterate and difficult to accept this tapping idea?

  772. Daniel Kaplan says:

    I have used EFT for years after getting a 2 day training in it. I use it with my psychotherapy clients, no longer used EMDR, and find the results amazing. And best of all I can and do use it on myself and I can teach it to my clients so they can do it for themselves.

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    I attended the 2011 Summit and it was so helpful. Looking forward to the 2012 Summit as well. So much info and great ideas all in one place!

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    thank you for a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach. If only everyone did this every day…..

  779. I was led to this modality 4 yrs ago, but wasn’t ready to embrace it fully. I am now being led back to it, as a tool not only for myself, but as a supporting tool for the healing work I do. Thank you for supplying this opportunity!

  780. I am sharing with everyone I know about 2012 tapping summet, as I have learn EFT about 5 years ago and used it since along with my «Clean Coaching» practice and like DR. Mercola says: « is a first aid kit for everyone»

  781. Luqmaan says:

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    God bless you..
    *thumbs up*

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  789. Luke Dillon says:


    This is really amazing, when are you coming to South Africa?

    Enjoy the summit,

  790. Karen says:

    This will be my first, but very much looking forward to it! And thank you to everyone involved in bringing this to the people online. :)

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